Very Tricky

Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.


  1. Fist!

  2. Today is going to suck.

  3. Did you ask the Magic 8 Ball a question too early this morning?

  4. I forget: Is today a Blue Meth or Red Meth day?

  5. I wish would die in a fire.

  6. Gmwrmraneng…..

  7. All gold commercials should die too.

  8. well done on the effort put into this poat, Cyn!

    Have some coffee!

  9. Good morning girl. NSFW

  10. Thanks, J’Ames! It is probably one of my very best of all time.

  11. I’m drinking more Café de Mujer today. My español is pretty awesome these days, so I can confidently declare that it translates to “coffee made of women”.

    But that can’t be right, it’s not bitter at all.

  12. *takes gold meth*

  13. Brrrr, 36 degrees here this morning. 2 days ago, 55 degrees for a low.

  14. It was 98F here last week. 45F at the house when I headed out today.

  15. But that can’t be right, it’s not bitter at all.

  16. Did you watch The Blacklist last night? If you didn’t, you should’ve. Terrific!

    Also, Let’s Go Royals!!!

  17. I caught a few minutes of it. I was busy reading something at the same time, though, so it didn’t manage to pull me in.

    One more episode of Breaking Bad and TV is lost to me. Unless Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. manages to not suck.

  18. Day #2 of vacation. I got the boys up and ready while keeping them quiet so their mom could sleep. She worked 4P-4A and went to bed at 5A. What a pain in the ass. Reminders to apply deodorant, wear a belt, wipe the milk off the table, get your homework and then making PB+J sandwiches. Can’t understand how she does it. Every GD day.

    Off to Home Depot to get a bunch of stuff. My list was 4-5 items. I walked out with three times that much. When I was putting the shit in my truck there was some guy who pulled up in a Mercedes SUV who waited to pull into the space next to mine. The entire lot had about 25 vehicles in it. FFS why couldn’t he park somewhere else? I may have taken my time to reward him for his stupidity.

    The Walmart next. Let me tell you, they’re saving money by buying cheap one ply toilet paper for their bathrooms. Scored 2 boxes of 22LR, CCI 100 rounders. It’s been ages since I’ve seen any 22 at Wallyworld. Went in for juice boxes and left with a cartful of stuff.

  19. Did not buy a toilet brush however.

  20. You should reflect on this conversation when the sharks chase you through schools of jellyfish.

    Maybe the sharks would eat the jellyfish?

  21. Did not buy a toilet brush however.

    Well, now you’ll have to go back, Jimbro.

    Oh, and I’ll take two boxes while you’re there.

  22. My cells didn’t break down and destroy my kidney at crossfit today.


    It was pretty freakin hard.

    Who wants to hear about it?

  23. Pretty much nothing eats jellyfish, that’s the problem. The Japanese are experimenting with whether you can, but they aren’t really palatable. Might be able to dry and grind them into fertilizer.

  24. Your yoga link had me cringing Car in. It was a bit tl/dr-ish but I stuck with most of it despite the uneasy feeling it gave me.

  25. This poat’s photo just switched to horrifying.

    Seriously, if I were that scuba dude, I’d be in a Lovecraftian state of abject terror.

  26. What yoga link? I could do with some good body horror to take my mind off of colonial cthulu-monsters.

  27. Car in, I’m all ears.

  28. SpongeBob and Patrick like to go jellyfishing.

    Maybe the Japanese can make jellyfish sushi. Turn it into an extreme eating competition/Reality Show and people will go wild for it.

  29. Jimbro, that’s been tried. Not much traction, last I heard.

  30. Yoga link is at insty or last poat.

  31. Regarding injury and exercise – people hurt themselves doing EVERY form of exercise. The numbers increase when you have a whole bunch of people starting the latest new thing, etc. Skiing, which I love, is HORRIBLE for injury.

  32. This poat’s photo just switched to horrifying.

    Very Tricky

  33. The guy who owns the gym was the instructor today. Form form form. He goes over it all the time. There were only three of us there today, but one girl was lifting a ton of weight for our power cleans.

  34. How much is “a ton”?

  35. I thought you were a scientist Leon?

  36. It was either or ton or a fukksize. Not sure which.

  37. I just read a story in the Boston Herald about a recent graduate of Harvard school of public health. Woman in her early 30’s 8 months pregnant. Killed by those fuckers in the mall. Along with the father of the child. This turn the other cheek shit is maddening. Time to get all Old Testament and take an eye for an eye, etc.

  38. I thought you were a scientist Leon?

    Since I know the gal’s not power-cleaning 2000#, I have to assume a certain amount of exaggeration has taken place.

  39. I don’t know anyone injured doing 12 oz curls on the couch.

    Just sayin

  40. Depends how how many reps they do, J’ames.

  41. I don’t know exactly how much she was lifting. I was only doing 75 because I’m still trying to get the form down.

    We were doing reps of 1, 20 times. So – it wasn’t supposed to be max weight but nice and high.

  42. I don’t do power- anything in sets longer than 3.

  43. I find that doing reps of 1 of getting my fat ass out of the chair is a quite good substitute for squats.

  44. I don’t know anyone injured doing 12 oz curls on the couch.

    No Rhabdo either.

  45. What about 12 0z. hurls off the couch? I done those.

  46. Yea, it was one power clean, followed by some other stuff, then another power clean. yada yada yada. 20 times.

  47. By round 8 I was tired.

  48. I typically do 3 PCs then stand around for a minute and a half. If there’s scenery, I admire it carefully. If not I just watch the clock.

    Doing other stuff in between seems like more work.

  49. Yea, it got to the point where the powerlift was my rest. I had to throw a weighted ball (14 lbs) 9 feet up against a wall (starting from a squat) five times, then 3 handstand pushups (which I couldn’t do, so I did them from a pike position, feet up on a big box).

  50. I wish Scott was here. He enjoys this kind of talk so much. Not as much as Wiser, of course.

  51. Those are called wall balls.

    They’ll make you do ball slams (ow!) next.

  52. I like slam balls. I did those in boot camp. FUN. I need one of those at home for when the kids piss me off.

  53. goes to look for something interesting at Hot Air

  54. I had kidneys for lunch.


  55. So, I wasn’t sure about this book I’m supposed to read to the kids … so I do a bit of research before wasting my time. From an Amazon Review:

    “This is a gripping, eye-opening, well-documented account of the American labor movement from its beginnings through to the mid-1950s. It brings alive the great figures and achievements of working class struggle that have been distorted by or excised from mainstream histories. Highly recommended for anyone who has read “A People’s History of the United States” and wants to know more.

    Sadly, the book pussyfoots around the important role of communists in the labor movement, and almost totally erases the contributions of anarchists– mentioning Sacco and Vanzetti’s political convictions only in passing, and completely eliding the fact that Albert Parsons and other Haymarket martyrs were anarchists. Also, it ends on a rather pat and rosy note of hope that the then (1955) newly-formed AFL-CIO would rally American labor to even greater achievements. Thus it offers few lessons for the routed, coopted labor movement of today. Important conclusions about internal democracy and autonomy that could have been drawn from labor’s defeat are left to readers to draw for themselves.”

    Ha ha ha. My favorite part was the “highly recommended for anyone who has read” that Howard Zinn piece of crap.

    *tosses book in garbage.

    If it were a few short pieces, that would be one thing. But this book is freakin LONG. I’m not going to spend two weeks reading indoctrinating my kids with this shit.

    I may read a bit here or there. That’s it.

  56. Why in the fuck do you have to read that shit to them?

  57. Look out weekend, here I come.

  58. What’s the name of the book? Take your time answering. Not like I’ll ever read it.

  59. I think leon and Car in are ignoring me.

  60. No, Jimbro. Getting your ass out of a chair is not a “squat.”

    The book is called “Labor’s untold story” and I don’t “have” to read it to them. It’s part of my curriculum. I’ll be skipping it.

    I just summed up to them that unions, at one time, had a good reason for existence, but that the entire situation has flipped and they’re nothing but power-hungry political entities now.

    Can anyone think of anything else I should mention?

  61. I also briefly mentioned the union/labor/commie link.

  62. I think leon and Car in are ignoring me.

    Because if we talk to you about how you’re going to die soon it will make us sad.

  63. You could mention that Richard Trumka looks like the unholy spawn of a walrus and Roseanne Barr. Or two walruses, I guess.

    Goo goo ga joob.

  64. Can anyone think of anything else I should mention?

    Richard Trumka’s mother was a hamster, and his father smelled of elderberries.

  65. You said his name wrong.

    It’s “The Eminently Punchable Richard Trumka”.

  66. Unions: A good idea gone bad.


  67. Rosanne has a better mustache than Richard.

  68. These are all good additions to my lecture. Thank you.

  69. Will you be filming us with a pen camera, Professor?

  70. You might mention that union workers are not rewarded based on performance, that the unions try and keep work output down and control the market so a 10 day job for 5 workers turns into a 20 day job for 10 workers. Also that they try and fix labor costs and tend to be violent toward non-union labor.

    Stuff like that.

    I was on a job site in Pittsburgh that was completely organized by big labor. We were not allowed to push the elevator button. There was a union employee that rode in the elevator all day, you had to tell him what floor you wanted.

  71. On the flip side, you could mention that smoking weed and drinking booze are approved lunchtime activities when you’re part of a Union.

    Fair And Balanced, dontchaknow.

  72. We would be remiss in not mentioning the great work that our nation’s teachers’ unions do to benefit The Children™. Like this, for instance…

  73. My dad was in the Pipefitters Union Local 537. He did pretty well by them. Work in the 70’s and 80’s was plentiful in MA. He never walked a picket line or went on strike.

    I had a job in college working in an envelope factory. Every Friday the union boss came by and collected $10 from me and the other college kids working there. I’m guessing it bought his beer for the weekend.

  74. Will you be filming us with a pen camera, Professor?

    I hope those chicks all got A’s.

  75. I hope those chicks all got at least C’s. A’s really aren’t worth risking your job, amirite fellas?

  76. Sean knows.

  77. *pops collar, turns baseball cap backwards*

  78. Good morning, fellow Subjects.

    Off to a bit of a late start today.

  79. Question for Jimbro:

    Was the $10 in an envelop?

  80. Unions suck. Islam sucks.

    And most parents seem to be rearing massive pussies for children.

    Tell your kids they will be on easy street if they work hard now because their competition is weak.

    And injuries suck, but are inevitable.

  81. “We are not seeking regime change, and we respect the right of the Iranian people to access peaceful nuclear energy.”

    Obama is the dumbest man to be president.

  82. Obama is the dumbest man to be president.

    That reminds me…

    Anyone have any recommendations for cleaning carpets with stubborn doggie urine smells?

  83. Fire?

    Oh wait, that’s for cat pee.

    I’ve heard good things about vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

  84. Fire… I like it.

    With or without lighter fluid?

  85. Cyn, Shout makes some decent stuff. You can also use OxyClean mixed with water.

    Pat dry with paper towel, and then leave an old dog towel over the spot for a day or two and make sure you walk on it to help press out any moisture.

    We buy this stuff:

  86. Napalm. But be careful, it sticks to kids.

  87. …we respect the right of the Iranian people to access peaceful nuclear energy…

    “Our own people – not so much.”

    (BTW, where are all of those “Nuclear Plants are Bad” protestors during all of this?)

  88. Over there with the War Protesters, TiFW.

  89. Thanks for the advice Jay/AD *nods at Xbrad*

    No stains, but the urine smells are old and probably down in the padding. We cleaned up all messes quickly and poured white vinegar or a Nature’s Miracle product on the accident spots (and there have been quite a few), but when it gets humid, you can still smell a bit. Maybe use more white vinegar in my carpet shampooer to re-do the whole floor area??

  90. All sizzle and no steak.

    All hat and no cattle.

  91. Many people recommended Nature’s Miracle, but we didn’t have much luck with it.

    Hydrogen Peroxide worked the best. I can see OxyClean working well too. Isn’t that the same idea as peroxide?

  92. Hey MJ, send me your address, I have a package for you.

  93. I saw something on about the vinegar and the hydrogen peroxide cancelling each other out, Jay. You clean first with one, and then the other? If so, is there drying time in there? I have a 10×15 area of carpet to clean.

  94. Get new carpet, but make sure it matches the drapes.

  95. Can I go with wild drapes and no carpet?

  96. I sprayed with hydrogen peroxide, then let it sit for a while. Then used vinegar in a carpet cleaner.

    Still didn’t work completely for a cat, but doggehs aren’t as noxious.

  97. *beams*

  98. Get new carpet, but make sure it matches the drapes.

    Bare floors are the trend these days. Maybe just a single long narrow carpet for guests.

  99. Drying is the important part, though, after cleaning. Plus carpet pad is cheap. You can replace a little bit under the carpet if it’s a repeat spot.

    Paint the floor under it, too. Oil based paint, if possible. Urine soaks in, and will be there for a LOOONG time, easily detected by a pet’s nose.

  100. I’m liking the bare floors/no carpet idea.

    Both for the floors, and the euphemisms.

  101. Who’s doing BBF this week?

  102. Jay, what about human urine? How do I get that out of carpeting? Or the drapes?

  103. Jay, what about human urine? How do I get that out of carpeting? Or the drapes?

    Tell her to take a shower and that you’ll have the cash ready by the time she’s done.

  104. Who’s doing BBF this week?
    My computer is supposed to be back tomorrow, so I guess it’s me. Why? What’s up?

  105. You are, pepe.

  106. Nature’s Miracletm works for omnivorous urine across the mammal spectrum.

  107. Not me. Will e-mail you a link MJ

  108. Specifically, the cat formulation seems to work well for, um, other urine.

  109. Oh, and baking soda worked pretty well for stains. Get it a little wet, and apply a good layer. Then work it in.

    Works well for euphemisms, too.

  110. The Nature’s Miracle worked for old doggeh, but not this one. Maybe has something to do with their age when they were snipped…?

  111. Oh, and baking soda worked pretty well for stains.

    Yep it’s awesome; Woolite Pet Oxy formula is great too.

  112. Ok.

  113. So now we’re a carpet urine blog?

    Makes sense that we’d get here.

  114. So now we’re a carpet urine blog?

    Makes sense that we’d get here.

    I hear that leakage is common with workout and crossflap fanatics, so yeah. There you go.

  115. Quiet, or we’ll be a blood on the carpet blog, soon.

  116. If carpet cleaning talk is ok, I’m gonna bring up crossfit again.

    Or running. i’m going for a run in a little bit. How far should I go?

  117. >> Can anyone think of anything else I should mention?

    Yes. Unions are businesses, their top line revenues are dues, which are declining in the private sector and growing in the public sector. See: Wisconsin, when dues were no longer forcibly extracted from teacher paychecks the majority of the membership opted out. How bad do they want this? Not bad enough to pay voluntarily.

    There were other benefits. One school district awarded their health care plan to a particular union-backed company as part of their collective bargaining agreement. Once they had to actually compete, the cost of that plan was reduced by millions, which put that district in the black. Call it very intended motherfuckin consequences of free market forces.

    The American Labor movement is inextricably entwined with the Communist movement.

  118. get done reading Hot Air?

  119. Comment by Pupster on September 24, 2013 2:22 pm


    HAHA! I just now got this – dammit, Pups!

  120. What gluten-free recipes can I use to get urine stains out of my garden?

  121. Well done, Sean.

    Here’s a copy of Gravity’s Rainbow.

  122. Sean’s already read, and enjoyed, that tome.

  123. I, though, have a copy with many pages NEVER READ!

    Who wants it? I’m sure I can find something else to hold that door open.

  124. Nobody has read it.

    Go for 7 miles.

  125. I did an hour of crossfit this morning …

    I could die doing 7 miles.

  126. What gluten-free recipes can I use to get urine stains out of my garden?

    Bathroom in your house quit working again, Sean?

  127. Thanks for the new copy. The binding on mine was getting kind of worn.

  128. I could die doing 7 miles
    Stop whining. Just go do.

  129. Chop chop.

  130. Where’d the Cthulu picture go?

  131. I don’t think MJ likes me.

  132. Slap Chop.

  133. Cross chop.

  134. Where’d the Cthulu picture go?

    Very Tricky

  135. Clock chop.


  137. Cross cock.

  138. Spatchcock

  139. Nipples.

  140. I think Clintbird just won.

  141. Nipples are almost always winners.

  142. Without nipples, bewbs would be pointless.

  143. Take your prize CB

  144. All this talk about running for 7 miles is wearing me out

  145. Here’s the place for CB’s winning dinner:

  146. Aureole would be a great name for a kosher dairy restaurant

  147. How about שדיים- shadayeem ?

    I’d eat there.

  148. Darwin contender:

  149. Yes Jimbro

    I can personally vouch that they sure have lots of shadayeem in Israel

  150. crossfilibuster

  151. crossfitabuster

  152. Why didn’t any of you scalliwags remind me of the Castle season premier?

  153. Because I have no clue what is even on the teevee anymore.

    If I miss the season premier of Walking Dead, I’m going to cut a bitch, though.

  154. Because I haven’t watched Castle since season 2.

  155. cruzfilibuster :)

  156. The terror of the Melty Man

  157. Did anyone else ever watch The Incredible Melting Man?

  158. Never seen it.
    I’d watch this version though:

  159. Melty Man kilt it

  160. He died in the movie, too. And no, I don’t care that I spoiled that.

  161. Actually Jay, I’ve eaten there and at most of the other restaurants in that hotel a bunch of times over the years. GREAT food in most.

  162. I was impressed with most of the food there too, CB.

    Thanks Microsoft!

  163. I don’t think MJ likes me.
    Not true! I think you’re awesome. How was the run?

  164. Afternoon.

  165. I don’t watch Castle, but I know where several are.

  166. Today I built three (3) of these:

  167. And somebody is going to see the backside of my pimp hand if they don’t stop ordering crap-ass proofers. My fingernails are going to pop off if I have to peel one more piece of laser guard.

  168. Tonight!!!!!!!

  169. Also tonight!

  170. No football?

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. it is then.

  171. * laser guards Jewstin’s wiener.

  172. Football? Heck, it’s still baseball and not yet basketball, so … ???

  173. I watched The Avengers again last night. Cobie and Scarlett in skin tight outfits! Yes please!

    So maybe I’ll give AoS a shot.

  174. XB, did you watch The Blacklist last night? Looks pretty promising.

  175. Nah, Clintbird. I was on a Marvel Movies kick last night. IronMan2, Thor and The Avengers.

  176. Gotta catch NCIS tonight, as well.

  177. Run was sidelined. I made gazpacho instead. I really did work out hard this morning, so I can just do a nice looong run tomorrow and be up to speed .

  178. Gazpacho killed Farrah Fawcett.

  179. You’re thinking of something else, Scott.

  180. Maybe bouillabaisse? What’s the turtle soup one? That could probably kill someone.

  181. Running’s more likely to kill you than gazpacho is. I approve.

  182. When I was putting the shit in my truck there was some guy who pulled up in a Mercedes SUV who waited to pull into the space next to mine. The entire lot had about 25 vehicles in it. FFS why couldn’t he park somewhere else? I may have taken my time to reward him for his stupidity.

    NASA tore down the building with a cafeteria. The replacement has been a couple of food trucks in the parking lot. I went to buy some lunch yesterday, and a Mercedes sedan was parked right by the food trucks, at an intersection, so as to block both paths. I briefly thought of letting the air out of their tires.

  183. She ran a lot, maybe her ass cancer was caused by that.

  184. These non-stop 14 hour days are going to be the death of me. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve sat down and had dinner with my family.

    Thank you, Obama.

  185. Meanwhile, the werdpuss app on iOS7 sucks donkey balls.

    Can’t open links in the comments, can’t navigate from one comment to the next.

    Fuck you too, werdpuss.

  186. Why not 15 hour days?


  187. Has anyone ever eaten tamales that were prepared any way OTHER than steaming/microwaving them?

    One of the websites I looked at suggested pan frying them or cooking them in an oven (sans husks, of course).

    Didn’t know if anyone had ever tried them that way –

  188. >>>Why not 15 hour days?

    I’m lazy.

  189. Gotta catch NCIS tonight, as well.

    The Book of Manning premieres September 24th 8pm ET on ESPN.

  190. Wiser, I agree about WordPress for iOS 7.

    It sucks more dick than MJ.

  191. (((HUGS))) wiserbud. Sorry about the long days.

  192. Roamy – chek you’re hootermail.

  193. “It sucks more dick than MJ.”

    Why not 782?

  194. Your

  195. HA! Hotspur owes me $49.95.

  196. Why not $59.95?

  197. Done!

  198. >>>It sucks more dick than MJ.

    Is that even possible?

  199. Thanks, Cyn.

    Mr. RFH’s dad is in the hospital tonight. He developed ulcers on one foot due to poor circulation, and the cause is apparently a blood clot in his leg. He may lose the foot. :(

  200. That’s awful Roamy. Sorry to hear that.

  201. What’s the point of blood thinners that make you bruise so easily if they don’t prevent clots?

  202. Oh gosh Roamy, so sorry to hear that. {{Hugs}} to you and Mr. RFH and prayers going out to your FiL.

  203. Same here.

  204. Medicine is messed up. It often defies common sense.

  205. 27 years ago, he had a collapsed lung, and they took out a rib during the repair. He joked that he should have gotten a woman for it. Hope he has as good an attitude this time.

  206. Hypercoagulability is only part of the story Roamy. There are other factors in clot formation.

  207. >>>It often defies common sense.

    Totally agree. Weird stuff abounds.

  208. Did anybody get offended by the rather paltry bribe anybody else offered them today?

  209. No.

  210. Do not click if you have a weak stomach

  211. **finger hovers over “Jimbro” on the banhammer**

  212. Nasty, and not in a good way.

  213. EWWWWWW…articles about Sheryl Crow and Eddie Vedder?


  214. I blame crossfit.

  215. Oh damn Roamy, I’m sorry

  216. Miley’s related to Gene Simmons?

  217. Hugs and prayers for the FiL, Roamy.

  218. Thanks, y’all.

  219. Sorry to hear about the FiL, roamy.


  220. Prayers for the FiL.

  221. Did you guys see the video of carin exercising? Did you catch a glimpse of someone else in the video?

  222. Sorry about your FIL, Roamy. And i apologize for the unseemly link. I did not read upthread before commenting.

  223. No apologies, Tushar. It’s good to laugh.

    Rocketboy says Carin might like this:

  224. Thoughts and prayers Roamie.

  225. How did they know it was a guy on the toilet? As far as I know, women sit on toilets too. All the video shows is something that looks like an arm. Sounds like another “twerking fail, girl catches fire” set up.

  226. I’d probably twerk too if I was on fire.

  227. Everybody is watching NCIS, right?

  228. I was talking to my dad. All is well there, at least.

  229. Last “Very Tricky” poat pic swap of the day. I promise.

  230. That “Book of Manning” Story on ESPN: phenomenally well-done. And what a family.

  231. >> All is well there, at least.


  232. Cyn I thought Leon did that.

  233. Nope; ’twas moi all day. Just to shake shit up. I had the powah.

  234. hi ciniminiminiminimum buns!

  235. …minimum buns!

    My favorite part! Hi Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzman.

  236. Minimum but spectacular.
    That is all.

    My a/c died last night so Zeke and I spent the night at a hotel. I turned the a/c on tonight and in 5 hours it has dropped from 95 to 80.

    80 is too hot I am considering the hotel again ad dropping Zeke off at the dog spa for a bath and a trim.

  237. n I forgot a n.

  238. Go to the hotel again; too damn hot otherwise. Save your receipts – I believe that your landlord will owe you.

  239. Sam I Am makes it into the Congressional Record

  240. Sam I Am makes it into the Congressional Record

    One of my favorite reads ever.

  241. 80 at home ain’t too bad if you at least have cool air blowing on you.

    But hotels have spanktravision.

  242. Spanktravision is free on the tittyweb.

  243. …I heard.

  244. True, Cyn. Of course, most hotels have free wifi.

  245. And while I’m at a hotel tomorrow night, I’ll download “Teenaged Asian Anal Cumsluts 47.”

    You know. The Classics.

  246. They’ve finally kicked you out, I see.

    Also, I find it hard to believe that you don’t already have that one on your 1.21 Gigawatt hard drive.

  247. So sorry, Romacita. Prayers for your FiL.

  248. Cyn

    O/T, but..
    Where can I unload those 59 kangaroo scrotum bottle openers I bought last month?

    Got a great deal on them..

  249. I’ve got 1-46, and 48-538, but I’m missing the best of the series.

    And they aren’t kicking me out. They’re upgrading from “Uncle Art” to “Mom.” (i.e., my sister, Jaime’s mom).

    I’m gonna spend a couple days in Irvine petting Sox, then head home to PD, just long enough to wash enough underwear for my trip to Dallas.

  250. Is it true Eli is campaigning for a dem?

  251. Mare, I saw on Deadspin he was. I forget which one. Local.

  252. Thanks Oso. The mannings can go screw themselves

    Great season Eli! You, stupid tool.

  253. Looked for it, Dawn Zimmer D-rat Hoboken, Manning and wife hosting fundraiser.

  254. This derp is my recital, I think it’s very vital
    To rock (a rhyme), that’s right (on time)
    It’s Tricky is the title, here we go…

  255. Rats. Mike Lee is fascinating. I really don’t want to abandon Cruz/Lee, but busy day tomorrow.

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