Well Okay Then


  1. So

  2. Sorry about your doggie, Leon. It’s a hard thing. She’ll be in good company when it’s time.

    Thanks. The harder part is going to be comforting Mrs. Caruthers for the next few months.

  3. I take it we had a cloture vote?

  4. Unless there’s been a new CR voted out of the House, this ain’t over yet.

    I like the idea of attaching a CR to an implementation delay. OCare could end up like the doc fix, where we keep passing a new law to delay the cuts to medicare.

    Every budget cycle, we pass a new delay to OCare.

  5. Baboons love grapes and Asian boobs

  6. That lady should win an award for the lampshade.
    If you google KFC lampshade her image comes up over and over again.

  7. Our local guy had on Chris Wallace, this morning. He asked Jamie what his listeners thought of Cruz. Jamie said they loved him, because he is speaking for them…they are desperate, they are losing coverage, or it’s skyrocketing, they are losing hours, they may have to move because they won’t be able to afford jacked up health costs.

    Wallace goes on to poo-poo it, saying how they don’t understand strategy…you have to win elections…you don’t want to get blamed for a shut down. And best of all, he mentioned the strategy of Iowahawk. Why not just let it happen – it will be painful but may be enough to finally get rid of it.

    Um, f*ck you very much? That’s easy for you to say Mr. It’s not going to affect you at all.

    Jamie said, but people can’t afford to wait until some person ‘might’ get elected.

    Wallace said, then maybe instead of this bad strategy by Cruz, which has pissed off leadership, he should have tacked on the issue of politicians and their staff not being exempted/subsidized.


    Our senator, who Jamie also had on, said the very same thing as Wallace. Strategy. The same strategy that got Obama in for the second time.

    And it’s the people that must suffer in the establishment strategy of letting the thing devour the nation.

  8. Gee My Hair Smells Terrific


  9. Plus, this (from facebutt friend)

    …”if GOP rolls over and funds Obama Care to avoid shutdown, it doesn’t really increase the odds in 2014 and 2016, and even if the GOP owns everything in 2017, enough people will be on ObamaCare exchanges it will be impossible to roll back. Then the GOP becomes the UK Tories, their argument is they can more efficiently manage the welfare state driving the US bankrupt.”….


  10. Why not just let it happen – it will be painful but may be enough to finally get rid of it.

    Because real people will be hurt and die in the meanwhile, and when you see that coming and don’t do something when you could have, you’re a murderer.

  11. “Gee My Hair Smells Terrific”. AUGH!!!! Nightmare stuff. ~waves at Rosetta~ Demands Henry pics!!!

  12. Hey Rosie.

    Lookin’ good!


  13. I bet growing stuff on your forehead becomes a thing.

  14. I hope someone grows a “thing” on their forehead.


  15. dickhead

  16. dickface

  17. Baby fish mouth

  18. A cup holder would be handy.

  19. Drool cup

  20. Comment by TexasJew on September 26, 2013 10:25 am
    Baboons love grapes and Asian boobs

    Who doesn’t.

  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypP-Ck1fPmg

  22. Rebecca and Mr. TiFW are both home today – Rebecca is on Day #2 of “Not sick enough to sleep all day, but not well enough to be at school”, and Mr. TiFW is home by choice (we’re gonna be out of town this weekend, and he wants to get stuff done around the house).

    Needless to say, with Daddy at home, Rebecca isn’t letting Mr. TiFW get much work done…..

  23. Hey, Rosetta how are you?

    Also, we miss your level of douche around here. And by we I mean me.


  25. I saw a calendar called, Cow Yoga, and thought of Rosetta.
    True story.

  26. Baboons love grapes and Asian boobs

    Who doesn’t.

    I’m not terribly partial to grapes.

  27. IMO, turnips are vastly underappreciated.

  28. I’m partial to boobs, and by boobs I mean Rosetta.

  29. Rosetta’s boobs killed the thread.

  30. I’m partial to bewbs, and by bewbs I mean Cyn, Roamy, Mare, …

  31. I’m partial to bewbs, and by bewbs I mean Cyn, Roamy, Mare, any I can lay my eyes on …


  32. Heh heh


  33. I don’t really care much for Chinese but I might eat her?

  34. Woops. She said her name was Rodriguez. I love eating Mexican food.

  35. Always makes me gassy. I could eat Chinese pretty much any time, though.

  36. Always makes me gassy.

    Yer doin’ it wrong.

  37. Good day, people who are somehow still surprised by John McCain’s bullshit.

  38. Seriously, listen to asshole Chris Wallace, and tell me his is not a condescending beltway ass. He really has disdain for Cruz (and says the ‘establishment’ are very angry with him…so I guess that means more kisses to Barry’s ass as retribution to the non-believers). It starts about a minute or so, in.


  39. Seriously, listen to asshole Chris Wallace…

    You can’t make me!

  40. You can’t make me!

    I’m warning you..www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM5BCjNswd0

  41. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM5BCjNswd0


  42. @PDX

    Saw some ORANG F-15s earlier. Now looking at a KC-135 across the ramp.

    Lots of hipsters here, but also some surprisingly attractive non-hippie type wimmens.

  43. http://tinyurl.com/k9ghj8v

  44. KC-135s are pretty much the only plane I ever see up close at SANGB.

  45. Leon, it always cracked me up that the -135s had…. plywood floors.


    Christmas shopping – done.

  47. You people need to start entertaining me!!!

  48. Dangit. Two F-15C’s just took off in full blower. And I couldn’t get my camera ready in time.

  49. Xbrad,

    You recognize that the terms ‘F-15’ and ‘Full Blower’ have a certain significance if used together?

    A specific incident at Osan AB, Korea to be exact.

    I’ll relay the story if you guys want. It’s short and funny, like your penis.

  50. Saw some ORANG F-15s earlier.

    Now, that’s a jet of a different color.

  51. You recognize that the terms ‘F-15′ ‘xbrad’ and ‘Full Blower’ have a certain significance if used together?


    (Love that low hanging fruit.)

  52. I thought cars had blowers, jets had burners.

  53. It’s short and funny, like your penis.

    I hear you flyboys are experts on that.

  54. I watched my daughter drive herself to school today for the first time. She got her license and now I truly hate every driver on the road. I may never have a regular heartbeat again, this is painful.

    As a bonus, my insurance went up over $300/month.

  55. First scotch egg.


    Pretty good, but needs a hot bride serving it up.

  56. OK, no one asked, but here’s the story:

    Back in the mid-90’s there was a F-15 pilot (male) caught giving a hummer to his crew chief behind the jet (probably by the loading racks).

    Tarnished the reputation of Eagle drivers forever. A buddy tells the story that he was playing crud with a bunch of Viper guys in the Osan O club when they all ran over and stood with their backs to the wall. He was asking WTF when they pointed out that some Eagle drivers just walked into the bar.

    To this day when a F-15 taxis near a F-16 the F-16 will ‘pucker the nozzles’, in other words close the exhaust nozzles to the max extent possible.

  57. AD,

    HEY, I’m no F-15 pilot! I like the women-folk.

    Except for the tucker(s) that Leon sneaks in every MMM.

  58. Except for the tucker(s) that Leon sneaks in every MMM.

    :-) Since I’m married, I’m just looking. And then it doesn’t make any difference if it is real Corinthian leather or Naugahyde.

  59. Heh.

    Mr. TiFW is gonna love that story…..

  60. Update on my FIL: above-the-knee amputation this morning went as well as it could. He picked up a C. diff infection while he’s been in the hospital. SIL visited with him after the surgery, said he was groggy. Thank you for all the prayers, kind words, and hugs.

  61. The only thing that can stop Obamacare now is reality.
    — David Burge

    It’s a pity we live in an unreal world.

  62. Good day, people who are somehow still surprised by John McCain’s bullshit.

    For a guy who married into beer distributorship money, he produces a helluva lot of manure-rich compost. With his mind.

  63. This is dreadful news, Roamy. Goddamn shame.

  64. Roamy, prayers to your fil. My dad had above the knee as well, from a septic infection. He was sick for a long time/- but he had other complications.

  65. I missed a Rosetta sighting?

    Someone should have hoisted a rainbow flag.

  66. George, yeah. I think that pretty well confines him to a wheelchair. They said if they could do below the knee, they would fit him for a prothestic, but he’s been falling too much to risk one with a joint.

  67. Afternoon.

  68. Joooostin! Watcha build aujourd’hui?

  69. Today I built one (1) of these:


  70. http://tinyurl.com/qe3sm8j

    I want one filled with delicious bacon.

  71. I want one filled with delicious bacon.

    That’s doable. Applewood or pecan?

  72. Jeebus, he must have been sick to get the AKA. I hope he continues to recover well from this Roamy.

  73. That’s terrible, roamy. I hope that takes care of the problems, and nothing else is necessary.

  74. Jimbro, I can’t help but feel we’re not getting the whole story. This sure escalated quickly. I’m wondering, too, if the blood clot that high in the leg was responsible for all the falling.

    He was in pretty good spirits yesterday. Made a crack about finally losing weight.

  75. So sorry to hear that about your FIL, Roamy; prayers and good thoughts being directed your way ♥♥♥

  76. Oh gosh, Roamy, that had to be a shock about your FiL. So glad to hear about his spirits! Hugs and prayers at maximum.

  77. I guess we haven’t decided. Mrs. Caruthers isn’t ready to let go yet.

    I will be cleaning up poop tomorrow. Pretty much guaranteed. If it were just poop and walk away, it would almost be okay. It’s poop and walk through it senselessly, though, and that makes it quite the ordeal. I don’t know what it’s going to take at this point to convince her.

  78. Leon – gmail or yahoo to send you dirty pictures?

  79. Gmail is best, Cyn.

  80. Dog is mobile and happy right now. We’re hoping that kenneling her at night might help.

  81. The usual therapy for a DVT is anticoagulation or an IVC filter to prevent a massive PE. Amputation is usually for arterial insufficiency due to PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease). The non-healing ulcer is a sign of PAD.

  82. You prefer color, black and white, or sepia?

  83. Roamy, those things escalate very quickly. We had hours to make the decision.

  84. My dad was wicked in that chair, though,

  85. Sepia. More arty.

  86. Leon, my mom kept our childhood dog going a few extra good years with intermittent doses of prednisone and Lasix. Mom was a nurse and the vet gave her parameters which she followed. She called me to come down from med school to accompany her and our dog for the final trip to the vet’s. It was a sad day, I had to walk 3 miles home by myself to gather my thoughts.

  87. Dickbag is an awesome word.

  88. Thoughts & prayers, Roamie.

  89. Dickbag is an awesome word.

    It’s an awesome accessory.

  90. Don’t grow one on your forehead.

  91. Goodnight dickbags!

    I got last minute tickets to go see the Rams play the 49’ers.

    We’ll get there late, but we’re going to a tailgate hosted by Ex-StL Blues player/enforcer Tony Twist. Should be a good time.

    Will try and post a pic of me and Twist for a proof of life update.

  92. Home! Well, sister’s apartment in Irvine, and she’s out of town (and left a fully stocked bar), so close enough.

  93. Have fun, Phat.

  94. I’m off to a get-some-info-about-college meeting. Someone please remind Scott that there’s FOOTBALLZ tonight. TYIA.


  95. OMG Thanks Cyn.

  96. I saw the Nutsack Aggies play Dickbag Poly in the Douche Bowl in 2010.

  97. Did anybody discover that anybody else was living in a van today?

  98. Did anybody discover that anybody else was living in a van today?

  99. Oh Roamster, just got home and saw this. I’m so sorry hon. *hugs*

  100. Did anybody discover that anybody else was living in a van today?



  101. Obligatory-

    I would never trust a van with those rims.

  102. We’ve been married 15 years and 4 hours.

  103. Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  104. Ha! I would’ve been married 15 years and about 6 weeks if I didn’t get a divorce in ’07. Congrats on the anniversary Scott.

  105. http://boston.cbslocal.com/2013/09/26/brown-university-students-to-host-nudity-week/

    I bet the parents smile when they send the tuition check.

  106. Sorry to read about your FIL Roamie. How is Mr. Roamie doing?

    Happy anniversary double yous, http://tinyurl.com/i-got-you-a-cake

  107. Comment by scott on September 26, 2013 8:28 pm
    We’ve been married 15 years and 4 hours.
    Happy anniversary, amateurs.

  108. >> We’ve been married 15 years and 4 hours.

    SHIT! I missed it.

    I’ll catch it next year Scott. *sets timer for 365 days minus 4 hours and 28 minutes*

    I will not fail you again.

  109. AND we’re going to a Moron wedding tomorrow. It pleases my heart that these wonderful kids are going to nearly share our date.

    Miss Jenny B., soon to be a Missus.


    Little sweet thing she is. Found someone at last, who loves her how she deserves to be loved.

    I can’t even stand it.

    Gonna cry like a little bitch at the ceremony tomorrow, and I will kill the first man who laughs at me. Right in the parking lot. Fair warning.

  110. That post is so full of low-hanging fruit………….

  111. I would not even. Happy for her too.

    I only wish I could see you rip the heart out of the first giggling stupid man who laughs at you and points his finger at the snivelling girl whose eye makeup is a bit asunder.

    *Scott, iron face tomorrow night. I know you can do this*

    ALSO, happy anniversary you cute kids.

  112. Our appetizer tonight was smoked oysters with mustard sauce on water crackers.

    Main course will be turkey and mashed potatoes.

    Dessert will be brownies.

  113. I’ve never really had oysters. Do they taste like clams?

  114. Huzzah to the W’s!

  115. Fair warning.


  116. I’ve never had clams. Do they taste like oysters?

  117. >> I’ve never really had oysters. Do they taste like clams?

    Raw oysters? No, not like clams. I mean kinda like raw clams I guess. But, no.

  118. Cooked. Raw oysters are like doing shots of snot. I tried that.

  119. Oh, ok. I don’t really eat cooked oysters. The shots of sea snot, I like those better.

  120. Cooked oysters are like doing shots of cooked snot.

  121. MCPO, check your gmail.

  122. I bet they serve up fried snot at the State Fair of Texas.

  123. Big Tex is back!!! I think he’s wearing a DiT shirt. (Not. Close enough)

  124. Sox has finally made an appearance. He looks pretty good. But he’s very set against posing for a pic.

  125. Comment by scott on September 26, 2013 9:16 pm
    …….. doing shots of snot. I tried that.

  126. Cooked, uncooked, none of those mollusks are safe from me.

    *snorts a middleneck clam through a paper funnel, straight into the cerebral cortex*


    *rubs empty shell and juices on gumline*

  127. I don’t care for oysters. Dad used to make me shuck them for him.

  128. The Michael J. Fox Show has to be the most painfully bad… And I mean cringe-inducing, causing physical pain because every muscle in your body gets more and more tense as the “comedy” progresses until you actually require muscle relaxants to merely remove your clenched fingers from the arm of the couch so you can throw the remote at the screen to make the insult to every single sense, including smell, stop, television show ever aired. Ever.

    The only thing that could have made watching an un-funny twitching MJF worse would be to bring on his formerly okay-looking wife who has been obviously mutilated by rogue plastic surgeons with a Jack Nicholson “Joker” fetish as the “sexy upstairs neighbor” guest star.

    Oh look. They did that too.

    The only thing that could possibly save this show and Fox’s reputation would be to hire Kermit Gosnell to work his magic on it.

  129. Dad and I used to go to this oyster bar years ago when I’d come up for a visit. He’d order em “unwashed”. Which I thought was a bit much, but whatever pop.

  130. That’s why I don’t watch tv, wiser.

  131. I would just like to add that Jay in Ames’ sourdough starter is making a terrific double batch of loaves at the W homestead this evening. The ovenspring is out of this world. Way good.

  132. ovenspring awakening

  133. Dave, I have a comment about the e cigs at the IB CDTMM&FMHC post. You may find it encouraging.

  134. >>>That’s why I don’t watch tv, wiser.

    It’s everything you would expect from a MJF show on NBC (preachy, hip “talking to the camera, breaking the 4th wall” conceits that are substitutes for good writing, pretentious, “hey, don’t treat the obviously handicapped guy like he’s different, even though he’s obviously so” superiority, but mostly, just not funny at all.)

  135. Shut up Lauraw.

    *not bitter that my sourdough starter was just ok. Not one bit.

  136. I wanted to watch something don’t know what, but Mr car in made me go to bed. I’m supposed to be reading right now.

  137. >>>We’ve been married 15 years and 4 hours.

    Well damn. Congrats, you crazy kids!

  138. Happy anniversary, W’s!

  139. Happy anniversary, Laura and Scott! I will complete 15 years in December. And my kids turned six yesterday. (I never get this turned six vs running six thingy. They were borned in 2007)

  140. “including smell” got a laugh out of Mr. RFH. Thanks, wiser!

    He hates TV. We’re watching the Virginia Tech – Georgia Tech game.

  141. I watched the new Robin Williams show, knowing it was going to suck going into it, and I was not surprised.

    Williams alternating between his manic “who needs a script, I can ad lib funnier stuff than this!” moments and his mawkish, “super-serial, guys”, “DRAMATIC ACTOR IS ACTING!!” persona.

    Both of which were just horribly dull and obvious.

    Again, not funny. Not a single laugh was had.

  142. You aren’t supposed to be reading right now.

    I am sure you have that wrong.

  143. So, the question is:

    Which show gets canceled first?

    Might need to make a poll out of that and add it to whatever is scheduled to be posted tomorrow

  144. >>>”including smell” got a laugh out of Mr. RFH. Thanks, wiser!

    Just trying to protect my friends.

    And hugs re: your FiL, Roamie.

  145. Hope the Tushy Twins had a wonderful birthday!

  146. Thanks, but it’s no big thing.

  147. Carin, it may help you to know that the sourness depends more on how long and cool the fermentation is, than the actual pedigree of the strains of sourdough critters.

    This batch of loaves- not sour. At all. The starter and dough rose quickly in my warm kitchen and the results are just slightly denser, more flavorful, and more chewy than a commercial yeast risen dough would have been. But not by much.

    Now, if I had let that starter sit overnight, and fed it more slowly, thus creating more alcohol and sour tang in the dough, well.

  148. Scott, it is a big thing. Too many marriages end in divorce and too many other couples just shack up so they can leave any time they want, so we cheer on the ones that make and keep the commitment.

  149. What she said.

  150. What Romacita said…yay.

  151. I’m out.

    Gonna once again attempt sleep

  152. Pie.

    Can I get a witness?

  153. Scott, it is a big thing. Too many marriages end in divorce and too many other couples just shack up so they can leave any time they want, so we cheer on the ones that make and keep the commitment.


    As if I would leave him while there was still warm blood in his body.

    I mean….um.


  154. If anybody is looking for me I’ll be in the garage with the spiders and mice.

  155. Congrats!! Many happy returns to the W’s.

  156. Garage, Scott?

    Oooo, it ~IS~ a special occasion.

  157. Well done, Laura and Scott. With opposing interests you’ve still made it work.

    Laura, life affirming gardening and nursing. Scott, killing animals and his desire to kill costomers with PVC U fittings.

  158. >> If anybody is looking for me I’ll be in the garage with the spiders and mice.

    Better there than the crawlspace.


    I heard.

  159. Comment by scott on September 26, 2013 10:35 pm
    If anybody is looking for me I’ll be in the garage with the spiders and mice.
    Better than sleeping with the “Fat Bastards”.

  160. Mare nails it.


    As if I would leave him while there was still warm blood in his body.

  162. The garage calls, good night good people.

  163. G’night Scott.

  164. Happy Dreams, Scott (and Lauraw).

  165. Congratulations, Laura and Scott!
    You have done well.
    Try not to kill one another down the road.
    It happens…

    So sorry about the the AKA thing, but those things go really fast. When my doc prescribed a new drug and I told him “My legs are swelling”, he immediately sent me to a ultrasound on my legs, looking for a clot.
    Evidently “Really Scary Shit”.

  166. People SHOULD cry at a wedding.

    If all is as it should be.

  167. I am late to the oyster vs clam thing.
    Clams are briny chewy tasty things. Oysters are briny slimy fresh tasting things with a bit of iron added. When cooked Oysters are briny mushy fresh irony things.

    Romy Fil is in my prayers.
    Congrats Scott, and Laura!

  168. Hi Mare!

  169. I confess!!
    We have zero cloud-cover, it’s CAVU, and it’s gonna get really fuckin’ cold tonight.
    I actually lit the gas-log for the first-time, just now.
    It got down to 62 in the house, and I’m wearing my hoodie, but, it’s just too fucking much.
    I don’t tolerate cold very well…

  170. Sorry, ChrisP. Getting into the 40s tonight and all windows are open.

  171. Tejas is warm but not miserable warm. Good warm

    Night kids

  172. I can’t believe no one has killed Mare yet.

    This is the worst human race ever. Here is a picture of our country.


    Nice job liberals. Fucking idiots.

  173. Would you rather pay $5,000 a year for health care or $3,500?


  174. Do you realize that every moment you live moves you one moment closer to your demise and that you have limited time on this miraculous marble to make the most of it, average democratic voter.


  175. Kermit Gosnell? I love the Muppet Show!


  176. Okay I’m out. I’ll see you faggots again in 2016.

    Here’s a video of the implementation of Obamacare.


  177. Hahahahaha. Comment on the tampon video:

    What the actual fuck?

    Har. That’s my favorite comment since “Nice mosh pit at 0:00”.


  178. In my bra from L to R: “Hope” and “Change”.


    I swear not fake!1!

  179. Another Saturday, another date.
    She would be ready but she’s always make him wait.
    In the hallway, in anticipation,
    He didn’t know the derp would end up in frustration.

  180. wakey wakey

  181. heh:

    “It’s not mandatory that you be libertarian to be a crossfitter,” Greene told the Washington Examiner, arguing that by posting controversial, nonfitness articles and quotes on social media, CrossFit is only upsetting those who “can’t deal with people who don’t agree with them.”


  183. J’ames- Rosetta wasn’t really “here.” He was “sleep-commenting.” He won’t even remember it in the morning.

  184. I get that he’s upsetting to liberals. Any word on whether they’re the rabid, evangelical atheist sort of libertarians, or are they at least halfway sensible?

  185. Pfft, like Rosetta has mornings.

  186. I dun’t know, Leon. I enjoyed that they post a variety of articles, intended to encourage debate, and when people got pissed, they basically said shove it.

  187. Crossfit in 45 minutes

  188. Good morning, cool kids.

  189. Coffeefit happening right now.

  190. Coffeefit sounds excellent.

  191. a drive by insomniac Rosetta strike

  192. *pours coffeefit for Roamy and Dave*

    Reading material for the libary:

  193. Someone’s offended. Ohnoes!

  194. COCK!


  195. If by insomniac, you mean 9 little Indians, then yes.

  196. Good morning all!

    Overcast here but supposedly warming/clearing up for a beautiful fall weekend.

    Kids have a half day today and they were both dragging their feet getting ready this morning in the hopes mom would let them stay home.

    “NO!” was the resounding answer.

  197. Cream in coffee is much better than non-fat milk.

  198. Cyn, that reminds me of the parishioner that bitched about kids drag-racing through the church parking lot. The church put a chain across the parking lot entrance at night, so then he bitched that we were the only church in town that locked people out. (The priest responded that he wasn’t paying for chains at other churches’ parking lots.) Someone’s always unhappy about something.

  199. Morning, children.

    NSFW Good morning girl

  200. Someone’s always unhappy about something.


    Fukksized people and their “sensibilities”. Get Over It.


  202. NSFW Good morning girl


    She’s not holding a cup of coffee in her hand. How can it be a good morning?

  203. *grabs Snowflake MJ to give him a hug, watches as he melts in her warm hand*


  204. *starts a tribe of non-Irish beautiful funny people, remembers I’m part Irish; shrugs shoulders and grabs another cup of coffee with a shot each of red and blue meth*

  205. New poatse.

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