MMM: Day 1 ABB*

*After Breaking Bad

I feel as though I’ve lost a good friend. I pretty much don’t need TV service anymore, at least until the next season of Mountain Men. I want to like Walking Dead, but it’s butt-ass boring so much of the time. And there are no hawt chicks on it. At least they finally killed off Andrea (ugh, worthless), but still, I just can’t muster any enthusiasm.

In other news, the FedGov might shut down tomorrow, which is the same as the end of the world, except it happened a half-dozen times in the late 70’s (I’m sure there are no parallels to today) and once in the mid-90’s (again, nothing about this situation is similar at all, right?), and the world is still here. This time, however, I’m sure it’s unprecedented or something. And rayciss.

Allright, everyone maudlin? Good. Let’s celebrate something the bastards still haven’t destroyed.

Like cults.

Even crosscult.
Or cleaning. They can’t take away cleaning.
They’re trying to take away yoga pants, but they can’t take what makes them great.
I think this is Rhona Mitra. I likes me some Rhona.
Rain sucks, but she’s not letting it get her down. Possibly because it’s just a special effect. But the lesson stands.
Why MJ goes to spin class.
Today’s MMM has been brought to you by the letter “Z”.
Now get out there and remind the world to tread lightly, because you are the one who knocks.


  1. Good morning all!

    Good choices Leon. Happy Monday.

  2. Oh NY Jets, how you make me laugh.

  3. 6 pack is wow

  4. No dog poop today. Kitten pee instead. Someday, in like 15 years, I might be free of indoor pets.

  5. wake wake

  6. Good morning, children. Happy birthday, Roamie. Thanks, Leon, good job.


  7. Thanks, Pepe. Already got a call from my dad this morning, so that was nice.

  8. Happy BIrthday Roamy. YOu want something special for your birthday dinner?

    If you order a dessert, I can get the whole staff to sing you happy birthday.

  9. Prayers for a friend’s husband please. He’s had fungal meningitis for the last three months. They’ve had to put shunts in his brain to drain fluid. They thought they’d figured it all out, but he’s in ER right now, confused and throwing up. My friends says he’s been mixing up words all weekend.

  10. Happy birthday Romie!

  11. Happy Birthday, roamingfirehydrant!

    I spelled out your whole name, cuz it’s a special occasion.

  12. Life is short, eat dessert first.

    Thank you, Carin, Pupster, and Jay in Ames (SWIDT).

    I am amused this morning by the Weather Channel weenies having teh sads over a quiet hurricane season. Gorebull warming was supposed to bring a Katrina every year. There’s something warped about being disappointed by fewer deaths.

  13. Happy Birthday Roamy!

  14. Thank you, Dave.

    Work time – I get to safe all my test systems in case we get shut down.

  15. Happy Happy Birthday, Roamy!

  16. Three cheers for the Gubmint shutdown

  17. Happy Birthday Roamy!

    Why are you testing your safe words?

  18. Happy birthday, Roamy.

    I’m funded for the near future and don’t work at a Gov’t facility, so I’m yet to be directly harmed by the current round of brinksmanship that the 0 insists upon.

  19. Gif representation of my inbox this morning.

  20. Dang.

    Kilt by two kicks to the groin.

  21. Car in – this is the workout my son had me do Saturday morning ( I had to walk up the stairs backwards this morning….

  22. Happy Birthday, Roamy!

  23. two kicks to the groin, and look who shows up.

    Hi Gland!

  24. *kicks Jay in his garanimals*

    ‘sup Jay!

  25. Happy birthday Roamy.

  26. Happy B’Day Roamy!

  27. Good morning all.

    Happy Birfday, Roamy!

    Did someone mention Rhona Mitra?

  28. Let me in!!

  29. Happy Birthday, Roamy! ♥♥♥

    Mr. TiFW is quite miffed at “Strikeback” for killing off Ms. Mitra……

  30. Messaging:

    But it’s worse than that. The same poll found that 30% of respondents didn’t know what the Affordable Care Act is — while “only” 12% didn’t know what ObamaCare is.

  31. I missed a meeting today. No one ever sent slides, though, so I don’t feel especially awful about it.

  32. Mac is working again. That’s pretty nice.

  33. Big Mac

  34. Nice job, Mac.

  35. Was Mac on unemployment?

  36. Mac Daddy

  37. Was Breaking Bad a tv show?

  38. Was Breaking Bad a tv show?

  39. Double header!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. WP has teh Ayds again.

  41. Only happens with you, CB.

    *dons hazmat suit, gives you a sportsmanlike smack on your ass*

  42. if any of you still follow politics, this is a pretty cool speech…

  43. My printer doesn’t want to talk to my computer, even though the diagnostic says that they are on good terms with each other.

    Can I blame Mare for this?

  44. Is it plugged in?

    Try that!

  45. I really need to stop watching ‘Monsters Inside Me’.

    *scoots on sidewalk*

  46. gland, that’s from CPAC. It’s racist to watch CPAC.

  47. beasn, you definitely shouldn’t watch that show.

  48. *flicks worm at Jay*

  49. Comment by Teresa in Fort Worth, TX on September 30, 2013 1:43 pm

    Can I blame Mare for this?

    The real question is why wouldn’t you?

  50. I watched that show. Once.


    I’d rather watch Rosetta and MCPO make-out openly.

  51. Yeah, the coughing up worms episode will probably be the last one I will have watched.
    Though, this info could be handy if someone you know comes down with weird symptoms.

  52. //shudders//

    //H/S off

  53. *shudders Xbrad’s webcam feed to my dressing room*

  54. No webcam?


  55. Shuttered and Shuddered.

  56. ^^ Their eyes… heh.


  57. Today has been one big giant shudder.

  58. Big giant shudders are good things.

    I heard.


  59. Heh-hey! Lookin’ good, MJ!

  60. Oh, dear. ScarJo may be a lefty nutbag, but she’s a lefty nutbag with a great ass in a skin tight outfit!

  61. She’ll be hauling those things in a wheelbarrow before long, XBrad. Or they’ll be bouncing off her knees.

  62. Big giant shudders are good things.

    If you’re a cow…..

  63. There are no words for what I’ve seen today. I’m not only disgusted, but completely vindicated, which is a curious mix of emotions to have.

    It’s weird being right about everything lately. I’m so used to being wrong.

  64. Also,

    99 problems down to 0.

  65. There are no words for what I’ve seen today.

    Surely there are at least a few. I wouldn’t mind reading them unless they are all swearing or links to crotch-face-attack gifs.

  66. 99 problems down to 0.

    Uhm, congratulations?

  67. I’m so used to being wrong.

    99 problems down to 0.

    I’m sensing a correlation here.

  68. Stop whining.


  69. Wow – you were quite the blondie.

  70. Yeah, I didn’t get dark hair until I was around 8 or 9.

    I think a lot of people are like that.

  71. I was never a natural blonde, but my sister was like you, blonde to dark, as she got older.

  72. It’s weird. My sisters and I all had blonde hair. One turned out brunette, one red, and one blonde.

    Genes. How do they work?

  73. That’s crazy.

    I have more red in my hair now than I ever did. And some platinum too. *cough*

  74. How old are you in that pic, MJ? I just want to nom nom on your cheeks.


  75. 28.

  76. My hair was blonde and curly through college. After joining the Army it turned brown and straightened out some. And then started falling out.

  77. 28.



  78. My hair has gotten so much more wavy as I’ve gotten older. Straight as a board when I was a little boy.

  79. I had white-blond hair, then red-blond, then none.

  80. Pink blonde.

  81. Wait, I forgot it went brown last, before it went away.

    I should grow it in to see how much gray I have. Baldness can be deceptively youth-preserving if no one’s ever seen you with hair.

  82. Straight as a board when I was a little boy.


    You are all a bunch of genetic freaks. My hair is brown: it was brown when I was little, it was brown when I was growing up, and it is still brown. Yous guys are mutants.

  83. I blame my viking blood by way of Ireland-based Rape Culture.

  84. Yous guys are mutants.

    No, you are!

  85. Every living human being has a certain number of mutations in their genome. By extension, you have some number of genes to which no ancestor of yours can lay claim.

    We’re all mutants.

  86. The bell’s inscription says: “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.”

    Yeah, didn’t see that one coming, didja!

  87. Yeah, didn’t see that one coming, didja!

    Beat me to it, Jay.

    This country is being run by 4 year olds.

  88. That’s right. That’s right.

    Attaboy, Clarence!

  89. Wow, did anyone get the latest Organizing for America email?

    In it, there is a graphic: President Obama says

    Let’s stop the threats.
    Let’s stop the political posturing.
    Let’s keep our government open.
    Let’s pay our bills on time.
    Let’s pass a budget.


    President Obama

    It’s lies. It’s all lies, and the media covers for them. LIV indeed.

  90. stupid direct links.

  91. If that fuck-head wants to pass a budget, all he has to do is call “The Searhlight Strangler”…
    He’s sitting on several of them.

  92. Afternoon.

  93. Today I built three (3) of these:

    except they’re pint sized under-the-counter models.

  94. Good day, wagons of douche.

  95. I don’t think my dog has stopped pacing in the last 3 hours for more than a few seconds.

  96. Wow, he’s actually saying that the GOP is the party that is not talking.

    Never said a word about the resolutions passed, and died in the Senate. Like today.

  97. Now I remember why I quit listening to his speeches.

    It’s a lecture, and I’m a bad person.

  98. No questions. What an ass.

  99. Today I built three (3) of these:
    except they’re pint sized under-the-counter models.

    So then, full sized for MJ. Got it.

  100. It’s a lecture, and I’m a bad person.

    Sounds like I missed some drivel.

    *is glad I had to go pick up the boys today*

  101. Miami @ New Orleans 8:40 pm ESPN

    That is all.

  102. No questions. What an ass.

    On the other hand, this means there is less of him talking, so we’ve got that going for us.

  103. I can’t stand any politicians or ambassadors/diplomats these days.

    I can deal with the UPS guys bringing me boxes, that’s it. And the cute register girl at the gas station. And you fuckers.

  104. Rays/Rangers playoff.

  105. I am punching out for the day.
    I need to get up at 4 and go back.

  106. Scott – don’t forget football.

  107. Essperiment: what happens when you take an already-awesome recipe (Leon’s Megafatty Muffins) and ruthlessly add hand-chunked 90% dark chocolate to it?

    We’ll discover the answer in 55 minutes.

  108. I am not sure I’m ready. I’m not sure if the world is ready.

  109. I might watch the first quarter.

  110. NOM!

  111. Mmmm…chocolate.

  112. Is Mare back in rehab?

  113. Probably moving out of Texas before the Dallas thingy happens.

  114. Probably moving out of Texas before the Dallas thingy happens.


  115. Go Rays.

  116. Dan is wearing a Rays tee. I’m singing old school Ode To The Texas Rangers.

  117. Is Mare back in rehab?
    She’s in the bunk next to me. DTs.

  118. It isn’t pretty.

  119. I’m glad she’s kicking the krokodil, though.

  120. No face eating bacteria, TYVM.


  122. Thankfully, Ray Lewis is on ESPN assplaining tonight’s game for us.

  123. May 11, 1980 was my 18th birthday.

    They made a movie about it

  124. Gotta be better than Magic Johnson.

  125. Did anybody talk anybody else into investing in a restaurant today?

  126. Pretty cool, Scott. 18 was fun. I didn’t get a movie scene and music though. You rock!

  127. I don’t really remember 18. I remember 17, but 18 is sort of a mystery.

  128. I didn’t have a Cadillac,didn’t deal guns, and helicopters didn’t follow me but the rest is pretty accurate.

  129. I wonder who did more coke that day–Henry Hill or Harry Nilsson?

  130. Dude. Henry Hill by a nose.

  131. TX raised the drinking age on 9/1. My Birthday is 9/11. I didn’t get “Grandfathered” in. Good thing I was a girl. 18 was great!

  132. I think Karen Hill is Mare.

  133. I’m watching the season finale of BB RIGHT NOW!

  134. I thought MJ was Mare?

  135. We are.

  136. When I was 18 my roommate sold coke. He was an ass, but the ladies loved him because….cocaine!

    It made me hate him even more.

  137. Ha! Coke dealers had $$$ I have stories! LOL

  138. When I was 18 my roommate sold coke.

    So, you were like the bass player.

  139. A friend of mine in Chicago was a dealer.

    He came into the bathroom at the bar we frequented one night, and washed blood off of his “LOU” ring.

    I didn’t ask.

  140. My HS friends went off the deep end with cocaine around that time. I stopped hanging around with them for a couple of years during college for that reason. After they all flunked out of ULowell and got jobs and went to school PT things were better.

  141. Chocolate megafatty muffins are pure win. You can’t can’t handle them.

  142. One of the funniest thing I’ve ever heard after our group of friends went separate ways because of drugs:

    You mean OJ moved to LA to clean up? I’m not sure that was a smart plan.

    He was a drummer so that explains it.

  143. I was allergic to a common cut.

    Thank god.

  144. We got pulled over by cops. I went to put my hands in my pockets, because I was cold. All three cops drew weapons on me. We were all freaked out. Let us go on our way. Driver of the car was transporting coke and had weapons in the car. He was a member of the Aguirre Cartel.

  145. And I thought we were all angels…

  146. Hey Oso, ask me how many problems I have.

  147. Stop whining

  148. Hahahahaha.

    Shut up and go to bed.

  149. Mare!

  150. 0 problems. You got rid of 99 earlier today. When you posted the cutie patootie pic as your avatar.

  151. Your goddamn right.

  152. You’re.

  153. She’s busy, doing important things

  154. You mean OJ moved to LA to clean up? I’m not sure that was a smart plan.

    And it really didn’t work out well for Ron and Nicole.

  155. I have never tried an illegal drug. I saw marijuana once, and ran like hell for fear I might end up in a photograph with it.

    Motherfucker went into the non-smoking (like, not even cigarettes) area of the party and started rolling a joint. I shoulda suckerpunched his stoner head.

  156. Leon=Dan. I plead the 5th.

  157. Harry Reid is arguing that the elimination of the 0-care subsidy for federal workers needlessly punishes 16000 innocent civil servants.

    Fuck ’em, if the CR included a codicil requiring all of them to take colloidal silver until they turned blue, I’d be for it at this point.

  158. I have tried most of the ones that didn’t involve needles

  159. Oso, I can’t be anywhere near it now, even if I wanted to. One positive drug test and I’m out of my industry unless I want to get therapy and rehab.

  160. Simpatico with Scott. It was the 70s. We didn’t know.

  161. Other than alcohol, I haven’t drugged since the early 80s. I have friends that still smoke a little smoke.

  162. And it really didn’t work out well for Ron and Nicole.
    Funny thing. During a wine tasting before the bar opened OJ (Onofrio) was sitting next to my girlfriend, Nicole.

    The wine rep asked if they should be separated.

  163. Actually that’s not funny. It’s stupid.

  164. MJ, did you knife him?

  165. No. But I did pull him aside at a party and tell him in no uncertain terms that I would kill him if he tried what we all know he was going to try.

    At our break up party, the entire group of friends admitted they were all trying it and hated me for getting her.

    Coke. It’s the real thing.

  166. You knew.

  167. It was the 70s. We were still being told it was cool and not addictive. MJ, you had a break up party?

  168. Break up party?

    I had one of those. I called it the “Leon be livin’ Extra Large” Party. It was 2 months after the divorce, when my house sold and I suddenly had disposable income again (I’d been renting an apartment near my new job for 4 months at that point). Did I mention that I got laid off right after my separation started?

    Anyhow, my wife wasn’t at it.

  169. Sorry, ex-wife.

    My wife wasn’t at either, we didn’t meet for a few more years. Come to think of it, there were no single women there, and that was probably for the best.

  170. MJ, you had a break up party?
    Our group of friends bought large amounts of substances and had one last giant party.

    Then Brad moved. Then OJ. Then Walter. Then Adam. Then me.

    It was time.

  171. I wasn’t even aware that my friends were all heroin addicts in college. Mostly Med School guys. They knew how to party. Athletes were all about smoking dope. Good thing we can all look back now and laugh. Amirite?

  172. Dope is good for athletes. Enhances appetite, relaxes you for more restful sleep. I’d argue that — used properly — it’s a performance enhancer.

  173. Except it kills drive and motivation.

    I heard.

  174. Brownie Bites would’ve been cool back in the day.

  175. Except it kills drive and motivation.

    That explains why the NBA and X-games don’t exist.

  176. Never tried coke, heroin or speed. Didn’t mess with prescription drugs, either. Figured I would lay off the hard stuff because I didn’t want to get addicted to anything.

    Yeah, I’m kind of a dumbass.

  177. I’m not sure any drug should be illegal.

    Are we not meant to achieve? If taking something helps with performance is that different than using Excel? Not sure.

  178. I liked cocaine. Good thing it was expensive.

    Made it really easy to stop.

  179. *raises price of tequila and Corona

  180. Wow. Condi Rice on ESPN doing a football commercial.


  181. >>>*raises price of tequila and Corona

    Not a bad idea.

    *pours another vodka on the rocks

  182. *pours another vodka on the rocks
    Too bad I gave up hard liquor.

    *chugs Chardonnay

  183. Raising the price of hard liquor just encourages ‘shinin’.

  184. I was driving into the station last Saturday and the guy who does the show before ours played “I Get A Kick Out of You”, recorded in the 50s or 60s and with the original lyrics.

    I thought “no way that song gets airplay these days.”

  185. >>>Too bad I gave up hard liquor.

    More for the rest of us.

  186. Mel Torme did a great version of that song.

    Was it a cover?

    You decide.

  187. Howling Beagle Blues

  188. >>>Was it a cover?

    Where is Mel Torme today?

  189. I think he’s dead.

    Or still making cameos on Night Court.

  190. >>>I think he’s dead.

    There ya go.

    I suggest you all listen to this Saturday’s show if you want to laugh.

  191. I suggest you all listen to this Saturday’s show if you want to laugh.
    I’d love to. What day is it on?


    Are they contractually obligated to mention Katrina every fucking time?

    They can’t say “2006.” It’s the “post-Katrina year.”

  193. >>>I’d love to. What day is it on?

    Not sure.

    *grabs mirror, straw and razor blade

    This payola coke sucks.

  194. If I ever meet a girl named Katrina, I’mma punch her in the face.

  195. This is what I’m gonna do to Katrina:

  196. Wiser, you missed it this morning, the Weather Channel has a sad that global warming didn’t produce a Katrina this year. Ghouls.

  197. I sure wish I could open links in the werdpuss app on iOS7.

  198. Thank y’all for the nice birthday wishes. (((squishy hugs all around)))

  199. Right? WTF?

    I thought I was the only one staring at little black linky thingies.

  200. >>>Wiser, you missed it this morning, the Weather Channel has a sad that global warming didn’t produce a Katrina this year. Ghouls.

    Dumbasses. They’re owned by NBC, right?

    Happy birthday, btw.

    Consider yourself hugged

  201. Roamy, check your FB. I found that link you were looking for.

  202. We were in DC after Katrina. Lots of refugees at the Armory. Sitting on the steps and watching everyone go into RFK for baseball. Buses took a bunch of them to the Mall. Free admission to all the museums and the Archives. Sitting on benches people watching. I’m rayciss.

  203. >>>I thought I was the only one staring at little black linky thingies.

    IOS7 fucked up 3 things that I used most often on my phone.


  204. I knew a girl named Sarina.

    I would not have punched her in the face.

  205. MJ’s tranny BBF was Sarina, Leon. Is that what you’re sayin’?

  206. Wiserbud on cocaine…holyfuckinballs. I can’t even imagine.

  207. Sabrina, I think. Although xbrad would know.

  208. The Sarina I knew was not the one MJ tried to foist on us. I’m entirely confident.


  209. >>>Wiserbud on cocaine…holyfuckinballs. I can’t even imagine.

    I was hilarious

  210. Yes, I imagine a baritone hummingbird must be pretty funny.

  211. Btw, Lauraw, saw your grades on your tests.

    Nicely done, darling

  212. Hey, is Mare at the pre-playoff playoff?

  213. Fanks. I must have adsorbed some brains from that last hug.

  214. >>>Fanks. I must have adsorbed some brains from that last hug.

    Hmmmm…. I have felt dumber lately….

  215. I’m seriously bummed no W’s will be at the DFW thingy.

  216. >>>Yes, I imagine a baritone hummingbird must be pretty funny.

    I hate hummingbirds

  217. Hummingbirds are evil.

  218. I H8 hummingbirds as much as I H8 butterflies. Assholes.

  219. Wow that was some kind of good closure.

    Bye Walter. You were a dick but you made up for some of it.

  220. but they stay crunchy in milk

  221. I sent a hummingbird to Waco with a tennis racquet once

  222. The hummingbirds in the desert don’t fuck with me, so I don’t fuck with them.

  223. I remember when youngest used to call them “flutterbyes” all giggly and shit.

  224. I just had skim milk with oreos…waiting for the sugar rush. 6 umpires at the Rays/Rangers and they miss a call. Grrrrr.

  225. “flutterbyes”

    I just melted.

  226. Where’s Beasn? I H8 zoos and botanical gardens that have walk through butterfly exhibits. Oooh…we’re the Colorado Springs zoo, we have a hummingbird and butterfly garden…

  227. For XBrad, since Cyn killed her boudoir cam, a photo from her schoolteacher days:

  228. That was a bullshit trap.

  229. Pepe, I should have a new Captives post up soon.

  230. Cyn when she started callin critters “animals” instead of “aminals” I had a sad.

    Wow. That kid is working and supporting herself and has a little sweet goober of a puppy to care for now.

    *snif* HONK!!

  231. (Love Is) The Bullshit Trap

  232. >>>Bye Walter. You were a dick but you made up for some of it.

    Probably the first series ending I was not disappointed with.

    Won’t buy the DVD set, but damn, I loved that show

  233. >>>but they stay crunchy in milk


  234. I must have adsorbed some brains from that last hug.

    Shhhh, you’re giving away the secret.

  235. (Love Is) The Bullshit Trap
    Completely true. I think it’s a gift. The lying that some women can attempt.

  236. Bed time.

  237. For XBrad, since Cyn killed her boudoir cam, a photo from her schoolteacher days office this morning.

    Fixed, and hey no sharing!

  238. Cake or pie for your birthday, Roamy?

    Sweet nighty dreams, MJ.

  239. Buffy ended pretty well.

  240. What’s wrong with this picture? Dan is watching MNF by himself on the big TV. Gingy, MA, and I are watching baseball in the bedroom on the little TV. Football=Fascism

  241. Buffy ended pretty well.

    Went on at least a season too long, though.

  242. >>>Cyn when she started callin critters “animals” instead of “aminals” I had a sad.

    Have I ever shared the ladybug story about wiserdaughter?

  243. I had a customer the other day who told me she was getting into creating ‘fairy gardens.’ As in, adorable little anthropomorphic habitats for fairies.

    I didn’t tell her I’ve been gassing the little beasts and drowning their pups in kerosene for decades.

    Probably should have. We could have had a good talk.

  244. Cyn, I had strawberry pretzel salad with lunch and chocolate moose tracks ice cream after dinner. Mr. RFH offered to make brownies, but I declined.

  245. Didn’t her prom dress or something have ladybug pokey dots to them? I think that pic is still in the POL. Too cute!

  246. Went on at least a season too long, though.

    I liked you better as a drunk.

  247. >>>Went on at least a season too long, though.

    Which is the problem with most shows.

    They plan on running forever. BB had a story to tell with a definite ending.

    So it was pretty much always moving in that direction, as opposed to “oh shit, we’re getting canceled. Better figure out an ending.”

  248. >>>Didn’t her prom dress or something have ladybug pokey dots to them?

    Yeah, guess I did share that one.

    It was the cutest moment ever.

  249. I liked you better as a drunk.

    I know. The whole “rigorous honesty” thing isn’t for everyone.

  250. Awwww, Ladybugs must have been special to her.

    I used to just use a magnifying glass from a Cracker Jacks box on ants. Special times.

  251. Actually, S4 was pretty much expendable, but the rest were good.

  252. >> Have I ever shared the ladybug story about wiserdaughter?


    DId I tell you about dad in the wilderness buying a prom dress with said youngest?

    Holy crap that was a bad day for me.


  254. >>>Awwww, Ladybugs must have been special to her.

    Long but cute story.

    I’ll tell you offline

  255. Maybe you could use it on the radio show…………….

  256. Does it involve ritual killing? Ritual killing stories will boost your ratings.

  257. Now there’s a good way to increase your audience.

  258. Actually, S4 was pretty much expendable, but the rest were good.

    They were supposed to have a whole story arc involving Oz, but Seth Green left suddenly and they had to cobble together all that Adam bullshit at the last minute.

  259. No workout discussion? My workout today consisted of moving a baby grand piano.

  260. S’funny how dems who start businesses suddenly become republicans

  261. PJ O’Rourke stopped being a hippie pretty much the instant he saw the deductions on his first paycheck. That’s how he tells it, anyway.

  262. Where are the businessman dems in the Senate?

    Ezra will protect their virtue, as will others. I hope Manchin can sleep at night.

  263. S’funny how dems who start businesses get older suddenly become republicans


  264. >>>Where are the businessman dems in the Senate?

    Ah. You mean the leeches.

    They go there to become rich. See Nancy Pelosi.

    Honest people just want to start honest businesses. Lying scum bastard garbage go into politics to get rich.

  265. Footballz are done and so am I.
    Good night cool- and non-cool kids.

  266. You guys know Downton Abbey started in the UK last week, right?

  267. Buffy should have stopped after graduation. The college setting sucked.

  268. Comment by wiserbud, wuzong of the yuan. on September 30, 2013 10:52 pm

    Which is the problem with most shows.

    So it was pretty much always moving in that direction, as opposed to “oh shit, we’re getting canceled. Better figure out an ending.”

    This. It’d be far better to simple say, “We’ve got the story mapped out over 100 episodes and then we’re done and moving on to the next project.” Actually, three seasons is probably better. Most shows seem to hit their peak during season 3 or 4.

  269. What the fuck did you do, Sean?

  270. I set off a bomb to protest the poor quality of writing at the Daily Cal.

    My plan seems to have backfired.

  271. Today was supposed to be a nice, simple day. Go get my retiree ID card, enroll in Tricare.


    Nope. Get the world’s youngest airman. I have to coach her on how to dial off base, that’s how green she is. She put’s in my retirement status wrong. Call HQ. System is down. The HQ then has to talk my airman through the process to unfuck it, very slowly. I actually have to coach her through some of the steps.

    i did ask her when she was born. 1993. I was flying into Bosnia that year. That year sucked. Was deployed 270 days out of 360.

    We finally got it done. Three hours, start to finish. It’s like they want me to hate the military on my way out the door!

  272. BTW, 7 minutes until I am officially retired,

  273. So, basically, your first retirement check won’t get cut.

    Congrats on not dying in a fiery crash for over 20 years, Phat!

  274. I am now an old fuck! Get off my lawn!

  275. Xbrad,

    Long day trying to out-process.

    We’re all so happy to be done that no one thinks to critique the process.

    Guilty. glad to be done.

  276. CAN OF CORN.

    Sucks when the can opener breaks. But I’m glad you’re done.

  277. If there’s no Thunderdome when I wake up, I’mma be disappointed.

  278. Doris egregiously ridiculed Polly.

  279. Get the fuck up

  280. Stop whining.

  281. Good morning all!

    Armageddon is here I guess.

  282. Due to the government shut-down, there will be no wakey wakey today.

  283. Putting on my mad-max gear to face a world where non-essential government workers aren’t there.

  284. Oh no… I have to buy stamps! Or I could pay my bills online.

  285. They sell stamps at Meijer.

  286. Obamacare site crashing like a bitch
    Got some preliminary numbers from Blue Cross for the various Gold plans
    They ain’t cheap, by a long shot
    Hope the Obamabots get fucked in the ass, they’re such worthless crap

    I was in the Texas high-risk pool, which is now going away. Paid over 1500 bucks per month. This pretty much looks like about the same.

  287. New Post!!!!

  288. I like how you can’t just see the plans/prices. You need to fill out an application (with your SS number, where they’ll check your income – creepy) to see the prices.

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