fuck you, terrorists

Earlier today, I linked what I thought was a pretty cool connection we have to the new World Trade Center One tower in NYC.

Wiserbride’s company was involved in the creation of the spire that is going to be mounted soon on the top of the tower.

From the company magazine:

Fabricator tops WTC1

TRUMPF Inc. customer Kammetal – Kusack Architectural Metal Inc. recently completed fabrication of a forty-foot spire for One World Trade Center in NYC.

The complicated glass and stainless steel structure was laser cut on a TruLaser 1030 and will feature a rotating beacon that sends light across the Manhattan sky at night.

Fabrication of the spire was not without challenges. Shortly after production began this October, Brooklyn-based Kammetal was flooded by Hurricane Sandy which severely damaged the TruLaser 1030. However, TRUMPF reacted to the company’s request for assistance in order to keep the project on track. Kammetal’s President Sam Kusack explains, “TRUMPF responded and offered us a loaner machine while our laser was brought to Connecticut for repair. This machine saved us and the project.”

Although the Kammetal is still recovering from the storm, they were able to complete the One World Trade Center project as promised. It has been delivered to the construction site and currently awaits placement.

Here’s a picture of the spire:

WTC1 Spire

There was a lot of discussion about the final design of this tower, but I like to think they chose wisely.

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Monday Motive: Muscularity

The weekend is over, and thank Heaven it is. I socialized way too much, spent far too much time talking, and nearly lost my voice. I told the opossum story three times on Saturday to different groups who had yet to hear it. Even I am sick of it now, but at least the trauma is finally past. I made it through another family gathering without starting any serious arguments or eating any of the devil gluten that was prominently offered. Threading the needle of the weekend, I passed through the madness, and once again welcome the warm embrace of renewal that is Monday. Now, on with the show.

Send me an angel.
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Just So.


Politicians as seen on CSPAN.

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Decisions, decisions

Slappaho. Indian Princess or Tasty Japanese Beer?

First, a little primer. 

Marekitty. Daww.



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