MMM 476

No pressure or anything, but this is the first Monday of the year. It sets the tone for everything to come and if you eff this up your whole year is probably going to be ruined. But don’t sweat it, you got this.

I’m claiming Redhead Bonus Points for this one.

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MMM 467

It’s 7:30 on Monday and I’m still weighing my options.

My brain feels like this minus the serene expression

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MMM 465

Happy Columbus Day!

I’m not sure why the rest of the gym is violet.

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Lying Dog-faced Pony Soldier

Things that Drumph Never Said
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MMM 461

Week 2 of school and I’m still on my own for getting her to school, so extra brief today.


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MMM 458

Welcome back. August is winding down, hope y’all are ready for cold&flu season…

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA something better snap soon.

Butt first

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MMM 452

Good morning, and welcome to Independence Day Observed.

Ready to mix.

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