MMM 259: Out of office

I’m at the customer site by the time you’ll read this, so my day is going to be less than pleasant, and I’m certain to be less present.  I’m snapping this together quickly before I go do all my chores in preparation.

Starting the week off right with some sex cult/mobility exercises.


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Year Of The Rooster

How is everyone celebrating the Year Of The Rooster? I know Mare will run outside at midnight and shout “COCK” at her loudest. Carin will bring her chickens to a photography studio to get a group portrait. Leon will eat several chickens. Scott and Laura will smoke a chicken. Jewstin will create a gourmet meal using only chicken gizzards.  Alex will attempt to eat fifty chicken eggs. Oso will get a sriracha temporary tattoo of the logo on her ankle. And some Hostage somewhere will keep f*cking that chicken.

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BBF Victory Lap 2016

Hello, and welcome to the victory parade edition of Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today has defeated all comers to be crowned Big Boob Friday Queen 2016.  You may know her as Lily from the AT&T commercials, or from her work on Cracked, Funny or Die, or her numerous stage and youtube appearances.  I dig her chilli because she is finely freckled, funnah, and even though I disagree with her politics, she is not all talk about her beliefs.  Also, nice rack.

Please join me in welcoming, Miss Melodious Yurbooty!

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Buh Bye

Only 6 days with the Trumpster and it’s been great not seeing or hearing Obama spouting bullcrap of some sort or the other. Oh, I know he’ll rear his ugly mug before too long but I’m enjoying this vacation. Today‘s musical selection is all like, “It’s not you, it’s me

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Rhino Farts or Michael Moore Speaks



Not MM, too cute


We needed something new and Tushar’s rhino fart video obviously left an impression on me

UPDATE: VMax’s Birthday


MMM 258: Some kind of hate

So I watched the heck out of this movie on HBO when I was a kid.  It’s on Netflix now:

If you’ve got 90 minutes, it’s a great nostalgia piece.  Sheen does his “sober guy” character for a change.  And there’re a lot of Pontiacs going fast.  And Turbo!



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Sunday Languor

Yep.  Me. That’s who.

Beanseses needs to translate.

Buck up, pussy.

Back off, pussy.

No rodents or reptiles in the house is my rule.

Yep.  Just like that.


BBF 2016 Championships

Hello and welcome to The 2016 Big Boob Friday Championships.  We have a classic contest shaping up, the Blonde Bimbo versus the Girl Next Door versus the Exotic European versus the Vivacious Redhead.




First up, the winner of the popular vote, Miss Anastasiya Kvitko.

Next, in 2nd Place for total votes, Miss Milana Vayntrub.

Next up, Miss Sarah Rafferty.


And finally, Miss Valeria Orsini.