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A Message To The Left On Your “New Normal”

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you for what you want to do and what you have done. Fuck you for looking down your fucking noses at us and fucking ignoring us. And fuck you in the back of the fuckvan of foreverness this November.

Get used to it, flailingly fucked anuses of failure. Get used to it big fucking time, for failure and futility is your new life path.


And now, a message from the greatest coach out there right now:


For those of you who don’t live in the South, and think we are a bunch of uncivilized rednecks — well, it’s simply not true!

For example, we have ladies’ groups all over the South that meet regularly to discuss current events and develop needed home-skills. In fact, this photo was recently taken at a ladies group meeting in Tennessee, where they were discussing the elections coming up in November 2010 and in 2012.

Tuesday Placeholder

Because everybody loves airplanes:

These two like airplanes a lot. No idea how they work, though.


BREAKING: Keith Olberdouche has proclaimed this the Worst Post In The World™

SHOCKING UPDATE: We have uncovered conclusive proof that The Man has been playing mean tricks like this on Presidunce Obama since his first day of school in Hawaii.


IMPORTANT UPDATE #7843: [Not PattyAnn]


This just in. My chicken caught on video:


Courage of Your Convictions

Remember the teaser trailer for Runaway Slave? I don’t know how you could forget if you saw it. C. L. Bryant is responsible for it. He was at the Freedom Rally this weekend and introduced and played the trailer. Listen to the audience response:

Don’t give up on hope.

Rosetta, if you push this down too fast, I’m calling your Mother.


Dr. Seuss, The H2 Years

My Paint skillz are mad phat.


In honor of the 8/28 rally:

Lost Dr. Seuss Manuscript Found! (wiserbud)

The following is believed to be from Seuss’ only foray into adult-themed poetry (otherwise known as his Blew period.)  According to the letters found along with this poem, Seuss attempt to sell this to many adult magazines, including Penthouse, Playboy, Hustler, NAMBLA Monthly and Big Jug Fuckers, but was unable to get even  one of these periodicals to accept his submission.

It is believed that this is one of only two adult-themed poems Seuss ever attempted, before returning to his popular children’s books.

The Cock Book by Dr. Seuss

One Cock, two cock, suck suck suck How many cocks can I fuck?
Red Cock, Blue Cock, Dick, Dick, Dick Can you imagine the cocks I’ll lick?
Black cocks, yellow cocks, huge and small, what do you know, I even lick the ball
Left cock, right cock, cock in front. How to get them all in my cunt?

Cock in mouth, cock in taint, fuck me fuck me till i faint
Big cock little cock I don’t care. Just be sure not to cum in my hair
2 cocks, 4 cocks, 6 cocks, 8. The taste of cock is really great
Drink cock, drink cock, I promise not to spit, lick cock, lick cock covered in shit

Cock in cunt, cock in mouth, I love the cock both North and South
Cock with balls, cock without, I love cock, there is no doubt
I love cock, I love dick. I’m so lonely, I’ll fuck a stick
If there’s a cock that I won’t suck, then I’ve not found it. Try your luck!

i’ll even suck cock while driving full throttle, when there’s no cock in sight, I’ll jump on a bottle
I’ve fucked real cock, I’ve fucked fake. At times I’ve even fucked a rake
Red cocks, black cocks, yellow and blue. I’ve had so much cock, I’m filled with goo
I love cock. Cockity cock cock. I even keep one in my sock

Cock is so dear to me, happy or frown, i’ll even punch your fucking clown
I love cocks, red white or blue, my favorite part is when they spew
i’ll even suck cock behind doors with no lock. i’ll let it stay in condoning toxic shock
If you look at my face, you’ll think I just swallowed, but deep inside me, I still feel hollow.

I’ll suck the cock of a boy wrapped in wool, but i’d much rather choke on the cock of a bull
I’ll suck this cock, I’ll suck the other, what I really prefer is the cock of my brother
When I suck cock, it makes me glad. I learned to do it from my dad

Come uncles, come nephews, cousins and all, i’ll suck your cock while coveting thy ball
I love the cocks of all my kin, especially when I get them all in
Bull cock, dog cock, mule cock, horse, I’ll suck these cocks, and swallow of course
Do you have a cock? Do you know where one be? I need a cock now! I’d really like three!

Big cock, small cock, cock, cock, cock. I’ll suck cock around the clock
Cock in mouth or cock in hand. I’ve sucked the most in all the land
Cock in front, cock in back, I also like the salty nut sack
Cocks I adore, cocks I smack, I can suck any cock while on my back

Cocks and balls and big blue veins, just be sure to leave no stains
A cock, the meat, a boner or dick, whatever you call it, I’ll give it a lick
Cocks from thin men, cocks with flubber, i will always refuse a cock with a rubber
The only cock I find real heinous is one that’s already been in my anus

Cock from Peter, cock from Paul, I don’t care, I’ll take them all
Suck the cock while rubbing their chest, oh so sorry to those I molest
Cocks from old men, cocks from young, it doesn’t matter when there on my tongue
Cocks on donkeys, cocks on stags, the ones I avoid are those on fags

Cock in my pussy, that’s kinda hot, but cocks in my mouth, now that’s the spot!
Six inches or more, well that’s not too bad, 4 inches or less, now that’s just too sad
Bugs, fish, snakes and worms, I suck you cocks too, just wait your turn
There’s cocks around me that I love to caress, if only I could keep them under my dress

Cocks that I won’t suck are very rare, fuck my face now, if you dare
I’ll suck your cock, don’t take off your coat, watch me smile as it slides down my throat
One Cock, two cock, suck suck suck How many cocks can I fuck?
Red Cock, Blue Cock, Dick, Dick, Dick Can you imagine the cocks I’ll lick?

The Hardest Working Man On TittyWeb Jenkins Puts Up Yet Another Excellent Post


Hey Anchor Baby Jesus, what do you think about this post so far?

That’s what I think too.


Hahahahaha.  People are jackasses


beasnoogie likes teh Baby Jesi so here are the bases I have covered so far.

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You Have To Work Until You’re 52 To Pay For Obama Baby Jesus


Obama Bankrupted My Country So I Have To Learn Chinese Baby Jesus


Xbrad Just Told Me A Joke Six-Year Old Jesus


Update, must credit Pupster:  Evil Genius Baby Jesus

Clint’s Post?



[Update by BrewFan: Required Truth-in-Advertising Disclaimer]


(Update by Pupster: Because the gif of 5 monkeys and a football would offend Romie’s delicate sensibilities)

(click on it dumbass)


L to R: BrewFan’s Sister, Thing 1, BrewFan


Sean, last night, 11:13pm


Look how happy this woman is with her Wonder File.  She’s obviously either just gotten laid or she’s just ingested a shitload of mushrooms.


Normal gangster shit doesn’t scare me but I wouldn’t fuck with this guy.


Best Children’s Book Title:

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Alvin Greene

Keep hope alive.


I wonder what kind of boat this is.


Is This Raaaaacist?

Notorious old white guy speaking here:

Notorious song about keeping black people down:

Notorious old white guy who speaks about wanting to keep black people down:

And finally, since some people thought invoking the phrase “We The People” was coded racism, lets go to the Constitutional Experts to express their racism:

Your mom wants you to watch this.

Not you though, Carin. You can just comment.

[Update – Andy]

I was about to do a poat around this:

Who believes people should be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin? Liberals or conservatives?

Hey Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and race pimps everywhere:

Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.

And heaven forbid that Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. mention God in his speech. Liberal heads today would explode all over the place as they called him an Uncle Tom.

Good on Glenn Beck, who I never really watch or listen to BTW, for pointing out that liberals like the idea of MLK, but not the ideas.