Hello gym partners, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today has been featured in gifs but has never been a headliner until today. (PUPSTER EDIT:  MY BAD, MJ featured her in 2013.) Born in Kiev, Ukraine on August 19th, 1988, and standing 5’7″, 42H-24-38 and 112-lbs, she has so many aliases I’m not sure what her momma named her, but please say hello to Katya Sidorenko AKA Sha Rizel, Ekaterina Sidorenko, Katya Gennadievna Sidorenko, Kate Gennadievna Sidorenko, Катя Геннадиевна Сидоренко, and Sophie Nova.

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Holy Week Hijinx

It’s almost here, the highlight of the Christian year. My mom used to love the joke about A&P Catholics when we were kids. During the holy season when the church was jam packed and finding a seat was tough my parents joked that the people were flocking for the free stuff. A&P was still in business back then which made it relevant.

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MMM 317: Buying the farm

For the second time, no less.

Pretty hair.


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the Wings of Beagles

I just got back from the store.




My cashier’s name tag said “Connie”.
















Hello turtle-bros, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today is from Essex, born February 5, 1988.  The internet doesn’t seem to know her height or displacement, but consensus opinion measures 34D-23-35.  Please put a tent on that circus and say ‘ello to Miss Victoria Moore!


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How About Those Resolutions?

We’re in late March now and researchers say (*), by now most people have given up their New Year’s resolutions. Another reason I don’t make resolutions. Like: Eat healthier


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