The Community Organizer on the Roof

The eerie discovery described here and this post itself originated with my good friend “J. B. O’Rourke”.  He occasionally lurks here so he is familiar with you idiots.

I’m sure I asked him if he was drunk when he came up with this and I think he said yes. Oddly enough I was drunk when I asked him.  The rest of this post are the words of Mr. O’Rourke.


On March 3rd, 2009 our new President decided to become an investment advisor:

“On the other hand, what you’re now seeing is profit and earning ratios are starting to get to the point where buying stocks is a potentially good deal if you’ve got a long-term perspective on it.”

Besides the (frighteningly) clueless fumbling of the term “price-to-earnings ratio”, it offended me that any President would try to call a bottom to our stock market which had fallen for 17 months.  It smacked of arrogance and government intervention.

The market (S&P 500) did happen to bottom three days later, midday on March 6th.  At 666 points.   It was down from 1,586 in October of 2008, a month prior to Obama’s election.

666 in our culture is not a healthy number to mark the beginning of a market recovery but Obama owns it.  At the time, the number 666 struck me as significant, not as the mark of the antichrist but as the Hebrew code for the worst Roman Emperor, Nero.

Over Obama’s term, a comparison to Nero has proved to be fitting.  Many people have noted the similarities between his voting “present” leadership style and disdain for America and Nero’s historical lack of concern over the fate of Rome while it was in incendia.

If you Google “Nero and Obama” you will get 17,700,000 results along the lines of “Nero’s Fiddle and Obama’s Golf Clubs” and “Obama Plays Hoops while the Middle East Burns”.

So I began to question whether Obama actually views himself as an Emperor who, according to his right hand woman Valerie Jarrett, had taken power and begun to rule .

After thinking along these lines for two plus years, it occurred to me recently that Obama’s full name contained the letters forming the word “Nero” which is pretty interesting.

As I thought more about that, I went back and looked at the name again.  What I discovered was an anagram that gave me chills.



After putting this together and trying to decide what it meant, I had several vodka tonics and came to the conclusion that I needed more vodka.

I’ll be happy to see what you smart people think in the comments.


Happy 100th Birthday, Granny!

Today (June 30), I will be joining a a couple of hundred friends and family at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to celebrate the 100th birthday of wiserbride’s grandmother. She is truly an amazing woman who still walks maybe 2 miles a day around Central Park as a warm-up for the rest of her day in NYC, which might include a rehearsal for some off-off-off-Broadway play she is performing in or maybe just a day at the museum.

Granny was orphaned at 11 years old, but has never spent a single day of her life feeling sorry for herself. And up until just a few years ago, her breakfast included a 1/4lb hamburger, and dinner was always preceded by at least one, but more likely two, vodka martinis. (Now it’s granola, fruit and yoga.) She’s never smoked (no one’s perfect), but no one is taking her vodka martinis away from her. She’s written a book, traveled the world and raised an amazing family.

And while she’s not exactly Hostage material, she has a great sense of humor and loves me to death (for reasons I have yet to fathom.) She even forced her family to push one her birthday parties back by a week simply because I was not going to be able to attend. She told them that “It simply wouldn’t be a party without [wiserbud].” Seriously, I love this woman.

Anyway, here’s a few videos of commercials and other stuff she has done, as well as one of her appearances on the original Conan O’Brien show. There is another Conan one available on YouTube, but it’s long and she’s only in it for 20 seconds or so. Search for it if you are interested.

Granny was a pioneer in the early days of the interweb:

One of her Conan appearances:

This is one of my all-time faves:

Here’s a news story that was done on her on Channel 6 Albany. It includes some clips of additional work she’s done.

And finally, here she is as part of the BBC Special – Inside the Human Body, Episode 4, Hostile World

Happy 100th birthday, Granny. You are one hell of a dame. (she loves it when I call her that.)

Oh, and the 30th is also my 21st wedding anniversary, so there’s that too.

My Bitch Hand Wants to Work a Double

By now you may have seen this piece of major fucking suck:


In my happy place, there is no violence.  In the real world, I would slap the taste out of everyone’s mouth in this Special Olympics pledge drive Democrat Kool-aid commercial.

We could all go through this video, person by person, and point out why they’re idiots but that would take time and effort and I already have a job.

Better just to point and laugh.


[UPDATE: Your Mom]






How’s that Cyn?  BEST POST EVER!!!



Not sure if we’re going to get a HHD poat just yet, so here’s a little sumpin to kill some time.

Oh yeah? Well screw you too!

And remember…

Where’s Mare?

Is that her under there?

Or over there behind that bear?

Or is she hiding in her lair?

Or perhaps she’s gone to the fair.

Or maybe she’s tied to a chair

Does anyone really care? Care about the lovely Mare?

Oh The Possibilities

Music to soothe the savage beastie.

Global Warming

June 26, 2011