Luckily, it won’t happen!

Welcome Looters

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Monday Muscular Motivation: Poll Position

Howdy folks and fiends. Happy early Halloween and happy anniversary for me. I won’t be around much today, as I’m taking the day off and the wife and I are celebrating 7 years with a visit to a Brazilian steakhouse followed by a movie. I might embargo news for the day as well, just to give my mind a rest from the nightmare from which I pray the country shall soon wake.

8 days. You’re going to hear and see a lot about polls (as though you haven’t already). Here’s a few poles that are worth seeing, if only for the trending curves they show.

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Yay! It’s your first time!!!

Pupster Poat

Last week I drove from Ohio to Tennessee, and while passing through Kentucky, a radio station played my favorite scream-along-to-the-radio song. It is possible I may have blown the speakers out of the rental car. YOU DON’T KNOW.

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Mare made me do it

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damn, you people are lazy

Here’s some stuff to keep your staggering intellects busy:

Who’s on the left?

Pretty girl:

Imageokay, back to the chatting