Got my mug and my shirt!

Now I just need an office job so I can walk around with this mug in my hand…..

Gotta go to work at the record music store but I will take a picture of me modeling the shirt and post it later.

There are still available for sale here.

Again, thanks to leon for the concept.  Still cracks me up.

Muscular Monday Motivational

I can already hear it in my head. The whining, the crying, the accusations that these beautiful women are dudes, the dearth of cheesecake compared to last week. You’re so predictable. *sigh*

That’s fine. Because I’m drinking my coffee from a mug emblazoned with the logo of my favorite charitable organization, and y’all can’t get me down. Like Carin says, it’s all about balance, and my life? Pretty much there.

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Music That Mare Hates

Hey there, cutie! Wanna dance?

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Silly Saturday Poat

It was time for a new poat, so I threw this together:

h/t to TiFW’s DD#3 (it’s fun when your kids get old enough to share their humor with you!)

Starting at the Bottom

This is how 99% of everyone in the military starts their service

It’s not glamorous and you won’t see it on any recruiting posters, but it is the reality of service. Now, some people say that offering high school students an opportunity to do this for some spending cash is racist. Really?

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Technicolor Dreaming

Your Mom practicing for work.

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Hands Up, Sucker

About 144 million tax returns will be collected by the IRS for 2011.  Of those, about 47% will pay no federal income tax.  A quick twist of the calculator tells me that about 76 million people will therefore cough up the dough.

The auto bailout cost about $23.6B, which means that the average, federal income tax paying citizen paid about $310 to help support the auto industry in 2011 (this would represent total cost).  Most people would look at this and think that it’s not that big of a deal–except that all of it was completely unnecessary.  The administration used TARP funds to bailout GM and Chrysler so that union pensions and wages would not be reduced as part of the normal bankruptcy process.  The investors took the cut rather than the entire organization, thus preserving a core voting bloc for Obama.  Your $310 was transferred directly to a UAW worker, that averaged $40.33 per hour in wages and benefits, or $83,886 per year.

As part of the reelection campaign, the Obama administration is going to constantly tout the ‘saving of the auto industry’ as a positive accomplishment.  The amount of money poured into the gaping maw of the auto industry is staggering–50 times that of Solyndra–and should be called out for what it is: corruption, straight up.

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