Music That Mare Hates

Hey there, cutie! Wanna dance?

OK, maybe the next dance?

How about this one?

OK, but I brought you to this shindig so. . .

Bitch. . .

*sits on the curb in the parking lot waiting for his mom*


  1. Frist with the first!

  2. Twitter said there was a new poat, and by gum there is!

  3. Hey Andy! What’s up in the People’s Republik of Masshole?

  4. Nice oldies, oldy.

  5. SeanM – It’s the story of my 2nd CYO dance in 7th grade.

  6. i love the oldies Master Chief, had LV dancing earlier

  7. Good ones, Chief!

  8. Senator Santorum’s 3 y/o daughter, Bella has been hospitalized. It’s not looking good.

  9. Sean- my Mom and Brother both have El Goucho. This was just some freaky muscle cramp. I walked it off.

  10. You’re 7th grade dances were better than mine. Doobie Brothers, Stylistics, and Stevie Wonder. I can’t dance so I played pinball and pool.

  11. Yeah, I don’t think I’m down with the moldy oldies either.

  12. evening Oso-baby

  13. this post makes me feel gay.

  14. sohos, did you rub any dirt on it?

  15. Don’t fight the feeling, dit.

  16. What’s wrong with his daughter?

  17. Unfortunately, soohoo, I hear that some people have a genetic predisposition to gout.

  18. Oh, gracious – prayers for the entire Santorum family….

  19. Y’up PG

  20. There’s a short thing on Santorum’s daughter here. Genetic condition called Trisomy 18, apparently.

  21. Senator Santorum’s 3 y/o daughter, Bella has been hospitalized. It’s not looking good.
    oh no! horrible.

  22. TSK9 – Thanks for the endorsement. I may have to include it in my curriculum vitae!

  23. Its weird. The things my Mom has my brother got and I have my Dad’s stuff

  24. I’m amazed she has lived this long – any Trisomy 18’er that makes it to birth is always Mosaic (only in 1/2 of the genes); most of them live less than a year. There are only a handful that have ever made it to 10 years of age.

    She looks remarkably good in that picture.

  25. dear God.

  26. Imma listen to MCPO’s links after my Simon & Garfunkel is done. BTW, MCPO, the BaseballCrank article you linked yesterday was excellent.

  27. Once again, I look in the face of Evil and Baby Born Alive and the Scoamf and I am glad that I am a Republican.

  28. My mistake – not all of them are Mosaic:

  29. My hubby and his dad have gout and I’m the one who doesn’t get beer?

  30. *hands Oso a Shiner

  31. It was a beautiful day in the Peoples’ Republic. Been playing dad all day.

  32. Andy – How are those gorgeous kids of yours doing?

  33. Andy, Dad is good. *Thanks for the Shiner, Dave.

  34. That is just terrible. Is anyone else watching O Brother Where Art Though?

  35. I didn’t even have to scroll down to know who posted this one. Middle of high-school for me.
    Thanks, MCPO!

  36. ChrisPy – You are most welcome.

  37. Used to sit on Grampa’s knee and he’d tell me about these songs and crankin the victor victrola. Ah, yes the good old days.

  38. Sohos, are you sleeping in a chair by your Mom’s side again? I don’t watch Clooney movies. Nerd that way.

  39. Shim!!!!

  40. They’re great. The daughter and mom are in Florida for the weekend, and the boy and I enjoyed being outside in damned near 50 degrees all day.

  41. These songs were the first ones Shim learned to play on his Sousaphone!

  42. Evening Oso!

  43. MCPO, save me a dance or five!!!

  44. Holy shit, Shim is here 🙂

  45. My one home project was fixing this swing we have in the basement (it’s for my son, SYWM!).

    I had it up there with a couple of 3/8″ eyebolts in the floor joists, and he was on it … I guess Thursday … and *pop*. Bolt sheared right at the joist.

    It was just a bigger version of bending a paperclip back and forth, I guess.

    We beefed it up a little today. *grunts*

  46. Since I can’t dance, I headbang with the best of them.

  47. Peekin through the key hole to see if anyones naked. Chicks, I mean, naked chicks.

  48. TSK9 is here, too!

    And I have to go to bed 😦 DD#3 leaves for London tomorrow evening, so I’m sure we’re gonna be at Defcon levels until she gets through security…..

    ‘Night, all!

  49. Is shim the pot smoking animal activist or the meth snorting fashion photographer? It’s been a while.

  50. Shim, pjs and little boy wind wear.

  51. Bringing one over Oso.

  52. G’night, Teresa. Godspeed to DD#3!!

  53. oops

  54. I will not cop to any charges laid against me in the control my substances talk.

  55. Shim, nice. Great choice.

  56. Metal fagz. . .PFFFFT!

  57. *thou* jeez!!! I am tired. Yes, I’m sleeping in the chair again tonighyt

  58. spellin words with a ‘z’ at the end is seriously ghey.

  59. Sohos, you are a good daughter. Hope your leg withstands the pain.

  60. Drive by:
    Ah man…. Don’t gimme another place to go on the interwebtubes! But I wanna dance with Chief. Come get it baby.
    It was not until I viewed the clips that I realized where Micheal Jackson got his moves ideas.

    I’ve recently realized I’m a Bill Withers fan.
    Current weight lifties tune. Very well metered.

  61. Anita likes to lift to this at the gym;
    Says the rythim is ‘Just Right’.

  62. ordering fish tank shit.

  63. Oh shit,
    She posted it just before me and didn’t cut-off the ‘http’.
    Sorry about that!

  64. Howdy Shimmy!!!

  65. soooory! Didn’t mean to embed it. Puts self to bed now. Tomorrow is another grunt day.

  66. Hi Sohos.

  67. rhythm

  68. Thanks so much. 99% of the time my leg is just fine. I really think it is bad food, sleeping in a chair, and stress (I guess).

  69. ChrisP and Ap, I’d never heard that before. Nice. My grammo was old school and frontier. I lost her in 2009, 2 weeks after her 100th birthday. Her hands were all about rings and tortillas.

  70. Howdy and bye, AP!!

    ordering fish tank shit.

    What kind of fish tank do you have?

  71. MCPO Airdale

    I promise I LOVE moldy oldie enthusiasts though.

  72. he’s quite moldy

  73. Dave has fish with frickin’ laser beams on their heads.

  74. Did Wiser just do an header drive by?

  75. Hi, TSK9!

  76. Hi, Andy. How are you?

  77. So Eldest, Son, and three more teens are at IHOP, and I get a call from Eldest asking if another teenage gal can spend the night, because her father has been drinking, and she doesn’t want to deal with that.

    If Shipley’s Donuts were open right now, I would have wiped them out of raspberry-filled.

  78. sharks

  79. DiT,
    Quit pickin’ on the Chief!
    He’s quite a bit younger than several of us (Me & HS come to mind).
    If’n you’re lucky, you might get to be this age.
    Just sayin’…

  80. Mmmm…Shipley’s Donuts.

  81. I waved at pupster while flying over ohio.

  82. LC Aggie Sith

    That is so cool if you let the girl with the drinking dad stay. Sounds like her dad won’t even get it.

  83. Most excellent. Nice to see you.

  84. TSK9, it’s the least I can do.

    I just wish I could have a donut….

    Yay! Lipstick got in ok!

  85. Aggie – Order the bourbon-creme filled donuts!

  86. It appears that the header has been vandalized.

  87. Mmmmmmm Shipley’s Raspberry filled

  88. 95?

  89. Hi, Andy. I thought it was you. Header wars at the H2.

  90. Ah, at last, a poat with class.

  91. Sohos’ Dad had big boobs? Huh?

  92. heh.

    Whoever edited that header picture…. you do realize that I LIVE for that stuff, right?

    Looks like the work of a 2nd-city mindset, Red Sox fan to me…..

  93. Let’s seeeee…. Pats make the SB and they are AWESOME!!!

    Giants make the SB and they suck…..

    That’s some damn fine logic at work right there……

  94. But of course.

  95. I just found out that I have Red Sox fans on Facechimp. Do I hide or defriend?

  96. Hide, Osita.

    Defriending is harsh, even in this case 🙂

  97. Lol CB, No but I got them from my Dad’s Mom

  98. Oh, don;t defriend them yet.

    It’s gonna be so much fun to watch them go through the 5 stages next Monday…..

  99. Sohos, I tried to watch the movie, 2012, on FX tonight. Maybe one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

  100. Speaking of football, I found the coolest Saints Hoodie while here in Bama

  101. Sohos, I got my boobs from my dad’s mom too. Squeeee!!!!

  102. Wiser, true. I just really hate Red Sox fans.

  103. Nytol. Remember to empty the ashtrays into the silent butler and put the beer bottles/cans in the recycle bins.

    May tomorrow be filled with happiness, smiles and a lack of herpes outbreaks.

  104. Yeah, CB, I couldn’t do that one. It was between Forrest Gump or O Brother and Mama wanted O Brother for the music. I just heard something howl. That’s kinda weird

  105. G’night, MCPO!!


  106. Debate:

  107. Goodnight All

  108. Sohos, I got my boobs from my dad’s mom too. Squeeee!!!!

    Is it just too weird that I am slightly excited by the discussion?

  109. Sohos, attach some garlic to your neck in case it was a werewolf.

  110. And maybe a silver cross too.

  111. Goodnight, Sohos. Good luck with the chair tonight.

  112. I tried to watch the movie, 2012, on FX tonight. Maybe one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

    So you’ve never seen The Day After Tomorrow?

    That, my friend, is quite possibly the worst movie ever made…

  113. Night, Sohos!

  114. The Day After Tomorrow was hilarious! Running from the cold!!! Augh!!!!

  115. I have seen that one, Wiser. Tough call.

  116. Ugh, the Day After Tomorrow. Spending the night in a Wendy’s in the super winter.

    Yeah, right. That movie was awful. Tied with “Daylight” for worst ever, just ahead of Cobra. Too bad for Stallone making the list twice.

  117. I liked Daylight. Reminded me of Earthquake and Towering Inferno. Needed a Burt Bacharach song though.

  118. Cobra was great, not because the acting or writing was worth a shit, but because he drove a chopped ’49 Merc.

  119. Want!

  120. Lead sled kilt it. Oh well …

  121. I have five teen girls here now. Son is not as displeased as he would have been three years ago.

  122. Derp.

  123. Howdy, Sean!

  124. Needed a Burt Bacharach song though.

  125. Hey, Aggs. I hope there’s not too much high-pitched squealing going on there.

  126. O



    I am about to pierce my eardrums. Honestly, I just don’t get it. Thank goodness I had no life growing up.

  127. Now, you get to live vicariously.


  128. AND!!!

    They drank the very last Dr Pepper.


  129. Well, just this once you can have one of these…

  130. *clicks on link*

    Ooooh…I feel priviledged!!

  131. Header updated with cruelty.


    Ok, time for me to crash. Have a great evening, Sean!

  133. OK, so my night has been interesting. Locked myslef out of y new place. YAY! for my hide a key on my car, was able to get key from son. Sorta sad, though.

  134. Sweet dreams, Aggie.

  135. Long time no see, tsk9.

  136. Anything good going on tonight now?

  137. Apparently not, Ell. And with that, it’s time for bed.

  138. I waved at pupster while flying over ohio.

    Welcome to the Eastern Time Zone, Lipstick.

  139. Locked myslef out of y new place. YAY! for my hide a key on my car, was able to get key from son.

    I learned the hard way to put the hide a key on the inside.

  140. SnAkey snakey!!!!

  141. wakey wakey

  142. Morning PG. You ever see a barnyard rumble with a camel and a sheep?

    You’re welcome.

  143. I kicked that sumbitches ass!

  144. Morning caRIN.

  145. I think that was xbrads girlfriend too. win-win.


  147. Morning pups.

    what’s on tap for today?

  148. I mean, once you get out from under that camel

  149. what’s on tap for today?

    Going to go see the movie “One for the Money” with Mrs. Pupster, after she grooms some other puppy. We are both fans of the books, but my expectations for the movie are pretty low. On the other hand, Katherine Heigl.

    You should be proud of me, potatoes; I didn’t have any ice cream with my chocolate cake at Boy 1’s birthday party yesterday. And, I only ate 3 of the brookies I made special for the occasion.

  150. Those things look good.

  151. I had little bits, yesterday, of the carrot cake my daughter made. OMG, did she make a good carrot cake – completely from scratch. Yum yum yum.

  152. Half cookie half brownie. It was an experiment that came out OK, not great. I just put cookie dough in muffin pans and covered with brownie batter. Next time I’m going to try it in a pie pan instead, the edges got all hard and crunchy in the muffin pan, and I’d like them to be more soft and gooey.

    /recipe blog

  153. Not a big carrot cake fan.

    As soon as Mrs. Pupster gets up I’m making Chorizo and eggs, then I’ll probably try and walk on the treadmill for the first time in a year while she cuts some other doggie’s hair.

  154. Chocolate chip cookies, and brownies? Let us never speak of this again.

  155. I know people don’t always like carrot cake, but it is my hands down favorite. And my daughter knocked it OUT OF THE PARK.

  156. In other news, it looks like a 50% chance of rain/snow mix today with a high of 38 windy degrees.

    And now, here’s MJ with traffic:

  157. *camera cuts back to studio*

    Oooo, tough break for MJ. I’m sure he’ll be fine. Let’s go to Sohos with Sports:

  158. How drunk do you have to be to try that?

  159. I bet that was a shopped.

  160. You are going to have to bee more specific Hotspur. You mean the brookies or the carrot cake?

  161. Bee?

  162. >> I bet that was a shopped.

    Ya think?

  163. *pointing out the obvious since March 2009 ….


  164. Killing threads since March 2009.

  165. News team, assemble!

  166. Yeah, I don’t know what that means either. Anyway, here’s an update: I am tired.

  167. Juan Williams is a douche.

    That is all.

  168. No, I hate the Beatles, your linked music is fine with me.

  169. So Romney’s a lying asshole and he’s trashed Newt to get the nomination.

    Now I don’t give a crap and I’m barely motivated to go vote for him. And that’s only because I hate Obama a little more than Romney.

    Hey, Mitt, well done, you cock!

  170. Tinyurl is not working for me. 😦

  171. Roamy – Make sure the url is plugged in and shake the tiny, IYKWIMAITYD!


  172. Mare – Pulling your chain, sweet girl.

  173. Douches in this thread so far this morning:

    – Juan Williams
    – Newt Gingrich
    – Mitt Romney
    – Barack Obama
    – MJ

    Ohai, MJ.

  174. Hahahahahahaha, thanks, MCPO!

    **shake, shake, shake

  175. Yeah, no such thing as a “republican establishment.” It’s strange how the same characters are always supporting the candidate we don’t want:

  176. Yeah, I don’t know what that means either. Anyway, here’s an update: I am tired.

    Did you hear that I hate you MJ?

    *looks out window at falling snow, 27 degrees and windy

    hate you so very much.

  177. I think I need another pot of coffee, then I get going.

    I’ve already been to the grocery store.

    But I have BIG PLANS TODAY. Big plans, I say. I’m gonna throw away a bunch of stuff. Make a turkey (early enough so I can take a plate to dad). Perhaps sneak a (an indoor) run in later.

    I just need some more coffee first.

    *laughs at tired MJ. That’ll teach you to run 12 miles.

  178. No workout today. Bad form on the woodchoppers yesterday and pinched a nerve in my neck. Hurts like a bitch!

    In other news, I found $20.

  179. *Looks at weather page

    Hmm. Sunny and 70 today. That’s pleasant.

    Ohia, Carin!

  180. Bummer, chief.

  181. Jew – it’s not so much the cold. It’s the wind. And the falling snow.


  182. Good morning 🙂

  183. You survived aggie!

  184. Yeah, I did. They were nice enough to keep it to 1200 decibels last night. Of course, I woke up at 6 with the little dog wanting out.

  185. Several versions of me watching the republican primaries:

  186. A little Sunday brunch musica. . .

  187. Sorry, was off looking for a hooker to post.

    Normally, that would sound odd, wouldn’t it?

  188. Aggie – Did you rid yourself of all of the screeching teenie boppers yet?

  189. spatchcocking a 20 lb bird. That is my challenge today. SHould I choose to accept it.

  190. They are in my kitchen, MCPO. Giggling and eating doughnuts.

    And one of them is whining about how old she is because she remembers when Spongebob first came out on Nickelodeon…

  191. Spatchcock turkey comes from an old culinary term of Irish origin. It is an abbreviation of “dispatch cock,”

    Dispatch cock.


  192. She does? Shit – that show’s been on for a long time. started in ’99

  193. >>because she remembers when Spongebob first came out on Nickelodeon…

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Tell her you know a guy who has underwear older than she!

  194. underpants

  195. I have SHOES older than she is.

  196. Scott, this is the top comment on that video:



  197. But really, chief. some new underwear. It may be time.

    just saying.

  198. In other news, I’m five hours into a report that I estimated would take me four, and that’s all I’m getting paid for. I probably have two hours to go. Looks like the hourly rate just went down.


  199. Carin – I only wear them for special occasions. . .

  200. Ok, short story – a friend of mine rents a few houses as a side business. They’ve bought distressed houses in their neighborhood- fix ’em up . Etc. Anyway, they rented to this woman a house and the garage separately. They didn’t have to rent the garage, and later decided they wanted it. They stop paying rent, and run out the security deposit so my friends moves to evict. Meanwhile, they TRASH the place.

    So, my friend got sued. Something about the unfairness regarding the garage (I think they had personally used it for storage or something), yada yada yada. Friend assumes the court is going to find in their favor, since they’d had legal agreements. Nope. This welfare momma got a $25,000 judgement. When she asked the judge why/what for, he didn’t answer. I mean, the lady OWED HER MONEY – why should she give her MORE MONEY? She already basically stole from her.

  201. MCPO goes commando?


  202. Almost everything I own is older than she.

  203. Has anyone seen The Grey?

  204. Since my prostate surgery, I can now only go Junior Commando.

  205. Holy shit, Carin.

    I wonder if the judge is in on the take?

  206. Mare, no. It got a pretty good review in our local paper this weekend though.

  207. Bleeding heart liberal, I’m thinking. She said during the trial, the attorney for the welfare momma pointed out HOW MANY homes they own (6 – so it’s not as if they are big time home owners). This is a victory for the 99%.

  208. One more cup of coffee and I may be ready to get started.

    I did start turkey prep.

  209. I hate stories like that Carin. Don’t these judges get the landlords won’t rent to people like that anymore. It happened to my good friend also. She had to allow him 90 days of free rent. WTF?

  210. Makes me thing that community organizers are behind shit like this.

  211. Community organizers and activist judges.

  212. Pupster has big plans for the day…BIG PLANS

  213. $25k for what? Unfairness? Damn right he’s a lib.

  214. One reason I’ve never bought up rental property is that life is to short to have to voluntarily deal with the underclass. Does that make me sound elitist? Not a fuck in nine counties could be found.

  215. Underclass = assholes who have no regard for other people’s property.

    This class spans income levels.

  216. Cockface dickhole shitsandwich

    Word just crashed. I just lost a half hour of work.

  217. Allen West for President.

  218. HS, I’m thinking Mare probably tripped on Word’s chord and that caused the issue.

  219. Clintbird, I think you’re right.

    Shakes fist at sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  220. Plug it back in, spur.

  221. Wow. I want to have Allen West’s babies.

  222. When Mare gets here I’ll prug it in.

  223. You know, Mare is not always around when something goes wrong.

    But Scott is…

  224. Where did everyone go?

  225. I’M HERE. sigh.

    two cups of coffee down.

    Time to dispatch that cock.

  226. “One reason I’ve never bought up rental property is that life is to short to have to voluntarily deal with the underclass. Does that make me sound elitist? Not a fuck in nine counties could be found.”

    This is exactly how I feel.

    Like I give a crap if someone calls me an “elitist.”

  227. I’m so bored, it might be time to move again.

  228. I’m so bored, it might be time to move again.

    Move your hot ass over to the fridge and get me a frappuccino. Thanks.

  229. Move up by me, Mare. We’ll get doughnuts and go to IHOP on a regular basis.

  230. Reading upstream mare, it looks like hotspur may be a little pissed about you unplugging his pooter while he was writing a report a letter to Penthouse Forum. Watch your back.

  231. I’m debating whether to change out of my lounge pants and t-shirt. . .

  232. Kicks PD right in the hot ass!

    “writing a report a letter to Penthouse Forum.”

    HA! Most likely.

  233. Clint, that’s a little too close to what I’m doing now. But thanks for the offer!

    We could also go to movies together.

  234. I wonder why, when you copy and paste something, the HTML coding does not go with the excerpt?

  235. Eric Holder is world class scum.

    I’d like him to do a little patrolling around our border (IYKWIMAITTYD).

  236. My yard guy just scared the crap out of me. I hear our side gate open and then see someone in the front yard. Poor guy, I think he’s drumming up business during the time when the grass is dormant. There’s nothing to mow or edge.

  237. Mornin’, all!

    Y’know how I mentioned that I am a font of useless information? Well, I was out playing on the Innerwebz yesterday, and just for shits ‘n giggles, I searched for “George Romney” (I was wondering about Mittens saying that his dad was born in Mexico).

    Started reading through the guy’s list of “accomplishments”.

    Dude called himself a REPUBLICAN?!?!?!?!?!? The guy’s list of “accomplishments” reads like a Democrat’s wet dream. It sounds like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    Among other things, in 1967, he signed legislation that implemented Personal and Corporate State Income Taxes – so, you’re welcome, Michigan….

  238. The Sunday Book Thread is up at HQ and nobody here noted it. It’s like……..I don’t even know this place any more.

  239. Worst Pay Per View Web Cam Show Ever.

  240. Good morning, day of resters.

  241. hahahaha…I love cats, they do what they want. Stupid girl wants to do yoga there…Ah, no.

  242. TiFW, it is my humble and yet unimpeachable opinion (sorry Rosetta, sometimes I gotta steal your shit) that an average Great Lakes, Northeast, or Pacific Coast republican has damned near as much common sense about how the world ought to work as your local La Raza or NAACP reps in Texas.

  243. From CB’s link at 11:51 am…

    But blue-blooded Republicans have forgotten one thing—it’s not a Conservative value to shamelessly slander and bear false witness against a brother, regardless of how wayward his past might be. Neither is it a trick of the right to rig elections. Instead, this is the unacceptable face of leftism, always lurking beneath the surface of the GOP leadership.


  244. Morning Shawn

  245. Worst Pay Per View Web Cam Show Ever.

    That chick has a really furry…………critter.

  246. Howdy Sean!

  247. Last week monty actually said this:

    “I have a rule: with very few exceptions, I don’t read political memoirs, celebrity biographies, diet books, self-help books, and topical “ripped from the headlines” books. I find most books of this kind to be terribly shallow, badly-written, mundane, condescending, and unsubtle.”

    Yeah, he’s real self aware.

  248. I wonder why, when you copy and paste something, the HTML coding does not go with the excerpt?

    Here in WP, I think that’s supposed to be a feature.

    If I paste to, it seems to retain the formatting.

  249. Thank you, Carin, for posting a picture of your fabulous ass in the header.

  250. Morning, Cyn, you DIRTY MOTHERFUCKER!!!!

    Hey, Aggs. How are the eardrums?

  251. Sean misses Rosetta. hahahahahahah

  252. Our friend, and Peej’s cousin, posted a comment on my FB page all of you should read.

  253. I don’t have FB….give us the gist, Clint.

  254. Oh, Sean, you, such a sweet talker!

  255. Rosetta is a douche for not hanging out any longer. Babies still nap and I’m fairly certain that he is not breast feeding Henry!

  256. CB, I read that. Pretty interesting take on things.

  257. Hey, Aggs. How are the eardrums?


    SPEAK UP!!!

  258. Who is this “Rosetta” of whom you speak?

  259. omigod….have to go to the mall…

  260. OMG! I don’t have to do a damnable thing!

  261. I think we should have a Hostage Shout Out one night.

    1) pick a night…pick a time….say, 11:00 pm

    2) at that time every H2er and lurker goes outside and yells at the top of their lungs something like….KISS MY ASS!!!

    3) fun surprise when you notice two other people in your neighborhood outside yelling that.

  262. Mare, the gist is that many of the roles previously occupied solely by military personnel have now been contracted out. Mechanics, gate guards, cooks, are civi contractors thus achieving the downsizing but report to the st. dept and not congress.

  263. 4) profit!

  264. Ah, yes that is true. Thank you, Cyn.


    In recent days, Obama released an ad blasting “secretive oil billionaires” for attacks on him, Nancy Pelosi unveiled a campaign slogan, calling for “a new politics free of special interest influence,”

    I just through a rant on my wife about this shit and she told me to simmer down and quit fucking up her peaceful Sunday morning. So you fuckers are gonna have to listen up:

    HOW IN THE FLYING FUCK can there be any voters left who don’t know that the likes of Nancy Pelosi aren’t as much influenced by “special interest money” as ANY republican? She should be scared shitless to call for “politics free of special interest influence” due to being labeled the biggest fucking hypocrite in the history of western civilization. A significant portion of our electorate, almost all of whom weren’t even born in the thirties are wallowing mindlessly in a politcal meme that was created in the thirties. They deserve to live under an Assad or Hussein type of dictatorship because of their willful ignorance and detachment from reality.

  266. Nancy Pelosi = freak faced whore

  267. I don’t know whose ass that is in the header pic, but that is one of the more spectacular ass:waist ratios I’ve seen. I think I’d probably attempt to like her in real life.

  268. I think we should have a Hostage Shout Out one night.
    3) fun surprise when you notice two other people in your neighborhood outside yelling that.

    True Story: The hubby was doing a training class on a new input order system and someone ‘named’ their order “Ewoks Rule”. He picked that one to use for the continued demonstration and added some notes to the effect of “Ewoks like hunting hobos”. Of the 18 in the class, two laughed out loud.

    Morons are everywhere!1!!

  269. Why is Microsoft Word fucking me in the ass today?

  270. “a new politics free of special interest influence,”

    Haha! It would be soooo awesome to be able to watch her face if she actually won that concession. Imagine the look if she said that and all of her constituents said ‘Hey! She’s right; we’re not voting for anybody who takes special interest money.’

    I’d widdle myself.

  271. Pelosi (not to mention almost every other politician) does it because it’s easy, PG. “Special interests” are ALWAYS somebody else.

  272. ‘I think I’d probably attempt to like her in real life.”

    It’s obvious that she has an awesome sense of humor.

  273. What Sean said, plus the MFM is in the tank for them.

  274. Hotspur when is your TPS report due?


  275. Morons are everywhere!1!!

    Am I the only one who just had the last quarter of “Fight Club” flash through his mind?

  276. Why is Microsoft Word fucking me in the ass today?

    Because you’re probably using it on an Apple product?

  277. Ha ha, no, Sean. And there was no mention of anything; only the knowing glances.

  278. My report is due tomorrow. At this rate I’ll be up all night.

  279. Hotspur, have you been jiggling the handle? It won’t work if you don’t jiggle the handle.

  280. I stopped on the way home from work and bought a chuck roast. Seared it and seasoned it, put it in the pressure cooker with potatoes, onions and carrots. It will cook in one hour.

    My kitchen smells fucking awesome right now. AND it’s clean.

    Dave cleans as he cooks. It’s the only way to go.


  282. But I’m not finished being fucking awesome pups.

    *pulls another pin, tosses grenade*

    Go get it boy! Get the ball!

  283. Oh hey Scott, I forgot to tell you that door stopper bit you posted earlier cracked me up.

    *drops ball in pressure cooker*

  284. Cooked carrots are for babies.


    You want I should fetch that too, Dave?

  286. Mornin peeps!


  288. Hi PJM!

  289. Dave cleans as he cooks. It’s the only way to go.

    But what of your servants? With nothing to do, surely the Devil will tempt them to read!

  290. Hi PJM!


  291. Why the heck would anybody do that to a guitar?

    >> But what of your servants?

    Hobson has Sundays off.

  292. It wouldn’t be right for me to explain, but I am very proud of my oldest daughter. Life kicked her in the head this weekend and she didn’t break.

  293. awwwwwwwwww, I’m glad Dave.

    It’s good parenting that enabled her to do that…..I know this about you and her.

    I know.

  294. Was it kinda like this?

  295. Heh. Trained cat.

  296. I took a shower for this?

  297. She’s just learning to deal with life on life’s terms, but she’s doin it herself like adults should.

  298. She’s just learning to deal with life on life’s terms, but she’s doin it herself like adults should.

    She started drinking?

  299. ….and BANG! Xbrad makes teh funny right out of the gate.

    You better pace yourself.

  300. Carrot cake is my favorite! I think I get to have a beer with my Brother tonight

  301. Hah! I remember the first time she ordered a beer when we had lunch. At first I was like “what the” and then I remembered, “oh yeah. 21”.

    I’m sure she wanted to get the reaction too, that punk. She was grinning like the Cheshire cat.

  302. Turkey in the oven.

    Stuffing made. Potatoes in the water ready to be boiled and mashed.

  303. Son just took the car … it’s probably his first time in the snow .

    I’m nervous.

  304. Don’t you have a spare?

    I mean, a spare son?

  305. If anything, the battery will fail.

  306. Carin, I think you’re supposed to be riding in the passenger seat, stomping on imaginary breaks and screaming “Slow down! Are you trying to kill us all?!”

    That’s how I learned to drive in the snow.

  307. Yeah, something closer to this

  308. Turkey in the oven.

    More importantly, Turkey’s Done™?

    Although in this case, it’s always true.

  309. Hehe, jewstin, my dad still does that to me. Usually at JUST the right time, too.

  310. he’s a cautious driver. I know he’ll go really slow. Probably piss off the other drivers.

    But yesterday, a friend of a friend lost control on the ice, landed in a ditch filled with water, and the brother of the friend drowned. Over in the thumb area of michigan. Sad.

  311. Man, it’s snowing out like a mother bastard. The shits coming down sideways.

  312. I miss snow. Texas has the worst winters ever.

    That’s actually true. I look forward to winter.

  313. Where’s that whore Mare Jewstin?

  314. Aww. Red-headed step chilluns are the best kind to have.

  315. You can relax. It’s stopped snowing.

  316. 65 and sunny here.


  318. Xbad kilt it, shocking!

  319. Nobody kills a poat like Xbrad.

  320. heya guys, what’s up?

  321. Hey, Revvy. DaveIT is eating baby food, Carin’s son is giving her a case of the vapors, and Xbrad killed the poat dead.

  322. Jewstin eats raw carrots as a sign of stalwart bravery.

    I eat em cooked with meats and grease.

  323. Okay, my fucking report is done and I am sitting at the ghetto bar. Some fucking weekend.

  324. I prefer carrots raw with bleu cheese dressing, personally.

    What’d Car in’s son do?

  325. She let him take the car out in a snow storm.

  326. Sorry HS.

    If it makes you feel better, work was doing its very best to get on my tits yesterday.
    Luckily I managed to cap off the night with alcohol.

  327. Gawd, I hate shopping at the outlet mall on weekends.

  328. Ah, that’ll do it.

  329. I’ve never been to an outlet mall.

  330. I don’t mind them during the week.

    But we are close enough to the border that we get a TON of Mexican nationals who don’t know how to drive on our highways, much less park correctly in the lots.

    Another thing they do is try to get hit by cars, so they can sue. They don’t care if they are driving or walking. And kids are fair game, too.

  331. People around my work do that too, Aggie.

    Though they call is ‘driving normally’.
    That town makes Boston drivers look sane.

  332. Great nap!

  333. Is shit really cheaper here than in Mexico?

    The Canadians cross the border here because their sales tax is batshit stupid.

  334. If Carin was here, I’d let her use my iPad.

  335. …. I’m extremely confused and somewhat concerned right now.

  336. Probably not, ‘Spur, but they don’t have shit in Mexico.

  337. Hahahaha

    Somebody give Revvy ahug.

  338. Revvy – What confuses you, midear?

  339. It’s not that it’s necessarily cheaper, Hotspur. But they do like the status of buying stuff in the US instead of Mexico.

  340. Hospital run . Taking dad some turkey.

  341. Such a good daughter.

  342. Like…. MONTHS ago I was trying online dating a bit – there was one guy who I talked to very briefly, seemed nice enough, but I got kinda jaded with the whole thing and kind of forgot about him. I’m friends with him on FB, but we haven’t talked at all, and I never gave him any contact information (address, home phone, etc).

    All of a sudden I’m getting messages from him on FB saying he’s running late and gonna pick me up soon for… something. I suggested he was messaging the wrong person, but he said he wasn’t.

    I’m so confused, I haven’t spoken to him in months, and when I did he really didn’t give off any creepy vibe. I’m wondering if maybe someone hacked into his account. More worried that someone didn’t and maybe I should tell dad to get the .357 out.

  343. Tell your dad, and get the .357 out.

    Better safe than sorry.

    Hope he enjoys the turkey, Carin!

  344. You should have a .357 of your own.

  345. Crikey, bitch, put on some fucking perfume.

    I just moved two stools over and can still smell it.

  346. If you’d wash that shit once in a while…

  347. It?

  348. Hahahahaha


  349. Is shit really cheaper here than in Mexico?

    The Canadians cross the border here because their sales tax is batshit stupid.

    Some things are a whole lot cheaper.

    The Canadians would change into their new stuff at Birch Run and leave their old clothes and shoes behind.

    I wore a watch today that I bought there 7 years ago.

  350. Hehe, don’t you like knowing who’s walking down the hallway, just by the smell of perfume?

  351. My friend used to be chief of police in Port Huron. He said the dumpsters were overflowing with old clothes on Sunday night. The fucking Canadians would go home wearing three pairs of pants and six shirts.

    Dumbasses can have their fucking socialism.

  352. Hm, he seems to have backed off pretty quickly after all of my questions of ‘WTH are you talking about, this is fucking creepy.’

    Starting to really think the poor guy got hacked and whoever did it is just trying to get contact info from any girls on his friends list. I kind of want to wheedle him and find out for sure, because if so it would prolly be a good idea to, yanno, tell him before this guy starts harassing all of his friends.

  353. Hotspur, she could be wearing perfume.

  354. You should have a .357 of your own.


    And an iPad.

  355. Ewwwww….

  356. *moves two seats more*

  357. *shoots Cyn with the finger-winkie*

  358. omigod, Scott….


  359. *clicks tongue*

  360. “Dumbasses can have their fucking socialism.”


    The dumbasses here think with Obamacare you will get the exact same health service as you do now, only free. IDIOTS.

  361. Levin and Rush put the “Newt crapped on Reagan” deal to bed. Romney is just being an asshole. And Buchanan has talked out of both sides of his mouth for years.


  362. Speaking of dumbasses, where is Rosetta?

  363. Please tell me the header is photoshopped. Gross.

  364. I can tell who is coming down the hall/around the corner where I work by the sound of the heels they are wearing and the pace-o-their-stride.
    Hawt chicks abound!


    It’s a primary. They have to differentiate themselves among one another to get to the stage where they are Obama’s single opponent.

  366. What good does trashing Obama do? It just shows what racists they are.

  367. Ugh. Put Carin’s ass back in the header.

  368. Hell, my ass would look better in the header than those mips.

  369. “They have to differentiate themselves among one another to get to the stage where they are Obama’s single opponent.”

    BULLSHIT…This is out and out lying and I am starting to HATE Romney for it.

    We can decide who we want to represent our party by the way they trash Obama and his idiotic plans. This is as nasty as it gets and good luck after this primary getting money from the little people.

  370. “What good does trashing Obama do? It just shows what racists they are.”

    Then we shouldn’t bother running ANYONE against him.

  371. GAH!!!

    NOW I understand why there is a No Nips Rule.

  372. I was hoping to vote for ham sandwich.

  373. This is what our candidates should be talking about….not looking like little bitch girls:

  374. “I was hoping to vote for ham sandwich.”

    Oh, you will.

  375. Reagan attacked Ford in the 76 primary. And Anderson, and George HW Bush in the 80 primary. GHWB called Reagan’s economic proposals were “voodoo economics”. He spent damned little time criticizing Carter.

    Really. You can google it.

    I don’t understand why we don’t get that the field of Republican nominees has to hack their way to a win, in order to confront Obama, unless all we want to do is bitch about Obama. Which they all do.

    In addition to fighting one another for the actual nomination.

  376. The candidates should be talking about this too:

    Booker: How I woke up to the untruths of Barack Obama:

    I recalled a piece I wrote in this column on January 29, 2009, just after Obama took office. It was headlined: “This is the sub-prime house that Barack Obama built”. As a rising young Chicago politician in 1995, no one campaigned more actively than Mr Obama for an amendment to the US Community Reinvestment Act, legally requiring banks to lend huge sums to millions of poor, mainly black Americans, guaranteed by the two giant mortgage associations, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

  377. I am not going to get worked up over it.
    I will knock old people down to vote for whoever it is.

  378. It would be, to use the sports vernacular, like the Ravens talkin shit about the Giants, prior to their game with the Texans. It’s stupid.

    Newt’s opponent, right now, is Mitt Romney (and Santorum, and yes, Crazy Uncle Fuckhead). Not Obama. It’s Mitt. That is who he is squared off against today, January 29, 2012.

    They oppose one another. Not Obama. They haven’t made it to that show yet.

  379. “Really. You can google it.”

    Don’t be condescending Dave… I WAS THERE. It was NEVER like this. “Voodoo economics” is nothing to what is going on now.

    If you lie and dirty trick your way to the nomination, how are you better than Obama?

    Reagan criticized Carter. Google it.

  380. Newt should just ignore Mitt and go after Obama. Like the other four.

    Totally winning strategy. “I’M JUST LIKE HIM. VOTE FOR ME”

  381. *whistles*

    Wow, what a nice day!

  382. Uhh Scott, define “old” please.

    >secrely puts shiv in pocket, discovers a twenty<

  383. I could link about 20 different articles that would be powerful stuff in a debate for our candidates to use. The candidate who brought this out would get a standing ovation and zoom in the polls. Much like Newt did in SC.

    The candidates can differentiate themselves by telling us which stupid OBama policies they hate the most. That is actually what I want to hear.

  384. Everybody should just hate Obama. THAT will get me the nomination. Mitt, he’s ok. Newt, he’s ok. We’re both so ok. Hell I like him. He can date my daughters.

    Reagan went after Carter after he defeated GHWB and John Anderson. He had to go after them first.

  385. Oh thank God someone got rid of that hideous header picture.

  386. Totally winning strategy. “I’M JUST LIKE HIM. VOTE FOR ME”

    It worked in SC.

  387. I HATE OBAMA. Now I can defeat Newt and Mitt!

    This shit is so easy. I can just ignore them.

  388. I want to hear who is committed to repealing Obamacare.. Can’t figure that out with all the nonsense going on. Romney said yes he would but all his minions say, Ah, no way.

  389. Just got back from dropping the girl off at DFW for her flight to London.

    I sure hope Great Britain is ready for Hurricane Sarah…..


    Dave moves up 20 points in Florida.

  391. I don’t like ketchup.

  392. Dave you sound dumb. I didn’t say hate Obama, I said his policies (plans).

  393. Talk about his policies and I might vote for you Dave.

    And you sound a little dramatic is everything okay?

  394. Anyway, I like Santorum and he wants to talk issues…..FOOL.

  395. What was the header – I missed it!

  396. I know, I am dumb. Because I think to win the Republican nomination for president, you have to hack at the other Republicans running in the race against you and demonstrate why you are the right candidate to back. In this race. Against not Obama, but them.

    Dumb, dumb me.

    If only they just criticized Obama and ignored each other.

    If. Only.

  397. My hubby has a man cold. I am ready to kill him.

  398. Fuck them all. I’m voting Mare as my write-in.

  399. This could be the biggest choke ever!

  400. A vote for Mare is a vote for Obama.

  401. perhaps I could shut up for a while.

    I’m sorry Mare. That was a bit much. All I really mean is they have to fight each other first, they have to. That’s just the deal.

    I don’t mind if they’re dirty fightin or clean fightin. Doesn’t matter to me, cause I’m not invested in any of em. That’s all.

    But I was being a dick and I apologize for that.

  402. I see that your smoking cessation seems to be going well.

  403. 6 stroke lead with 9 to go.
    3 stroke lead with one to go and he triple bogeys!


  404. *gives Mare some wine*

    *gives Dave a beer, and no ketchup*

    My hubby has a man cold. I am ready to kill him.

    I feel for you, honey.

    *gives Osita Supermegastrength Benadryl™, now with hemlock*

    Small doses, ok?

  405. *gives Osita Supermegastrength Benadryl™, now with hemlock*

    I very much like your notions and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  406. *hands Mare a posey and looks at her with puppy eyes*

    *please tell me this will work.*

  407. What the fuck is this shit

  408. Sohos, I pray your mom is doing well? How is your leg?

  409. Thanks for the Supermegastrength Benadryl, Aggie.

  410. You never need to give me flowers or the puppy eyes Dave. You’re excellent without the bribes!

  411. Back home. Dad is prolly being released tomorrow, believe it or not. Some young guy- 20 y/o about- he didn’t look like he was going to
    Make it. His friends were calling for a priest.

  412. Thanks, Scott. We had stopped watching.

  413. Good news, Carin.

    Carin, is your Dad ready to go…or feels that he has a lot more years ahead of him? Do you talk about that kind of stuff?

  414. Good news indeed, Carin. Did he like the turkey?

  415. Mare, he knows That he’s on borrowed time. But I don’t know that he’ll ever be ready. Prolly not until he’s I too much pain.

  416. >> You’re excellent without the bribes!

    I was being rude.


    My bad.

  417. Yes. He did. He’d been waiting for it- lol.

  418. Dave…..smooches right back at you…and I shouldn’t have said you sound “dumb” I should have said COCK!!!

  419. Hush now! It’s Sunday Night at the Football.

  420. Yes, my Dad wanted to live as long as he could and it wasn’t until the pain was really really bad that we were ready. He was worn out.

  421. FOOTBALL!!!

    Oh, the ProBowl…Even though I’ve been a few times and it was fun, I’m not excited about watching. I miss Hawaii. My good friend is there now and just texted me a picture of her first Mai Tai.

  422. Thanks Aggie each day she gets better. My leg is fine today. I guess I just had a bad day yesterday

  423. Wait, Sohos leg was hurting her?

    What the heck?

    Cold weather bothering the joint?

  424. Heh.

  425. >> I should have said COCK!!!

    HAHA.. ok, yeah.

  426. He always wants them to do everything mare. He’s survived so much …. So who am I to judge? I’m always afraid that in the end it will be me and my step making the hard decisions.

  427. The ProBowl’s opening act just made me turn golf back on.


  428. Between golf at Torrey Pines and the Pro Bowl on Oahu, I really hate the desert right now.

  429. Mare- I have been sleeping in a chair for the last three nights and have been eating poorly and stressed. That’s all.

  430. Car in, my Mom finally thanked me for making the hard decisions. I was there with my Dad and it was the hardest time in my life.

  431. guh, I really wanted to get some artwork done tonight but GUESS NOT ><

  432. You know just yelled….. COCK!!

    (Not that YOU are)


  433. my Mom finally thanked me for making the hard decisions.

    Mom made the hard decision for herself, and it was hard to argue with her.

  434. can I fly to alabama and rub Sohos’ achy leg?

    Is that wrong? Is it close to Roamy? How’s your legs Roamy?

    Oh wait, this is a violation of the Geneva conventions isn’t it?

    well shit. Stupid Geneva conventions.

  435. I should have said COCK!!!

    Damn it to Hades. Now I’m wearing my chili cheese dog from Sonic!

    Glad to hear things are better, Sohos.

  436. Roamy, my Mom was in a coma and I had refused to sign off on her DNR previously. If the situation had been left to her, she’d be gone. She wanted to stop before the church guidelines kicked in and as a matter of conscience, I couldn’t witness the DNR. Still didn’t keep people from saying I wanted to “Pull the plug”

  437. My folks have taken that decision from the kids. They each have living wills, as well as made sure to make their wishes WELL known.

    When my aunt found out about the DNRs they had, she freaked out, and actually called me to make sure I wouldn’t do as they wished if it came to pass. I told her “Jodete!”, and that my job was to do as I am told.

  438. Osita, my mom had been on a ventilator for a week. She seemed to be stable enough to come off of it, so they took out the tube. She weakened pretty quickly and wasn’t strong enough to breathe well on her own, and Dad was waffling on putting her back on the vent. She told us in no uncertain terms that she didn’t want to go back on the ventilator and to let her “go home”.

  439. Jodete?

  440. Gimme a minute to put up a new poat. We need some funneh here.

  441. Uh…it means “fuck yourself”, Roamy.

    It was the ONLY time I ever cussed in Spanish.

  442. … B’aww, my viking offered to beat up the guy who was sending me creepy FB messages XD

  443. New poat!

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