Open Letter to our Republican Overlords

I want a do over. Who picked these people? Do you let just every one who has enough ego to run for president, or is it just random lunatics that walk in from under the overpass?

I will not get into the people who have withdrawn. Well except for Rick Perry, he was almost ready for prime time and the best of the field, until he dropped out. I am done with that so lets talk about the rest.

Let me start with Ron Paul. Really? Is he even a republican? He is conspiracy 101. His base is tinfoil hats. Oklahoma City was a inside job? Contrails? 911 truthers? Why do you even let him on the stage? Giggles? To make the rest of them look sane?

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Please Don’t Pillage Me!

Pupster just saw the header.  Somebody get him some bacon.  STAT!

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In advance of tomorrow’s HHD…

I would like to summarize all of my fellow hostage brethren’s thoughts –

You are now free to move about the cabin.

[UPDATE:  wiserbud]

Considering this is probably the weakest effort anyone has ever put forward in creating a new poat here at the Hostages (nicely done, Gland), I feel it is perfectly fine to add this critical update.

We recently had a joke thread where we came up with the worst names for charities.  Leon won that thread, hands down, with his brilliant submission, Animosity International.  Seriously, that had me laughing for days afterwords.

At the time, I promised leon that I wold create a logo for that.  And as I am always one to keep my word, here it is:

In my mind, this is now the official Hostage logo.  In fact, if you are so inclined,  you can purchase shirts and other stuff with the logo on it here.

All profits to be used at the next meat-up towards the bar tab.

Now please, go forward and enjoy the rest of your day… you freaks

Monday Muscular Motivational

Howdy folks. Dunno ’bout you, but the weekend damn near whooped my ass. Thank God it’s Monday and I can go back to work and relax a bit.

So, you might be asking yourself, do I look fat?

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New game, New Poat

Day of Rest, Poat of Work

Since Sunday is a day of rest, I thought I’d write a poat about Hostages at Work. All in favor?

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Stump Water and Frog Hair

For Leon:

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Hahahaha ghetto bar + iphone = winning