Lauraw tries to sneak in after Girls Night Out

Monday Muscular Motivational

Yet another tiring weekend. I watched a ton of anime, buried a chicken (RIP), watched all of Your Brain on Porn, and walked around a little bit. So very ready for work this week.

In any event, time to get up!

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Shit.. old Poat Sucks. So does This One

I miss football. And you dorks too.

More amazing archival film of Hotsausages revealed

…and the results will shock, SHOCK, you!

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Worst Little Ponies

Some characters didn’t make it onto the cartoon.

Like Retching Drunk who suffered an industrial accident after indulging in apples and rubbing alcohol:


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BBF – Columbian Edition

Good afternoon, H2ers. MJ is busy today, so I get the task of finding today’s model for you windowlickers. Since Columbia is in the news lately, I think it’s only fitting that we pay tribute to the lovely ladies of the South American country.

Here’s a pic of how Columbians take care of their cars: !!NSFW!!

Today’s model is from Barranquilla, Columbia, and stars in the ABC series Modern Family. She is 5′ 7″ tall, was born on July 10, 1972, and has naturally blonde hair. The racists in the movie and TV industry sometimes have her dye her hair dark, because all Latina women have dark hair, yannow? Lets meet Sofia Vergara!

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Like We Didn’t Know

Here’s an Obama appointee revealing the truth about the EPA;

Despite his “apology” and the carnival barker that plays a Press Secretary on TV, this is EXACTLY how the ecotards in the administration feel about their power.

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Drive time diversions

Jerk Face

4:00 apparently happens twice a day.