Seno Grande Venerdì

Hello asswipes, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today is a porn star and was born on December 15th, 1980 in Rome, Italy. The tape says 38E-23-35, 5′ 6″ and 135lbs. She enjoys espresso, using her hands when she talks and getting dorked in the squeak-hole. Please stop hoarding wood pellets long enough to welcome, Miss Floriana Panella (AKA Roberta Missoni AKA Roberta Gemma).

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Thoughts on this election cycle

I’m also going to talk about this on Saturday, but I wanted to toss this up here as well.

And while this is kind of specific to Connecticut, I think it pretty much happens everywhere and in every election.  It’s a pattern that I’ve seen repeated by every incumbent against their challenger.

I recently heard a Democrat candidate say  that all her Republican opponent does is talk about how bad things are here in CT and demanded to know what her plans were to fix it. This is not the first time I’ve heard that argument.

Wait… It’s not an argument. It’s just a focus-group tested talking point that is tossed out as though it is an actual argument.  It’s a simplistic and calculated response that is carefully designed to give the impression that the challenger has no plans. And they know this.

But the reality of campaigning is… no one talks specifics during the campaign. Have we heard any specifics from Malloy other than “Things are awesome! My plans are working!!” And as easy as it is to dispute that position, just ask yourself this: Would CT Gov. Dannel “Dan” Malloy have been elected 4 years ago if he told you what he was going to do once he was safely ensconced in office?

Twust uh.. me.  I’m ..uh..weally not a far-weft uhh..  pwogwessive.

“I’m going to implement the highest tax increase this state has ever seen, while doing nothing at all to rein in spending. In fact, I am going to give all state employees a raise, while the private sector workers are still struggling to find or keep halfway-decent paying jobs”

“I’m going to give hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to private companies (who, let’s be fair, really don’t need it. see: ESPN, NBC/Universal and Bridgewater, for example) of my choosing, for which we will receive practically nothing of any significance in return.

“State-subsidized companies created far fewer jobs than expected”  (story is behind a paywall, but first few paragraphs are available and pretty much make the point.)

“Governor doubts UBS will stick to jobs deal” 

“Those rich business people will, in return, throw millions of dollars back into my re-election campaign, which is really the primary purpose of that program, let’s be honest.”

“I’m going to push through and approve the building of a busway at a cost of $1,000 per inch that very few people will use and is projected to lose $20 million per year in perpetuity, just to appease my union buddies who are going to get me elected.”

“I’m going to promise to use Generally Accepted Accounting Principles at the state level, but ignore that promise once I’m elected. In fact, I am going to use all kinds of slick accounting tricks to make it look like I have a balanced budget, when in reality, we are going to face a deficit of approximately $3 billion (that’s with a B) deficit by 2016, despite the largest tax increase in our history.”

“I am going to force thousands of people to join a union, even if they don’t want to, just with a stroke of my pen, in order to please the union leaders who will benefit greatly from that legislation.”

“I’m going to shamelessly exploit any tragedy that should befall the citizens of this state to ruthlessly and dishonestly push my own far-left agenda.

“I’m going to sign legislation that will screw over small businesses just as they are starting to get their feet back under them after barely surviving the worst recession this country has ever seen, just so I can get lots and lots of face-time with the media and the President.  What’s going to make that even more fun is that our state was one of the hardest hit and is probably never going to fully recover from the economic downturn.  At least, not if I have anything to say about that.”

“And when I run for re-election, I will blatantly and fearlessly violate our fine state’s campaign finance laws, put into place by my own party in the wake of a previous administration’s corruption, comfortable in the knowledge that absolutely nothing will happen to me.”

Does anyone actually think Candidate Dannel “Dan” Malloy would have gotten elected if he had given us those specifics during the 2010 campaign? Of course not! What amazes me is that, over the last 4 years, we HAVE seen what his plans are and how they are hurting this state. And yet, he still has a decent chance of getting re-elected!

So asking the challenger for specifics during a campaign is a bullshit ploy.  And thanks to the average intelligence of the American voter, it works!



MMM 146: I ain’t got time fo no poatin’ muthafargah

No text, no time. Only pitchers. Er, catchers. I hope.

Busy pants.
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Sorry about your epilepsy

Thanks to a guy I used to work with, I always get this shit stuck in my head around this time of year. And now you’ve got it stuck in yours!

Look at this spooooooky house!
I hear there’s a family of monsters inside. They feast on human suffering, high self-regard and wagyu beef, and they give trick-or-treaters arugula. Best to avoid it.
Finally, here’s a guy dressed as Thor, kind of. He and his buddies put about as much effort into their costumes as I put into this poat. Whatever, I don’t get paid for this shit.

Big Boob Friday

Hello puppets of meat, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today is a, well…a model and pin-up girl of the “plus size” category. I know that I’ve seen her before, but a search on her name at H2 only brings up hits with you assholes making fun of environmentalists.

I put “plus size” in quotes only because most fashionishtas are faggots and wouldn’t know what a real sexy woman looks like even if she checked their prostate with a jackhammer.  Super Bonus Perfect Buffalone Size is more accurate.

She’s ‘merican, born in 1989, and measures 36-24-36 with some triple D action up front and center. Please stop running your chicken trafficking ring on craigslist long enough to welcome, Miss Gia Genevieve!

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A Thorsday wink

A funneh.
A reminder about today’s partial solar eclipse
And Thor.
There. New poat.