I feel like a member of the X-Men!

Personal, to PJ Momma:  Howdy, cousin.


The ramifications of this are staggering.  And a little bit creepy.

CTHULHU 2008!!

I shamelessly stole this from USA Admiral


Caught on Tape!

Lemur watches pajama momma eat in the nude.

Lemur watches wiserbud with a gerbil.

Lemur watches what PattyAnn does with a horse when no one is looking.

Lemur watches how Bob Munck tries to win an argument.

Lemur watches Rosetta shower and catches an eyeful of full frontal.

Amazing Music Machine!!1!

This is pretty amazing.  The M.I.T. musical engineering group that manufactured the machine spent more than three months in design and eight months in a clean room precision crafting all the components.

The most interesting part of the manufacturing process pertains to that of the balls.  They are made of a synthetic ceramic-nylon polymer that produces a precise resonance that creates the notes that you hear.

The equipment to create the balls filled half of a floor of the research lab.  The manufacturing process was so precise, all 1,200 of the balls made for this project were perfectly spherical and the exact same size within 0.005 microns. 

After the machine was assembled in a NASA air-lock chamber, all of the oxygen in the room was pumped out, creating a partial vacuum.  The temperature was then dropped to 39.5 degrees which was determined to be the exact temperature that created the bounce necessary to propel the balls to the appropriate return mechanism.

It is a wonder of modern engineering and manufacturing.

Or not.

You Know What I Think When I See These Pictures?

This girl really needs to see my hairdresser. She’s the best.


The rest of these photos are under the fold. Possibly NSFW Continue reading

What Are You Here For?

Stolen from Knockin on the Golden Door. Content at this web-site is most likely NSFW.

Sixteen Tons

Nope, not talking about PJM. I’ve decided I’m in charge of the older, classic tunes.

Here’s a great one to start your working day off just right.

Go To Your Room!

I would have constantly mis-behaved if I would have been sent to a chocolate room. And I would have gladly licked the walls.
And I would have bathed:

If anything needed repaired I would be ready:

What better way to end the day? A chocolate martini!

And did I remember to tell you that PJM’s grandmother was a Blackfoot Indian and that I love chocolate?

Say Hello to my Little Friend!

I’d like you all to meet the new wiser-dog, Tequila, or as we call him Tiki.  He’s a “rescue dog”  (which is really a fancy way of saying “mutt that we adopted”) that we got from Tennessee.  He’s a mix of Jack Russell terrier and something else (who knows and who cares, really.)  And just to keep Rosetta from totally freaking out, Tiki will probably never get much bigger than 30 lbs.


The kids love him, he’s about the friendliest dog in the world and actually pretty smart.  He’s got some weird quirks too, like when you give him a biscuit, he takes it and runs into his cage, puts it down and waits for you to leave him alone before he will eat it, that just make us laugh.  Of course, when I came downstairs this morning and saw that he had almost eaten our couch, I realized we still have a way to go with his training.

I think I prefer him to any purebred, mainly because of the horror stories I’ve heard about puppy mills and breeders who can be pretty cruel.  Seriously, if you are thinking of getting a dog, check out getting a rescue dog and forget about the purebreds.  That is really just perpetuating cruelty to animals.

Margaret Truman, RIP

Margaret Truman Daniel Dies
I love to read mysteries. MTD was not one of my favorite authors, but I have read most of her mysteries. What the mystery element of her books was missing, she more than made up for with her setting descriptions and behind the scenes details.
Oh, and she was also President Harry Truman’s daughter.Here is a young picture of her, because when ladies die they deserve to be remembered when they looked best.