большие сиськи пятница

Hello extremists, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.  After an exhaustive and violent selection process…I have emerged victorious as your host for today’s post of greatness.

You musical selection for today jives with today’s model selection, mostly just because some think a subtle theme is necessary to justify their genius.

Despite Leon’s encouragement, I’ve not made much progress on my diet this week, but I think I’m going to mix in some light cardio and see how it goes.

Your model for today was born in Moscow on March 1st, 1980.  She is a former ice dancer and figure skater, now an actress, singer, and TV personality.  She stands 5’10”, weighs 123 lbs, and measures 38-24-36.

Please stop obstructing progressivism long enough to welcome Anna Semenovich!

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Big Boob Friday

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday. I am your host, a simple dog of leisure with a nose for gifs.

I had a different model picked out for today, but a little googling revealed that some short jackass from Florida had already featured her in 2011.  So, I’m still sprinkling in some of her gifs because that’s how I roll.

Your musical selection of the day is a country song, which I find soothing.

The model for today was born on October 6th, 1991 in Jelgava, Latvia.  She towers over Leon at 5’6″ and measures out at 32F-24-37.  She doesn’t have any gifs, but please don’t hold that against her.  Stop nibbling o-rings and welcome Sabine Jemeljanova!

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In The Spirit Of Today

Somehow, this song seems appropriate (and shut up if you don’t like this version):

I have been waiting for this moment for damn near two years. And I will not be disappointed.

I have more to add, but it shall come in the next day or so. But vote. Tell the left to get fisteryfucked so hard and wide, a goatse could come along and not scrape the sides of their collective anuses for what they have done and want to do. Then celebrate tonight, knowing that the battle renews tomorrow.

Yay. Computers Are Teh Fun.

Our Impending Economy

Kinda interesting watching our future here and now. I hope the airbags help somewhat.

Oh, and the song in this video makes me have naughty thoughts. Yes it does.

That Fresh Minty Scent!




[UPDATE: Rosetta]

HHD=Hunky Hump Day! mmm mmm mmm

I hope that you’ve enjoyed touring the world in search of the yummiest men on the planet–I know I have! Well, except for a few sites that proper ladies should never, ever frequent, but the sacrifice has been well worth it.

Welcome to a country named after a metal, a founding member of the UN, and the second largest country in South America…don’t cry for me–It’s Argentina Baby!

Oh, I’m cryin’ alright! Bunk!

President Obama Denies The Black Baby Jesus

I heard something yesterday that made the hair I don’t have on the back of my neck stand up.  Here it is.  Go to 3:30 if you just want the meat and not the majority of the embarrassing blather.

For being the smartest man in the world, President Obama, you sir, are a fucking idiot.  Not only are you ignorant of basic U.S. history and religious tolerance, you’re an incompetent communicator.

While speaking in Turkey yesterday you could have and should have acknowledged the history of our country and given proper tribute to the religious basis of our founding but I suppose the TOTUS didn’t so instruct you.

I’m pretty sure that we are more tolerant of other religions than any other superpower.  Oh wait….we’re the only superpower.  I’m sure that’s a coincidence and that the freedoms we enjoy in this country, granted us by our Creator, have nothing to do with our status as the greatest nation in the history of the world.

We are not like Turkey, Mr. President.  Our nation in fact was founded on Christian values which in fact does make this a Christian nation.  I would assume that you have a basic understanding of those Christian values which you profess to believe when convenient and ignore when not, including yesterday in Turkey.

In all your blinding brilliance you were unable to admit and clearly communicate two basic but fundamental facts about our history and our nation: (A) we were founded as a Christian nation and (B) we don’t kill people because of their religious views as they do in Turkey.  Those statements are neither complicated nor offensive and they both happen to be true.

The fact that you weren’t properly equipped to communicate that, either from ignorance (ohai, Harvard) or your apparent desire to separate yourself and this nation from its Christian heritage, proves that you are less than a scholar, less than an intellectual and less than a proud Christian.

How difficult is it to state the historical reality that, in fact, we are a Christian nation.  We were founded on Judeo-Christian values and, according to those racist, slave-owning signers of the Declaration of Independence, our rights are endowed upon us by our Creator.

And unless you have historical documents that no one else has, I’m assuming those racist, slave-owning founders meant that our rights come from the Christian God, not Muhammad.  Hey!  Look what I found.

For you, President Obama, to deny a seminal fact of our creation as a nation renders you an embarrassed Christian, a historical ignoramous, an international coward or all of the above.

Despite your protestations to the contrary, we are, and for most people proudly so, a Christian nation that celebrates freedom of religion.  The fact that we are more tolerant of other religions, as well as the soulless practitioners of atheism, than any other nation on earth is a tribute to the fact that we have freedom of religion in this country, not a lack of Christianity in our founding, you utter dunce.

For you not to possess the ability to distinguish between us being a nation that imposes Christianity on its citizens, which we are not, and a nation that was founded on Christian values and is the shining beacon of religious freedom in the world, which we are, makes me happy I graduated from a state university.  In five years.

I shudder to think what would have happened if the community you organized was the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

Enjoy your four years in office, Stuperman.

Who would have thought that 4th grade history would be your Kryptonite.

As the brilliant Mrs. Rosetta has observed, “Being that we are not a Christian nation, it seems odd that our markets are closed on Good Friday.”

Welcome Fiity-tooers!!!

Rosetta was lamenting our lack of trolls. What better way to get one than to mock Teh ONe™. I know, its hard to improve upon such brilliance as appointing every tax-cheat and leftist twat-waffle floating through the stanky bowl we call D.C., setting up Joe Biden to police waste and incompetence, and causing the dow to drop like a stone every time you step in front of the camera, open your pie-hole and confidently mouth whatever the teleprompter feeds you, but I am confident that while we all count the change his disasterous economic policies leave us with while we hope they don’t find out about it, we can all sing this song. After all, it isn’t any sillier than Teh One™ telling us how electing him will reverse glowbull worminging, and stop the rise of the oceans.