Pets Held Hostage!

Most of us came to the H2 by choice. Our furry friends didn’t, poor bastards…


Peaches and Rosie at The Michael’s house were the stars of the Texas Moron Meatup:

Cutest Dogs on this page, so I put them at the top


Sox-Fur Friend of XBradTC


MCPO Airdale’s dog gives the neighbors a friendly greeting

Max says, “Hi! Come on in!”

Sox, 2 seconds after meeting Max

Sox, after meeting Max


Rudy — Cathy’s Mom’s Little Man


Andy’s Daisy (allegedly a “retriever”) – Rest in peace, sweet girl.


wiserpets: L to R:  Tequila, Mac, Corona.  This pic was not posed.  They kinda like each other and this is a rather common sight.

Tequila and his “cousin”, Diesel.  Diesel eventually got to be about 90 lbs, whereas Tiki only hit about 45.  But for a while there, Tiki was the bigger of the two.  He still plays with Diesel like he is.

Tequila – Cool dog

cool dog


Aprilwine’s Lab, Diesel

Diesel now


MJ's---Trudy and Face Ripper

MJ–Trudy and Face Ripper


BrewFan’s Buddy and Lola


Sohos’ wienies!!!!!! Copper, Candy, Reagan, G.W.


Sean’s little buddy Riley, tired after his fifth birfday celebration.


Car in’s Oskar with Zelda


Boris,(below) Master of Lipstick (this is Boris pre-op)




Romeo, Buddy, and Spanky keep UncleFacts’ chair warm.


Sparky, Cyn’s new furkid

Baby Benedict. Benny vids (don’t share, please): (Klaus is in this one too). (Fetching the bunny that’s half his size).


Nessie the Wonder Dog – Pupster’s Pup

This is not a hug. This is me holding back 80 lbs of throat-ripping fury from the photographer.


Constant Vigilance!


Jimbro's Rowan: Cuuuuute!

Jimbro’s Rowan: Cuuuuute!

Jimbro's Rowan & Star

Jimbro’s Rowan & Star

2021 Update Jimbro’s Pack of Mayhem, Lola, Rowan and new puppy Ollie!

Ollie coming home (2021)


Lola and Rowan say “WTF is this shit?”


“This is a nice spot.  I think I’ll stay.”


Oso's weenies

Oso’s weenies


Laura & Scott's Bubba

Laura & Scott’s Bubba





  1. Aren’t these pets just so darling?

  2. Where did this page come from?

    I will post many many many pictures!

  3. we call the orange one “at-cat” because the marking on his side look like the @ sign in an email address.

  4. Wiserpets are actually pretty cute.

    unlike Wiser

  5. Is Tequila a lab? Love the names of your pet Wiser.

    B-rad how old is socks now? I remember him/her being mentioned on many threads.

  6. Sox is about 7 or 8 now. I’m his second mom, and he was about a year and half when I got him.

  7. Is Tequila a lab? Love the names of your pet Wiser.

    Nah, Tequila’s a mutt, but he has a lot of Jack Russel Terrier in him. He’s full grown and only about 45 pounds. That’s actually a pretty bad picture of him. I’ll find another one and put it up.

  8. Aprilwine doesn’t like Max?!? :’-(

  9. Diesel is the cutest little lab puppy I’ve seen since my in-laws got their black lab (also named Diesel.)

    Lab puppies are so cute, they make my heart hurt.

  10. 3CPO, Max scares me. Really!

    Tequila def has some lab mixed in there.

    Diesel was the cutest of the litter. He was also the biggest. He is now 95 lbs, but last year he was 105! My friend has his older brother, (same parents different litter) who is even bigger than Diesel.

  11. Pic of Tiki and his “cousin” Diesel added.

  12. Clintbird owns Lassie? Is Timmeh still in the well?

  13. Love the names of your pet Wiser.

    Mac’s name was originally going to be Rainbow Princess Paws, thanks to wiserdaughter. We then learned that “she” was actually a “he.” So she changed it to “Rainbow Thunder Paws.”

    I said “That’s a really cool name, honey, but we need something to call him every day. How about “Mac?”

    I am so glad that stuck. I cannot imagine myself standing on the front porch calling “RAINBOW THUNDER PAWS!!! DINNER!!!”

  14. Nice looking pooches, Clint. Lexie is a beauty.

    Of course, so is Grace, but she looks like she hears that all the time.

  15. We got Corona when Tequila was about 6 or 7 months old. He needed a friend, since Mac wasn’t all that happy to have a dog in the house. Tequila and Corona are best friends. Curl up together all the time.

    I have been looking for collars with limes on them to get for each of them.

  16. Wiser, Lexie is a mini aussie – our first of that breed. What a terrific dog they are!

    Grace, our collie, is the latest in several collies we’ve had. Love ’em …. maybe THE best family dogs evah … if you can deal w/the hair.

  17. Neat! Beautiful animals people.

  18. Clintbird, nice collie. Mr. RFH’s family all have collies, and he was a junior handler in the shows when he still lived at home.

  19. You just got a mention at IB, Romy. Cathy showed me that light-show video, which was pretty cool.

  20. Rosie is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met.

  21. FOR THE RECORD!!! I am not Skeered of MCPO’s Mutt. I was….I was….I was practicing my “Cheshire Cat Grin”, and Disappeared. Yeah, thats it. Cheshire Cat Grin..

  22. The Tequila – Cool Dog picture?

    Looks like someone forgot to remove the shock collar before backing out the driveway.

  23. Like the new additions of Romeo, Buddy, and Spanky. Welcome UncleFacts… and thanks Xbrad for posting.

  24. The Tequila – Cool Dog picture?

    Looks like someone forgot to remove the shock collar before backing out the driveway.


  25. Where’s Puka??????

  26. Don’t you have admin rights, Mare?

  27. Thanks Cyn!

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