Hello  cuddlers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today is a cosplayer and instagram model based in Los Angeles, born November 25th, 1994 in Nashville, TN. I find no reliable statistical data so I’m going to say that she is wham”-pow”-bam” and at “could-throw-over-the-fence” lbs. Please step up and say “hey gimme that” to Miss Delanie Frances AKA Luna Lanie.

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Tuesday Random Crap

I went to a blacksmithing class on Sunday.  It was a letter opener class, and there were only three of us there, which was nice because it made the class fairly leisurely.  The instructor showed us the basics of the project, and then turned us loose in the forge while she walked around and offered comments and suggestions.  This was the second class that I’ve taken at Adam’s Forge, and I really enjoy it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to attend a few open forge nights in the near future.


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Big Boob Friday

Happy Friday bitchfaces!! Buffalone, or whatever his name is, decided that he’d rather sit in the corner by himself than join us for Boobapalooza. What a dick.


I wrote this song for Pupster before he fell off the face of the earth. Word on the street is that he picked up a pretty serious case of rabies and had to be put down. And by put down, I mean we banned him. True story.



Today’s model is a squealtress working just outside of Hollywood, but was originally created in Nova Scotia, Canadaland. Her 20, soon to look 35 year old vag is connected to 117 pounds of other stuff. Above her paycheck slot sits an impressive 32D rack. Your’re welcome.


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Extreme Radical Amishism on the Rise?

I think this pretty much sums it up for me.


The one question I have for the Islamists that think it’s ok to kill for being offended is: Why can’t the almighty Allah and Mohammed defend themselves? Isn’t it safe to assume that if these two pervs could smite the offenders with their super smiting powers? If the Allah is so Akbar why the touchy feelies? They are gods, non? Or is it more appropriate for a latent homosexual pedo-death cult to be commanded by a magical text spoken to an illiterate, pedophile, latent homosexual warlord some 1400 years ago?

Grow up, Islamofascists. Your faggods can defend themselves.