MMM 495

Ides of May already?

Better hop to it.

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MMM 494

It’s a new day! Wait, it is a new day, isn’t it? I mean, there’s this big bright ball in the sky and no snow on the ground, and that’s really weird, but I feel like that’s happened before.

She seems enthusiastic.

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MMM 492

As I crank through the binders of MMM past, it looks like I started adding pictures of coffee at the start of them for a while. Mayhap as an “above the line” safe image before the Read More section. Well, here’s another.

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MMM 491

Howdy, happy Dingus Day.

I feel like we just had this one, but it was in the queue for this morning. And it’s nice.

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MMM 490

Howdy folks. Last week of Lent, remember to repent and stuff.

A fitness meme.

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Another Weird S#!T from Around the World Post

Some traditions are just fun or funny or both.

Alcohol most likely was involved in many.

Some of these you’ve probably seen before….

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MMM 489

Poked myself with a fork and felt pain, so I ain’t done yet.

Pour yourself one of these and buckle up, it’s Monday.

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MMM 487

Welcome back. Last full week of March, fourth week of Lent.

Did a couple of these at the playground yesterday. Most exercise I’ve had in a while.

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MMM 486


Christian athlete.

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