MMM 536

It’s already March, but no worries, we’ve still got snow here. Or rather, we have snow again. I saw the sun last week for a few minutes, so that was nice.

I’m sure she’s really a geek and totally not just trying to gather simps.

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MMM 534

I might have to go back to mushrooms soon. Or herbs.

Amanda is flexible.

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MMM 529

Last week of January, Groundhog Day is coming up.

This is a little dark.

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MMM 528

Ides of January already. Let’s see what’s in the binders.

By pure chance, we have a lovely young lady of African descent for the day. No kidding, the year 3 folder I pulled from had this on top.

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MMM 525

Happy 2nd day of Christmas. Dunno if you’re working today, but I’m off. Last week of the third year in the suckiest trilogy ever, make it count. And have hope, for the enemies of God and Man that rule the present age are prideful, arrogant, and ridiculous.

This looks uncomfortable.

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MMM 524

Last week of Advent, 2 weeks left until we start the final part of the 2020 trilogy, and I’m sure that the worst of it won’t be ewoks winning fights against effin’ stormtroopers with logs and rocks.

Nice backdrop.

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MMM 522

First Monday of December already. All of these are “new content” rather than recycled, but I just stole them from another blog ( mostly). Leg/dance themed.

Tall socks or thick thigh-highs?

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MMM 521

Reminder: gee mail my name if you want in on Secret Santa this year, cut off is Dec 2.

Minimalist underwear set.

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