Memorial Day Military Muscular Motivation

Binge watching Band of Brothers today, in between household chores and basking in the sun on the back deck. I hope you all can take some time today and remember those who gave their all. I feel remarkably unqualified for a memorial day poat featuring fit women. Yet here we are.

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The Contrary

I’m so embarrassed.  My zipper broke in public.


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Let The Coup Begin Already

We want the coup!

Coup d’etat, Coup d’main, Coup de grace, Coup d’urmom


Oops, wrong one

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Here Comes The Sun

Roamy might recognize this place


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MMM – Car-in’s version because Possum is sick

First a bit of motivational music- this is a real toe tapper.



Let’s see who I have in my binders of women.

The woman on the left is doing a chest to bar, which … bad-ass.



This looks pretty hard-core too, but I don’t want to try it.


The dreaded wall balls. I hates them.


Kettlebells are good.


The way I feel after most workouts.


See? Kettlebells are hard. This is kettlebell girl.



Are you motivated? I am.


/side note – I’m happy to see that “beer tree farm” has made it to our categories. Well played.


Closing song:


Update: I can’t believe I didn’t include this!