T’was the Thursday b’foe teh BigGuys’ Birf Day

If this poatation doesent get 2.3 gajillion down votes imma go postal.


downvotes matter

Put Some Thought into IT

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2022 BBF Championships – Round 4

Hello, and welcome to the 2022 Big Boob Friday Championships – Round 4.

Headings with the model’s name are links to their original BBF post.

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Election Results Keep Rolling In

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Pox on Your House

Transmission Electron Microscopy Image from sciencephoto.com/media/522422/view/monkeypox-virus-particles-tem
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Decision Points

I’m sure we’ve all done the “What if…?” mind dance.

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I like this Chick

Not really –

But the song is amazing:

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Mid-Winter Blues

Hot-n-Tot spices up his winter festivities after breakfast with your mom:

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