1. Superb

  2. Soaked owl is all of us

  3. speak for yourself, I’m cocaine Elvis

  4. I don’t get ‘that’s a nice argument unfortunately your mother’

    But what’s really annoying is I recognize that little pink thing from childhood, I think, but can’t remember what it is.

  5. Can’t believe you put Mare’s juicer on the poat like that
    so gross


  7. Look, I was trying to avoid the God’s children/hot car thing, cut me some slack here

  8. thanks Jimbro! Still don’t get the meme but I am pretty stupid in the morning

  9. How are memes like food in Sri Lanka?

  10. speak for yourself, I’m cocaine Elvis

    “Hahahaha!” – Chihuahua at vet’s office.

  11. Could go for some of those peanut butter and jelly eggs this morning.

  12. With some cinnamon toast.

    How are things in your new hometown, Geoff? Find any good ice cream joints?

  13. I didn’t get the “unfortunately your mother” either and didn’t recognize the toy.

  14. but I saved a bunch of these to show Mr. RFH later. Special delivery made me LOL.

  15. Anal King’s girlfriend looks so happy.

  16. wakey wakey

  17. In 10 years these kids are going to cause a bloodbath of patricide and killing the doctors who butchered them, and I’m going to be a bad person and laugh.
    As soon as transkids are a liability they’ll get the Cindy Sheehan treatment.

    We’re >< this close.

  18. I…I recognized the toy. And wanted one as a kid. 😦

  19. Fox News doing a pro-transkid segment may in fact mark the beginning of the end.

  20. The podcast vid I watched yesterday with testimonials from de-transitioners was heartbreaking. “I miss my breasts,” “My voice is deep and I’m covered with hair and there’s nothing I can do about it, how did anybody ever think this was a good idea,” “I was a minor child and they lied to me,” “my ovaries are full of cysts bc of the medications,” etc and so forth.

    There needs to be lawsuits a-poppin’ like mushrooms everywhere this has happened, especially against the school systems that are allowing their most fucktarded personnel to perform unlicensed nonscientific experiments on other people’s kids.

    Specific questions need to be asked of these people in court, like, “Are you a licensed psychiatrist? What is the full extent of your training and education wrt what happens to the human body when it is given puberty blockers? Have you heard of these medications and can you describe the risks/ adverse effects profile competently? Are you a medical doctor? How did you scientifically determine that this child’s mind was in the wrong sex body?” Etcetera and so forth, with people jailed for child abuse and municipal school systems paying enormously painful awards until the whole rotten edifice comes crumbling down. It is time to put an end to all of it, protect the next kids from victimization and comfort the already afflicted.

    Also, shitty cruise but great buffet was prob my favorite up there, followed closely by Velma and Scooby Doo discounting the supernatural.

  21. As the medical issues pile up they will be unable to ignore it.

  22. And Jazz isn’t turning out to be the poster child for transition success .

  23. Morning, you 20 pounds of joy in 10 pound bags!

    I watched a video yesterday called 4 Signs You’re Struggling With Your Mental Health and then thought “oh crap.”

  24. Who is Jazz?

  25. Jazz is an obnoxious gay dude whose mother should be locked up.

  26. Jazz began his transition at 3.

  27. Lawsuits will be put off as long as the medical establishment and everyone associated can keep grifting.
    Same with the jab injured. Too much money = lots of protection = fuck you to the lab experiments gone wrong.

  28. The victim of 15+ years of child abuse involving a media network, at this point. Effectively a sacrifice to Moloch, but they’ve tortured him for so long now he’ll probably just kill himself.

  29. Fuck that toilet- can you imagine sitting there when it got hit?

  30. I watched a video yesterday called 4 Signs You’re Struggling With Your Mental Health and then thought “oh crap.”

    Meh, half that stuff is crap. You’re FINE. Go for a run.

  31. My complete lack of interest in going for a run is part of it.

  32. Are there any children who were transitioned by their parents that turned out to be totally ok with it? I’m not trying to be a dick but the kid is eventually going to understand that their parents screwed them over.

    Even if the transitioned kid is totally successful as a person they’ll realize their parents experimented on them.

  33. They made her some sort of IDOL for years. Then after the “gender confirming surgery” (which was a disaster) she went on to gain 100+ pounds. Eating disorder, anxiety and who knows what other mental illness they ADMIT she has.

    Here they were bragging on her a few years back:


    That is not the image of a happy person.

    When “she” was at least skinny, the media attention got her a boyfriend. Now with her gash /vagina and … the hot mess she’s created, I’m pretty sure she’s realized her life is going to be pretty lonely. And her boyfriend she did get once? “non-binary”

    If you really want to see how crazy these people are – here you go:

  34. Jazz going after his parents and the show’s producers might really put this crap to bed. The media couldn’t not report on it. Too salacious.

  35. Never having INTEREST in going for a run is normal. You just put on your shoes and go.

    this is what I do – you know what? I’m just going to walk. Just a walk.Not run. Just a nice little walk. Listen to the birds, look for flowers. Quarter mile in, I figure – well, may as well speed this up.

  36. Jazz had a brief relationship with a girl named Victoria in the previous season and she was considering asking her out to prom. Jazz says she is pansexual and looks at a person’s personality rather than their gender or sexuality.

    In the season premiere, she said she’d be more inclined to date a man. However, she was candid when she said people would say she’s a male because she’s also attracted to a female.

    Noelle is pretty clear that she likes girls over guys. She said that if she likes a girl and is acknowledged as a girl, “then by definition, I am a lesbian.”
    She Converted to Islam

    Noelle Jaclyn’s parents are Jewish. However, she converted to Islam sometime when she began her transition.

    Her parents still identify as Jewish, while Noelle is a practicing Muslim. Since converting to Islam, she has become a role model among transgender Muslims.

    So … little boy – after trauma – converts to girl. Then becomes Muslim when he was jewish.

    What other self-hate act can this person perform?

  37. Pretty sure Lesbians don’t want to date men who transitioned.

  38. Thanks for the pic of Jazz, that just motivated me to make a nice salad for lunch.

  39. I read about Bruce Reimer in a class over 25 years ago. That should have been a cautionary tale, but these doctors are still fucking people over and patting themselves on the back for how great they are.

    I really hope it all falls soon.

  40. Even if the transitioned kid is totally successful as a person they’ll realize their parents experimented on abused them.

    Fixt for accuracy.

  41. is this gab’s husband?

  42. Her parents still identify as Jewish, while Noelle is a practicing Muslim. Since converting to Islam, she has become a role model among transgender Muslims

  43. All one of them.

  44. The way he’s sitting with his legs crossed, I thought he was wearing a skirt.

  45. I’ll bet

  46. Well, it’s not like they’re working at a machine shop or a cheese factory

  47. “I feel more balanced in my workflow,”


  48. God promised not to flood the world again. He didn’t promise that things wouldn’t get so bad we’d wish he’d break that promise.

  49. At least Toobin thought no one could see him.

  50. Hmm, I tried to link a pic for Roamie, but Tinyurl said “URL domain banned” weird, I’ve linked that site before.


    Found it on another site.

  52. Lol, good one, Pepe.

  53. I’m aggravated that the Mars Insight probe is dying. Too much dust on the solar arrays, and no good way to knock it off. We need a good windstorm on Mars.

    Pupster, would you like for me to put together a meme poat for next Saturday? I am drafting all my poats for the next two, three weeks, and I have memes.

  54. Yes please and thank you.

  55. Why aren’t Mars rovers sent in pairs and each given a snow brush arm?

  56. Well Car in is a dispenser of good advice, so I went and ran six miles. I also spent most of the day cleaning and scrubbing the apartment and doing all the laundry, and also supergluing a broken piece back on to a lamp and sewing on a button. I am ready to rock and roll.

  57. Awesome Sobek!! I was hoping that was what you went to do.

    I get … moody, or whatever. The best thing is just to get outside as much as I can, gardening or running. accomplishing things that have been on my mind really does wonders. I do have to drag myself sometimes, and I don’t always make the right choice (I given in to the voice telling me to stay inside ). That is NEVER the right choice.

  58. I did not run 6 miles today, but I did yesterday. Today I got lots of yard stuff done. Got the wood chipper time too. Now I’m making dinner and I have “The Northman” to watch tonight.

  59. And I swear – when the desire to run is at the lowest, I PROMISE myself I won’t get mad if I just walk the entire thing. Its OK. Better than sitting her not moving.

    I’ve never walked it yet. It is just the thing to get me going.

  60. Why not seven?

  61. I had a productive day too. Took everything out of the porch, cleaned, put everything back but better and threw away a ton of stuff. Looks so much bigger and better out there.
    Next: outside. Patio needs a whole re-do.

  62. at the funny bone for Dave landau

  63. “Why not seven?”

    Because when I started running I didn’t have a specific goal in mind, and when I got six I thought “that seems about right.”

  64. Tonight when leaving a restaurant off in the distance I saw a rainbow.

    I immediately turned gay.

  65. Right. Turned.

  66. I ran 6 miles back in March of 87.

  67. What are you trying to say?

  68. I did some running in the Navy. That was in ‘67.

  69. Ireland. As you would expect. 2 year lockdowns, psychosis, ruined economy, etc. for nothing. Except a small strange spike in 2021. Hmm

  70. Why aren’t Mars rovers sent in pairs and each given a snow brush arm?

    Well, we did have Spirit and Opportunity but no snow brushes.

  71. If only there was a remote controlled helicopter on Mars that could blow the dust off of the solar panels on the Insight…

  72. “What are you trying to say?”


  73. :”How are memes like food in Sri Lanka?”

    I hope the answer is not “because rioters will burn down your presidential compound and stable of supercars if they think your plan is that they don’t get it” because that would be both mean and un-funny

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