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Biden, who was almost always the dumbest person in the Senate and is now suffering from obvious dementia, referred to Putin as President Trump yesterday. I say this for the blog…Fake President Biden, you deserve all of the tragedy in your life. Ever stop to think that perhaps god was trying to tell you something you old corrupt racist?

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Everything I Meme, Nothing that I Don’t

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The title of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs is “1979” and I was reminded of it with this compilation video that showed up in a newsletter I just unsubscribed from called “The Awsomer”. It was pretty good but lately they have started that crap with “Disable Your Ad Blocker” to see content. At first they had the bypass option but recently it’s become a hard stop. Oh well, I waste enough time on the internet anyway, this will give me 5 or 10 minutes of my life back every day.

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