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I’m so embarrassed.  My zipper broke in public.





Now for some Chumpo bait.  Remember when he used to do “art” posts?  Good times.  Good times, man.




I don’t believe there really is a Connecticut.







  1. Sometime back there was a DoD contract to clear some land and build *many* concrete pads for large tents, with water, sewage, electric, and internet hookups at Gitmo. Sort of like preparing for “Happy Fun Camp”.

    Yesterday was this one:
    URS Group Inc., Morrisville, North Carolina, is awarded $14,557,557 for firm-fixed-price task order N6945018F0077 under a previously awarded multiple award construction contract (N62470-13-D-6022) for expansion of the Expeditionary Legal Complex at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The work to be performed provides for design and construction of new structures at the Expeditionary Legal Complex supporting the Office of Military Commissions. Work includes general purpose administration/legal buildings including Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities provided for each of six capital defense teams ensuring each defense team is separated from one another along with appropriate security measures in accordance with Department of Defense minimum anti-terrorism for buildings standards. Facilities include evidence storage, waiting areas, a holding cell, and additional work spaces.

    Six SCIFs, really?

    Is this where the coup plotters will be processed?

  2. I’ll have to dig out some pics of what Gitmo looked like 50 years ago. A turd world country, fercryinoutloud.
    When I was born there, $14M could’ve probably built the entire base and a couple ships.

  3. “Is this where the coup plotters will be processed?”

    Dare to dream.

  4. This is bullshit.

  5. So they’re building new stuff at Gitmo or updating old or both? Why do terrorists need anything more than kennels?

  6. Six SCIFs, really?

    Is this where the coup plotters will be processed?

    Trump is planning to overthrow the Cuban government and hang the leaders?

  7. Bay Of Pigs II: This Time All Pigs Are Not Created Equal

  8. Spring Cleaning today and tomorrow, MIL is visiting for a week starting Monday.

    The only thing I hate worse than a cluttered dirty home is cleaning and organizing.


    The binders full of women have been saved from the dead desktop PC. Hard drive is intact, PC death likely the result of motherboard failure.

    Unlike your mom, who never fails in her tasks.

  10. My neighbor sold his house within two days of it going on the market. Think they bought it around $298k….put it up for sale at $365 and it sold above that. Chinese.

    Think we may have to update our kitchen if we’re ever going to sell.

  11. I boarded your mother.

  12. In Qatar I had a brief association with a group of folks tasked with assessing all the hard Intel gathered in theatre. The sheer amount of shit was overwhelming. Maybe they’re building a final collection and assessment point for all the shit after quick analysis in the field.

  13. Just got back from lunch with an old High School buddy. A cold beer & a couple chilli dogs with a friend is a nice treat every once in a while.
    Side trip to Lowe’s just because he wanted some advice – I’m out $20 for veg plants “on sale” that I didn’t need but couldn’t turn down.
    Ended up with a white Japanese eggplant, a yellow Cayenne, a San Marzano tomato and a few other varieties of heirloom ‘mater’s. I hope I’m done for the year. This shit is killing my wallet.

  14. My neighbor sold his house within two days of it going on the market.

    Same story with us. We sold our house last month: in two days we had two offers, and we sold a bit above asking.

    Now we just have to wait for the market to tank so we can buy in again…

  15. In Qatar I had a brief association with a group of folks tasked with assessing all the hard Intel gathered in theatre. The sheer amount of shit was overwhelming. Maybe they’re building a final collection and assessment point for all the shit after quick analysis in the field.

    The order makes it sound like they want six secure facilities for the lawyers for any prisoners facing capital crimes. Somewhere that evidence can be reviewed and such.

  16. We have a new foundation!!!!!

    Didn’t realize how “off” the old one was until this one went up – over 30 years in a house, everything shifts gradually.

    We also have a new sump pump (hole dug and pump installed by foundation guys), and it is sweet 😊

    And, Paul and our friends got the front porch floor replaced today; next step is the outer walls of the porch (following the original design of the house).

    So life is good.

  17. That’s great, Teresa! I was reading earlier where you said how much the excavation cost. Would have been many times that price here in CT. Sweet deal!

  18. That’s gotta be exciting, TiFW. I remember when we first did the roof at our old house. It was 6 (yes, six) layers of shake shingles underneath 3 layers of asphalt shingles.

    After replacement, no more creaking in the wind. Tons of stuff on the roof really made things shift. It was creepy going to sleep for a while.

  19. Car in needs to go over to leons to make sure he’s doing everything right.

    Lots of pointed directions will be needed. She might need Hotspur’s help. Bring lawn chairs to sit in.

  20. Hey, leon, if C arin comes over, make sure to take a count of babies before she leaves.

  21. She won’t come. Too far and there’s nothing here to see yet.

  22. I’m going to need someone bring me drinks while I give Leon direction

  23. Comment by Car in on April 21, 2018 7:57 pm
    I’m going to need someone bring me drinks while I give Leon direction

    Bring Erin along. When Leon isn’t looking you can swap her out for Possum.

  24. Certainly is lively in here today.

    I guess the comment header is too effective.

  25. Huh. Saint Peter has been pretty busy this week.

    By memory – Art Bell, Gunny Ermey, Jim Caine, Harry Anderson, Randy Scruggs, Barbara Bush, wrestler Paul Jones, Avicci, and today Verne Troyer and an eleven year old kid participating in a school walkout.
    Please take tomorrow off as promised, God.

  26. Don’t waste your time on Father Figures or Acts of Violence. Both really bad.

  27. Red Sparrow is better than those two, but not by a lot. Starting out, at least.

  28. One of the Rites Of Spring took place in Bangor today: the annual Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race. The local news broadcasts live from Six Mile Falls at the biggest rapids of the course and people watch to see the wipe out/capsizes. (And by people I mean me). I’ve seen it live a couple of times from Shopping Cart Falls, a little closer to downtown. More mellow rapids but by then people are tired from paddling and wipe out just as much as the big rapids

  29. Oh, we took our Christmas wreath down a couple of days ago.

    Let spring commence!

  30. I thought in most “downtowns,” that was where the big rapids are. Certainly true for Richmond (the falls line of the James River).
    They are class 5 right there off the Boot Hill Cemetary.

  31. I thought that’s how cities were settled and developed. The earliest people traveled upriver until they couldn’t go any farther, then settled there.
    Built mills in the fast flowing water, bought good from upstream, sent goods downstream, etc. I really thought most major cities were founded on the falls line of rivers…
    One more thing I need to read and learn about, I guess.

  32. Don’t mind me me – I’ll just sit here and talk to myself.

    Funny thing. I flipped channels to a local Christian station to catch a movie, but I was ½ hour early. Instead of the movie, I caught Mike Rowe’s “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” TV show for the first time ever. Damn, but he is cool. I love how he treats even the oddest people. Such a decent man. We need more like him out in the world, and especially in Hollywood. Or D.C., God willing.

  33. oy!!

  34. There’s a blue bird at my window
    I can’t hear the songs he sings
    All the jewels in heaven
    They don’t look the same to me
    I just derp the tides that turned
    Till I learn to leave the past behind

  35. Gorgeous day but cold. Not windy for a change,, though, so we’ll probably be working outside when it gets up into the 40s at some point.

    I planted a bunch of frost-tolerant veggie seedlings yesterday. ‘Red giant’ mustard, hakurei, couple of lettuces, spinach. Just a few small blocks or short rows of each. I tried spinach again and it worked this time because the flat was protected in the mini tent greenhouse and the stupid doves couldn’t find them to eat the seeds. Hah! I win, you dumb pigeons!

    I’m pretty happy with that $49 greenhouse. There’s still a forest of seedlings that can go out. Think I’ll plant the leeks today. I have hundreds of those. Including about 50 ‘Bulgarian Giant,’ from the leek breeding experiment done by that skill cult guy out in CA. They’re already enormous for leek seedlings.

  36. I don’t know what’s going on with the weather forecast, but mild evening temps have been 2 days away for a week and a half! So annoying. The day gets here, and nope. Skunked until mid-week again; Why bother with a long range forecast? It changes every 12 hours anyway.

  37. *walks out of blog and slams the door, waking up the whole house*

  38. I didn’t know Scott went to the Boston Marathon.


  40. I’ve seen the term “Dank” used a few times in the last few days and it sounded out of context so I really couldn’t figure out its intended meaning. After seeing it for the 4th time today I searched urban dictionary.

    It’s a stoner adjective which may be the reason I saw it so close to 4/20 but it wasn’t describing pot. Safe to say it won’t make it to my regular vocabulary rotation unless I’m trapped in a cave, Carin’s basement or Leon’s crawlspace.

  41. we finally have a nice day. I work of course.

  42. Guess the new Star Wars wasn’t that popular

  43. If any of you are into hiking you need to join the cult.

    Best money I have ever spent.

  44. Good day here too, Paula’s doing a 12 hour shift. Supposed to be even better tomorrow and our work/leisure roles will be reversed.

  45. More proof that no one likes fan fiction except the authors and idiots.

  46. Ok, it’s been “warmer” for half a day and I just so a fucking mosquito.

  47. saw

  48. Home alone with Possum for the day. Going to try and leave her with my sister and her cousin for a few hours so I can do some more move-in stuff later. I have to hook up the dryer so we can get some laundry done, then move some dressers and a bookshelf or 3.

  49. So the ignorant cow with the set-up by republican AG, reminding her the statute of limitations expires TODAY, went ahead and did it.

    “This charge makes no sense at all,” said Greitens’ attorney, Ed Dowd, in response to the charges. “Now he’s being accused of stealing an email list from an organization he built? Give me a break. Not only did he create this list donor by donor, friend by friend, but the Mission Continues still has the list. The idea that this is a crime is absurd.”

  50. This AG, by the way, is backed by prominent establishment RINOs here in MO.
    Like NeverTrumping RINOs in congress, who wanted hillary to win, working in tandem with democrats.

  51. All my kids are actually here. Came yesterday. Big meal, then a movie (The Witch). They’re still all hanging out.

  52. Yesterday was nice. I sat outside for a couple of hours and painted, but now I hate the piece that I’m working on and may restart the whole damn thing. After that I was up until 2am filling out job applications. No bites so far, and I’m starting to get anxious. I’ve got to go in to the office for about four hours later today. Then the gym for probably another two. Then it’s home and working on stuff for my GIS class.

  53. They must finally be getting around to doing that Crossfit intervention on you.

  54. “Mom, we have to talk…please sit down…no, put the kettlebell down first..”

  55. Took Monster out for a spin, lovely day today. Of course now it won’t start. Have to wait until it cools down and the excess fuel in the rails evaporates.

    Stupid monster.

  56. Pups, pics or it didn’t happen!

  57. “…put the kettlebell down first…”

    Last night Paula was watching videos on doing muscle ups and she thinks she has cracked the code. Something about a false grip on the bar to make the transition from pulling up and then over the bar. She wished we had a bar here to begin working on it right away. I’m concerned she’s gonna come home from the gym with some weird tendinitis

  58. My next door neighbor has been gone for over a month. At first I thought they were somewhere warm for a vacation but no sign of them in over a month and by this time of the year they’re usually outside working on their lawn almost daily. I’ll ask the other neighbors if they know anything. They have kids so I’m sure everything is fine … just weird for them

  59. Yea, false grip. that’s what i’ve beeen doing wrong.

    Yea – no. Not for me. The videos make it look so freakin easy. Drives me nuts. But it’s basically impossible to get one w/o the false grip. They had us doing hangs with false grip the other day.

  60. Took Monster out for a spin, lovely day today. Of course now it won’t start.
    Have you tried Viagra?

  61. buddies at cf are making fun of me because I skipped yesterday’s open gym (went running instead) – but they did this HORRIBLE workout that I repeatedly said I didn’t want to do.

    50, 40, 30, 20, 10 of wallballs, burpees, thrusters and doubleunders.

    Yea … pass.

  62. The RFH family (minus Rocketboy) celebrated Earth Day yesterday by driving 3.5 hours one way in an SUV to see an air show where they burned lots and lots of jet fuel for six hours. If you ever get a chance to see an F-22 demo, do it. Sound of freedom, baby.

    I think I got sunburned through my t-shirt. It was a heavy shirt, but my shoulders feel prickly.

  63. Sun was quite strong and bright during our hike this morning. Feel pretty wiped out because of it. Made me remember sunburning my eyes last Summer in CO. But that doesn’t really ever happen here, thank goodness.

  64. is there a virtual hiking group I can join? that would be great.

    can you guys go here this week?

  65. Made it home. Stupid Monster.

    No pics Mare, I was stranded in Delano, MN. 5 people came up to me and asked me to either take them out of there or run them over for mercy. I’m not documenting that shit.

  66. Today’s trail looked like this for almost an hour.

    Then it looked like this

  67. Ha, Pups! How many did you mercy-squish?

  68. Yeah, work isn’t happening today. Instead, I guess I’ll grab lunch, fill out a bunch of job applications for the Michigan area, and go for a run later.

  69. Soon as it started I hauled ass. Grand Theft Delano will have to wait.

    It runs fine from a cold start, but a hot start is chancy. Not sure what the problem is but never trust a Monster.

    That trail looks cool. Is that Vermont?

  70. fill out a bunch of job applications for the Michigan area,

    Have you tried Bronner’s in Frankenmouth?

  71. It was the first place that I looked. Unfortunately they wont let you mock floppy-haired douchebags dragged there by a girl that they’re not dating.

  72. Nope, central CT, Pups. We have a bunch of traprock ridges here, all 1000′ of elevation or less. So there’s plenty of strenuous but quick hike loops with a pleasant reward at the top. Knock one out in a couple hours. Quite nice. Looking forward to the trees leafing out and the mountain laurels blooming pretty soon. We’re just doing one per week, but when my schedule evens out we want to do two or three hikes a week until the weather gets beastly hot.

  73. scored a free Weber Silver on FB. Now I don’t have to replace the gas grill guts. Just on the “new” one

  74. We have a bunch of traprock ridges here, all 1000′ of elevation or less.

    So…New Hampshire?

  75. Wiser can see that peak from his yard.

  76. Wiser can see that peak from his yard.

    I sense a Sarah Palin joke comlnig on.

  77. Jersey?

  78. The FBI dropped another effing ball. FBI interviewers are, evidently, dumbasses. Pathetic.

  79. If it’s the case I think you’re talking about, Mare, isn’t that more on the State of Illinois?
    Started with the Secret Service, got kicked to FBI, which in turn kicked it back to the State.
    All of them failed, but Illinois gave the guns back.


  81. Nice display of wingtip vortex phenomenon.

  82. Con-nec-ti-cut, Pupster. We have hills! Rockiness! Swearsies!

  83. In decluttering today, I found a Western Union telegram from my great-aunt to my great-grandfather, that she and Helen would be there in time for my great-grandmother’s funeral. 1939. I’d never seen a telegram outside of Bugs Bunny cartoons. No one knows who Helen was.

    Still mad at my dad for not letting me have all these mementos and photographs earlier. Five years’ storage in a tool shed did a lot of damage.

  84. Comment by lauraw on April 22, 2018 8:35 pm
    Con-nec-ti-cut, Pupster. We have hills! Rockiness! Swearsies!

    Those are like the a-cups of mountains at best.


  86. No one knows who Helen was.

    Oh, they know. They just don’t talk about Helen. Nobody talks about Helen because of that one thing.

  87. Helen hooking up with your mom? Not a big deal, really.

  88. Helen would kiss on the 3rd date, like a whore.

  89. Tell you what, I love having a pepe knife when I’m moving stuff around, and I just need to cut through vines and crap. Been cutting boxes and things, haven’t needed to sharpen it after I initially did. Rock solid too, locks securely. I love it.

  90. This is great. Holy shit, the pedestrians.

  91. I haven’t sharpened my Pepe knife yet, J-Ames. I love it.
    I carry & use it every day. (Not sure if he got any orders, but I’ve turned a few friends on to his site) still cuts anything I ask it to like it just came out of the box.
    I do want to get a new whetstone or one of those sharpeners from amazon you were talking about.

  92. The Cuatro is my absolute favorite EDC knife. Slim, but solidly made and sharp as hell.

  93. That’s the one I got, Sean. Highly recommended.

  94. Furi Sharpening Fingers

    Maybe pepe can review that one. I really like it, for all my knives.

  95. Yeah, work isn’t happening today. Instead, I guess I’ll grab lunch, fill out a bunch of job applications for the Michigan area, and go for a run later.


  96. It was the first place that I looked. Unfortunately they wont let you mock floppy-haired douchebags dragged there by a girl that they’re not dating.

    I’m sure it’s fine

  97. What!!?!??

    Lock up the daughter.

  98. Lauraw, so very cool

  99. Lock up yo wives. Lock up yo daughters…

  100. Volcano is starting on Cinemax, if you haven’t seen a bad movie yet this weekend.

  101. Glad you guys like ’em.

  102. Major concern regarding Dad eagle in Decorah, IA. He hasn’t been back to the nest since this past Thursday. He and mom got their babies through the last snowstorm and he disappears a couple of days after the melt. They’ve got landowners in and around the area keeping an eye out for him. Fire district also put up some drones along roadways in the event he got smashed trying to pick up road kill.

    Mom has been doing a good job on her own, there is plenty of food still stored in the nest…not to mention their nest is on property that also has a fish hatchery…,the eaglets finally have their thermal regulating feathers, and hopefully they have turned the corner regarding foul weather. But still no data on single parenting eagle-style.

    Mom has been calling for him. :(

    I asked if they knew how old Dad was (he was a widower when he met Mom) and they said he’s at least 20. Mom is 15. Lifespan for eagles in the wild is 20 -25 years. o_O

    Factoid – 70-80% of eagles do not make it to adulthood.

    {In the North nest, Mrs. North was able to lay two more eggs, twenty days after her first one broke halfway through incubation.}

  103. In other news, after spending two days in the hospital getting his newly diagnosed diabeetus under control, my nephew was out and playing in a baseball game today. How ’bout that?
    My sister is still freaking but she is very happy she quit her job that had rotating shifts. Weird how that worked out.

  104. Mom and Dad Decorah were together for ten years. Babies 29, 30, and 31 are in the nest now.

  105. How’s your FIL, Beasn?

  106. My spirit’s broken
    No will to derp
    My body’s all achin’
    My hands are tied
    I need my freedom
    Not your sympathy

  107. Erf Day hangover. My breath reeks of tofu and sprouts and there’s a bunch of hippies passed out around a drum circle.

  108. Back to work Monday blues. Busy weekend for trauma, they called me about 4-5 kids and I’m sure there’s more out there they didn’t call about

  109. I just managed to get logged in. MMM shortly.

  110. Our house has been on the market 45 days.

    Our real estate agent:

    You don’t need to stage your house.

    Your house won’t sell by doing an open house.

    People don’t really pay attention to details so don’t worry about the small stuff.

    There’s nothing we can do, just have to wait for the right buyer to come along.

    Me: Why am I paying you?

    REA: …………….

    Me: You’re fired.

  111. If you haven’t seen video of antifa getting arrested for wearing masks at a neo nazi rally in GA this weekend, you’re missing out.

    One of the kids, all of 120 pounds, lets out a whimper that is simply glorious. I can’t understand why a soy weighted faggot would disobey a 250 pound cop in full riot gear that was yelling warning for a few minutes.

  112. waits

  113. It’s up, sorry, I wanderd to the basement with a dog bed that smelled like it should be in a pile with things that smelled like pee and discovered that the sump pump in the ew basement had failed.

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