Emergency Thursday Poat


Since the usual suspects were not available, I’ll go ahead and put up a poat that’s fresher than your mom after fleet week.  Content will be minimal, a sampler of themes from the rest of the week.

We’ve got well-formed glutes and poorly-tucked penii. *check*

How about some hard-bodied pretty-boys? *check*

Bore, God of Blunder? *Check* and *Check*

And titties and a vacant stare. *Check*  I’m not sure if she’s been featured before, and I’m too lazy to ask.




  1. “What color is the sky in your world”

    solid dude…


  2. Troy, I like the “kill em all sort it out later” characters. A lot.

  3. I like it when Mich Rapp doesn’t ask questions shoots one knee cap then says “now it you ever want to walk again you’ll tell me_________.”

  4. I like characters like Denzel in Man on Fire and De Niro in Ronin.

  5. And Denzel in The Equalizer. Equalizer 2 will be coming out July 20

    Equalizer 2 trailer

    Directed by Antoine Fuqua again. Tony Scott did Man on Fire, but the soundtrack is similar.

  6. I was hoping Rapp would be like the Man on Fire character, or Equalizer. But no, they had to complicate it.

  7. My favorite part of one of the Rapp books?

    When Flynn got rid of the whiny, “journalist” wife character. Good riddance. Hated her character.

  8. Reposted from last thread:

    I know that Spring is here because it looks like snow inside our house.

    The Great Pyrenees’ shedding has begun.

  9. And our house now smells like wet dirt. The foundation guys are here to dig spots under the house to put down new pads for new piers. Next step will be new beams, right next to the old (warped) ones.

    After 111 years, I guess it’s time….

    On the bright side, Mr. TiFW now has 3 new access points that he can use to get under the house!

  10. On the bright side, Mr. TiFW now has 3 new access points that he can use to get under the house!



  11. Did your insurance cover it Teresa? What the heck does it cost to fix a foundation?

  12. Made one of the two phone calls I have to make today.

    One more and I’m done.


  13. Wow, it’s dead in here.

  14. Where’s Car in? I’ve got some chicken yodeling for her…


  15. Urrgh, I’m out of shape. Went with #1 son to fix a spring. Walked home. Only about 2 miles, but uphill into a 20mph wind. Way harder than it should have been.

  16. https://tinyurl.com/ya8ecnq6

  17. She has been a Friday Features Alex.


    Tomorrow’s model is old school, not Rotund old school but older than I am old school.

  18. Round is a shape, Pepe.

  19. Rush is playing clips of Lara Loomer confronting Comey at his book signing.


    “Journ-o-lists” are pissed at her for not following protocol and asking a screened question.

  20. Journ-o-list can go eff themselves.

    “Screened question”

  21. New movie coming out?

  22. So a lib judge refuses to throw out the case against Greitens even though he admits the prosecutor withheld evidence and is dragging her nasty-assed feet.

  23. Josh Hawley, our AG, held a press conference the other day to say that he may have evidence that Greitens may or may not have committed a felony to do with the donor list to his charity. He said he handed the info over to the circuit atty, the same cow who is going after Greitens with no evidence and no victim, to let her determine if it’s a crime or not.

    Everyone here in MO is wondering, even dem leaning prosecutors, wtf he did that. If you have evidence of a crime, just hand it over. Why the press conference and then why say…’let her determine if it’s a crime or not’????

    Two points:
    1. During the campaign, they realized they couldn’t use his charity’s donor list for/towards the campaign, so they stopped, and paid a fine. So, it looks like this issue was already dealt with. And to hand shit over to a prosecutor who is prosecuting him for nothing with no victim…and not know of course she’s going to determine another crime. The fu?

    2. Josh Hawley was supposed to be the favorite in unseating McCaskill in November. He just shot himself in the foot. WTF is wrong with republicans that they always do this? You never see democrats pile on other democrats like this especially during election season. But republicans….pffft…all the time. Either through disassociating themselves from non-crimes in a jackass way, to paying democrats to vote against solid candidates wanting to unseat establishment dicks.

    3. McCaskill is now so confident that she is going to win again that she is going around bragging how she is going to make sure those tax cuts are repealed.

  24. 4. ^^Most here think the circuit atty is a hack.

    5. Hawley is backed by the establishment swamp creature Danforth money.

  25. It seems that MO always has something go wrong for a GOP candidate, so McCaskill wins again.

  26. Let’s see how quickly this mother bastard begins squealing.

  27. Call your mom?

  28. It’s never “complicated”. If you dont know what your relationship status is, then there is no relationship.

  29. These open ended investigations are following the Lavrentiy Beria model: “Show me the man, and I’ll find the crime……”

  30. It seems that MO always has something go wrong for a GOP candidate, so McCaskill wins again.

    It’s almost like there is a uniparty with an agenda behind it.

    Regarding Greitens and the affair…there is no victim and no evidence. Just a pissed of ex-husband, a pissed off establishment against Greitens for trying to follow through on the promises he made, and a Soros-backed prosecutor, voted in because she’s black and promised to stop prosecuting* black men over ‘petty’ crimes, coming to the aid of the establishment.

    *murder rate has soared under her watch and she has solved none of them….because quit picking on black men!!

  31. Did your insurance cover it Teresa? What the heck does it cost to fix a foundation?

    This isn’t really an insurance thing. The ground has shifted back and forth over the years, and it’s the original foundation. The soil layers in our neighborhood are more vertical than horizontal – just (bad) luck of the draw. Way back when, they didn’t always use the big beams under houses. We are addressing that this time.

    There was also a not insignificant addition made to the house at some point in its history, and whoever added on only added enough support for the addition. This time, they will sister (and stagger) two new pieces of wood together, and the beams will span the entire length of the house.

    The excavation cost is $4000, and it should probably be a LOT more. The foundation part (pads, piers, beams, expertise) is $12,000. All of the estimates that we got ran around the same price.

    We paid off the house in 2016, so we took out a HELOC last year and are paying $1000/month on any expenses we incur. We’re only using it for improvements on the house.

  32. Foundation repair work is no fun at all, but there’s really good money in it. Quite a few companies around here specialize in it. (I’m at least 10 miles away from the Atlantic, but still only 10 or 11 feet above sea level)

    My knees and hips are hurting just thinking about it. I spent too many years on my knees in attics and crawlspaces to mention. Horrible on the body.

  33. ” I spent too many years on my knees in attics and crawlspaces to mention”

    Just think how your mom feels….

  34. And THAT is why I keep coming back here.

  35. and Pepe knocks the low hanging fruit out of da park! That one is goooooone. And there is Coach Hotspur on the third base line to high five and smack Pepe’s ass in atta boy fashion (nothing ghey at all) as he rounds third…..seriously, I cant believe the pitcher threw that one, did he waive the sign off from the catcher? Lets look at the tape…..

  36. There are two types of dog https://tinyurl.com/ychbckj8

  37. LOL, Scott

  38. Well, they’ve already hauled off two very large trailers’ worth of dirt from under the house, and they are working on a third one.

    Mr. TiFW is beside himself with joy 😄

    It’s kind of weird hearing all of those voices under the house, though!

  39. Oso loves Mare!!! I H8D Rapp’s journo wife!!!

  40. NM reps associated with Awan Spying Ring? Bitch running for gov and Senator Hindlick.

  41. Going back to my Twitter happy place. Otters. I ❤️ Otters

  42. Y’all need to watch the Andre the Giant doc on HBO. MORE THAN WRESTLING!!!

  43. https://is.gd/1ku6A2

  44. Pups must work at a meme factory…..

  45. Dang I wish. If I could make a living at it I would.

  46. https://tinyurl.com/ycjnq4fx

    I think Hillary has to face some penalty, or people will be pissed.

  47. https://tinyurl.com/ycv6wug4

  48. doing a little catch up on the awan gig –

    prison needs to be in whatsherface shultz’zsz future and the foreign agents should be executed in order to send a clear message – but we know how this will work out

    good guys v bad guys:
    in congress i think it’s 20 : 80
    and i’m trying to be positive; on a bad day i’d wager 5 : 95

    i have no idea how shit this lopsided can ever work itself out without bloodshed

  49. I’m okay with bloodshed.

  50. Comment by scott on April 19, 2018 8:10 pm

    She seems nice.

  51. oso/pepetone – mrs jam is getting plans together for an ABQ trip to visit her dad –

    i’ll let you all know when we get closer. i think its the last week of june thru the 4Th

    you’ve been warned

  52. i second pups’ sentiment – i listened to her “Everybody Else Can Kiss My Ass” song too

  53. Sunny Sweeney: Whiskey Richard

  54. thanks scott
    some funny stuff

  55. After getting really sick and tired of classic rock, I started listening to country music.

    There is a lot more humor in country music,

  56. You’re the reason our kids are ugly……that’s a classic.

  57. “I believe my dog’s a Democrat” is chuckle worthy.

  58. A longtime solid favorite:

  59. Vince Gill’s It’s Hard To Kiss the Lips At Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day.

  60. Trying not to growl at Mr. RFH. I worked until 6:30 tonight, came home and made dinner. And he drank all of my rooiboos tea.’

    Using my last bar of Secret Santa soap. This one has orange peel in it.

  61. I think there was a Tater Salad routine about being nekkid and eating Cheetos.

  62. Don’t get any big ideas
    They’re not gonna happen
    You paint yourself derp
    And fill up with noise
    There’ll be something missing
    And now that you found it
    It’s gone

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