Emergency Thursday Poat


Since the usual suspects were not available, I’ll go ahead and put up a poat that’s fresher than your mom after fleet week.  Content will be minimal, a sampler of themes from the rest of the week.

We’ve got well-formed glutes and poorly-tucked penii. *check*

How about some hard-bodied pretty-boys? *check*

Bore, God of Blunder? *Check* and *Check*

And titties and a vacant stare. *Check*  I’m not sure if she’s been featured before, and I’m too lazy to ask.



Here’s Your Order – Enjoy

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Daily Dose of Splodey

I usually do this shit over at my place, but the neighbors have started to complain of the noise and shrapnel, but mostly shrapnel.

High Score Winner

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The Progression Continues….

Two weeks ago we visited “hot” in Kate Upton.

Last week it was “hot badass” in Gina Carano.

This week, this week we’re just going badass.

The post will be simple, like all of you. Badass soldiers doing badass things set to badass music.

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