POS Poat – Reconquista bitches!!!!

I’ve got a friend (of sorts) who purports to be a Messican and is always whining about racism, the plight of the boarder jumpers and welfare scammers blah, blah, blah –

I’ve tried to learn him a few things, economics, race designation, etc – no bueno. So now I just work on irritating him as much as I can. I start and end conversations with him by calling him my southern caucasian brother.

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POS Post – Code Name: Snake Juice

Ahrite you lazy bitches/bitchettes –

get up!

When you hear “Snake Juice” what comes (heh) to mind … ?

No – N0 – NOO!

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HHD – Monkey Style

So – it’s an honor to be allowed to fill in for teh Rocket Chick; i’ll try not to fail to launch this bitch in an appropriate manner (one that your mom would like).

I went the extra mile and commissioned a song to be written specifically for this poat – leon’s pricing was a bit high but he promised that he wouldn’t eat too many ‘shrooms whilst composing this amazing journey of musical¬† majesty –

What do you think?



now onward to the hunky humps that the hostagettes and jewstin have been waiting for:

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Fun Football Factoids!

As summer’s heat begins to wane (except for here, where it’s expected to be over 100 degrees this week) and a chill creeps into the air, it is time once again for America’s Game! No, not that one–The Footballs!

Now, you can just watch the game, or you can quit being such a fat, worthless, fat fucking pantload and learn some shit about it. Here are a few facts I’ve gleaned about this fascinating subject:
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Hello again, my friends, the wandering land mammal returns to welcome y’all to Big Boob Friday…short sprint and long pole edition.

I’d like to thank MJ for his capable management of this august institution, I shall endeavor to persevere in the spirit with which BBF was originally founded.

I wrote this song after finding today’s model, and then gave it to Eddie Money.¬† He couldn’t get the spirit of the lyrics until I told him to start singing out only of one side of his mouth, then he became a big star.

Today’s model was born in Maryland in 1990, and is an adult model and highly skilled porn star. She stands 5′ tall and 120lbs, and measures 36-24-34 with big ol’ DD aftermarket face-smackers. Please stop trying to explode all over Pam Geller long enough to welcome, Miss Rainia Belle aka Lilith Lust!

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Incoming Justice

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Nuff said.