Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today is internet famous, and was born September 11th, 1993 in Miami, Florida. She has a great smile and is super-adorable, she likes dogs, boats, and wearing bikinis. She stands 5‘ 2″ and measures 322634 and 120 lbs. Please say CONGRATULATIONS to Miss Angie Varona.


  1. Comment by Pupster on February 16, 2023 6:03 pm
    No peeking, but y’all need to get your feet set for tomorrow’s model. A contender for sure.
    My feet are swollen


  2. She’d look good in a tow sack.

  3. Good morning. Feels weird starting the week on a Friday, but here we are. Truncated vacations are like that. Routine-busters.
    Gonna be hard to get through today, only 3 or 4 hours sleep last night. Allergies with persistent inflammation since yesterday. Ugh. Pretty sure it was the conservatory. Lots of stuff blooming in there, we could see a haze of pollen floating on the water features.

  4. She’s got a nice smile and great boobs.

    And looks like she’d do well on farm chores!

    Good job, pupster!

  5. “farm chores”

  6. I bet she knows her way around an udder

  7. another what

  8. anudder udder peanut butter sandwich cookie

  9. 5’2″!?

    Fortunately, the ink brings her back down to 10/10.

  10. 9/10 would smash

  11. is that what you would refer to as robust hindquarters?

  12. The MI train derailment is right near my old house. I can picture the intersection pretty well, right next to I-94. The HazMat car doesn’t appear to have been breached, though.

  13. /stamps “APPROVED”

  14. not yet. the burn team was in Ohio, they are on the way

  15. It is, Jay. She is pleasant coming and going.

  16. They burn it there they’ll kill at least a hundred horses and and likely 10,000 chickens, minimum. My neighbor had one of the bigger egg operations in the township.

  17. no brazzers logos

  18. 6 inches of snow, back down to zero, post dart tournament sinus issues, carmex on nose, yeah it’s truly winter now.

  19. Dang, twitter: we lost Rush 2 years ago today

  20. New homes near me are selling for 500 per sq ft.

    This is fine. Nothing to worry about.

  21. Sounds like Fairfax, MJ. Actually that’d be low for Fairfax.

  22. I’m mistaken, Redfin says that’s about right for Fairfax if there’s a yard at all. Slightly less for a townhouse or condo.

  23. I didn’t know you moved to California, MJ

  24. I live in rural GA FFS.

    I think everyone moved here from up north or near the city.

  25. A busted pipe in Atlanta conquered the US. I’d get the heck out, too.

  26. you forgot these leon: “busted pipe”

  27. I think Falling Waters also got weird during the pandemic. I was trying to remember if they required the vax to go inside, but we’d decided it was too far out of the way for that particular trip.


  28. South Park takes on Harry and Meghan. NSFW with f-bombs. The echo cracked me up.

  29. I bet she had a nice rack before she got the bags.

  30. Wish my hair looked like hers in the 9th photo.

  31. heh, Nikki Haley?

  32. The whole Nikki Haley is whitewashing herself if pretty strange. The racist people on the left keep referring to her as Nimrata Rhandhawa, which is her maiden name.

    Could you imagine the outrage if we referred to Michele Obama as Mike Robinson? The horror.

  33. my favorite is Jemele Hill making fun of her, and getting mad when someone called her Juanita (jemele’s middle name, which also completely changes her race too)

  34. They really need to stop deadnaming people. I’ve been told that’s literal deadly violence.

  35. BIG MIKE

  36. She’s DOA anyway. No one wants or needs more Haley.

  37. Nikki needs the contacts and influence.

  38. She is lovely without makeup. Fortunate girl.

    Fortunate to have those knockers too.

  39. Comment by MJ (ghee/ghem) on February 17, 2023 9:01 am
    New homes near me are selling for 500 per sq ft.



  40. Comment by Jay in Ames on February 17, 2023 10:05 am
    Nikki needs the contacts and influence.


    Jesse Kelly talked about this and I think you two are correct.

  41. makes sense, that’s why all of them run

  42. New homes near me are selling for 500 per sq ft.

    From 1976 through 1979, 418,000 entry-level single-family houses/year were built, 34% of all new homes constructed. In the 1980s, the number fell to 314,000/year, still 33% of all new homes built. In the 1990s it shrank to just 207,000/year, and in the 2010s about 150,000/year. During the just completed 2010s, starter homes averaged just 55,000/year, or just 7% of new residential construction.

    Elliot Eisenberg 2/16/2023

  43. Zoomers often lament that homeownership is impossible for them. That paragraph is a big reason why. No one’s building houses for them.

  44. St Petersburg, FL is very old and was a true snowbird haven. Small boxes were a second home for those wanting blue sky, warm air, and the gulf during winter months.

    These boxes and I do mean boxes (2 bedroom, 1 bath) are going for between $350,000 to $500,000. And those of course, are in decent neighborhoods.

  45. But even in a hot market like St Petersburg a lot of homes have dropped their price. It cracks me up when they drop the price $500.

    A 3/2 with a pool (not fancy) that needs a LOT of work are going for around $700,000 and up.

    Again these are in decent neighborhoods. Not posh, decent.

    I guess its the same in a lot of places.

  46. Butt gig has been boning up on the train issue

    Safe for work, even with that lead in

  47. also, no one wants to buy that starter home. They want the 2000 sq ft one with the walk in closets.

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  49. I didn’t own a home bigger than 1700 sf until I was 57 years old. And then only because that’s what my brother wife REALLY REALLY wanted and I’m ugly but not stupid.

  50. How the fuck did brother get in that sentence? This phone is retarded.

  51. And no builder wants to build that starter home.

    It takes the same amount of effort to build a $300,000 house as it takes to build a $700,000 house – same subcontractors, same fucking bullshit building permit process, same time spent ordering and scheduling, and almost identical construction time. The difference is the profit on each.

    The $300k house isn’t worth it when there is an unquenchable thirst for the $700k house.

  52. hahahahhahaha

  53. Brother wife?


  54. I’ve never had bigger than 1700 with a full basement, and that was nice but not critical. We’re in 1200 with a basement now, but we’ve got 3 more buildings for all the farming implements and vehicle storage and whatnot.

  55. agreed, HS

  56. Aww, the Dixie Chicks are playing the Iowa State Fair this summer. the comments are exactly as expected.

  57. BTW, profit is based largely as a percentage of the cost of construction – just so you know why the builder would rather build the $700k house.

  58. Chickseat Dicks

  59. Smudge got his lady a Valentine

  60. Oh, I get it. A .33 acre lot can hold a 150k house or a 350k house, and I know which one has the better margin for everyone making the sale. Just sucks. At today’s prices, I’d have bought my first lawnmower a lot later in my career.

  61. The house I’m rooming in is old. Old enough for a fusebox instead of breaker, as I mentioned before. It’s about the size of my old apartment, maybe a touch larger. I would take it in a heartbeat for my own if I could. Nobody builds them, so the only ones are old ones that aren’t always kept up…or wind up as rentals.

    Housing is fucked, for more reasons than I can even articulate. Once it stopped being “someplace of your own to live” and started being “investments and income streams”, once all the regulations and the NIMBYism started piling up, once all the subsidies and the free money entered the picture…

  62. A friend of mine just bought a house. I told her to hold off, but her and her fiance were adamant. Pretty sure they paid something like $260,000 for a box.

  63. Ever notice there are no $50 televisions anymore?

    Go ahead and check. I already did.

  64. Some of the pics look like Cote de Pablo, aka Ziva David from past episodes of NCIS.

  65. This is fine.

  66. Dealing with what I hope is just someone having a brain fart on a Friday and not an incompetent diversity hire. I thought coefficient of thermal expansion was taught in all engineering.

  67. Not ringing a bell, but it’s been a while since thermo, and I was mostly in physics where the terms of art are generally different.

  68. I looked it up. Nope, I either never heard it or I forgot it entirely after ME 370. Most of my thermal work was in physics courses and we were talking about gases or conductivity and mean free path, not gross material expansion/deformation.

  69. Wow, okay. I had it in at least two mechanics of materials classes plus 1st quarter physics (along with coefficient of friction and spring constant). The first quarter mechanics of materials was required for all engineering majors, even the industrials.

    CTE mismatch is a big problem when you have a thermal cycle from +250 to -148 Fahrenheit every 90 minutes.

  70. Trying out a new pair of cargo shorts. Very roomy! So many pockets I can get lost in these things.

  71. At one point, I had the CTEs of all sorts of metals and optical materials memorized, but that’s pretty much gone now.

  72. if you put yourself in a pocket do you disappear?

  73. Just watched the footage of the Van Buren derailment. It’s a little farther from Haggerty than I was picturing, and they didn’t zoom out enough on the drone for me to really get my bearings. It’s curious that the derailment happened at the precise intersection with a logging/farm trail though. It’d be child’s play to get to that spot on the track with a snowmobile or mountain bike and be on your way before anyone thought much of it.

  74. Similar issue, Roamy. I only had one required Mat Sci course, but it’s possible it came up there and I forgot it. It’s been 20-something years and I never needed it professionally (and my degrees are in math and physics with an informal ME minor) so that’s a huge factor in me likely simply having forgotten it.

  75. It was one of the weed-out courses at Virginia Tech and seems to be the same at Rolla.

    You are reminding me to be nicer to the newbie, he may be an EE or physics and not have encountered it.

  76. It’s not complex on my reading of it. If it’s still mysterious to him in a week he’s a dipshit. Benefit of the doubt for now makes sense.

  77. The train derailments remind me to check my bugout bags. I should have started some seeds by now, but kidneystone had other ideas. Trying to think through my preps and figure out what I’m missing.

  78. Heh, twitter: Paige Spiranac: Marketing Genius

  79. I still have 3 sheep in the freezer, so we’d eat for a while (though Possum would be angry). We did wargame the “which animals could we save?” scenario in case the rail line near us went ‘splodey.

  80. if you put yourself in a pocket do you disappear?

    Yes. I’ve got pockets on my pockets with pockets. It’s pocket-inception over here.

  81. Just don’t store your portable hole in your bag of holding.

  82. Don’t be playing any pocket pool away games.

  83. I really thought the pic of Tiger handing JT a tampon after he out drove JT was a joke. Tiger didn’t realize it was a captured image, until it went viral. He just apologized. I H8 this new America.

  84. Apologized for what?

  85. For giving Justin Thomas a tampon after out driving him.

  86. bad cattitude strikes again …

  87. Tiger’s been kind of a pussy since he stopped getting so much of it. Sad!

  88. Oh, and my chemical engineering heat transfer classes mentioned coefficients of thermal expansion a fair amount, but it’s kind of a difficult concept to incorporate into any meaningful academic problem set except in really simplistic problems. But very important in industry, like cryogenic liquids or piping designs in refineries or power plants handling hot gases.

  89. And here’s someone finding holes in Seymour Hersh’s story about NordStream sabotage.

    I don’t know who is right or wrong. It’s impossible for the average person to know who is playing and propagandizing who. The smart play is to trust and believe nobody and keep an open (but rational) mind.

    IMO, the only people that benefited from this act of war were in the US government.

  90. Hymn of Breaking Strain

    THE careful text-books measure
    (Let all who build beware!)
    The load, the shock, the pressure
    Material can bear.
    So, when the buckled girder
    Lets down the grinding span,
    ‘The blame of loss, or murder,
    Is laid upon the man.
    Not on the Stuff—the Man!

    But in our daily dealing
    With stone and steel, we find
    The Gods have no such feeling
    Of justice toward mankind.
    To no set gauge they make us—
    For no laid course prepare—
    And presently o’ertake us
    With loads we cannot bear:
    Too merciless to bear.

    The prudent text-books give it
    In tables at the end
    ‘The stress that shears a rivet
    Or makes a tie-bar bend—
    ‘What traffic wrecks macadam—
    What concrete should endure—
    but we, poor Sons of Adam
    Have no such literature,
    To warn us or make sure!

    We hold all Earth to plunder—
    All Time and Space as well—
    Too wonder-stale to wonder
    At each new miracle;
    Till, in the mid-illusion
    Of Godhead ‘neath our hand,
    Falls multiple confusion
    On all we did or planned—
    The mighty works we planned.
    We only of Creation
    (Oh, luckier bridge and rail)
    Abide the twin damnation—
    To fail and know we fail.
    Yet we – by which sole token
    We know we once were Gods—
    Take shame in being broken
    However great the odds—
    The burden of the Odds.

    Oh, veiled and secret Power
    Whose paths we seek in vain,
    Be with us in our hour
    Of overthrow and pain;
    That we – by which sure token
    We know Thy ways are true—
    In spite of being broken,
    Because of being broken
    May rise and build anew
    Stand up and build anew.

    –R. Kipling

  91. Sorry. The CTE discussion brought it to mind. It’s a favorite.

  92. RK 👊🏻

  93. Just saw an article about Project Veritas and James O’Keefe. That story sort of got displaced by the balloon hoax and toxic train crashes. The board of directors released a statement saying that O’Keefe isn’t being fired, blah blah blah.

    Unless I hear it from the man himself I’m not buying it. I suspect their fundraising has nosedived. I know I haven’t received the customary 2 or 3 emails a day asking for money in a while. Probably trying to lay low and let the controversy pass

  94. He’s on a much needed “Vacation.”

  95. Love Kipling.

  96. My thoughts on Project Veritas exactly. I think they are trying hard to backpedal.

  97. WTF Jimbro? 🤪👊🏻👋🏻

  98. TLM is under attack. Maine has more Latin Mass than NM. Our Sanctuary City loving POS Archbishop that shut down Mass for 2+ years, made targeting TLM a priority.

  99. Market manager visit today. She thought our racks looked very “Target.”

  100. Closest I can get to a TLM near Notre Dame these days is a Spanish-language OF. I’ve literally never even seen a TLM.

  101. I’m old. TLM was my childhood. Modern Day Mass in NM is NO. Dan doesn’t remember TLM. He doesn’t understand African or Asian priests. We’re currently parish shopping again. We love Fr Tran and Fr Charlie. We H8 the music BS. We like early Mass.

  102. Sorry the Ws had their vacay cut short.

  103. Trying out a new pair of cargo shorts. Very roomy! So many pockets I can get lost in these things.

    Things a man never says when women are present!!!

  104. Most time off we’ve had together since 2019! It was fine. Going to pick a different area for Autumn if we can swing it.

  105. I still have 3 sheep in the freezer
    Gretchen and Brando’s team will be contacting you, soon. Something about mistreating reliable voters.

  106. Favorite comment: “That is a chinese throwing penis”

  107. I wonder why anyone would hire something like that in the first place. Right off the bat you know you get nothing but trouble from these weirdos.

  108. “Brain’s closed. Eye-tattoos out front shoulda told ya.”

  109. Look how eager she is to ignore the core mission of conducting business, instead focusing on dragging other people into her personal psychodrama, which is the REAL important interaction for her in any setting.

  110. I love that Kipling poem. Thanks, BroTim.

  111. The control issues these people have (needing to command how absolute strangers must refer to you to other people when you aren’t even there is CONTROL) are usually seen in people who have suffered real trauma early in life. Lost of a parent, childhood abuse, etc.

    In these cases I think their education and brainwashing is that trauma. They are literally force-fed mental illness at a young age. It has the excellent side benefit of allowing them to avoid: adult responsibilities and comportment, completing their assignments, and honoring others’ demand that they be competent in their work.

  112. My kid just got accepted into his college of choice! He’s super smart so it shouldn’t have even been a question, but BYU has gotten incredibly competitive.

  113. WOOHOO!!! Awesome, Sobek! Congratulations!

  114. Great news, Sobek!

  115. Thanks, Roamy. It’s one of the things I use to try to get out of the downward spiral when I fuck something up. Right alongside Maxim 70: Failure is not an option – it is mandatory. The option is whether or not to let failure be the last thing you do.

  116. “OVER a thousand rounds of ammunition!” Australia is fucked.

  117. The lawless environment in our cities really should be studied and compared to times past where this behavior was rare.

    It’s good to know how many people at any given time are actually just always functionally lawless, and how many just depend on the current to decide if it is worth it or not.

    By capturing these statistics, we can calculate how many demons can dance on the head of a pin while our society sinks like the Titanic.

  118. next year you’re in the Big 12 sobek

  119. heh, someone brought up guns at work once. Someone mentioned that no one should ever estimate how many were out in the parking lot at that moment.

    Concrete Construction, lots of 4WD pickups

  120. so now Tucker is taking guests from Gutfeld? I suppose, since he didn’t have a Superb Owl ad

  121. anti war rally in DC on Sunday? interesting

  122. jimmy dore, tulsi gabbard, tara reade, interesting guests

  123. Ann Coulter on Timcast tonight, Deace on Monday.

  124. Ann is still full of crazy, but is convinced of her BS. She’s right about some stuff though.

  125. Delphine’s ex remained persistent.

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