Hey, let’s get this day started off the right way


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The Post From Ipanema

The first time I ever heard the song “The Girl From Ipanema” was on an album by a 90’s band but I forget the name at this point It’s been covered countless times so it’s anyone’s guess who it was. I thought it was a Yo La Tengo album called Fakebook. It’s an album of cover songs! When I went to find the song I discovered it was not that one. Still a great album worth a listen.

Let’s try this one from the lovely and talented Elise Trouw

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MMM On Thursday

(Mountain Man Monday). You did it. You made me order a copy of The Revenant. I’m a big fan of the movie Jeremiah Johnson as well as the TV series Grizzly Adams. That movie and the show came out in my youth when camping in a canvas tent seemed like great fun. As Boy Scouts we averaged about 5 outdoor tent camp outs a year with one winter camp out in a heated cabin and a week at summer camp. We had very few organized activities aside from a morning and evening flag ceremony and mostly just roamed the woods emulating mountain men we saw on TV. In Southeastern Massachusetts  there was more scrub oak and pitch pine than aspen and Bristlecone pine typically found out west in the mountains. Didn’t matter. You find your mountain where you are dammit.

One of you fockers linked this some years back and every once in a while I find the theme song playing in my head

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Point – Counterpoint

Hahahaha!  I mean, SEXIST!!

Please add counterpoints to the comments below.




Ivana 1

Fight the Power

Looks like Chumpo’s poat got misplaced so imma gonna fill in. ( I see the pictures all there in the media folder though …)

Today – on display – is a sampling of lefty mindset on facebook. Here are their “arguments”. Basically there is no discussion. Instead they post stupid memes that apparently are supposed to shut us up with ‘their truth to power’.

Here are a few which have appeared:





It doesn’t help to argue with any of the “facts” on any of these memes.

You’ll just get a text on your phone from saying “Please do not discuss things on my facebook posts”.

Whatever mom.