Let Me Sing To You The Song Of My People

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The Great Reset

Where might you be?




The above amalgam makes a healthy society grow despite the Dunning-Kruger Crew.

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Inane Arguments – Not Helpful

I was gonna do a quasi truthful rundown on j’ames’s’z unspoken request for real information on luciferase…

Instead I’m just gonna say Calm down Mare!

Leon beat me to the punch –


So I guess there is no sense in saying:

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Itching For Spring

February, the alleged “Shortest Month”, is dragging this year. February of 2020 even has an extra day. The walls are closing in. Cabin Fever. Which is like Jungle Fever. Just whiter. And with flannel and fleece rather than loincloths and animal prints. Winter has really not been that bad this time around the sun. We’ve had a few big storms and the ground has been covered with snow for weeks. But other than a few day stretch a few weeks back it hasn’t been bitter cold all that often. With the days getting longer and the snow melting here and here on the field spring can’t be too far behind. March is a long hill to climb and we always get whacked with a good storm sometime during the month.

David Roback, the founding member of Mazzy Star just passed away. I had the CD this song was on and played it often when it was released. One of those songs you either love or think is total shite.   https://genius.com/Mazzy-star-fade-into-you-lyrics

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