Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born March 10th, 1964 in Ogden, UT. She stands 5′ 10″ and measures 362436 and 126 lbs. Please fetch spectacles for Miss Cynthia Brimhall.


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Types of Pain

Block Diagram for pain mechanism | Download Scientific Diagram

Ever stop to consider how many types of pain there are?

Pain in the neck.

Pain in the tuchas.

Pain mechanisms and analgesics pathways #Pain #Pathways # ...
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Rock Around the Croc: Minuet and Trio Form

Continuing our exploration of the Classical Era and the Viennese Classical Style. As a quick recap, the Classical era runs from the death of Bach in 1750 to the early 1800s, and the three principal figures of that era were Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. The music of the Classical era is characterized by changed instrumentation (especially the invention and development of the piano), increased use of homophonic texture, use of tune as musical theme, and a change in expressive content (from the almost mathematical-sounding, motoric, intricate fugues of Bach to the highly lyrical and immediate sound of a sonata by Mozart or Beethoven).

That being said, Haydn has the nickname “the Father of the Symphony” because of how incredibly prolific he was, and the symphony is arguably the most important musical form of the Classical era. The structure of a typical symphony is four movements, with each movement set in its own form, as chosen by the composer. Last week I covered Theme and Variations form. This week we move on to Minuet and Trio, which often appeared in the third movement in symphony, string quartet or solo piano work.

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Weird Names / Weird Creatures

The Crazy Uncles of the Animal World

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Rock Around the Croc: Still More Classical

There’s so much more to say about the Viennese Classical Style that, three posts in, I still feel I’m doing introductory material. That being said, let’s jump right into some of the musical concepts that serve as the foundation of the Classical Era. I’ll start with a quote from Professor Robert Greenberg: “The Enlightenment’s influence on musical style resulted in an emphasis on thematic and structural clarity and purity and expressive restraint.” Now let’s break that down a little bit.

Thematic clarity is a very important concept in the Classical era because the symphony, probably the musical form most commonly associated with that era, is built around themes, and the composer’s art consists of what is done with those themes.

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Rock Around the Croc: The Classical Era (Still)

It’s actually super intimidating to try to start writing about the Classical era, or the Viennese High Classical Style. As I mentioned last week, the three towering figures of the Classical era were Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven (the latter two of whom studied under “Papa Haydn”). Haydn alone wrote 106 symphonies, thanks to the patronage he enjoyed as composer to the wealthy Esterazy family, the greatest landowner family in the Habsburg Empire. Mozart may have written about 41 symphonies, but it’s hard to get a firm number on that because he also re-worked or added to some symphonies by other composers, and after his death numerous spurious works appeared with his name on them. And that’s just the symphonies – add in the string quartets, solo concerti, operas, sonatas and musical works of any other description, and you can see you will never exhaust the music of these three men, let alone the rest of the Classical era. Hence my problem – where to start?

Let’s start with some music. Here’s Haydn’s Trumpet concerto in E-flat major:

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Alright, fuckers…. One last chance….

Okay, some people seem bothered by the fact that this place will cease to be in just a few short hours.

So here’s your chance to save it, if you feel so inclined.  One final joke thread that might provide me with enough reason to reconsider my decision. If the H2 were not deleted, besides recipes, weather, exercise, diets, injury updates, prayers for sick and/or dying cousin’s brother’s sister’s nephew’s mother-in-law’s florist’s daughter’s friend’s pet guppies, Rosetta’s bulbous head, mare’s fat-ass, Cuffy’s goat milking a dog (or the other way around), Andy’s latest gun, Scott’s latest stump, MCPO’s golf scores, Laura’s tomatoes, Pupster’s gifs, count’s latest bar victim, Brewfan’s Packers, Aggie’s machetes, Eddie’s gutters, Leon’s muscular tranny obsession, Osoloco’s boobs (okay, I never really have a problem with that subject), Clintbird’s eyeballs, Jewstin’s latest boy-toy (HI, GABE!), Rich’s change-making ass, beasn’s poop pellet count, MJ’s height, Car In’s tight buns, Compos’ anal incontinence, ChrisP’s … ummmm… crispiness, the names of PJ’s kids and/or goats (always get them confused), my devastatingly good looks, Geoff’s Anime collection, Xbrad’s latest OMG SQUEEE FAVORITE TEEN DRAMA EVAH!!!, the fact that Jay in Ames does in fact, live in Ames, Tushar’s anchor babies, VMax getting stuck in the spam bucket, AgileDog’s dogs, Pirata’s Viator,  the length of Shim’s hair, Diet Dr. Pepper, Pendejo Grande’s big asshole, Dave’s inability to stand anyway near a body of water without somehow ending up in it, Revvy’s unbearable cuteness, West’s anger issues, WPDunn’s Hostagette obsession, TGSG’s tourettes, Hotspur’s drinking problem (Seriously?  Chardonnay?), BiW’s inability to write less than 15,000 words in a single sitting, Roamy’s FemDom-ism, Cyn’s Sarah Palin obsession, Lipstick’s feet, Ghee’s latest step towards inevitably coming out of the closet, sohos’ leg’s latest misadventure, Michael’s predilection for dildos, TiF’s gluten tolerance level, or boobs, what topics will we be discussing most often? Bring the funny.  This may be your last chance.

Friday Discussion Poat!

Keeping BBF pinned to the top for today, I’ll try and remember to change it tomorrow late afternoon. Meanwhile, enjoy commenting! Yes, I know these are dated memes, deal with it! Think of it as a clearance post, half price!

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Rock Around the Croc: Intro to the Classical Period

I don’t have time for a full post, so this will be a short one. That being said, I can introduce the Classical Period with three names: Franz Josef Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven. This will be on the test.