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Biden, who was almost always the dumbest person in the Senate and is now suffering from obvious dementia, referred to Putin as President Trump yesterday. I say this for the blog…Fake President Biden, you deserve all of the tragedy in your life. Ever stop to think that perhaps god was trying to tell you something you old corrupt racist?

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Hunting the Seas of Sleeze

Well well well. It looks like Joey Fingers little boy is a cokehead, pedophile, rapist, grifter, traitor, and a racist. Was it really that hard to assume it might be the case? Did we really think this man boy that will sleep with his dead brother’s wife and then her sister would draw the line at casual racial slurs? Of course not. Apple – tree.

But the most depressing thing about this, other than his impending suicide is that no one will care. Not one person on the left will be made to answer for Hunter’s behavior because of the magical D. Not that one, Mare. Jeez, get your mind out of the gutter.

I’ll go ahead and state the obvious, the left only cares about racism if it can be used as a political weapon. It’s used to keep the suburban wine moms (I still want to be popular!) and the urban, vacuous intellectuals (I want to be popular!) in line. Can’t be like those icky people who believe in merit or who base opinions on actual interactions with individuals. Nope. Gotta generalize and make assumptions based on immutable characteristics.

My favorite hypocrisy of late is the desire for the left to cancel anyone who has done anything that can be tied to something racist from hundreds of years ago. Looking at you Kimmy Schmidt.

How is it that they can’t see the obvious? Um, you mean you should be cancelled for belonging to a group that promoted slavery, fought a war to defend it, instituted segregation, Jim Crow, and all myriads of racist policies? Hmmm. Why that sounds just like a political party that I know. It’s right on the tip of my tongue. Republicans. Must be the Republican party.

Time to cancel the democrats.

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Hold Meme Now

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How Can They Be This Dumb?

So…I don’t follow politics much anymore but happened to read something that popped up on my phone while I was checking stocks that I follow. Yep, if you want to look at stock performance on your phone, you’re going to be solicited for indoctrination.

Here’s the deal, as our pudding brained fake president would say, the demotards are pushing a 9/11 style commission to have a huge, multi-year review of the protest at the Capitol on Jan 6th. As I read the article I was actually a bit confused…I thought it might have been from months ago because it contained obvious factual errors, but no, it was current. We all know how this goes. The demotards say, ‘hey man just searching for the truth, can I have limitless amounts of money so spend on my friends at fancy law firms that will tell me a 2 year story with the exact timing and plot lines that will help me with reelection as far out as 2024? Just looking for the truth.’

And guess what? Thirty five moronic republicans voted with the demotards to pass the bill. Not one or two (depends how you count Liz Cheney) but 35!

So, like, how can they possibly be this dumb? How would this help them? What is to be gained? Do we really need another fat, bloated NeverTrump sissy whinging on MSNBC?

McConnell says its dead in the Senate but you never know…he can be bought with an eight ball and a waddle massage.

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Thursday Poat, cuz I gots memes

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It’s My Meme

yeah, the video doesn’t make sense, pay no attention. Pay attention to how much better the song is when Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles sings it, instead of Jon Bon Jovi.
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Shoot to Meme

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HHD – talent is hot edition

First, something for the men … well, she’s usually hot. Apparently here she’s mostly a marionette. This chick sings in one of my favorite Papa Roach songs.

Moving on, as I said in the title, talent is hot. Doesn’t matter the talent or passion – or focus. Show me someone who is really good at something, and he’s going to radiate hotness. But since music is my shtick, that’s what I’m going to focus on.

Up first, an actual redhead.

He is single now … just saying …

Are these pictures going to line up at all, or just be all over the place?

Our next guest certainly wouldn’t have become “hot” had he just been a mailman. And I have proof:

See what I’m saying here? No matter that he is deliver his “dick in a box”. Not hot.

But then there’s this:

So, what I’m saying is if you’re only of average attraction, you can make up for it. By being a rock star.

Now for some more music, which is what you guys really expected from me.

So, I don’t even SEE where the tags are in this editor? Someone help a sister out and add some tags to this beotch.

Nobody’s Heartbreaker Meme

In honor of the year’s current best movie, Nobody, I give you Pat Benatar. Trust me, you want to see this in the movie. I LOLd.

A bit excessive, but glorious. Christopher Lloyd is a treasure.

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