BBF: Temp Worker Edition

Pupster is off on some secret squirrel spy mission and asked if I could do a fill in BBF. Considering I had a minor in Boobology as an undergrab, I jumped at the opportunity. Then it hit me like Mare at a buffet line…what if I couldn’t find a rack that was up to the task? Then I drew a calm and relaxing breath and realized, having been nursed on Rosetta and MJ‘s efforts as a young Hostage, any boob in a storm will do.


First a musical interlude that I wrote when I was on tour with Neil Sedaka.


First I’m going to put you some F’in knowledge. Today is January 29th in the Year of Our Lord 2016. On this day in history:

Sergius II comes out of cryogenic stasis to take over the papacy from the deposed antipope Christopher.

– Mozart’s opera “Idomeneo” premieres, Munich. Horrified patrons learn the plot involves something called “water sports“.

-Edgar Allen Poe’s “Raven” 1st published (NYC). This formed the basis for a later movie called “The Crow”

-US state of Kansas admitted to the Union as the 34th state on the way to a grand total of 57.

– Dutch railroad workers strike a pose and invent Voguing

-Ice cream cone rolling machine patented by Carl Taylor, Cleveland. It revolutionizes many other rolling processes formerly done by hand.

-“Dr Strangelove” starring Peter Sellers and George C. Scott premieres

– Sweden outlaws aerosol sprays due to their harmful effect on the ozone layer, becoming the first nation to enact such a ban.

-Scientists discover how to convert normal cells into stem cells in mice. Mice are soon sporting human ears on their backs.

Now the quiz with a prize of a Platinum Member Status at the Hostages: In what year did each of these events happen?  Email your answers to

Okay, enough with the preliminaries. Todays model is an all American girl born in Seattle, WA in 1983. Her first job was at the aptly named Dick’s Drive-In where she worked serving up the meat. She took time off from writing a thesis on Ultrasonic Velocity in Cheddar Cheese to try her hands at modeling. It seemed to suit her well and she pursued it with as much passion as a perky elf with a machine gun stealing all the cookies. Today’s model is none other than film star Gianna Michaels!!! She is a towering 5 foot 10 inches, weighs 145 pounds and has measurements of 34DD-27-38.






And one last picture


She is quite a remarkable tart with an impressive filmography (probably spectacular mammography as well). She has won several acting awards and I am certain her parents are very proud of her. Please stop committing microaggressions and exerting your privilege long enough to put your hands together for Gianna!


I hope you all have a great weekend. I’ll be drying my salty tears from the Patriots defeat at the hands of the Denver Broncos and deciding whether I want the old man or the cocky idiot to win the SB ring. Me? I’m only in it for the chicken wings now.


  1. nipple

  2. what happened to xbradtc blog ?

  3. Temporarily suspended RC. Will be on line at some point. Something about Thai tranny midget hookers.

  4. BBF i going from feminine to bovine real fast. We need some scaling back.
    The first B needs to change from Big to Beautiful.

  5. Good jerb Jimbro.

  6. jimbro – way to uphold the bbf tradition.

  7. 5’10” and 145#? Okay, this time I’m calling bullshit.

  8. Also she has a face for nudity. As in she needs to distract you.

  9. i thought that wiser had cornered the “Thai tranny midget hooker…” market.

    he renting them out now?
    just axing for a friend

  10. 5 10 and 145? I don’t think so.

  11. I know right?

  12. Lies like these are the reason that idiot Howard Stern thinks that women should weigh 110.

    He’s been lied to. A LOT.

  13. Look, I didn’t measure any of her various dimensions, just went with the boobiepedia statistics. I will say that some of the images were clearly “young thinner Gianna” and others were “older thicker Gianna”. She’s been an actress for over a decade according to the Internet which never lies.

  14. We ought to do a BBF model Ask Me Anything sometime. Find out how they keep in shape, what their politics are, special diets, gardening tips and whether they own a PBC.

  15. Rosetta would be proud – nice work, Jimbro.

  16. I’m hoping we can lure Rosetta out from his cave to share some of his astute observations on life in these times.

  17. Well, the movers are great!

  18. Are the movers going to hold your stuff hostage again, MJ?

  19. I think I featured her a long time ago, but always nice to see Gianna again.

    According to my stats, she shrunk an inch.

  20. Haha! Her bio is pretty much the same as you wrote Jay except for the height. Someone must have fact checked her.

  21. For Car in, NO ONE ELSE LOOK!

  22. You people move too much.

  23. It’s really just MareJ that moves all the time.

  24. Heh, J’ames.

    A friend called me the other day and I answered the phone with a “Why are you calling me?”

  25. Don’t let the movers use your bathroom MJ.

  26. Bill Whittle on Trump

  27. This time of year is a good time to move, as there is a good chance that your movers are actual professional movers employed by the moving company year round, and not day-laborer felons from the halfway house.

  28. She’s definitely not curvy Barbie. I think Barbie needs to add even more choices to the new Barbie production line.

  29. My mom’s boyfriend is in the hospital. Pneumonia and heart failure. His kids are starting to head to Roswell. Not looking good.

  30. Ugh, sorry to hear that, oso.

  31. Thanks. My Aunt Monica is taking care of notifying my siblings. I get to notify my cousins. We’ll see from there.

  32. Sorry, Oso, and sorry for your Mom especially. I went through this with my Mom a few years back and it was very, very difficult. You can probably anticipate a period of health-threatening depression. Just be proactive if you can. Or let your siblings know what to look for, if they’re closer to her.

  33. I’m cooking a pork roast in the oven. When I told scott I was going to bake it indoors, he made some kind of noise that was like that Marge Simpson grumbling sound.

    I want crunchy pork skin cracklins, dammit! And I don’t think I will get that on the PBC.

    Been doing some homework for my clinical professor for the past hour and a half, and am already sick to Hell of it.

    grumble, grumble

  34. He’s her primary caretaker. She has serious health issues. We were talking last week about who was going to take care of her if/when anything happened to Billy. She doesn’t want to leave their home. I’ll give my Aunt Mon a heads up. She and my mom’s cousin, Cornelita, have been assisting with my mom since Billy got sick.

  35. Lauraw, Dan made a pork loin inside yesterday. He wanted posole.

  36. Pork? Oven?

    What kind of fuckery is this?

  37. Taking a sick day from work. I was going to take the morning off anyways to go to an open studio session, but after last night I’m still in bed. I’ll get up in a few minutes and work on homework for the rest of the morning.

  38. Uh, I may have, or not, had many a “date” with Gianna.

  39. Gianna is a fun girl. I’ve heard.

  40. Uh, I may have, or not, had many a “date” with Gianna.

    Are you sure you weren’t taking Rosie Palmer and her five sisters to see a movie starring Gianna?

  41. Pork? Oven?

    What kind of fuckery is this?

    I believe that the word you are looking for is “heresy”.

  42. Cool. All my stuff went through for the Liberty Healthshare dealo.

    I AM INSURED. And – I did it w/o supporting Obama and his fucking scam insurance.

  43. That’s great Carin! Hope you guys don’t need it but good to have all the ducks in a row

  44. Yea – it’s really pretty cool. they cover many of the basic exams but we don’t get anything else covered until we’ve met a $1,500 “non-sharing” amount. After that – we’re covered up to a million bucks. No abortions, drug treatment, mental health though. It is a christian sharing program but you don’t have to sign a statement of faith.

  45. You just have to agree to the moral principals.

  46. We’ll save $80 if Pat loses some weight.

  47. And I just made my pumkin/cocount/almond (paleo) bars and they are fabulous.

  48. All I want to do is tell Gardenia what to do tonight.

  49. Have you updated to recipe site, Carin?

  50. Heh, guess Pat is going on a diet whether he wants to or not!

    Honey, what’s for dinner?

  51. It was a beautiful warm day here, until I started to swap out the battery.

    The wind picked up, it got dark and cold, and then it started snowing.

    Must be a rule of some kind.

  52. Yeah Carin, I’m gonna need that recipe.

  53. My grain-free granola recipe that is posted at the recipe site, by the way, has been dubbed ‘crack’ by both my sisters and a girlfriend. So you should try it, it is amazingly yummy. I’ve made it with half the amount of honey and it’s still just as good, too.

  54. Pork roast at 190. Six hours! Holy moly. I’m thinking of upping the heat from 300 to 400. Help get my cracklins puffy, too.

  55. Drs are letting Billy go home. Setting up a hospice plan. A few weeks, maybe less. Just got off phone with crying mom. My mom never cries. Ever.

  56. My mom’s boyfriend is in the hospital. Pneumonia and heart failure.

    I feel fine…..really. It’s just a bad rumor

  57. Prayers for Oso and famiglia.

  58. Thanks for making me laugh, Ron Jeremy.

  59. Hugs and prayers, Osogirlie

  60. Tough news, oso. Thoughts and prayers for you and yours.

  61. * hugs Oso *

  62. If you don’t like Cam Newton, and can’t quite figure out why

  63. Great, Obama’s gone in a year and now we need to get beaten over the head about Cam Newton’s race for another 8 years if he stays healthy.

  64. “Cerebral Peyton Manning-Tom Brady era” That’s rayciss.

  65. I have never met a “Cam” that wasn’t a total douche. I’m sure one exists out there….I just haven’t met one….seems this QB is no different.

  66. It’s like when the US basketball team won the gold medal and got all gangster for their podium photo.

    You don’t have to be racist to hate that.

  67. I don’t like Cam, because he is no different than Reggie Bush. Or Johnny Football. NCAA gets to pick winners and losers. I survived SMU death penalty. Still believed in justice after Lobogate. Then, my eyes were opened. Follow the money.

  68. This NFL season has been so blatant in revealing how much control the officials have in determining outcome of games. If not winners, the betting line from Vegas. I would say that Scott is right, if it wasn’t for his anti-American baseball stand. Who doesn’t like hot dogs? Apple Pie? Zombie Dinah Shore? (Is Chevrolet even a thing?)

  69. You people move too much.

    Fuckin a right.

  70. If you watch Cam celebrate, he is always celebrating Cam. He’s not celebrating with his team. Even when some one on his team does something good, like on defense, Cam turns around and celebrates facing the crowd “look at me look at me being happy” instead of high fiving the other guys as they come off the field.

  71. LA YEGUA!

  72. Sorry to read about your family troubles, Oso.

  73. I’m feeling selfish. He took care of my mom. He isn’t my dad. I’m going to TiTs 2. No matter what the eventual timing turns out to be. I have Dan’s full support. Thanks guys.

  74. Thanks, Jimbro.

  75. Grapefruit, vodka, and club soda. I’m a genius.

  76. Greetings, people who will have to settle for this instead of football this weekend.

  77. Why is there a test?! I was told there would be no tests!!!!!

  78. Oh, Chief, that reminds me. Some doctor called and left a message for you…

  79. Leon, sounds like a salty dog with soda. Needs a name.

  80. You’ve already got Platinum Member Status Chief, no worries. You could probably rattle off the answers with no problemos anyway so don’t sweat it.

  81. Herself’s surgery went well. I’ll be playing Florence Nightingale for the next few days.

  82. That drink is called a Greyhound.

    With Gin we called ’em Loud Mouths.

    I’ll make them at TITS Dos

  83. Leon, sounds like a salty dog with soda. Needs a name.

    I’m calling it “pumelo pop” even though it’s a grapefruit.

    Herself’s surgery went well. I’ll be playing Florence Nightingale for the next few days.

    Glad to hear it, Chief.

  84. Are you wearing those nurses shoes?

  85. What kind of surgery did she have, Chief?

    (Had I known she had recently gone under the knife, I wouldn’t have made that doctor joke.)

  86. I guess I’ll have to call it a drowned greyhound.

  87. Are you wearing those nurses shoes?

    No, but he is wearing the white stockings.

  88. Florence Nightingale with hairy legs/

  89. Brain bleach for anyone who accidentally pictured Chief in a similar outfit.

  90. Man, slow thread tonight. You must all be busy having lives or something.

    Possum is having a fussy day and didn’t nap at all, so the Mrs is trying to get her to sleep now while I watch “My Diet is Better than Yours” on Hulu.

  91. Carpool tunnel surgery Sean.

  92.'m eddiebear!

  93. Slow week here. Scheduled for a concealed carry class on Sunday, so that should be fun.

  94. It’s been too long, I don’t even remember eddiebear anymore.

  95. Rocketboy has the flu, and he is 500 miles away, so I can only fuss by text. :(

    There is an old cotton mill in town that has been converted into an eclectic mix of art studios, oddball shops, and restaurants. I had black bean/4 cheese/homemade salsa tacos with “briar patch” tea, followed by a gourmet chocolate that was stupid expensive but really, really good. The Bill Effing Murray bar was 3 Musketeer-type nougat with a whiskey flavor, a layer of toffee, coated in dark chocolate, topped with a pecan half and sea salt.

  96. I’ve eaten nothing but burritos for three days.

  97. Day 2 of Dan’s posole. Hope Rocketboy is ok. Do you need Beasn to check on him? Rosetta?

  98. I’ve eaten nothing but burritos for three days.

    I used to do that on work trips to Virginia. Two visits to Chipotle were $13 and ~2400 calories. Per diem was $55 for food, so I made out pretty good.

  99. I’ve eaten nothing but burritos for three days.

    That’s gonna hurt.

  100. I had a salad, some roasted garlic, and some pepper shooters.

    Then drowned greyhounds. I was going to eat dinner but eff it. I’ll eat tomorrow after some yard work.

  101. Carpool tunnel, indeed! All that weaving in and out of traffic must have played hell with her wrist.

  102. That’s gonna hurt.

    Depends on the burrito.

    How’s life, Bcoch? I’ve heard the new Cinderella movie is pretty good if you’re looking for something new for the daughters.

  103. He’s been sick since at least Sunday (we cut short the skype session because he was so pitiful), and he finally went to the student health clinic today. That’s when I knew it wasn’t just a cold. If the girlfriend is taking care of him, then I take back the mean things I said about her.

  104. Having the flu sucks, no matter your age.

  105. How’s life, Bcoch? I’ve heard the new Cinderella movie is pretty good if you’re looking for something new for daughters.

    Good man, thanks for asking. Crazy season right now. Both daughters are cheerleading. Already had one competition, second on Sunday, and then the third on Valentine’s weekend. Plus the eldest does dance competitions. Next Saturday is the first of two. Plus they both do dance classes. And the eldest is on the company dance team, which means she has various performances here and there.

    We watched that Cinderella not long ago. It was very good.

  106. Homemade burritos.

  107. Cool. I’m trying to plan for future Possum activities. I could enjoy Dance and Cheerleading, but I know I can’t help. I doubt she’s going to gravitate to powerlifting and loaded hiking.

  108. Ate the last of it tonight. Pork-a-palooza starts tomorrow.

  109. I don’t mind watching them compete and perform, but cheerleading competitions are just awful. The amount of noise is unreal. And it never stops.

    And the glitter. My God, the glitter.

  110. She can’t do loaded hiking until she is 21.

  111. Glitter is basically herpes. I can wear earplugs for the noise.

    Maybe I’ll get lucky and she’ll want to help with my dairy goat and gardening.

  112. No no, Scott, the drinking happens after the hiking.

  113. Word has, apparently, spread…


  114. “Chad” is commonly used in the manosphere blogs to refer to the douchebag ‘alpha’ that girls gravitate toward. The fact that a guy actually named Chad was tangential to TITS is a complete serendipity/omen.

  115. Such a Chad?

  116. I’ve seen it as shorthand for at least a few years, so unless one of you is secretly running Heartiste, it’s just lucky awesomeness that Chad happened to be a “Chad”.

  117. You kids and your crazy code words! Back in my day, “groovy, boss & square” we’re enough!

  118. We have visitors so Penelope is doing PBC ribs tomorrow.

  119. Leon,

    4H. It’ll do more to help prepare her for adulthood than anything else. As long as she remembers not to mention it on her college applications.

  120. This online Russian class is going to be very painful, apparently.

    *stares at homework*

  121. This outfit came-up with a Great business plan!
    Hand out “Free” license-plate readers & credit/debit-card readers to the cops.
    Sit back and rake in the cash!

  122. Yeah, I’m meaning to get her into 4H if I can.

    And fuck college. I really expect a huge re-ordering of higher ed before she’s 18. I’m still trying to find some tax-advantaged savings plan that she can use on whatever she wants. If she doesn’t want to o, I’m okay with that, and I want to facilitate it if I can. If she and a future husband (I have candidates in mind) want a down payment instead, awesome. If she’d rather go learn stuff in whatever college looks like in 17 years, just as good, but I don’t want to invest in “college or nothing”, you know?

  123. Alex, DuoLingo just added a Russian curriculum, if that might help. I’ve been very happy with the Spanish.

  124. I’ve tried using the Russian stuff, but figuring out how to switch keyboards is a PITA, and I can’t do it at work. Meh, the hardest part is deciphering what everyone else is writing on the discussion boards.

  125. Yeah, the accents and occasional umlaut in Spanish are simple compared to Cyrillic.

  126. CoAlex,
    The next time Phat shows-up, ask him for hints.
    He’s a professional Russian speaker…

  127. I agree that college is in for a shake up. Better to save up for whatever she wants to use the money for and not lock it in for college.

  128. Chris,

    I figure I’ve got Phat, the two former Russian Linguists at work, and my books. I should be set for help.

  129. Cyrillic isn’t too hard. There’s a few quirks where the latin letters have different pronunciations, but it’s not too bad.

  130. Good luck, CA. I’m sure I missed it, but why the new language?

    I’ve got a thing for learning Celtic just sitting on a shelf over here. One day…

  131. You can order a Russian bride online.

    That might help.

  132. BCoch,

    1) I’m a masochist
    b) Back when my job was potentially going to be cut, I was looking for work and some of the interesting opportunities wanted people with experience with Arabic, Chinese, or Russian. So I figure I’ll take the opportunity to enhance my resume.
    я) I have the money and the time… so why not?

  133. я)

    How did you type this commie bullshit letter?

  134. я) I have the money and the time… so why not?

    I work with my dad and grandpa. The game of “what would you do if you won the power ball” came up. I said I would absolutely not work.

    This horrified my grandfather. “What would you do? I mean, you’d just do nothing all day every day???”

    “No, I would learn. I would learn about anything and everything that interested me. I would probably go to a mechanics school or welding school or learn about carpentry or learn a language or how to play a musical instrument or about history that interests me or pretty much anything and everything. With virtually unlimited funds, I would learn about whatever caught my interest.”

  135. How did you type this commie bullshit letter?

    He got it at Jeffrey Giraffe’s garage sale.

  136. How did you type this commie bullshit letter?

    шё ндве щау…

  137. The Russian bride works.

    You do nothing.




    No Russian bride has ever worked. Impossible!

  139. ασδφασλφςδσαλ;ςλξχζν,μξνζ


  140. “what would you do if you won the power ball”

    We discussed this here with the $B powerball. I would never work for anyone else ever again. OTOH, I’d be building my family estate and angel investing in stuff I believe would make my name as well-known as J.P. Morgan, so idleness would be the farthest thing from my mind.

  141. If I won the PowerBall, I’d spend a year studying swordplay and wrestling in England, found a boys’ school here in the US, and eventually sail around the world.

  142. That is, perhaps, the most latently homosexual plan for a large sum of money that has ever been hatched.

  143. I’d fund LFTR and then build a wall around 40 acres.

    10 years ago there’d be ale and whores, nowadays it’d just be liquor and hammocks.

  144. Oh I’d have some completely absurd, end of times, prepper compound.

  145. Would you have a Motherfucking Castle?

    Because I’m pretty sure I’d have a Motherfucking Castle.

  146. Whore. Island.

  147. Not a castle, but a nice main house, plus several smaller residences. All relatively close together in a central cleared area. But where all the money would be spent would be underground. All buildings connected plus actual space to live.

  148. I’d do that, but it seems silly to name a landmass in Lake Superior as Whore Island.

  149. Is it an island? Full of whores?

    Then Whore Island it is.

  150. Whore island needs Russian translators.

  151. Russian whores is a tricksy thing. I mean, yeah, they’re hot and all….but they’re really really actually crazy.

  152. I’d only import Slovak and Czech whores. For the accents, if nothing else.

  153. Did anybody start giggling uncontrollably while anybody else talked about nearly falling into a huge crevasse during their recent mountain climbing expedition today?

  154. Whore Island is easy to accomplish.

    Simply rent a bunch of earth movers and cut a channel around Washington DC.

  155. Simply rent a bunch of earth movers and cut a channel around Washington DC.

    Can I then seed the channel with mines?

  156. I’ll linky the recipe . It’s good and you can adjust it to accommodate your like. There is some honey in it. Not much. You could use something else I suppose. Dates sweeten up the bottom of the bar

  157. Is Brian Dennehy nominated for an Academy Award this year? If not, why not?

  158. I can sometimes have dried fruit and get away with it, so I would still like to see the recipe.

  159. Is Brian Dennehy nominated for an Academy Award this year? If not, why not?

    No. Cisheterowhitemale is why.

  160. Is Brian Dennehy nominated for an Academy Award this year? If not, why not?

    Brian Dennehy IS the Academy Award.

  161. Method. Acting.

  162. Brian Dennehy had to forgo ever being nominated for an Oscar in exchange for the Sex Powers the gods of the netherworld granted him.

  163. Fair trade.

  164. Cisheterowhitemale

    I’m a bad person, because I’m attracted to cisheterowhitemales, and cisheterowhitemales are some of my most favorite people. I’m so far gone, I even married one.

  165. *shuns Laura*

  166. You can repent, Laura, but only if you identify as a transhomolatina in a homosexual relationship with said cisheterowhitemale.

    Scott, on the other hand, is pretty much boned unless he’s somehow a catcher.

  167. I don’t know what I just said.

  168. I don’t know what I just said.

  169. I’ve recently realized that I am not actually transblack, but translatino.

    I prefer big bootied latin chix to big bootied white girls.

  170. This has been a hard, long road of personal discovery that almost certainly qualifies me for benefits under the ADA.

  171. I prefer big bootied latin chix to big bootied white girls.

    Umm, actually that still makes you transblack, Leon. At least in Connecticut. YMMV in MI.

  172. goodnight shmoopsies

  173. Around here the blacks avoid the Hispanics, so I assumed that was a thing.

    I’m okay with staying transblack, though, so long as it’s okay to keep practicing my esspanyole.

  174. I figured out a while back that I was transoldmoney. It explains my impeccably understated taste.

  175. I could really sense that about you, Sean.

  176. Listen you all degenerates. Look at the bigger picture. We are all fucked. Even smod is insignificant.

  177. Don’t talk shit about Brian Dennehy

  178. Bruce Jenner probably stood next to Brian Dennehy and was so overwhelmed by the testosterone that he realized he must be a female.

  179. Sean, you misspelled “Trans-sodomy”

  180. I could kinda dig that trans-cat Norwegian chick, but I’m trans-adorablepuppy, so I suspect it just wouldn’t work out.

  181. This explains why Sox is ambivalent about you.

  182. Sox identifies as trans-couch cushion.

  183. Now I think quite a lot
    As I stare at my shoes
    About all these things
    That I put myself through
    There’s nothing to say and there’s nothing to do
    You’re just too nice to derp to

  184. Happy Saturday.

  185. morning

  186. Watching Possum while my wife colors her hair. I think we’ll watch “Live Free or Die”.

  187. What gets done today is dependent on whether workers show up or not.

  188. Forget gluten free food. Do they sell gluttony free food? That could sell well. I would buy some. A lot in fact.


    It says to just Cuisinart the coconut flakes for a minute – but in reality it takes a LOOOONG time. The longer you do it, the better it gets. That’s the only PITA part, but it’s so worth it. That stuff.

  190. In her picture she shows it more like granules. But to turn it into butter makes it just the yummiest stuff ever.

    Like this:

  191. >>The longer you do it, the better it gets.

    heh heh


  193. I was going to ask if you could just start with coconut butter, sounds like that would work.

  194. Good morning worker outers. What causes muscle stiffness/soreness from not moving at fucking all? Why is it the same feeling as after physical labor?

    I don’t get it.

  195. Though the commercial coconut butter I’ve been able to buy is not nearly spreadable enough.

  196. If you’re forced to hold any position, some part of your musculature is working, and the longer you hold the position, the greater the buildup of lactic acid, and clearing that up a big part of soreness.

  197. “What causes muscle stiffness/soreness from not moving at fucking all? Why is it the same feeling as after physical labor? ”

    Perhaps you’re rusting?

  198. Two contractors are here, but they’ve been sitting in their truck for the last half hour. WTF.

  199. It’s safe in the truck. Fewer workplace injuries.

  200. If I have to explain “mandatory” and “discretionary” federal spending to my mother one more time …

  201. I missed that day in school Carin. Care to enlighten me just one time please?

    (Seriously, I can sort of guess at the meaning but I’d rather hear it from someone who knows)

  202. The contractors have probably been warned about the homeowner Roamy.

    Boss man: “Don’t even step out of the truck until I get on the job site”

  203. Stepping into the walk in humidor at the cigar store was like walking into a rain forest since the humidity is so low here

  204. I bought a hunk of beef to roast in the oven tomorrow. I know, heresy for a PBC’er. I have fond childhood memories of Sunday roast beef dinners that my mom made. We always fire up the crockpot for pot roast which is good but I wanted to do a roast beef. With baked potatoes in the same pan, some carrots and onions in the beef juice and fat.

  205. We used to make trips to one of my dad’s friends from Ireland who also emigrated around the same time as he did. His wife Ann made a spectacular roast beef dinner. They lived in West Roxbury and were lace curtain Irish. We were more working class Irish. We had to get cleaned up, wear good clothes and use proper manners.

  206. They used Waterford crystal glasses at Sunday dinner and my mother had several bouts of anxiety about us kids potentially breaking one of them. We always got the lecture on the way there.

  207. Heh. Pretty sure one of the young engineers at work is terrified of me. He was following me around like a puppy yesterday, and it took him about 15 minutes to finally ask me questions.

    The roofer is here. What I didn’t like was that the main contractor made a decision about the porch roof without asking us. This guy is suggesting a metal roof in that section instead of a roll? because of the low pitch. He said that the contractor said we didn’t want metal, and Mr. RFH and I looked at each other, looked back at him, and said, “We were never asked.”

  208. He smoked cigars and if usually grab one from the box to smoke outdoors either at a Boy Scout camp out or in the woods near my house. I was a deviant from a young age.

  209. I have a handout I give the 4th year students that rotate through our office telling them to ask questions. I describe the rotation as an adult learning experience(SYWM) and they’ll learn more if they ask what’s on their mind since we’re not mind readers.

  210. Well, he saw me right after the banned-from-the-lab fiasco, so I understand his hesitation.

  211. Wiserradio

  212. TH is being pretty bossy. I foresee an “accidental” hang-up.

  213. Finally, a break. The roofing guy says the decking is solid so far. The contractor was making noises about how much it would cost if the decking was rotted the same way as the sheathing behind the crappy siding. I argued that if it was, then we should have seen more leaks. There’s been one leak around the master bath vent, which was fixed.

  214. My clearing is clear, but the woodpile is a little taller than I wanted. I’m contemplating raking in the dry stuff around it and burning it down a bit if it doesn’t compress much in the next 2 months.

  215. New poat.

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