Wire and Ice

Cut a path for Li Hongbo.

Region capture 3

Li sculpts with paper using over 8000 sheets with glue to make a bust, and 20000 sheets for a figure.

Here ya go, Jay.

Li’s art is full of sheet.

Region capture 9

here’s a trippy video of his sculptures in motion.

He’s a creative to say the least.

Region capture 8 Region capture 7 Region capture 5 Region capture 4

Li shows around the world, so keep yer eyes open.

Region capture 6

Li Hongbo.  b 1974 China

Region capture 10

Thanks for viewing.


Have a wonderful day.

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To abuse my new found posting powers, here’s a new thread.


Oh, somebody has a case of the Mondays…

You’d think that since I’m unemployed that Monday’s wouldn’t be so bad. You’d think.

Sadly, no. Life sucks just as much, and the pay is much worse.

As bad as I have it, some folks, like MCPO, have it much worse…

It’s enough to drive a man (or woman even) to drink…

Now, I know Mesa is all about the Stoopid. Hell, even you retards know that. Me, I’m all about quality. Nothing like sipping a fine adult beverage while reading the wit and wisdom that is the Hostages…In fact, there so much wisdom here. I’m turning this place into a book club. Here’s your first assignment:



You are cordially invited to the Hostages Easter Egg Hunt!

As Rosetta, Xbrad, Mesa and Wiser wait patiently:


MCPO and Brewfan prepare to guard the gate: (is that an egg in or pocket, or are you just happy to see me?)
rotary_easter_egg_hunt_0031Unfortunately, nobody explained the rules to Dave in Texas:


PJ promised to bring her own special treat:

2611015-2-easter-egg-huntOf course we needed something for the guys:


Now, go gather your eggs, and don’t believe Mare when she tells you that the big, brown soft things by the dogs kennel are just unwrapped chocolate eggs.

Because Sometimes People Really Are their Own Worst Enemies