Sciency Saturday

Rocketboy and Mini-me are competing in the Science Olympiad today, but that doesn’t stop me from digging in the funneh folder to find something to make you smile, perhaps even LOL.
When I saw this, I immediately thought, “I need to post this for Mare.”

It’s math!
graph 1

When I argue with liberals.

It’s science!

Y’all have a good day.

Impoatant update: [leon]

I took a picture of my breakfast because I realized how weird it was.


  1. 1

  2. Frist?

  3. Morning children.

  4. MMmmm, grrrrrrrrrrr>>>>laura

  5. *runs around house doing victory lap and yelling “BWEEE BWEEEE BWEEEE YOOP YOOOOOP!” *

  6. Happy Saturday, cool kids.

  7. This poat has been graffitied with awful.

  8. 1.4 oz of 90% cacao chocolate
    2 Tbl almond butter
    2 salty nut ballz
    4800 mg fish oil
    3 g vitamin C
    20000 IU vitamin D

  9. Small

  10. Sigh, Pupster!

  11. It’s not the 30 eggs I thought you ate every morning.

  12. I haven’t ever made it past 2 dozen eggs in a sitting, and that’s usually when I’m fasting until after noon. I felt hungry this morning, and the almond butter in the fridge drew me in. Ordinarily it would just be the coffee (splash o’ milk) and vitamins, then nothing until after the gym.


    Local high school basketball, buzzer beater! (annoying ad on video, then highlights)

  14. This was a good read to see on Reddit. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that it’s still on the front page from last night.

    Maybe all is not lost after all.*

    *(I say that having not yet read the comments)

  15. Comments on Reddit will make you pray for a zombie apocalypse.

  16. That was fun, Jimbro. Won it with one point. I’ll bet they hit the DQ after the game.

  17. I skimmed some of the comments and I have to say that the whackjob quotient is low.

    There is a glimmer of hope perhaps…

  18. Good luck to the kids in the Olympiad today, Roamy!

  19. I have two gold medals and a bronze from Science Olympiad. Let’s see if Roamy’s kids are smrtr than me.

    *struts like douche*

  20. Gray hair in my beard.

    Death is imminent.

  21. Killed this mofo poat. KILLED IT! DIE POAT! DIE!

  22. Wakey wakey

  23. First gray I had was in my beard in 1999. I didn’t shave for a couple days on a road trip to a HS reunion gig in Hotlanta, saw my face in the rearview and thought “is that tissue paper on my face?” It wouldn’t rub off.


    (my hair’s still good though. Ask Cyn. Or Laura, Roamster)

  24. Good luck, Rocketkids! (waiting for doggie camp to open so we can get on the road to AZ)

  25. Of course, they ain’t seen my chest.

    Thank goodness.

  26. I thought it was from my white dog.

    I may pluck it, I may not. I’m planning to let the beard grow to wizard length, so a few grays will add to the image.

  27. Gimme a sec, I’m looking for the pic of Rocketboy with his medals.

  28. Where the fuck are my pants?

  29. This is the middle school years.


    Mini-me is gunning for him – she wants one more or one rank better.

  30. Wow. I have one red 2nd place in UIL State of Texas ribbon from high school. For an ink drawing of a screw jack.

    I am not making up “screw jack”

    Also my hair was longer. But not much. Later in college I learned that wearing a ponytail was pretty much a commitment to being single for life.

  31. Okayfinethen, he has some skill.

    I only went for two years because my school system didn’t start participating until I was in 11th grade.

  32. Sciency type question, I bought some food grade 50 gallon drums to use for water storage, what is the best way to clean them? I also have a 30 gallon I’m going to use for fuel, it used to contain “Liquid Towel”, a drying agent for car washes. How can I neutralize the agent and make the barrel safe for gas, kerosene, or diesel?

  33. The food grade barrels used to contain vinegar.

  34. chlorine. Just like the water people put in public waters.

  35. And, they are plastic, and the only openings are two screw-on caps on the tops. Called bungs.

    I need cleaner in my bung holes.

  36. For the fuel grade one too, Dave? Not Chlorine bleach, but honest to gosh chlorine?

  37. When I was a kid, the tables at Wendy’s used to have all these old time ads in some kind of collage.

    We giggled at “Bung Hole Borer”

    Because, we were retards.

  38. For the fuel ones, I dunno. Ask Rockethot.

  39. Dilute chlorine is easiest for something you’ll store water in. I’ve heard one Tbl of Clorox per gallon of water is about right.

    Not sure about fuel. Maybe a high-molar acetone or isopropyl in a warm and dry environment.

  40. Check survivalblog, he’s got instructions for most of these.

  41. *turns head sideways*

    *other way*

  42. Mornin’, Weird Science fans.

  43. Best of luck to the Roamy spawn!!

  44. I’ve heard one Tbl of Clorox per gallon of water is about right.

    Me, too.

    I don’t know what’s in Liquid Towel, but I’d pressure wash them all for sure.

  45. Preemptive apologies to the Wisers and W’s. The Mrs. and I are going to the George Strait concert in Hartford tonight, but we have to breeze in and out too fast to stick around for a visit.


  47. Gawd I need coffee.
    Oh, Morning all!

  48. *slides a cup to vman*

    the fuck did you drink last night boy? coffee tequila? I coulda warned you about that shit.

  49. I owe it to Dave that, on my deathbed as my life flashes before my eyes, I will not be asking myself “what the fuck does coffee tequila taste like?”

  50. Uh yeah
    thanks Dave.

  51. Tax time. No idea how it’s going to turn out. I paid in to federal last year and withheld extra to fix it, but Mrs. Caruthers stopped working midway through the year. Did some charitable donating. Could be a payback, we’ll see.

  52. On vacation I often have coffee with Kahlua and Baileys and if I am serious a shot of whiskey.

    One could substitute tokillya if one wished.

  53. as long as you’re not asking yourself “I wonder if Dave really is a good kisser?”

  54. owe it to Dave that, on my deathbed as my life flashes before my eyes, I will not be asking myself “what the fuck does coffee tequila taste like?”


    Yea. Dave blew off Lapeerpalooza so I have no idea what coffee tequila tastes like.

  55. OK, that’s a really old inside joke, so let me splain it to more recent arrivals.

    First CT meat-up, at Friday night gathering on the patio of some bar, Dave decides to buy us all tequila shooters so we can drink like real Texans. Dave executes a wobbly promenade towards the bar, and returns with a big tray of shooters containing a dark brown fluid, not even close to the amber you would expect. I figured it must be some rare and expensive tequila to be that dark.

    Turns out, the bar was noisy and Dave’s diction was not the best, so he actually gave us Kahlua shooters (which, I swear, is not normal in Texas). I congratulated Dave for having treated us to coffee tequila, a joke that will never die.

  56. As usual, Michael was all fucked up and never heard of

    But in fairness, I had no idea what the waitress recommended to me either, cause I was hammered.

    AND Car in, you know I would never blow off another chance to see you. I was grounded cause of eye surgeries.

    Next time. Next. Time.

  57. What idiot bartender would think someone wanted Kahlua shots?

  58. It very well could have been coffee tequila.

  59. It was sweet and syrupy, not dry. Dude, you bought Kahlua.

  60. Michael, you could have had a shot of turpentine at that point and not known what it was.

    But perhaps you’re right.

  61. Don’t feel bad Leon, I’ve had gray hair since I was 17. Pretty much totally gray now, and I’m not even 50.

  62. What idiot bartender would think someone wanted Kahlua shots?

    Good point. A Connecticutt bartender?

  63. Michael, you could have had a shot of turpentine at that point and not known what it was.

    I admit, that’s sorta true. If it was cofee turpentine with sugar.

  64. Started going gray in college, a few strays here and there. By the end of residency it was 50::50. Now more like 90% gray. The beard went at the same pace but other than long weekends I’m unaware of that sign of “wisdom”.

  65. Pepe, for all I know, a fair bit of my head hair has been gray for awhile. I’ve shaved my head consistently for more than a decade, and I have blonde mixed in with the brown, so it’s impossible to tell from my fuzz.

  66. I sprouted a stache around the holidays just for fun, and it’s about 80% gray. Still debating with myself about whether I want to keep it.

  67. We are still talking about tokillya? I will tell a tokillya story. I went to a party when I was younger. There were plenty of shots of tokillya.

    I awoke naked in a strange bed entwined with a naked strange woman. My awakening awoke her and the look on her face was priceless.

    I could tell the questions being asked in rapid fire succession. Where am I? Why am I naked? Who the Hell is this? What did I do? I could have done worse.

  68. Heh, I just read the product description of that water preserver:

    “Water Preserver is a proprietary formula of stabilized, ph-balanced sodium hypochlorite with highly effective residual action that kills bacteria., viruses, mole, and fungus. Accept no substitutes.”

    Kills moles!

  69. Sodium Hypochlorite aka bleach.

  70. Oh yeah? I woke up naked in a house full of Japanese people and they would not stop screaming.

  71. We’re they pointing at your crotch while they screamed?

  72. NSFW?

  73. My facial hair is turning grey.

    *loads assault weapon with Just For Men.

  74. How was your race graybeard?

  75. In case anyone was planning to listen to the show today, I wouldn’t bother, as it will be all local and I won’t be getting any airtime.

  76. What idiot bartender would think someone wanted Kahlua shots?

    In fairness, some of those Yankees have never heard a Texas accent 😛

  77. Way back in the Stone Age, one of my CivEng classes showed the formulae for figuring out how much bleach it took to sterilize water – I still remember being amazed that it takes such a small amount to do the trick.

    The Chemistry class was the one where we learned why you don’t want to mix bleach with ammonia……

  78. How badly could I mispronounce “fuck yeah honey, we’ll give it a try”?

  79. Dave coming back with a tray full of questionable shooters was my queue to start the foisting process on my neighbors at the table.

    I think I took Cathy and Laura down.

  80. You have scientifical skills, and radar or something. I only recently got this xray and laser beam eye installed, not to mention titanium in my left leg. Behold the power of this fully operational Dave.

    who am I kidding? Kahlua shots, all around!

  81. How was your race graybeard?

  82. Scott called it.

    I told him Customer X was going to come in today, and Scott said, “He’ll run in the door at closing time.”

    Phone rang a few minutes ago. Guess who?

    “Hi Laura, I’m driving through Hartford right now, I should *just* make it…”


    I have things to do after work today…

  83. I’m off for new crepe myrtles, checkin out the flower offerings, and some dirt.

    I don’t have any horse shit, but I got game.

  84. the foisting process

    No one is better at this than Rosetta. Sorry, geoff.

    It’s the difference between the damage you can do to others in self-preservation (you), and pure gleeful mischief (Rosetta).

  85. Have fun Dave! Get dirty.

  86. No one is better at this than Rosetta. Sorry, geoff.

    Completely different roles. Rosetta is the guy with the firehose, and I’m the guy hiding from the spray behind my shield.

    And inadvertently (heh) deflecting it on my neighbors.

  87. My first white hair happened at age 18. A sprinkle here, a sprinkle there. Mid-twenties, my temples started going like the Bride of Frankenstein.
    Though I did pluck a white one off beasnette’s head when she was 7. The son has a few coming in behind his ears. He’s 22.

  88. *puts on “dewy-eyed innocent” face*

    What is “the foisting process”?
    (As it relates to bar tales – I know what the word means…..)

  89. So this is my last week at work. Technically, only 2 days since I will use a couple of sick days.
    I’m thinking about those two days and I’m getting a knot in my gut. I hate wishing time away since it moves too fast in the general scheme of things, but next weekend can’t get here soon enough.

  90. PJM?

  91. Just have fun with those last 2 days, Beasn – let all of the ingrates have it with both barrels….

    After all, what’s the worst that can happen?
    They gonna fire ya? 😛

  92. >> get dirty

    Wha?… ohhhh you mean dirt.

    Roger that.

  93. They gonna fire ya?


  94. I think Pup was asking more how to clean, rather than how to treat the water. Dilute bleach would clean the tanks fine, but it could be a lot less dilute than the potable water measure.

  95. Geoff, how’s your super-secret bidness going?

  96. I shouldn’t have sneezed while eating french toast. Dambit, how do you get eggy bread crumbs out of your sinuses without disassembling your entire head?

  97. Greetings, spring trainers.

  98. To clean out the tanks, I’d scrub ’em with a strong TSP solution, rinse well, bleach & rinse again. TSP (the real thing) should remove everything hazardous. Another solution (ha ha) might be a good lye soak.

  99. I’m sure this will work on water storage containers. …..

    “Baby bottles, nipples, dishes and high chairs can be easily sanitized using Clorox Bleach. Soak washed items for 2 minutes in a solution of 2 tsp of Clorox® Concentrated Regular-Bleach per gallon of water. Pour solution through nipples. Drain dry.”

  100. Dambit, how do you get eggy bread crumbs out of your sinuses without disassembling your entire head?

    Got any birds with really long beaks? 😛

  101. Dambit, how do you get eggy bread crumbs out of your sinuses without disassembling your entire head?

    Power washer.

  102. Hrm, I guess I could run a strong lye solution up my nose, right?

  103. Neti pot to wash out the crumbs and seed the brain eating amoeba

  104. Got any birds with really long beaks?

    We have a large flock (300-400) of crows hangin’ around. They seem to love bread crumbs & other such…

  105. Dambit, how do you get eggy bread crumbs out of your sinuses without disassembling your entire head?

    Clorox bleach.

    And ammonia.

  106. Geoff, how’s your super-secret bidness going?

    I’ve been buried since the New Year writing proposals and doing thermal/fluid calculations. I think I’m digging out of the hole at the two places I work, but I haven’t had any time to get things going on what I hope is my new company.

  107. Dambit, how do you get eggy bread crumbs out of your sinuses without disassembling your entire head?

    Icepick. Go in through the eye socket.

  108. I don’t drink, so no tokillya stories, but I knew a guy who went out for drinks in Germany, and woke up in bed with 3 stewardesses in Norway, two days later.

  109. Best of luck with it, in any event. I’m considering starting a job hunt beyond just my (apparently fruitless) flirtations with a former employer. This year and most of next appear presently safe, but the work I’m getting is becoming less and less what I’m good at and want to stay good at (doing math ’til the bad guys die), and more and more collaboration/communication/facilitation crap.

  110. Dambit, how do you get eggy bread crumbs out of your sinuses without disassembling your entire head?

    An aggressive prostate exam should do the trick.

  111. Pepe, I purerawhate that guy.

  112. I’m considering starting a job hunt beyond just my (apparently fruitless) flirtations with a former employer.

    As always, if you want to send me a resume, I’ll keep an eye out for you. If you feel weird sending it to someone you’ve never met, I can send you mine as well.

  113. Comment by Teresa in Fort Worth, TX on February 23, 2013 1:37 pm
    Dambit, how do you get eggy bread crumbs out of your sinuses without disassembling your entire head?
    Shake up a Coke and spray it up your nose when you open it. Some gasoline and a match might work too.

  114. If you feel weird sending it to someone you’ve never met, I can send you mine as well.

    Look, if you want him to send you naked pictures of himself, just come right out and say it. We won’t judge.


  115. If I do it at all, I’m going to start with the local competitors (most of whom are all ex coworkers anyhow). I’ll shoot you one if I decide to go big. I just moved in 2010, so if I’m going to leave the state, I’ll put it off awhile. I am on LinkedIn, but you weren’t last time we talked. If that changes, let me know. I’m already connected to most the folks here.

  116. Leon, bad part is the guy knows he had a hell of a time, but doesn’t remember it. He did stay with the girls for another couple of days, so I pretty much hate him too.

  117. REFUND!!!!

    Thank Heaven. This would have been the 3rd year in a row paying in.

  118. Well, I live in Colorado and am employed by companies in CA and MA, so I’m not really localized to one area. I still don’t appreciate the merits of LinkedIn (or Twitter or Facebook, either), so I’m not really interested in signing up.

  119. I’m not so worried about the water container, more the fuel. The plan is to store gas in it for the generator, but I will also use it for lawn tractors and such. Liquid Towel seems like a bad thing to introduce to a gas tank.

    Thanks for all the advice, though. Seriously you guys.

  120. I don’t blame you. Most of LinkedIn is spam so far.

  121. Sean, I may be late for lunch, having a bad morning health-wise.

  122. Nothing serious, I hope, Lippy.

  123. Oh, if you’re using it for fuel, just wash it with dish-soap, & let it dry. Gasoline engines are remarkably resiliant to bacterial infections.

  124. BTW, Lippy, if you could send me a contact #, it might be helpful. Email to breacanyonmonument at yahoo dot com or send me a DM on facechimp.

  125. (I thought you were planning to use a former fuel tank for potable water, dunna where I got that eye deer)

  126. I’ll email you with my #, Sean, thanks.

  127. Did Pups turn into a hoarder?

  128. Maybe he lives just a little too close to zombie-town.

  129. JIMMY LEG!

  130. I work with a guy who is even more pessimistic than I am about what is coming down the pike, and as a result he gets me all fired up about food storage and emergency planning and whatnot. The barrels were an impulse buy, 10 bucks apiece. I thought about them today because one of them rolled into the back yard after a storm this week, and I thought I’d better get to prepping since we are all going to be on our own soon you guys.

  131. Pups, did you try to find the MSDS for Liquid Towel online?

    That said, I’d bet it is gasoline-soluble and you could (after washing with soap) rinse out that container with a little sacrificial gas before filling it.

  132. ok FUCK.. plum tree planted. Sonsa

  133. I couldn’t find it under Liquid Towel, but I’m going to search on the manufacturer’s name after I make another trip to the hoarding site and write it down. I suspect you are correct about the gas.

    Mrs. Pupster is doing our taxes today, so I will have a better idea about how much freeze-dried food/ammo/vodka/gold I can buy this weekend in a few hours. Not looking too good this year.

  134. I’d bet it is gasoline-soluble

    & if it’s immiscible, you can just figure out if it sinks or floats & deal with it that way (if you’re even worried).

  135. Pups, I’ve been adding a little at a time. Basically whenever I run out of something, or see a good sale, I buy two or three extra and add it to The Hoard.

    My main deal that I worry about is my extended family. I’m trying to make sure they’re all set. My sister gets it. She has a nice little Hoard going now too.

  136. Are we going to the new poat?

  137. No, some faggot who hates horticulture is shitting all over the thread.

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