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Have a great day.


  1. Good morning, people that no one admits to knowing and liking.

  2. Fuck you, spider.

  3. I would probably admit to those things under extreme duress.

  4. From the “It Never Fucking Fails That I Poat Something Just As Some Ass Gobblin Puts Up a New Poat” department.

    I left this on the old poat, but it’s way to Nobel Worthy to lay over there and gather cobwebs in it’s anal sphincter. So it’s Instant Repoat baby.

    Hostage Family Theater (for Car in only)

    Scene: Mr. and Mrs. Pendejo have taken Mr. Pendejo’s elderly father and mother out to eat Saturday lunch at Cracker Barrell (the stated choice of the elder couple). All four diners have been served drinks and have had access to their menus for about 10 minutes.

    Lights, Camera, Action!!!

    Waiter: Are we ready to order?

    Pendejo: I’ll have that 10 oz Rib Eye.

    Waiter: How would you like that cooked?

    Pendejo: Medium Rare

    Waiter: And for your three sides?

    Pendejo; (Taking one last gaze at menu) Green beans, corn, and okra.

    Waiter: And you ma’am?

    Mrs. Pendejo: The Salmon Croquet with mashed potatoes, the vegatable medley, and stewed apples.

    (Obviously Mrs. Pendejo has gone to school off of me and is prepared to list her three sides without being prompted.)

    Waiter: And you sir?

    Pendejo’s father: Give me that roast beef.

    Waiter: And your three sides?

    Pdad: I’m sorry.

    Pendejo: You get three vegatables with it, dad.

    Pdad: (goes into thousand yard stare mode while he thinks) (time elapsed – 10 seconds)

    Pendejo: Here dad, look at what they’ve got to offer. (points to list of about 20 side dishes on menu)

    Pdad: (stares at menu for a full 45 seconds)

    Pendejo: Dad, this old boy needs to make a living and he can’t do it standing here all day. You like almost all of this stuff.

    Pdad: I know, I know. (15 more seconds elapses) I’ll take the apple slices…..

    Pmom: Burl, we have apple slices in the fridge. Get something else.

    Pendejo: (Considers the pros and cons of telling his mom to shut the fuck up and mind her own business……decides to stay out of it)

    Pdad: I’ll take your fruit of the day, your vegetable of the day and a sweet potato.

    Waiter: The fruit of the day is pineapple chunks and the veggie of the day is lima beans. Are you sure you’re ok with those?

    Pdad: Sounds wonderful. (I swear there’s no type of fruit or veggie my dad won’t eat, which makes all of this even more absurd)

    Waiter: And you ma’am?

    Pmom: I’ll have that dinner plate with the ham steak.

    Waiter: And your three sides?


    Needless to say, mom’s selection process was of equal duration except that my dad didn’t veto any of her choices. Total estimated time for the nice young man to take four orders……I’d guess about 5 minutes.

    I tipped him $12 on a $48 ticket. How’d I do, Car in?

  5. Spider’s retort:

  6. You wrote that whole comment waiting for Pmom to order her veggies, right?

  7. Damned near.

    I used to wonder whether my mom’s health or my dad’s mind would go first. My dad has worked hard at staying reasonably fit for a man his age for the last twenty years. My mom has been a virtual hermit during that time, almost never leaving the house unless it was to go see one of her kids and grandkids. But with dad’s mind wandering off to places unknown, his ability to function physically is declining as well. It’s very sad to watch.

  8. There was a UFC fight last night. I froze Cyn because we sat outside, lost track of time, and it was chilly. 5 1/2 hours wasn’t enough.

  9. I can sympathize, PG. We’re starting to see a touch of the same issues with Xmom.

  10. My cat Sox sent me (and many of you) an email.

    *Whilst being stirred from a CatNap behind “SafeCouch” with a LaserPointer, bounces out an OpenWindow*
    Hey! Where the heck am I? Ain’t ever seen so many foreigners in my Life! No Birds, Cats, one *Spit* dog….
    HhMmmm…Lets ask somebody! HuH! Now that is a weird sounding language these foreigners speak! Lets try a GPS… RutRoh! How the heck did I ever get to Guandong, China? I’ll just go to H2, and let ’em know that XBrad left the window open, and the StupidCat fell out. He has to stop watching so much Busty Lesbian Pron… RutRoh again! H2 is BANNED in China! SERIOUSLY!!! SomeHow, SomeWay, this is ROSETTA’S FAULT, I can JUST TELL!!! STUPID MANLESBIAN!!! Maybe I can just talk Ms. LauraW into coming over here, and scaring these folks into letting me come back home! Don’t think these folks want to mess with HER!!! Its not going to be easy avoiding all these Chinese Restaurants!!! HELP!!!!! Y’all ever see MIB3 where all the weird stuff is swimming around in the “fish tanks”? That scene was filmed here in a fancy restaurant! They got crawlapins swimming around here I ain’t never seen before!

    (Hey, Y’all! I am over here on a 30 day visa helping out on a DISASTER from a Caterpillar dealer over here on a new boat build, and thought I’d see what Y’all were up to. I can get Aces, Instapundit, Drudge, both Ruger forums, CastBoolets, MarlinOwners, Daily Caller, Hot Air, Hookers and Booze, Gallery of Guns, Gunbroker, things like that, but no H2, and no Youtube! Blocked! Would someone tell Dave-in-Texas he is still Fat and Ugly, and PLEEZZE help the aging BrewFan tie his shoes? Oh, and please put up a header that says “H2, Banned in China!” for me, and adjust the SaltFu*kers Flag to include the PRC, I at least tried! Thank you NicePeople! Take Care, and God Bless!)

  11. I have more flowers to pot.

  12. It’s crazy how fast time flies when you’re sitting outside chatting with a new old friend. Good times.

    Good Morgnin, peeps.

  13. *tosses PG 37 Nobels and a gold star for his story and his patience*

  14. *sad face*

    All serial aside, sounds like it was teh fun. *wipes dirt on Cyn’s blouse*

  15. HA! Shows you—this blouse is machine washable.

  16. well take it off and prove it. talk is cheap

  17. Other than getting a serious chill, it was a fun time. Even more fun when the waitress asked us at the end of the night if we were friends from high school or college. She was incredulous that we had only just met. Teh powah of teh interwebz!

  18. My blouse has been off for hours.

  19. Nice header!

    *waves to Sox*

  20. My blouse has been off for hours.

    A sure sign of a successful meatup.

  21. **bunk**

  22. prom dress

  23. Hahaha. Shared elevator with a couple of Buckeye’s this morning. They talked to Dan. He likes that as much as chatting with neighbors.

  24. PG: Good story man! My dad has dementia now and mom kept him home until last spring. He did well until about the last year or so and she kept things working until it became too much for her and home health aides. He’s now across town from her and she visits daily.

    Like you said>>>>sad to see it happen, but inevitable

  25. If H2 is banned in China, does that mean the PLA hackers cannot snoop on us?

  26. >>My blouse has been off for hours.

    You expect me to trust your word? Send a photo. A picture is worth a thousand words.


  28. Feminists are, for the most part, chicks who are too ugly to get dates.

  29. New Meat Locker page (you’ll still need your pw):

  30. I’m bummed now that MJ and I never got a pic.

  31. which I can’t ever remember

  32. >>I’m bummed now that MJ and I never got a pic.

    Thankfully, someone else got the pic and sent it to me.

  33. on it’s way

  34. HAHAHAHA! Well done, Tush!

  35. Whatever Sean and PJM were drinking from mason jars, it is disturbing that PJM had downed the whole thing before Sean even started on his.

  36. msg recvd

  37. roger that

  38. PJM looks great.


  39. Oso’s pic does not do her justice–you can just tell that she smiles from the inside out and that there’s not a single mean bone in her tiny little body. Plus she’s funny as all get out.


  40. Sean looks great.

    Seriously, sobriety has been very good for him.

  41. Looking at the meat pics… it’s time for another. Stat.

  42. Sean looks great.


    Hawt Shit right there. I’d hit it.

  43. I’ll be in my bunk,

  44. You know what we haven’t had in a long time, either here or at the Mothership?

    Laura’s favorite….

    A flame war.

  45. XBrad, a more vicious variant of the flame war is the compliments thread.

    Another activity I love is all the H2 people swarming an AoS thread and talking among themselves. It makes the AoS commenters go WTF???

  46. Shut the fuck up, Tushar.

  47. Why do I always get stuck next to Red Sox fans? Every ball game I’ve ever been to, every stadium, every level A to AAA, to Major League. EVERY SINGLE GAME!!!

  48. Nice meatup pics!

    Dave and Gabe’s artist rendering is surprisingly accurate.

  49. Look on the bright side, Oso, they weren’t Cardinal fans.

    *points out Dusty is still your manager

  50. It makes the AoS commenters go WTF???

    Ha ha ha! ‘Toopid Morons

  51. Watching the NatGeo depiction of Killing Lincoln.

    It must kill Tom Hanks to narrate something written by Bill O’Reilly. Only thing better would be Hanks reading the audiobook version of “See, I Told You So”.

  52. I found leon a MMM pic, Johnny Football Manziel’s girlfriend:

  53. I’ve already seen 3 Card fans. I wanna tell them to go to FL. Giants fans here too. They’re like roaches.

  54. PG, your parents are hilarious. When dining w/ my mom and grandma, the waiter usually ended up going through the salad dressing list at least twice.

  55. *thud*

  56. Haha, my folks do that too. My mom always waits and orders last, no matter where the waitstaff starts.

  57. My mom likes to order sammiches from the grille room here to go.
    But she doesn’t like the bread to get soggy. So she asks them to not assemble the sammiches. And ends up, say for a BLT, removing some bacon, cooking it longer, adding lettuce and tomato, and scraping some of the mayo off the bread.

    I’ve offered to make her BLTs, and been rebuffed, because it’s so much easier to just order from the grille room.

  58. >> Dave and Gabe’s artist rendering is surprisingly accurate.

    Well, he’s thin.


  59. 2 fans installed. I only had to go to HD twice. I consider this a success.

  60. BBF nominee:

  61. Excellent. Who is that?

  62. 220, 221, whatever it takes.

    I remember grabbin the light fixture wires when I was installing the last ceiling fan, and pretending to be shocked, wriggling and clenched teeth. I was so funnay.

    Mrs Dave was not amused.

  63. BBF nominee:


    I count 3 globes in that picture, she must be a scientist

  64. Well, BBF fakies are frowned upon.

  65. Who is that?

    *best richard dawson voice…*

    Survey Says! *DING*



    HAHAHA! The only way that would have been even funnier is if it was at Rosetta’s house.

  67. “It’s crazy how fast time flies when you’re sitting outside chatting with a new old friend”


  68. Mrs Dave was not amused.

    We don’t very much take kindly to that shit. Especially if we’re still in that 90-day new life insurance policy window.

  69. wait a minute, there’s tits in that link.

  70. Those are breasteses!


  72. *background- “hey pup, want a salad with brunch?”

  73. Damn. That’s the last time I dose and watch The Waltons.

  74. Mare!

  75. My fingernails are so dirty *scrubs*

  76. Dave, go goth and paint them black.

  77. You’d look awesome with black lipstick and eye shadow, Dave.

  78. “In a long Playboy interview in 1965, he spewed bile: “Under today’s corruption of welfare,” he groused, “any slut capable of impregnation is encouraged to produce bastards without end.”

    From a book review on Al Capp in the WSJ

    He was prescient on that one

  79. Reading further along on Al Capp:

    “He began touring college campuses, where he basically baited his young audiences. One of these tour stops led to his undoing in 1971, when he cornered a 20-year-old student, whipped open his bathrobe and tried to force himself on her. The story ultimately got out, and Capp’s career was doomed.”

    Sounds like a Hostage at heart.

  80. oooo.. good idear Roamy!

  81. Hey Jimbro – when’s you Birtday?

  82. I want to add it (not the year) to the Birthday Page.

  83. I need Pepe’s too.


  85. I need Walk Up music. I’m thinking Crazy Train

  86. I want to add it (not the year) to the Birthday Page


    I pictured you hovered over a pentagram scattering chicken gizzards while mumbling incantations….what a relief!

    01 July Cyn, I like to be first.

  87. WOW!
    If you ever come across these ugly oranges, buy them all.

  88. I pictured you hovered over a pentagram scattering chicken gizzards while mumbling incantations….what a relief!

    Pffffft. No way, man; no way.

    *subtly covers Ouiji board and tarot cards with towel*

  89. Annoying Orange?

  90. I don’t believe in fruit.

  91. ‘Sup, fine folks and xbrad?

  92. Meh. They’re fake. We don’t so that unless there is a dick attached.

  93. I’ve seen those ugly oranges, but never tried one. I really like blood oranges, but they’re almost impossible to find.

  94. Regular oranges are forever ruined.

  95. Jewstin –

  96. I remember grabbin the light fixture wires when I was installing the last ceiling fan, and pretending to be shocked, wriggling and clenched teeth. I was so funnay.

    Mrs Dave was not amused.


    One time when I was a very young husband, been married less than a month or two, Mrs. Pendejo got her Ford Fairmont (stfu) stuck in a snowdrift down the street on the way to her mom’s house. I got my pickup and a chain and went to pull her out. It was cold as shit and I was laying down in the snow trying to find something to attach to that was solid. I ran the chain around the front axel between the motor mounts and didn’t notice that there was a copper cooolant line that conducted transmission fluid to the radiator and back for cooling purposes. When I pulled her out, I crimped that puppy flat as a pancake. When pulling the chain off, I noticed it and said, “Fuck”. So, being a cheap bastard, I went and bought 6 inches of hose and a hose clamp and parked her Fairmont in her parents garage on ramps and began my repair work. When I sawed the line in two on either side of the crimp, it leaked reddish transmission fluid all over my hands and forearms before I could get the hose on and clamped down. When finished, I walked into MiL’s kitchen, holding my arms with red fluid still on them up and screaming, “CALL THE AMBULANCE. I’M BLEEEDING TO DEATH!!”. Scared the shit out of wife and MiL.

    Best I recall, it was a week or so before I was welcomed back to V-Town for the old slip and slide.

  97. **stabs PG multiple times**

    Don’t worrry, Mrs. PG, it’s only transmission fluid.

  98. Dolly?

  99. I wonder if PG owned a K-Car, or a Yugo.

    No reason.

  100. XBrad owned a K-Car. Worst car buying decision ever.

  101. There were Ford Fairmont police cars.

    Can you imagine that POS with a 5 liter engine in it?

  102. See PG? We’re dumb, but funny.

  103. Scott, a police force in the next town over from me in my youth had a Renault LeCar.

  104. Our Ford Fairmont was a wedding present from my parents. It replaced an 8 year old AMC Gremlin my wife had been given to drive by her parents when she was in HS. It was pretty much worn out. THe Fairmont wasn’t much of an upgrade other than that it did have AC and a cassette player. It also had a 4 banger engine that would get your ass run over trying to crosss a busy street. It got replaced by a Buick Regal about a year and half later when we were both making decent monthly checks.


  106. **Lifts glass of Splenda sweetened iced tea towards CenTex.**

  107. I’m tired of plants and dirt. Fuck you dirt.

  108. HA HA HA Look out Rosetta!

  109. Dammit! The reason we didn’t stay in Hartford and try to hook up with the W’s and Wisers was that the Mrs. had to fly to Atlanta tonight and we needed to get back here.

    So of course she left her wallet, containing her required photo ID, in the hotel room in Hartford.

    *shakes fist at sky and curses maaaaarrreeee*

  110. My folks’ kitchen range kept giving me a little zap. I pulled the thing out from the wall, reached down to grab the plug, and nearly bounced off the ceiling.

    Mom: Oh, my. Did that hurt?

    Some dipshit had put a new plug on the cord, but taken off too much insulation. 220 volt is scary.

  111. Andy, what me to pick it up and meet you half way?

  112. Yikes!

    Good thing I’m heading back down to Houston tomorrow.

    Daughter is already doing the happy dance for more snow.

  113. Oh shit Andrew.

    Back in the poor days, we rented a house in Moody TX. No earth ground, it had rusted away. I made the mistake of touching the oven door handle and the fridge at the same time and bit right through my tongue.

    I got better.

  114. I think she’s going to change her flights around and just fly out of Hartford tomorrow, Scott.

    But I’ll get back to you here in a minute once she gets all this squared away.


  115. The hotel is 7 minutes away.

  116. I was riding in the back of a 5-ton truck between Vilseck and Bamberg, Germany. I laid down on the bench seat to grab a quick nap, and felt my keys slide out of my pocket, and under the canvas bed cover, and over the side of the truck, onto the side of the autobahn. Attempts to pound on the cab of the truck so we could pull over were fruitless.

    Barracks room keys, car keys, and the keys to all the padlocks on my wall lockers. Gone. I think I had something like a dozen padlocks that needed replacing.

  117. OK, she’s going to move some work stuff around and take care of some business over there tomorrow anyway. But thanks again.

  118. Our first new car (post-college, 1st owners) was a K-Car. Mr. TiFW wanted to “Buy American”.

    I haven’t let Mr. TiFW pick “my” car since…….

  119. Hopefully the concert was good.

  120. Our first “new” car was an 86 Mazda 323.

    Camshaft sheared.

  121. ’86 Ford Escort was my first new car. My brother worked for Ford Aerospace and could get the car for me at dealer cost. Had that car for 8 years.

  122. You haven’t hated a car till you’re on 635 in Dallas with a sheared cam, your wife and a baby girl in traffic.

  123. My first car was a 74 Chevy Vega I paid $1000 for it in 76. My 2nd car was a 71 Charger R/T 440 magnum. I purchased it for $800 in 77.

    Ironically The Vega ran longer then the Charger. I bent a rod in the Charger rebuilt the motor myself and learned a crapload about motors.

  124. Ford Aerospace?

    Jimbro’s brother is the reason we don’t have flying cars!

  125. Jimbro’s bro or the ranchero.

  126. It was an adventure, Scott.

    The Hilton, which is attached to the friggin’ concert venue, overbooked and didn’t have a room when we got there. So we wound up staying at the Marriott, which from the looks of it was a nicer hotel anyway.

    The concert itself was great, but we managed to sit in the middle of a large group of assholes. The wallet thing was the perfect period at the end of the sentence.

  127. He was working on “Star Wars” weapon systems back in the 80’s. Also at MIT Lincoln Labs following that. He’s a bright guy—double major in Physics/EE. After that funding dried up he got a job as a bartender for a decade. Now he’s a financial adviser. He drives a small Toyota now, flying version.

  128. The 1980s? An A-7E squadron. Two deployments, including crossing the “Line of Death” in the Gulf of Sidra and giving Mr. Quaddafi a wake up call. Then it was off to Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness school and selection as a Chief Petty Officer.

  129. My first vehicle was a 79 Dodge Adventurer. I drove it to pieces and the damn thing just wouldn’t die.

  130. 1980s? I was in 2nd grade in 1980. I had a toy car. I was deployed to classroom 2B. After some exams and serious deliberations between teachers, I was promoted to 3rd grade and saw action in classroom 3B.

  131. I wore a drool bib and ate mashed carrots in 1980.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  132. Got about 5 1/2″ of snow here today. It’s a pain in the ass, but I’m glad for the moisture. Should be colder than a mofo tonight.

  133. It’s a pain in the ass, but I’m glad for the moisture.

    Take it away, xbrad! Time to shine!


  135. lol

  136. Did anybody run anybody else’s blockade today?

  137. Sean – No. But I did get to video chat with DG. She even waved goodbye!

  138. Awwwwww! She’s about the cutest little thing in the world.

  139. Sorry, there’s just nothing about Pepe’s ass, painful or otherwise, that I feel like discussing.

  140. I actually wrote about a blockade today, Sean. Does that count?

  141. >>Sorry, there’s just nothing about Pepe’s ass, painful or otherwise, that I feel like discussing.

    With a name like Pepe LePew, no wonder XBrad chooses to stay away from the ass in question.

  142. We should learn how to swim. Really, we should!

  143. Sweet, chief!

  144. I did not know that Rosetta has such clout. He named a town after his most favorite thing in the world.

  145. I think she just “warmed the pool” up a bit.

  146. xBrad – Naw. She was just excited. That is a look of joy!

  147. My parents didn’t take me to the pool. They kept throwing me in the Atlantic at Dam Neck beach, but I kept washing back ashore.

  148. DG is so cute I could barf. She’s a bug in a rug.

  149. Awww… was this her first time in a swimming pool?

  150. OMG, I have never swam (swum?) in water as cold as the Atlantic. Even in July in Maine,!

  151. That is why you need to swim in the Atlantic in the Keys Cyn. Toasty.
    They have freaking icebergs in Maine.

  152. Swimmed?

  153. DG is so flipping cute!!!!

  154. I have always wanted to visit the Keys. And have Key Lime Pie there.

  155. I think the Pacific off Cali is pretty cold. I try to stay out of lakes, rivers, and oceans. See also hotel water tanks.

  156. Is Vmax also Godwin on Duck Dynasty?

  157. Were you ever able to get a closer look at your roof, Oso? It was looking pretty suspect with the fake roof tiles at the parapets.

  158. Lalala I have total faith in the modern plumbing at the Peoria La Quinta. Would Seattle let Mariner Moose stay there if that wasn’t so?

  159. I love fresh water. Pools and oceans not so much.

    We own an incredible lake, until we get arrested for trespassing.

  160. IIRC, the water off Virginia in the summer was pretty nice.

    In Hawaii, of course it was nice.

    The Cali shores? Cold year round.

  161. Would Seattle let Mariner Moose stay there if that wasn’t so?

    Perhaps they didn’t know the tiles were fake either.

  162. Looks like I’ll be brushing my teeth with bottled water…again.

  163. I think I am more like Si Scott

  164. Really? That show makes me want to move.

  165. Move where, Scott?

    A move sounds pretty good to me too.

  166. To where? La?

  167. Ew, Monroe Louisiana.

    I liked the idea of The Keys better.

  168. Are you in Mehico Oso?
    I did bottled water until I had ice in a drink then Montezuma struck.

  169. Marathon Rocks Cyn
    Key Weird is strange, you are better off north. Key Largo is almost Key Biscayne er sorry Miami Beach.

  170. She almost is, Vman; she’s still in AZ, but we struck up a convo about the dead chick in the hotel water tower. I think she might have the heebee jeebees.

  171. … ice in a drink then Montezuma struck.

    I swear that this is what happened to me at St. Louis Meat-up. Who the hell imports their ice?!?

  172. Heh
    I am out

  173. I get the heebie jeebies pretty easily. We were in PHX one year when the local news was Roof Rats 24/7

  174. The new poat will descend at 630 am. You have been informed.

  175. First.

  176. Man, I’m gonna love hearing about that one thing I didn’t watch on teevee tonight on the news for the next several days.

    Southern California. I still live here for some reason.

  177. Happy birfday, George:

    Little darling
    It’s been a long, cold lonely winter
    Little darling
    It feels like years since it’s been here
    Here comes the derp
    Here comes the derp, and I say
    It’s all right

  178. Morning.

  179. Good morning, peeps

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