Big Boob Friday

Hello assfaces. This week features a sooper wicked deal. You get two fetishes for the price of one. Will one of those fetishes rhyme with fanny and conceal a special present for your squeekhole? The answer is no, no it will not. Sorry to disappoint you, perverts.


Before we get started let’s listen to some music. I didn’t write this, but I think its very cool. Compared to the over produced, auto-tuned, craptastic crap out there these days, it was refreshing to be turned on to some stripped down British soul. Thanks FIGF!!


Today’s model comes from Japan. It is an island on the other side of the world where everyone lives in the middle so that it doesn’t tip over. FU, gravity! Her name is Miri Hanai, and she has been featured on this POS blog before. This time, she packs a sooper dooper double fetish of being from Japan and in a schoolgirl uniform!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Rather than link really dumb shit in questionably related references, I’m going to post a book review of Moby Dick. The whale got everyone except for the guy who narrated it or whatever. I think his name was Walter White and he used to be a chemistry teacher before he enlisted in the Mobile Infantry  to hunt the white whale. That’s why he’s Mr White. Duh.


1371 – Robert II becomes King of Scotland, beginning the Stuart dynasty.

1797 – The Last Invasion of Britain begins near Fishguard, Wales.

1819 – By the Adams-Onís Treaty, Spain sells Florida to the United States for five million U.S. dollars.

1847 – Mexican-American War: The Battle of Buena Vista – 5,000 American troops defeat 15,000 Mexicans.

1856 – The Republican Party opens its first national meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

1948 – Communist revolution in Czechoslovakia.

1974 – Samuel Byck tries and fails to assassinate U.S. President Richard Nixon.

1995 – The Corona reconnaissance satellite program, in existence from 1959 to 1972, is declassified.







Drink of the Week

Recipe located here. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!


  1. Morning bewbs? Unpossible.

  2. Is she a tucker? I am not looking because of MJ’s cruel joke.

    *eyes glued shut*

  3. Approved. A couple of times.

  4. Vmax, egg math:

    My 12 chickens eat about $30 of feed per month (100lb Dumor layer feed) and we get 8-12 eggs a day depending on the season. They also drink about a gallon of water a day between them, so there’s some math on that, but mine get well water so it’s pretty cheap. We end up with about 24 dozen jumbo eggs a month at a cost of about $1.25/dozen.

  5. Oh look! A refreshing seemingly unbiased newspaper article from the city I hope to move to, outlining Democrat political operatives dirty backhanded illegal plans.

    How refreshing

  6. Thanks Leon.

  7. Loved the video. Loved the shaved face too. Well done, douche. Could have used more Trudy.

    Have a great weekend, Tools!

  8. I can buy a lot of eggs at a grocery store for $30 a month. Not 24 dozen. Is there a noticeable difference in taste quality etc?

  9. I eat my eggs when they are less than a week old, never refrigerated. The difference in texture is amazing, flavor is better but not that big. I also know I’m only getting egg, no hormones, and my birds spend their days outside and nights in a clean coop.

    If I start worm farming to supplement their diet, that should reduce the cost further and improve the nutrition of the eggs a bit. The biggest factor for me was that the coop was already here, ready to go, so my startup costs were less than $80, including chicks. There was also 4 months of feeding before egg 1, but they don’t eat as much as babies. We didn’t really amortize that, but that should be factored into total egg cost.

  10. Yes.

    But you don’t raise chickens to get cheaper eggs.

  11. Correct. You raise chickens for better eggs. And cheap entertainment.

    And finally for stewing hens.

  12. You raise chickens for their delicious drumsticks.

  13. I just noticed our “model” is a naughty school girl.

  14. Oh, and MJ, I like your kitchen and its outdoor view.

  15. I just noticed our “model” is a naughty school girl.

    I wonder if she’s from Mare Island.

  16. She looks depressed.

  17. Well, children on my island do wear uniforms to school. So in fact, she could be…

  18. The Chicken Corral will be for drumsticks. Assuming I feel up to the project.

  19. She looks depressed.

    Well, she doesn’t have a single shirt that closes properly.

    Poor thing.

  20. Thanks for the info Leon and Carin

  21. Anybody have arthritis? What does it feel like?

  22. 65 here going to 85 and humid. When I took Zeke out the south wind was gusting and strong. Not to mention humid.

  23. Anybody have arthritis? What does it feel like?

    My dog has it. She says it’s ruff.

  24. My hands feel like they have been clinched fists for the last 8 hours.

    I am either cage fighting in my sleep or arthritis feels like fatigue.

  25. I like the house with the really low counters!

  26. That was filmed in the crawl space.

  27. Make sure you are hydrated Scott. Drinking can dehydrate and I occasionally wake with severe hand cramps.

    Or it might be arthritis.

  28. >> Anybody have arthritis? What does it feel like?

    pain. joints. ouch.

  29. Oh, and MJ, I like your kitchen and its outdoor view.
    Thanks. That’s the reason I bought the house. The entire back of the house, which you can kind of see is glass sliders that lead to the pool. In the summer I roll out of bed, take two steps and I’m in the pool for a redneck shower.

  30. Morning, cool kids

  31. Better check and make sure your wife’s face isn’t caved in before you jump to the arthritis conclusion.

  32. Our Florida home was like that too, MJ, and every slider in the back except one was a pocket door so we could have the whole house open. My husband had to scale back on the naked showers by the pool when we cleared land to the lake (and houses across).

  33. I don’t think this is joints, it feels more muscular.

    I must be cage fighting.

  34. Yeah, it’s definitely cage fighting.

  35. Same same. They all move over so we can have the house open. I really wanted an indoor/outdoor house.

    Let’s vote someone off whore island today.

  36. Scott’s into MMA. Hunh. I did not see that coming.

  37. Remember “attention whore island” is different than “mare’s Island.”

    Whore Island is where Harry Reid and Boehner live so keep that in mind.

  38. Let’s vote someone off whore island today.

    Happy Birthday, Michael.

  39. I like the way Cyn thinks.

  40. Morning bewbs and booze – MJ has his act together. I love grapefruit, so that sounds like a really nice drink.

  41. Oh oh vote for me! Vote for me!

  42. Ok, lets vote a cocksucker of of Mare Island.

  43. Vman, it’s not going to happen. As a matter of fact, we need you to do renderings for the whore island party house.

  44. Again, you’re not getting it, Boehner and Reid are on WHORE ISLAND.

  45. Wait, what?

    *stumbles to edge of island, tips over*

  46. You would definitely know if it was joint pain, very localized. Imagine crushed glass in your knee, it’s like that.

  47. Nice bewbs, good links. I like less utewb and moar jif and jpeg.

    “A spider ran across the screen”


  49. I think MJ’s been working out with Shake Weight.

  50. You know, I never wakey wakeyed.

    Perhaps I won’t today. See what happens.

    *hopes I get voted off Mare Island

    I look horrible in uniform.

  51. *kicks blog

  52. I hate you all so very much.

  53. Do you work all weekend?

    I have a 15K tomorrow. I’m totally unprepared, but in awesome-work-out-news I am officially under 170 pounds. I put on about a pound and a half of muscle and lost about 6 pounds of fat.

  54. I got the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer in my Amazon update email today. That made me smile.

  55. Yep, I work doubles all weekend. I picked up a Saturday night shift, so it’s sorta my fault.

    I don’t work tonight until 4, though.

    It’s been so cold and nasty, and I SO hate running at the gym, that my running has been limited. I try at least once a week – or twice – but it’s so miserable and I refuse to hate working out. I just use the stepper or something.

  56. put on about a pound and a half of muscle and lost about 6 pounds of fat.

    so the shake weight is working?

  57. Haha, shake weight is what I thought about when I watched that video, too.

  58. Perhaps I won’t today. See what happens.

  59. so the shake weight is working?
    I think it is. I’m hoping to be down another 6 or seven pounds before I start training for the fall triathlons. I’m sorta considering an intermediate distance one.

    And I’m doing a 15K trail run at the end of March. Yea!

  60. Haha, shake weight is what I thought about when I watched that video, too.

    FINALLY. The joke was almost too obvious.

  61. Perhaps I won’t today. See what happens.


    wakey wakey


    Car in, the nice guy from the IRS wants a word.

  63. Walter is displaying poor trigger discipline.

  64. It’s a clusterfuck, J’ames.

  65. The weird thing about life is that I was sooo much happier when I was bartending and had basically nothing of value.

    Life was so simple. Go to work. Count cash. Hang out with friends and family. Repeat.

  66. From the very bottom of the article – this is why Detroit can’t have nice things pay it’s fucking bills:

    Day 2: The Detroit department that assesses properties is under fire for waste and missing cash. Its two top officers work two days a week and each stands to make more than $100,000 this year

  67. I’m hoping to be down another 6 or seven pounds

  68. Memo to my kids – don’t buy shit.

    Honestly, we’re so fucked by what the government has done – our houses are worth nothing, etc. It makes me sick to tell you guys how much we’ve lost in our homes. Sick.

    Meanwhile Obama is living large, as are his friends, etc. I’m gonna go postal soon. I swears.

  69. Houses are usually a good investment. Detroit seems to be an anomaly. Or maybe it’s all urban areas. Out here in the sticks everything seems to keep its value a little better.

  70. $4,000 tax bill on a $35k house seems a bit excessive.

  71. Houses were a good investment until everyone lost a ton. How long is it going to take to make back what was lost-for those who did? 20 years?

    Then it’s not an investment. To spend 20 years to get back to where you started (plus all the interest you paid) – it’s a major loss if you can do the maths.

  72. The free shit army doesn’t want to live out in the sticks.

    I attended a meeting yesterday where the guest speaker, who was fantastic, talked about the demographics in Columbus, OH. A lot of the data was pretty fascinating. I wish I could summarize in a comment. Basically, everybody who leaves Columbus goes someplace warm, most of the people are coming to Columbus from Cleveland, Akron and Dayton because we have jobs and economic opportunity, our foreign born population has exploded by more than 20X what it was before 1970, and the Mexicans and Asians try to live where there are jobs, not so much our African immigrants, who tend to move in to predominantly black neighborhoods which have little economic opportunity.

    Oh, and the only way to turn a community around is through more government spending. I gave him a pass on that one, but when I questioned him about what happens when somebody has an opportunity to leave a bad neighborhood, he conceded that part of the problem was mobility, any body who can move, does, ASAP.

  73. not so much our African immigrants, who tend to move in to predominantly black neighborhoods which have little economic opportunity.

    There was a fascinating piece a read a few years ago (which I doubt I can find) – it was a study done by some liberals who looked into what happened when you moved poor blacks into better neighborhoods. Because, of course, the neighborhood is the problem -not the people.

    Anyway – amid all the other information which didn’t conform to their words view (black male youths ended up in just as much trouble in the nice neighborhood as they did in the bad ones – although the girls did a bit better), one tidbit was that the parents (i mean, the single mom)was really unhappy. She felt isolated, etc. Mostly because they were surrounded by people out working, and doing stuff, while they were used to the hang-out, welfare moms who were always available in the old ‘hood.

    Most eventually moved back to the hood.

  74. Living in detroit – the biggest difference between ME and the mom’ on welfare, etc, was that I was running, or gardening, or cleaning up my house, while they were hanging out or watching tv.

    The difference between them and me isn’t education – but DRIVE.

  75. I read a Juan Williams book a few years back that stated new immigrants from Africa or Asia tend to move up on the socioeconomic scale rapidly. Those same groups already here are stuck, and hispanics tend to move up and then down in the space of two generations.

    Handouts are a trap, said no politician ever.

  76. DRIVE

    Yeah, he didn’t go there. He poked around the edges, but wanted to point to areas that where improving, rather than neighborhoods in trouble.

    OSU, just north of downtown, has historically been an island in a sea of low income housing. Students need cheap apartments, and so does the free shit army. OSU formed a commission, started doing some community investing, buying up property, giving tax breaks for construction of retail and office buildings, building new dorms outside of the old campus footprint.

    It has worked in those areas, but the surrounding neighborhoods just shifted another two blocks south and east. The population that was the problem before just moved thataway, we got 2 more square blocks of better neighborhoods and 2 more square blocks went from marginal to bad.

  77. You read a book by Juan Williams? Are you sure it wasn’t Walter?

  78. I’m totally unprepared, but in awesome-work-out-news I am officially under 170 pounds.

    Aw crap. I’m at the tail end of my backoff week and weighed in below 168 today. Am I smaller than MJ?

    *eats 14 chicken thighs*

  79. Yeah, that sounds more like Walter than Juan.

  80. You’d think this was the first fucking snow of the winter the way people are driving.

  81. While drive is an obvious factor, pride of ownership helps. Being given something involves no struggle or work therefore there is no sense of belonging. Sometimes helping someone make improvements to their home puts some skin in it for the homeowner so their sense of pride is built with increased work. Often others look on with envy and if given an opportunity will emulate.

    I have seen it happen where a house turns into a street and a street turns into a block, and several blocks turn into an oasis in a sea of desperation.
    It does not dry the sea, but it can populate the sea with islands of good neighbors. I think neighbors are one of many keys.

  82. Does anybody here have a hotmail account?
    I can’t open mine, starting since last night.

  83. You read a book by Juan Williams? Are you sure it wasn’t Walter?
    I’ve read both.

  84. It was Juan. The book is called, ‘Enough.’

  85. I thought Juan hadn’t read a book, much less written one.

  86. Wow, he’s got 8 books out. All of them about race.

    Here’s my shocked face.

  87. Happy Birthday, Michael.

  88. Haha, it actually is today!

    Happy Birthday, Michael!

  89. Nope. Not falling for it. Michael doesn’t have a birthday.

  90. Sorry lauraw, no hotmail

  91. Leon, WildGorillaMan posted some pics on FaceDouche that you might enjoy. Just sayin’.

    Laura, my Hotmail has been working. Did you jiggle the handle?

  92. But… I’d have to go to facedouche…

    Maybe somebody is cloning it on tumblr somewhere.

  93. is working

  94. Where did MJ develop that back and forth technique?

  95. I’ll go fire up windows 95 & see if rocketmail is working.

  96. Politico has more heartburn, and the smallest victims of sequestration will be impoverished four-year old kids.

    FFS. Really?

  97. haha, one of the guys at work uses rocketmail. Another uses Juno.

  98. Jeez MJ, Teh Won’s water isn’t going to carry itself.

  99. I guess my point is that I’m not sure I could utter demagoguery of that magnitude. At least not with a straight face.

  100. The special pills distributed in the Politico break room help with the face straightening.

    Also botox. And religious faith on 0gabe.

  101. Politico is paid in access and exclusives. That the DNC story-lines are comfortable and cozy with their internal narratives is just bonus.

    I think they were the most butt-hurt about the Reggie Love lost weekend, but they seemed to have snapped back in line just fine.

  102. I have email with juno, yahoo, comcast, and gmail. I use different email for different things.

  103. Stupid kid:

  104. Yeah, this is so frustrating. I can sign in but it just tells me hotmail is not available right now.

  105. You know, an “off the record” meeting with reporters upset with lack of WH access makes me feel so comforted.

  106. I actually think the stories bitching about the lack of access are just cover to appear somewhat objective.

    No really, I’m mad at you. You can tell because I’m not playing with your balls while deepthroating you. That’s how mad I am.

  107. hahahaha.

  108. She was practiced at the art of deception. . .

  109. We chased our pleasures here
    Dug our treasures there
    But can you still recall
    The time we cried. . .

  110. Goodbye to you, my trusted friend.
    We’ve known each other since we’re nine or ten.
    Together we climbed hills or trees,
    Learned of love and ABC’s,
    Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees.
    Goodbye, my friend, it’s hard to die,
    When all the birds are singing in the sky.
    Now that the spring is in the air,
    Pretty girls are everywhere,
    When you see them I’ll be there.



  112. We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.

  113. Haha, sorry. Uh, so here’s some Bohemian Rhapsody to make up for it:

  114. It’s fucking everywhere:

    “Whatever illusions once existed about Michael Jordan not being a warped, rageful asshole—the Ayn Rand ideal of a prime mover come to an implausibly elegant and predictably brutal life—were clearly illusions even at the height of his beauty.”

    This is in an article about Michael Jordan turning 50. The author clearly hasn’t read anything by Ayn Rand, but whatever, right?

  115. “Whatever illusions once existed… were clearly illusions…”

    That author is a fucking genius.

  116. Mazel tov, boobielehs.

  117. Huh

    He’s going to be popular in prison.

  118. Is heroin discounted if it’s been in your dealers butt?

  119. The young are so fickle.

  120. not so much our African immigrants, who tend to move in to predominantly black neighborhoods which have little economic opportunity.

    My SiL’s church is trying to work with a group of African immigrants, down in the city. They’re trying to help them open a magnet school because the exposure of their kids to those in the piss-poor public schools, is turning their kids into lazy disrespectful pieces of shit that are the homegrown welfare blacks. That’s not racist, that is a poor reflection of gubmint being a shitty daddy.
    The Africans come here to escape poverty, genocide, lack of education, to give their children the opportunity….and their kids are picking up some very bad habits/attitudes.

  121. amid all the other information which didn’t conform to their words view (black male youths ended up in just as much trouble in the nice neighborhood as they did in the bad ones – although the girls did a bit better), one tidbit was that the parents (i mean, the single mom)was really unhappy.

    Very obvious in the bussing situation. The violence in the suburban schools, who took them on, went up. Caused major friction because there were little to no consequences for those kids while the kids (note: white), who rarely committed the same were given swifter and harsher punishments. They were also not held to the same educational standards.
    That is major bigotry of low expectations.

  122. Is heroin discounted if it’s been in your dealers butt?

    I feel sorry for the dude who had to dig it out.

  123. BTW, MJ poated a picture of his babyface? Where? I like babies.

  124. I had a dream that I canoodled with a younger Ted Nugent. Could have been fun had I not awakened.

  125. Drink of the week beasn, it’s part of the post.

  126. I have to read the post?

  127. Gift idea for pupster

  128. Hello Grumpy. I like it.

    I want this on a tshirt:

  129. Watched MJ’s video. Obviously Trudy loves her some alcohol. As soon as the drink is done, she starts barking so he’ll give her some, much like XBrad.

  130. Looks like the cocktail hour started a little early.

  131. Trudy > Fake D

  132. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  133. Happy Birthday, Batman! Hope you have a fantastic day ♥♥♥

  134. #rejectedcereals on twitter is quite funny.

  135. Happy birthday Michael.

    And fuck twitter.

  136. #rejectedcereals?

    Please, we did worst kids cereals years ago.

  137. quit using password as your password

  138. I hadn’t been on twitter in months. I think I sent one tweet to my buddy at DK tweaking him about being a liar, but that was it.

  139. #rejectedcereals?

    call me when they do worst names for sex toys…..

  140. If Twitter is where its at, H2 is ahead of the times by almost 5 years.

  141. I liked rejected jello flavors. That was funny.

  142. worst twitter hashtags?


  143. #littleboysaresexy

  144. #rectalbleeding

  145. #rectalbleedinglover

  146. #wiserbud

  147. #wiserbudrectalbleedinglover

  148. um, what are we playing again? Take the previous comment and add some more, right?

  149. #I<3MichelleO!

  150. #tusharshometheaterbleeding

  151. MJ, how did you know that??? I sliced some skin off while putting together the TV Stand.

  152. BTW, great video MJ. And Trudy barking in the background was funny.

  153. Does anyone here give a flying rodent’s derriere about the Oscars?

  154. I was disappointed we didn’t get to see Trudy.

  155. MJ, how did you know that??? I sliced some skin off while putting together the TV Stand.
    That sucks, but I hope it turned out great. It sounds like you got some pretty serious stuff.

  156. I forgot. I have something pretty funny coming up with her for next week, though.

  157. No.

  158. I don’t want to see videos of MJ fornicating the canine.

  159. Hey HS:

    Watch this all of the way through.

  160. MJ, I am not done putting it all together yet. And the Center speaker is on back order till March end, which sucks Donkey Balls.

    On the other hand, Live Free or Die Hard and Inception Blu Ray are here. So I am going to have a blast when it all comes together.

  161. So, let me get this straight. . . . MJ is pissed because Hotspur DOESN’T want to see MJ and the dog? Kinky!

  162. Oh, and MJ, I don’t know if you read my last threat, so let me repeat it: If I don’t see your douche-face at the next meatup, I will kidnap Trudy.

  163. Local news opens with a protest for stringent background checks. . . about 12 people in front of the Capitol in Harrisburg. FFS, this is news!?!

  164. Mare-J can’t help that he didn’t make the last 2 meatups.

  165. Incandescently hot chick has now left the building. Sadness.

  166. Oscars? Meh. I thought the Skyfall song was meh too.

  167. Mmmm, hot chicks:

  168. Our hawk is back. Die, pigeons, die.

  169. Oso–only 26 more hours!

  170. When does the Left Coast Cabal have their meet?

    Maybe we could all hook up in Yuma… bwahahaha! No.

  171. Thelma and Louise go to Cali! LOL

  172. Wooooo Hoooo!

  173. Is anyone near Los Angeles? I’ll be there for a couple of days in June. I might not be depressed by then.

  174. I had all my hair cut off today. I look like Pete Rose if he was part of the British Invasion. I’m humming early Beatles tunes. The REALLY annoying ones.

  175. Leon, I’m not sure that anyone is exactly in LA, but Sean and Lipstick and George Orwell (IIRC) are in that neck of the woods.

    Speaking of which, G.O. has been kinda scarce lately. I hear that the hobos over there are the downright fight-y types.

  176. Can’t wait to see it, Oso. I’ll bet you pull it off well!

    I am so overdue for a cut… I think mine is now down to the top of my jeans.

  177. Hey Osoloco:

  178. Left coast cabal is meeting tomorrow for BBQ. Leon, Sean and I are L.A.ish

  179. I’m going to be in El Segundo. I’ll keep you posted on when.

  180. Oh, and MJ, I don’t know if you read my last threat, so let me repeat it: If I don’t see your douche-face at the next meatup, I will kidnap Trudy.
    I will be there. Which one of you lesbians has the muddler?

  181. Hey Osoloco:

    HAHAHA! Pups has got my number.

  182. I was on my way to CT, NYC, Boston, and Atlanta, but we got grounded.

  183. I think Cathy and I handed off the muddler to Rosetta. Don’t know what happened after that.

  184. It went to Gabe then Car in. Not sure who has it now.

  185. Car in still has it, I think.

  186. I think maybe Carin just mentioned not too long ago that she still has it.

    Or I could be full of shit.

  187. Yeah – what Leon said.


  188. So…….Car in, then. Got it.

  189. El Segundo – nice area, I lived right next door for 20 years. You’ll be nice and close to LAX too.

  190. Where did the muddler originate?

  191. Patty Ann

  192. That had slipped my mind about PA.

  193. She sent it to the IB Superbowl party first, I think. And from there it started to travel around. I had it for a little while. Can’t remember who I shipped it to.

  194. Xbrad’s linked the worst name for cereal thread earlier. PattyAnn’s first contribution was “Death”

    Gave me pause….

  195. >>>I am so overdue for a cut… I think mine is now down to the top of my jeans.


  196. *raises glass to PA*

  197. No.


  198. *Salud PA*

  199. >>>>YOU’RE NOT MY REAL DAD!

    Call me Daddy…….

  200. Your real father, Cyn?

  201. PA had some pretty good ones on that thread.

    How awesome is it we still have her here with us in spirit.

  202. Call me Daddy…….

    You keep you Daddy’s Fingers outta my hair.

  203. Dangitall, Xbrad – you PROMISED you wouldn’t tell!

  204. Cyn, I am your stepfather……

  205. Oh, well then…

    *releases hair from scrunchy and shakes head a bit*

    …carry on… Daddy

  206. Pizza Time! Later cool kids.

  207. Have you all heard about this? Where is Andy?
    What could go wrong?

  208. Scottw needed this last winter.

  209. *sigh*

    We really are that stupid here.

  210. HI BEANSES!

  211. Boobs 4,483
    POON! 4,252
    Booze 4,072
    Beauty Personified 3,803
    Your Mom 3,093
    fuck you 2,990
    Lemon Bear Dick Punch 2,840
    Balls 2,808

    These are my most common topics for posting. Nailed it.


  213. Cyn meets Osoloco

  214. Did anybody give anybody else that annoying passive-aggressive cough because they lit up a cigarette twenty feet away today?

  215. Yes.

  216. Went to Costco today.
    They were selling Oso Busco.

    I may have giggled a bit thinking of our crazy bear.

  217. Oso Busco killed it.

  218. With Obamaphone, can I keep my phone number if I like my phone number?

    I might be in the market for one soon.

  219. Yes, scott. And if you like your talk, text, and data plan, you can keep your talk, text, and data plan.

  220. I want a scooter and an EBT card. An Obamaphone would be gravy.

  221. Just got back from bbq with Gabe, he’s been visiting fambly in TX and was on his way through town. There was a guy on fire, and he killed a guy with a trident. I told him he should find a safe house, lay low for a while.

    Also he asked me if I bought my clothes at the toilet store.

  222. I can get you a 4WD scooter, cheap, Oso.

  223. Cyn meets Osoloco

    I am totally doing that.

    Were we meeting at 6pm? Was that the final decision Oso?

  224. Just got back from bbq with Gabe…

    Wow. Mini-meat Weekend 2013.

    Were you and Phat ever able to work something while he was down Texas way, Dave?

  225. THX Scott. I actually have rage issues with the electric scooter people. Right up there with the EBT people. I’m a H8R

  226. TK at 6 in Peoria. SQUEEEEEE!!!!

  227. Squeeeeee! Let me come get you–it’s a little bit of a hike. Not as long as that cab ride in Boston I hear, but still.

  228. Houston is like, shit, you gotta get there early before the gangs wake up.

  229. Yeah, I forgot how big Texas really is. Like a three-day drive from one side to the other. Gotcha.

  230. Wow. Mini-meat Weekend 2013.

    I’m meeting Peej and Lippy for lunch tomorrow down in Orange. Aprilwine might show up, too.

  231. Give all the girls hugs for me, Sean. Take a few pics and email them to me and I’ll create a new page for the Mini-Meat Weekend.

    You too, Dave, if you took any of you and Gabe.

  232. I’ll call you when we get in town!

  233. Will do, Cyn. Dinner and Jeopardy time now.

  234. Shit. I should smother my mother with a pillow. I could make a brief appearance at the OC mini-meat, drive fast as hell, and just catch the tail end of AZ mini-meat.

  235. No photographs were taken, but there were hugs

  236. YAY!!!!

    *runs, plugs in phone to charge, waits for Oso’s call*

    *clears out email waiting for Sean’s meat-up pictures*

    *watches the clock and waits*

  237. Kinda hard to add a ‘hug’ to a meat-up page.

  238. If Oso could get here a pinch earlier, it would only take me about 3 hours to get to you, Xbrad. And then what, another 2 to get to the meat? I could get us there in 1.5. Easy.

  239. Kinda hard to add a ‘hug’ to a meat-up page.

    Just link some gay porn.

  240. Hmmm, let me think about that a sec… ummmmmm, no.

    Their mini-meat will just have to go unrecorded and that’s that.
    *sniffs indignantly*
    I don’t make the rules.

  241. So, does Gabe really exist? If a meatup occurs, but there’s not pics, did it really happen?

  242. Just two guys having bbq and talking. We don’t need no photographs, it’s seared, seared into my memory.

  243. Yes.

    Maybe — it all smells pretty fishy to me.

  244. I have met Gabe
    He is a great guy. I did not take any pictures.

  245. We can’t drop the dogs off until 8am. Just finished packing. I have velcro doxie. Gingy knows luggage.

  246. Going to see my sweet DG in 3 weeks!

  247. Yay! Lots more DG pics soon!

  248. Watched “The Dark Knight Returns Pt 1”. Excellent. I’ll be renting part 2 shortly.

  249. I know a little about Shackleton. I did not know he was such a screw up. I did not know what a superhuman stud Captain Woresley? was.

  250. MCPO, that’s the animated thing Ace was talking about the other day?

  251. Serious You Guys, I’m Batman.

  252. I’d rather be Iron Man.

  253. Fishy?

    I hugged you Cyn. Also seared, seared into my memory.

  254. Or Powdered Toast Man. There was a superhero you guys.

  255. I have patty Ann’s muddler?

    Cold dead hands .

  256. Good for you Carin
    How was work tonight? Any stories?

  257. I hate to repeat it in public but who has the BB Dildo?

  258. XBrad – Yes. Watched it after reading Ace’s review.

  259. Aquaman, Serious, You Guys!

  260. Did I kill it?

  261. Cthulu killed it.

  262. DId any super heroes ever get to hop on Angie Dickinson?

  263. Goodnight, reprobates.

  264. You can derp, you can jive, having the time of your life

  265. Racing sucks. Up at 4 on a Saturday.

  266. Run fast, and win.

  267. Or run slow and stop for an omelet on the route.

  268. Just do it.

  269. I know, right?

  270. Awwww, so sweet.

  271. I very much doubt that anyone masturbates thinking of me. I’d be surprised and turned-on/creeped-out to discover otherwise.

    Went to Mongo BBQ for dinner last night. Hopefully I’m larger than MJ again.

  272. Ha ha ha!

  273. Morning.

  274. Reindeer punch?

  275. Gimme a few minutes, and I’ll have a fresh new poat up.

  276. I saw that Romy.

  277. C’mon girl, fix that new post. Try to do it right this time.

  278. New poat coming up.

  279. Squirrels fighting over my compost bin. Still over a foot of snow on the ground.

    Life must so suck for them right now.

  280. NM, I’ll just add my photo to Roamy’s poat.

  281. Done. New poat!

  282. DG pics DG pics yes!!

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