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  2. Our dogs respect baby gates for some odd reason. That’s just about the only boundary they respect though.

  3. Comment by Scott on September 24, 2021 10:05 pm

    Just like Jimbro’s dog!
    The Taco moment has passed. He is definitely an Ollie, through and through. I describe him as the cattle dog puppy they warn you about. The one who, if he was your first go around with the ACD breed, would be your last one. He is snuggly for about 10 minutes a day, right when we turn the lights out and he hops on the bed and lays between us. After 10-15 minutes he hops to his dog bed and recharges his Asshole Battery for the following day.

  4. I thought spider chip cookie/thanks Satan was threatening to make me spew coffee but then I saw the panty/butterfly/RB sandwich combo and fucking lost it.

    OMG, so, so bad. Just absolutely wicked and rotten.

    *coffee cup salute*

  5. And I don’t really have a reason other than stubbornness and trusting my immune system.

    Oh, there are a lot of good other reasons at this point, but I’m a conspiracy theorist*.

    *which means “entirely correct but the news won’t say so until 18-24 months from now, if ever

  6. NASA is looking for a new vehicle to bring astronauts to the launch pad, and Oscar Mayer volunteered the Weinermobile.

  7. From mothership yesterday, I just love this little dog.

  8. Watching dogs hit the weave poles is one of my pleasures in life

  9. Having your mom weaving on the pole is a close second

  10. I burned the bacon, ate it anyway. Not sure how they cured it, but it seemed like there was something on the bacon that burned, as the meat was still chewy.

    Today is laundry day. Also going to get back to decluttering. I have a knock-off Nordic track I want to move to where I might actually use it.

  11. SLAYER!!!

    Best Pope ever.

  12. I’m going to garden, and cook baba ganoush today. And also something for dinner. Not sure what to make. The nights are getting chilly…oooooh, chili.

  13. Batman shadow and Applebee’s.

  14. Nixed, Scott says he’s not a chili fan.
    Maybe paella, then.

  15. yeah, batman shadow was great

  16. Probably cured with too much sugar, Roamy.

  17. Fine memes.

    I had to look up “Sir Duke”. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t know that was the name of the song until today.

  18. Sea is for Cookie was my favorite.

  19. Really regretting not gardening properly this year. The garden is overrun. What a mess. I need to make two long beds for garlic planting next month and it’s like, where do I start? Such a mess. Wish I had done cover crops and mulch. Oh well. Gonna be quite the compost pile.

  20. Tim, I knew that song a long time before I knew the name.

  21. Something horrific happened so I’m working today. Suck.

  22. First meme is meme.

  23. I don’t know if I’ve already posted this link, but I’m posting it again.

  24. So Newsom signs bills that allows minors to get sex changes and abortions without parental consent or knowledge. Insurance companies cannot require parental signatures for those procedures…which means parents will have to pay for those things they are not allowed to know about? Or is there going to be a separate insurance plan pot from wence those will be paid?

    Sex traffickers and abusers gonna love this. Though I thought the birth control and abortion thing was already done behind parents backs. Why do democrats love exploiting kids? There is noone looking out for young people.

  25. It seems like it would be ripe for a “Don’t tell your mom…” video showing a kid in a variety of situations that end with someone saying “don’t tell your mom.” Start out with harmless childhood misbehavior, then gets steadily darker until it’s some grown man in a bedroom telling a scared teenage girl, “don’t tell your mom” followed by an abortion doctor telling that same scared girl, “I won’t tell your mom.”

  26. So, did Carin die?

  27. “Death by Ragnar” a new film noir by M Knight Shammalamma Ding Dong

  28. Starring Zombie Car i N

  29. Set in the deepest darkest beer tree forest of the American mid west.

  30. Beasnanansnan, don’t feel alone.

    Easier said than done when the ONLY support I get, in meat space, is from my buddy/former coworker.
    I do appreciate her friendship. She is a month older than my mom. Other than that I am a shadow.

  31. I laughed when ppl said the now gov of nys was a repub.

  32. She’s a vile piece of shit every bit as bad as cuomo.

  33. The article beasnnnssez linked will be just the tip of the dong that she and her handlers shove up nys’s ass.

  34. I’m truly praying for the burning times to start sooner rather than later.

  35. Meant to type republican leaning.

  36. She s a far left scumbag.

  37. I got a nastygram from my dentist, telling me to make an appointment in the next 30 days or get dropped as a patient. Her kid was in Rocketboy’s class, which is why I went to her. Seems a little harsh in the middle of a pandemic, but it might be desperation before closing the doors. I don’t know, but the tone of the email is just wrong.

  38. The world needs a enema

  39. She’s a vile piece of shit every bit as bad as cuomo.

    And that’s pretty bad. Sorry to hear that, Jam.

  40. The national dilemma played out on the New York stage. Ditch a loser and get an equivalent one

  41. All I know is I no longer have any faith in the medical community, and I avoid them unless absolutely necessary.

  42. TeeRoy, I myself am looking askance at my colleagues who are all in on this crap. Dissension is not heard anywhere in my institution except between like minded individuals. Every email from the administration toes the Fauci line. There is no forum for alternative theories of treatment.

  43. scientific curiosity seems to be a thing of the past too.
    My research colleagues go along to get along.
    We’ve become china lite.

    Pharma development is driven 100% by profit now.
    That’s why this mRNA is being pressed so hard by the boards at pfizer et al.
    the tech and manufacturing is fast and relatively inexpensive.
    it’s an accounting departments’ wet dream.
    low overhead – high margins — captured demographic.
    it’s sad really.

    This audience probably realizes it but the general public doesn’t – NIH and related gov sponsored research agencies (for the most part) attract and keep 2nd rate inquiry.
    The “research” that i’ve been privy too thru the years has pretty much been masters lvl projects with large budgets.

    Geoff had a post up recently i think essentially stating the same thing.
    Research trajectory is not in out favor right now.

    We’ve lost the will to innovate it would seem.

  44. Tell the dentist to eat shit.

    But be sure to floss.

  45. Comment by leoncaruthers on September 25, 2021 8:05 am
    And I don’t really have a reason other than stubbornness and trusting my immune system.

    Oh, there are a lot of good other reasons at this point, but I’m a conspiracy theorist*.


    We didn’t get vaxxed, mainly because we aren’t in a high risk group, and I didn’t trust the mRNA vax. Rolling out vaccines to hundreds of millions of people with an unproven technology and no long term testing sounds insane to me. With more and more reports of serious side effects from the vax, “It can kill you, all the way up to dead…” and the feds ratcheting up the pressure to comply, I’m even less inclined to get it.

    Everything on both sides is propaganda, so who knows what to believe. It seems that the people who are cautioning against it have less of a financial /power interest in their opinion. I saw a vid with Dr. Ryan Cole, who said his lab has seen a 20x rise in endometrial cancer this year. It seems that the vax is increasing one part of the immune system, while suppressing other parts.

    They can bring pressure until almost everyone complies, but I’m going to hold off as long as possible. My mom’s doctor is all in on the vax. She had both Pfizer shots and is already scheduled to get the booster. She’s 85, in decent shape, and had no reaction at all to the initial shots, didn’t even get a fever.

  46. One thing I think they underestimated is the strength of the resistance to getting the vax. A lot of people around here are quitting their jobs over it. A large chunk of the Forest Service staff is saying they’ll quit. People working at the VLA (Very Large Array telescope) have quit, linemen for the power company, etc. It could get ugly really quick.

  47. TWIP

  48. They saw Trump as the cause and not a symptom of larger problems. They thought that they’d be able to walk in, issue a few directives, and fix the problem.

    It goes back to what I keep saying that there was a huge amount of cultural, social, and political capital that was relied on to keep the west running, and which allowed incompetent morons to appear successful for a long time. That capital is almost entirely used up, and the political class is actually forced to show some competence and leadership, and they are failing miserably.

  49. where did hotspur put his captain’s use only sign on his boat

  50. Right next to your mom’s Mae West.

  51. oso posted she’s kicked off WordPress. anyone know what’s up with that?

  52. Did she talk about horse paste again?

  53. The last post I remember seeing was, “Wordpress is a shithole platform full of cum guzzlers, and Fauci is a cunt.”

  54. WordPress is fine with cum guzzlers.

  55. Fifteen year old kid with traumatic head injury, and I’m completely at a loss as to the mechanism.

  56. how can they block you in wordpress? just don’t log in

  57. There were a whole spate of articles saying the AZ recount showed Biden winning by a bigger margin than reported.

    No one has seen the data.

    But you know, people with knowledge and what not.

    You have to be a real simp to report things like that. Someone who has a hole cut in their mask to better sip peen.

  58. A REALLY big hole.

  59. Bannon is saying they counted the illegal votes again, in opposition to the canvassing that says at least 50k aren’t illegitimate. Gov Ducey is a McCain machine product, so it’s not surprising.

  60. The grift that keeps on giving.


  62. Big upsets today.

  63. Paula and her friends got top women’s team in the 8 hour race today

    (The one Carin wishes she did)

    Results aren’t posted yet. She can barely move at the moment and just went to bed.She’s trying to cram as much activity in before her rotator cuff surgery on 10/6.

  64. She’s trying to cram as much activity in before her rotator cuff surgery on 10/6.

    Trying to make that surgeon earn his pay, eh?

  65. I did offer the suggest avoiding handstand push ups or he’s not going to have anything to suture back together

  66. This fuckin guy is so close to being redpilled its not even funny.

  67. Mrs. Phat is out of town this week. I fired up the Netflix and Amazon thing for the first time in years.

    In order, I watched the first episode of ‘ballad of buster Scruggs’, Garth merenghi’s dark place, and ‘Swedish Dicks’.

    I read that the 1st episode of Buster Scruggs is the only one worth watching, and thought it was awesome.

    Garth Marenghi is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen in years. I was sober. I think it’d be even funnier with a buzz.

    Swedish Dicks was about what you think a show about Swedish private detectives in LA would be? I liked it, will watch more.

    What are you guys watching?

  68. Rolling Stones are playing in STL tomorrow. can’t go, but will watch and play a lot of their music this weekend.

  69. Next he will be suspended from twitter, faceass, and youtube. Memory holed.

  70. Brand’s point about us living in our own seperate media bubbles is right on.

    A national divorce is coming, I know which side I’m on.

  71. lump – i dove down that aussie link….

    there’s an open letter to the cops in there.
    wow –
    i hope the situation in australia pops open like a road killed deer on a highway in august.

  72. Australia has committed the grievous error of inflicting its law enforcement on otherwise peaceful people.

    I do hope and pray that it ends badly for the fascists.

  73. They turned in their guns. LOL

    What could go wrong?

  74. Once again, there is so much anger spoiling to turn into action on both sides, but if it weren’t for the lying media, that wouldn’t be so. We would be listening to each other, except for the fucking media narrative brainwashing.

    The lying media is the borderline personality disorder in the room. The one that fabricates a conflict and turns all us people against each other. Or the retarded 26 year old that repeats the bullshit told to them by politicians, uncritically.

    It’s not the cops, it’s the ‘reporters.’

  75. There was a passage in a Russian novel I read decades ago in my military days that speaks to what the Aussies are going through now.

    Let me perambulate the ship-tzus then I’ll look for it.

  76. we’ve only told Brand and his cohorts it was bullshit for 5 years. Wont listen, until someone in “the media” comes out with it.

  77. If Mr. Shakespear were alive in the 21st century instead of……like……whenever the fuck he was alive he might advise to “kill all the journalists…..and kill all of them first” rather than the lawyers. Or maybe not.

  78. I can’t find it now. Maybe it’s Soltzentshin, he laments the loss of their weapons when Stalin’s thugs came to round them up. If they could only fight back and make sure a percentage of the thugs never came home it would make the rest of them stop showing up to work.

  79. Yes, that’s Solzhenitsyn.

  80. Razorfist weighs in on AZ audit

  81. Scrolling for a football game, saw Tombstone. Had to stop and watch. Maybe a couple of movies that make me stop and watch.

    What are yours?

    Now I need to add my Marlin 30-30 in the guns I’m taking to the range tomorrow.

  82. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

  83. Thank you ChrisP!

    Sadly Australia is going to have to figure this out.

    I never thought I’d see this happen in a western civilization, but here we are.

    Whenever I feel depressed about the course of our society, I buy more ammo.

  84. major league, Shawshank Redemption

  85. First Blood. That movie still kicks ass.

  86. There are a lot of ‘80s movies that I like the movie, but love the music.

    I never want to see a lot of John Hughes movies again, but they had good soundtracks.

    I’ve curated a nice playlist, cunningly called ‘Phat’s college’ that I enjoy playing at the pool.

  87. oh yes, soundtracks rock. Recently, Guardians of the Galaxy got that reaction from me.


    No idea if that works, but cut ant paste songs you like into your own playlists.

  89. I like more up-tempo stuff when I’m lifting weights.

    Lots of obscure stuff in my lifting playlists.

  90. The Crow soundtrack is wonderful.

  91. Today was one of the suckiest days that ever sucked, and I will not be doing a post for tomorrow. Sorry y’all. You can listen to some Vivaldi to pass the time.

  92. New poat scheduled for 8:21 am.

  93. Dirk’s elbow required padding.

  94. Nice playlist Phat. It could be mine as well.

  95. The Russell Brand video was well worth watching. I recognize the name but I’m not sure who he is, maybe an actor? Anyway, from 10:45 to 11:30 or so, when he talks about Before Trump, During Trump and After Trump is interesting. The contrast is remarkable and even the disinterested majority can grok the changes.

  96. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: … ”
    Famous lines I’ve seen many times before and seem to matter much more now

  97. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on September 25, 2021 10:58 pm

    That Mencius Moldbugman thread was pure gold.

    Some people have the gift of explaining things that are right in front of you and unrecognized but will never be overlooked again once you understand what’s going on and reading that was one of those moments for me.

  98. It is absolutely pouring rain outside. We’ve had 4 days of overcast skies and rain of varying intensity so my lawn is looking a little shaggy.

    Trees are just starting to change colors. I noticed that on my drive into town yesterday. Still 95% green leaves though.

  99. Ditto on the involution thread. I remember feeling, when I entered the corporate world many years ago, that my life was suddenly being cluttered and smothered in umptyzillion policies and details and extra processes and box-checking bullshit. I wonder if this was just a young person sensing the effects of involution but not really understanding why it was that way…at the time I think I knew lawyers were a big part of it all.

  100. Foggy here this morning. It’s pretty.

  101. My opinion: it’s a mistake to assume any of this is incompetence. It’s all going according to plan. This is malice.

  102. I’m not there yet. I just can’t understand how it can be some grand conspiracy. Mostly because if we assume this is all coming together as planned, the garbage elites must be evil geniuses.

    They can’t really be both.

    Maybe it’s a bit of both? These people are evil (not geniuses) and it’s working out this way which is acceptable and furthers their interests but isn’t a plan, per se.

  103. The plan was a longer timeline. Trump scared them so much as a Black Swan event that they are scrambling like hell to get the populace back “on track”.

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