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Milonga Flaminco

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We Can’t Make It Here Anymore

Tom Ames Prayer

Here We Go


  1. Thanks for the post Alex. And yeah quick question are you OK?

    You seem a little sour.

    (Imgur video with sound)

  2. Those Who Would Be Kings cast aside the world God made and created a Hell where they could rule. It’s kinda hard not to be sour.

  3. Ben turns 18 today. Selective Service letter arrived Friday. I guess one sliver of the government is efficient.

    Party is tomorrow night, Portland Pie pizza will make an appearance. I got him a vinyl copy of the 30th anniversary edition “Black Album” from Metallica and a gift card for some sunglasses (too many styles to pick from and be right – he can choose)

  4. Pupster, I didn’t intend for the poat to come across that sour. I’ll admit that I’ve been a bit black pilled in recent months.


  6. Who poat dis be?


  7. We’re from the government and we’re here to help you by

    – taking your money
    – taking your guns
    – indoctrinating your children
    – forcing medical experiments on you
    – making you fight our wars
    – spying on you
    – lying to you

  8. No worries, just some of the AI memes and a few musical selections allowed me to tie in the lemon juice video.

    I have a new favorite smoke-house, if any of y’all happen to be passing through Charlotte during business hours I’ll take you here, my treat.

  9. That twitter thread Alex linked to yesterday is now down.

  10. L to R:
    pupster —– monday

  11. i’m on board with the current colex train.

    *starts looking for sword and long flowing dress*

  12. Which Twitter thread?

  13. Mare, it was a long twitter thread I posted last night, which discussed involution.

    “Its principal thesis is that many centuries of intensifying wet-rice cultivation in Indonesia had produced greater social complexity without significant technological or political change, a process Geertz terms “involution”.”

    Basically the author discussed how involution is occurring throughout Western institutions, and why.

  14. Sounds like it’s worth the read.

  15. I can walk today guys. Wakey wakey

  16. I can walk today guys. Wakey wakey

    So then where is that tap water I ordered?

  17. WRT involution, I was thinking earlier, this complexity (in the form of extra layers of admin/bureaucracy/leeches) doesn’t just add itself. At some point in a lean organization that is finally experiencing abundance, people in the organization decide to streamline their own jobs and turn their extra incidental work into a job for someone else. Because what the Hell, we can afford it now, and it will make my life easier if someone else does this. I’ll be able to focus on my productive work and get more for the organization.
    So then again you may have an increase in productivity, but just enough to (probably) cover the additional worker, no more.

    I’m struggling to figure out how this is qualitatively different from the kind of specialization that helped grow the whole economy as we went from mostly agrarian to other jobs…is it just the advancements in technology?

  18. I did a bunch of cleaning/organizing that I’ve been putting off for weeks. It was prompted by the birthday party going on tomorrow. I don’t know why Paula hasn’t figured out that that’s a perfect way to get me to clean my shit up and have guests over more frequently. No one tell her!

    I turned the TV on to see the score of the Pats game and saw Mac Jones give up the ball for a turnover.

    – click away –

    There’s a First Blood Festival on and I figured what the hell. Sipping tea and watching Rambo with my sleeping, farting dogs is a splendid way to spend a rainy afternoon.

  19. Here’s some thoughts I wrote about devolution, and years ago:

  20. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Rambo movie all the way through. I’ve heard good things about the first.

  21. I’ve enjoyed the Rambo series. later installments are silly, but the first is excellent. Brian dennehy mofos

  22. it’s a whole couch, elliot, you don’t have to lay right where my arm is

  23. “Later installments are silly” pretty much defines all cinema.

  24. Later installments are silly” pretty much defines all cinema.

    Death Wish 3

  25. I’ve never seen a death wish movie.

  26. The original is such a classic.

  27. Death Wish is worth your time. There were no sequels.

  28. I certainly think it’s an interesting premise. The people who are supposed to do something won’t do anything, so Charles Bronson takes care of business. You really only need one movie to explore that idea, though.

  29. Vigilantism reminds me of something that happened when I was a kid. What would happen to a Bernard Goetz today? I’ll never forget that guy. It was a galvanizing moment; my own family had only recently left a smaller city because the same urban crime wave had made it unlivable. We continued to visit family there and watched our old neighborhood just get worse and worse. Today? Bernard Goetz would be put away in jail forever for the crime of self defense.

  30. Boondock Saints is another one along those lines. Watch on March 17 for best effect.

  31. Death Wish 2…Death Wish 3….Bruce Willis Death Wish

  32. I bet I have watched Death Wish and The Mechanic at least 10 times each.

  33. Rambo III is in Afghanistan. Rambo joins the mujaheddin who are fighting the Russians. It seems quaint.

  34. I had a college class where I had to do a review of Rambo 3. Full critique, all aspects.

    To this day I have never seen more than the trailer.

    Got a B on the paper.

  35. Man on Fire

  36. Oh yeah, Tee Roy, and The Equalizer

  37. hmm, I thought prime included Amazon Music. Damn.

  38. Did I link Bill Whittle’s video about when companies get big they go wrong?

    Boeing was a monster innovator and manufacturer, they got big and got stupid.

    Plus, political correctness caused deaths (lots of them) they can’t say or do what needs to be said and done.

  39. I love the Equalizer and (for example) the Jack Carr series of books starting with Terminal List. Those that need killing get killed and there’s no apologizing.

  40. I’m reading the Grey Man series. Unfortunately, the character has met some female do-gooder. This arc in most books sucks. The best day of reading the Mitch Rapp series was the day his wife died (remember everyone this is fiction). The character was fricken annoying. I think Brad Thor had some annoying “how can you do that???” idiot female ruining the story line too.

    James Reese (Jack Carr’s protagonist) has a female friend but she’s all in on getting the bad guys.

  41. haven’t read those series, Jack Carr and Grey Man

  42. Robert Barnes on The Rubin Report, explaining the platform/publisher issues with Twitter/Facebook/Youtube really well.

  43. I have a buddy I golf with that works or worked for Amazon. He in their AWS section. Ex Ranger, very driven and he can’t stand it anymore. He says it’s gotten very bureaucratic and he’s being micro managed. He was interviewing with Nvidia, but I haven’t seen him in about a month so I don’t know if he took the new job.

  44. i find it hard to believe that Rumble hasn’t gotten more foothold just yet.

  45. Jay,

    I think it’s lagging behind because their just really isn’t that much variety of content there. Animal videos and conservative commentary seems to be the main content. Not until there is more variety will it really take off.

  46. normal people haven’t felt the pain, for youtube censoring. That’s still where the monopoly is. It has started, but the big job still remains.

  47. Debra’s editor requested proofs.

  48. A lot of the homesteading folks noticed, but YT is too big a part of their business model to walk away wholesale. Content they’d be censored for is moving to premium streaming services in a lot of cases.

  49. Long read, but worthwhile, I think. I have no idea if the science is all correct, but what I do understand seems to make sense.

  50. The neural lace stuff – is that tied into the Havana syndrome, or is that lunatic raving?

  51. MMM 463

  52. I’ve heard the “neural lace” stuff before, but I’m not sure what to make of it. In a nutshell there’s supposed to be something in the injection that acts as a sort of interface between EM signals and the human nervous system. I’ve heard quite a bit tying 5G into the whole business. I’ve heard everything from real-time tracking and biometrics to direct influence and control.

    It’s all bonkers on its face, but these days?

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