You Saw Meme Comin


  1. Hamburger Helper Hand skeleton is terrifying

  2. PSL was released in August which is not even remotely fall even around here. Halloween candy before Labor Day. Soon it will be Christmas stuff. The retail calendar is not the one the rest of us use.

  3. Chris, if you’re browning meat then seasoning for tacos, the trick is to strain the fat off before seasoning. If you’re starting with 85-15, you’ll want to do that anyhow so the taco meat isn’t too greasy. I usually strain into a colander in my big stew pot. You’ll need to add liquid to cook in for the seasoning step, but that’s easy, either with tomatoes/peppers/onions or just water with a little vinegar (and maybe some cornstarch for thickening if you aren’t too worried about it).

  4. Wakey wakey


  6. Why are women in love with the drama of men as abusers? They literally love it, and love making women into victims. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. I’m just saying women love painting themselves into an “I was abused” picture.

    And then ALL of these women can tell you, with certainty, when another man is an abuser. Denying that fact, or even questioning – perhaps we don’t have enough information – means you are saying you blame the victim. There is no other view.

  7. One of the more interesting things about the Gabby story – is that the dude was a total green fanatic. Bragging about use melon rinds for bowls, and lecturing (on IG) about green practices. He told the cop he didn’t want water, because he didn’t like using plastic bottles.

    I suppose killing your girlfriend and allowing her body to compost/feed the animals fits into a green agenda though.

    But it doesn’t dissuade me from the idea that liberalism is a mental disorder.

  8. I heard it that she was actually on her second run at social media stardom. The story is that her first attempt was centered around her dog that she apparently abused in a video and that cratered, so she reinvented herself as a nomad vlogger.

  9. People look at the police video and interpret her behavior as that of someone who had been abused. But the facts may point to just another story. She had sever OCD and anxiety. She was a nutritionist (at a juice shop) and now was trying to be a vlogger … Her strange behavior MAY have been because she was a little … weird. Bursting into tears over every question … I dunno.

    I mean, he killed her. I’m just saying that people who watch that interaction and feel they can diagnose and solve a crime … are just … well, they’re driving me nuts.

  10. One of their “proofs” that he was a serial abuser was that he wasn’t supportive enough of her idea to be a travel vlogger.

    From the articles: ” She told officers that her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, was a “downer,” according to newly released bodycam footage.

    “I just quit my job to travel across the country, and I’m trying to start a blog, a travel blog, so I’ve been building my website,” Petito can be heard saying in the recording that was released by Utah police on September 16. “I’ve been really stressed, and he doesn’t really believe that I can do any of it.”


    Humn … I dunno. If someone told me their career path was to be a travel vlogger, I may be a “downer” too.

    I’m just saying, I started a shit-storm on Facedouche by merely saying we have no idea if he was an abuser or not. that the story isn’t complete. We dont know.

    For this outrageous claim of mine – I was accused of saying she deserved what happened to her.

  11. That’s fair. I don’t know enough to have an opinion, I only knew her name because ScottTheTruckDriver mentioned her. He was in the same area at the same time as her (and the boyfriend’s) disappearance, and apparently the nomad community was speculating about a potential serial killer.

  12. As I said, they have literally no idea what happened. Its all speculation. I’m sure the autopsy will help.

    I’m about to say something snarky about how we can just get rid of investigations completely and we can show the internet just a few snippets of film and the Murder TV watching crew can solve the crime.

  13. Something went wrong with my order of How to Grow a Planet. I’ll have to hope Netflix gets it back again at some point. My Region 2 DVDs apparently got lost in the mail.

  14. I know absolutely nothing about this story other than what I’ve read here.

    Why does anyone care? It’s just some random chick that got offed by her boyfriend, right?

  15. She was the abuser. I’m betting She was emotionally abusive and manipulative and probably even physically abusive and he finally snapped after being stuck with her for so long.

  16. Why does anyone care? It’s just some random chick that got offed by her boyfriend, right?

    Women are obsessed with it, I suspect that it’s mostly white women who see themselves in her. Or, they see their daughters.

  17. The news is back to Dead White Girl stories. It’s a way to fill time without covering the astounding, rage-inducing awfulness of life under Biden or talking about how Long Covid is wrecking the health of middle-aged white women. Gotta pace those stories out to keep them sick.


  18. OK, gang, I need me some knowledge here. My legs are questionable and my endurance is shot. Given those, what sort of exercise is recommended as a starter?

  19. Re. the Gabby Petito stuff, I’m amazed at the in depth analysis these people provide after reading an article and seeing some video. It always confirms their beliefs perfectly. She may have been a psychotic abusive bitch, who physically abused the guy, they have no idea.

  20. Can you walk, Tim? Even just a mile or so? Start there.

  21. Walking. Start with short walks in the morning and evening, gradually build up to a mile, then two.

    Add in some bodyweight exercises such as air squats, push-ups, hip bridges, planks, etc., once you start to feel better.

    Key is your diet: go with meat and veggies and cut the carbs such as wheat and sugar.

  22. Pepe, I’m just an asshole spouting off on the internet. I’ll readily admit it is all idle speculation. But I also don’t care enough to obsess over it. Mostly I just find it interesting that the assumption was that he was the abuser. There are a lot of abusive women out there.

  23. Also, Tim, stretch. A nice long thorough stretch in the morning, especially of the legs and lower back, does wonders.

  24. For this outrageous claim of mine – I was accused of saying she deserved what happened to her.

    I saw that. Sorry, I stayed out of that argument because she just wasn’t logical.

  25. apparently the nomad community was speculating about a potential serial killer.

    It was apparently another vlogger that provided the tip to find her body. Red, White, and Bethune noted the Florida plate on the van because she’s also from Florida, wanted to say hi, but no one was around. Shared the footage with the authorities and voila.

  26. I keep getting these emails from these two chicks. One wants me to cum on her tits, and the other is offering some kind of squirting school.

    I sent the first one contact information for the second one, and told her henceforth she can cum on her own tits.

  27. Wasn’t addressing you, CoAlex, mainly stuff I’ve seen like the women on Carin’s Facebook. They’ve already got that dude convicted, maybe someone fed him to the gators.

  28. This is fine. This is what safe and effective things do.

  29. Labia lip is redundant.

  30. I saw a friend of mine for the first time in over a year and was shocked at her appearance. She had gastric bypass surgery 7? years ago, lost some weight but not the 100 lbs they had promised. Every bit of the weight she lost is back, if not more. I guess your stomach can stretch back out? She still has dumping syndrome. All that pain for nothing.

  31. Dumping syndrome? I think I have that every morning after a couple cups of coffee.

  32. Toprol is what I’m on, also to make my heart contract stronger.

  33. Hotspur, lol. If she eats too much or the wrong thing, she gets the trots or a bad bout of nausea.

  34. My mother had a stomach stapling that eventually amounted to nothing. She made basically zero progress for like 20 years until she finally cut carbs and calories.

    It’s weird when parents praise you for how smart you are, notice your weight loss, and then completely ignore your advice. You’re the kid, you can’t know things that they don’t.

  35. If she eats too much or the wrong thing, she gets the trots or a bad bout of nausea.

    Not seeing how the weight came back then, unless the only thing she can comfortably eat is carbs.

  36. Milkshakes, Jay. Baryatric patients usually end up drinking a ton of calories because the surgeries mostly harm your ability to process solids.

  37. I had that recommended by my old head doc. I thought about it and decided “no” because it’s not a good idea to tamper with core processes that way.

  38. It really isn’t, but there’s a market and fat people with money.

  39. At the Ohio Legislature job the guy in the cubical across from mine had the surgery. He was in his late twenties/early thirties, I think, and his desk had all sorts of junk food stacked up on it (cheese puffs, mint candies, etc.) before he went in for the operation.

  40. Diet is everything. It’s really, really hard but will pay strong dividends.

    Mix that with walking for a few weeks to a month and you’ll want to do more.

    My experience is that it takes about 2 weeks to either build or break a habit.

    And take small steps. The first one might be your comment above. The second might be telling yourself you’ll do it tomorrow, and the third might be following through on the that commitment to yourself.

  41. I was all set to start in on kettlebells again this week, then I got kid crud. Feeling mostly better today, might try a workout at noontime.

  42. “Those weren’t whips they were reins and they weren’t used to whip the refugees!” is the wrong response. Yes, it’s true, but it plays into the left’s narrative. The appropriate response is, “so what?” So what if BP agents whipped the crowd to beat them back? How is that any worse than batons, tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets, or other methods? It isn’t. Crowd control is often ugly business, and it’s far gentler than simply shooting the mob until they retreat. If someone tells me, “they’re whipping refugees!” My response is, “Good.”

  43. walking helps a lot. i don’t take the elevator any more, take the stairs at work. Walk a lap at lunch, gets you out of the office. Walk elliot when I get home, he’s happy as a clam, and it’s an appointment. Walk him when we go to the store to get Mrs Jay a diet coke, since I’m an asshole who won’t buy that shit, and she won’t drink dt pepsi. Pretty soon your legs and back feel better and you’ve dropped some pounds, and your blood pressure gets a little better.

  44. I miss the workouts at church, and can’t find another place like it, that isn’t $300 for 10 weeks. Kickboxing is fun, and a good outlet.

  45. I need to look into martial arts classes, since I’m probably here for another six months at least. That, and maybe see if one of the churches around here has a decent singles group.

  46. I worked with a hambeast that got the surgery 10 years prior.

    She was easily 350. She ate more than I did, pretended to be a triathlete, etc.

    It was so jarring to listen to her when what she said didn’t have any connection to reality.

  47. 350 lb triathlete. Was this a different triathlon than the one I’m thinking of? Maybe at a chinese buffet or a BBQ joint?

  48. Shit like this is how you get unions.

  49. People think that some magic pill will help them lose weight. Surgery is an AID, not a cure, for bad eating habits. I’ve watched that overweight show and its just maddening how some people think.

  50. Unions are why we have the AI and automation, ironically.

  51. It’s a tough thing. You can’t stop eating but the reality is that people are addicted to it.

    I was thinking about it this morning. You could tell people the truth, which is that besides age, obesity is the main driver of covid deaths.

    But they’d never change their habits.

    It’s completely within your control, albeit hard, but people will risk death rather than switch diets.

    They’ll inflict pain on everyone – masks, distancing, vaccinations, weird treatments, denial of drugs, revoking free speech, unparalleled hate for people they don’t know – all because they simply won’t eat better.

  52. they don’t see it as in their control, everyone has blamed the unvaccinated. And very successfully.

    now they don’t have to do anything, just sit back with Uber Eats delivery.

  53. If you read Portuguese, the subtitles are for you. Otherwise you’ll just have to listen to a Scots accent.

  54. That’s the 3rd episode, the channel has the others, but that’s the one about grass.

  55. It’s easier to blame someone else than to take responsibility. I certainly struggle with it myself. Of course then I overcorrect in the other direction sometimes.

    Balance is not a thing people seem to learn much these days.

  56. That couple should have been eating meat. Veganism causes depression and cray-Cray syndrome.

  57. Clam down, Mare.

  58. And yes, that was on purpose.

  59. Overeating and eating junk is usually tied to other issues and habits, which is the problem: too often people don’t want to treat the underlying issue and so it becomes very difficult to simply quit eating crap food.

    Personally, I know that I stress eat, and constantly eat when I’m bored. I have to be very careful or I fall back into those habits, and part of it is avoiding the situations that trigger those responses.

  60. plus, that junk is sometimes just damn delicious

  61. Now that there ^^ is some motherfucking low hanging fruit.

  62. Your mom loves tasting my junk.

  63. RTN has informed us that we have until the start of 2022 to comply with a rule OSHA hasn’t written, because at any time one of us might have to go to a federal facility.

    Curious to see whether my company will have a different timeline. As of right now, I have 100 days to change careers.

  64. I should have taken the other job, but they had 105 employees and I’d have been 106.

  65. I lost 150 pounds a couple years ago. Then Mom passed and then Fauci Flu and the stolen election. I belly flopped off The Wagon and I’m bloating up like a tick. It’s so hard to develop the discipline, so easy to eat and drink things you shouldn’t because they make you feel good for a little bit.

  66. I went from 240 to 214 last year during the lockdown, because I was working from home and could run most days at lunch, and did low-carb and fasting during the week. Then I left that job and spent six weeks on the road visiting family while I waited for the new job to start, and I gained back a bunch of weight. Now at 228.

  67. If you want to lose ten pounds of ugly fat fast, cut off your head.

  68. I don’t know what I weigh. Last I checked I was around 190. I was likely at my optimal weight just before Possum was born, around 168. Doesn’t sound like a lot of pounds, and it isn’t, but my body composition is dough. Back then I was stone.

  69. Fun bedtime stories

  70. There’s a subgenre of yootoobers who read those as short audiobooks, Pepe. Pretty sure I’ve heard that one.

  71. I pretty much quit eating carbs, went carnivore. Eat as much meat as you want. (You mom told me about it.) I started losing crazy weight. Finally had to add back some carbs, ’cause I’m not a big guy. I got a stomach flu a couple of days ago and lost 6 1/2 pounds. Now I’m trying to put weight back on.

    People want to lose weight, but they won’t change their diet or exercise. That’s not how it works.

    The best thing you can do is start walking, BroTim. Set your goals low, and try to be consistent. If you skip a day, don’t worry about it, just keep trying, don’t let one little thing bring you down.

  72. Breffist was chicken and a piece of cormbreb. Lunch was leftover stuffed peppers. Will try to limit diet the rest of the week to roast beef, veggies, and eggs.


  74. Aussie Cops Are Bastards

  75. That protest was nuts. The full on charge, wow.

  76. Turn in your guns in a bullshit buyback scheme, and this its what Australians get – people can’t even stand up to a can of wasp spray.

    You people screwed the pooch.

  77. So Australia has its own Ashli Babbett now. She’ll get the same “justice” there as ours did here.

  78. Just a few generations from hardened criminals to mewling pussies.

    Same for us but we started as revolutionaries.

  79. Now I want to go looking for staircases in the woods. Get some Blair Witch action going on.

  80. I don’t see that the woman has died, outside of that tweet. more recent stories do not make that claim.

  81. She had it coming.

  82. Is roamy in that NASA town hall?

  83. If you have a link I can watch for her.

  84. I swear I saw another story about 2 kids on CNN who’s dad died of covid. He was 45 and in perfect health. His dying words were…’I should have gotten the vaccine.’

    You’ve got to be twisted to think about making up that story.

  85. We’re watching Only Murders In The Building, and the whole Gabby Story fits right in with the series. Rise of True Crime podcasts. Friend had her bariatric surgery scheduled. Six months away. Dr told her to walk and cut out the carbs. Went for her presurgery visit…she lost too much weight and was no longer eligible. Former CoW had the surgery, got pregnant, regained all of the weight.

  86. If gabby were black but her bf was still white, would the media be all over thos story?
    If gabby were white but her bf was black, would they still be all over this story?

  87. White BF: No one would know she was gone.
    Black BF: We’d have heard about her for 2 days until that detail came out, then never again.

  88. C’mon man. MFM could GAS about black on black and/or black on white crime. White on white. Chandra Levy and the summer of the shark.

  89. Well, sharks are white and black folks can’t swim*, so…

    *denounces self

  90. I tend to think that if the bf was still white, this would be a national news story. A white dude can be cast as the villain.

  91. Only if they can cast him as Trump supporter. Hard to pull that with vegan vanlifer, but I guess they might try.

  92. The boyfriend can’t be too bright. If he killed her, why not toss her over a high cliff, or into a river or something and then report her missing? Something to hide cause of death. Or even hide the body and then tell everybody she got mad and left him? Just showing up at home without any explanation doesn’t look good.

  93. Have y’all ever heard of no-bake-cookies being called “preacher cookies”?

  94. Alex’s theory that she might have been the abuser would explain that. Had he planned it, even a little, or wanted to do it, he could have got away with it, maybe even leveraged it as a business-boosting tragedy as he made bank on telling the tragic tale of her loss. Maybe she tore into verbally or even physically, and he snapped. He’s probably in shock with guilt and wants to be caught.

  95. Leon with the 🤣🤣🤣. I just remember the MFM before 9/11.

  96. State Fair vendors need to sue Gov Wuhan. She fucked them. She fucked 4H. She fucked every FFA kid in the state. Next Tuesday. IYKYK

  97. I love Ernie Hudson. Great actor, improves every film he’s in, but when I watched this and learned that he apparently had a lot of trouble on some scenes because he can’t swim, I giggled like a retard.

  98. Ernie can’t swim? Stereotypes aren’t necessarily wrong?

  99. Taipei American School. We had elite PE teachers. I only recently found out that I attended one of the elite private schools in the world. Current Superintendent is under investigation.

  100. I left Taiwan before Jimmeh abandoned Taiwan. Most of our civilian teachers ended up in Iran. Isfahan. Their stories are movie worthy. One of my friends would be perfect to write this story. She is too D🐀

  101. I was not in the town hall, I was doing real work and really didn’t care what Nelson had to say.

  102. BITD familia wouldn’t allow Dan and I to be teammates. Roswell alien remembers. (Dan is remembering the visit where he went to bed and I was with my cartel cousins where there was lots of destruction and drug trafficking) 2009 and Dan is making it an issue

  103. I read that as Erin can’t swim. Shouldn’t be dating seals then

  104. glad that sam’s had chicken thighs instead of breasts. Much better smoked, sous vide, and chilled for salad. mmmm

  105. “Amazon’s new AI-powered cameras are penalizing delivery drivers for driving mistakes they didn’t make & drivers are losing income.”

    Amazon subcontracts with Aperture Science and the AI is called GLaDOS.

    It also operates the phone bank for the Amazon Employee Wellness, Substance Abuse, Mental Health and Pension Benefits program.

  106. Chicken Thighs are the bomb. Kung Pao chicken spaghetti needs Chicken thighs

  107. Amazon with the Spynet

  108. Oh man, I read that post back when it was new, on 8chan.

    RIP 8chan.

  109. Hoo boy, my brain hurts. Lib friend pontificated on the Gabby case, says we need to teach men to act better. Well, gosh golly dang and a half, is that all we need.

    **yells at Rocketboy, “Don’t murder anybody!!!”**

    **eyeroll** There ya go.
    Once the cops were called, it was time to quit that little experiment and go home. Parents would have paid for a plane ticket, bus ticket, train ticket, gas money to have their daughter back. Same for parents to have their son back before he committed homicide.

  110. Right now he’s wandering the woods and trying to figure out if he’d actually get away with it if he turned himself in

  111. Teach women not to go on cross-country road trips with men to whom they aren’t married.

  112. I did it. Nobody died.

  113. Well, nobody that anyone knows about.

  114. FU (We are drinking and I can’t remember why you need to fuck off)

  115. Even Steven.

  116. Scott, you weren’t traveling with a narcissistic YouTube.

    I still think either she was abusive, or drugs were involved, or both.

  117. As has already been posited, these people are not black. No one gives a shit.

  118. Hillary killed her.

  119. Did Hillary ever kill any black people?

  120. Ethan flies out tomorrow to start pre -cook school

  121. I am pre cook.
    Pre law
    Pre med

    I am well rounded.

  122. Bro Tim, I reccomend Tai Chi. You can do it at home, you can watch the beginner classes and then follow along. Get a stretch, work on breathing, contract muscles, easy fluid motions. Once you feel loose then on to other shit.

    Slow is Smooth. Smooth is Fast.

  123. Hotspur, do you count Ron Brown?

  124. Co-worker picked up a Le Creuset Dutch oven, one of those heavy ceramic dishes big enough for a whole chicken, plus lid at a thrift store for $5. They normally sell for $200, $300 new, but this one is baby blue with a Chicago Cubs logo on it. LOL.

  125. Cardinals giving me another heart attack.

  126. heh, no wonder it was $5

    still worth it.

  127. If Ron Brown is black, the bitch should hang.


  128. Ron Brown was in Clinton’s cabinet (don’t remember what and am too lazy to look it up). Died in a plane crash. There’s a video of Clinton and one of the other staffers at the funeral, laughing until they realize the cameras are rolling, and Clinton immediately puts on a solemn face and wipes away a fake tear.

  129. whew, Cards win, 10 in a row! Loaded them up in the 9th, walked Yelich to get the pinch hitter.

  130. Ron Brown Sec- Commerce after head of DNC. Died in a plane crash in ’96 in Croatia. Plane crash looks, to some, to have been caused by false navigation beacon, leading the plane into a mountain. His body, when recovered from the wreckage, had an unexplained .45 hole in the back of the skull…


    Clinton video with commentary by Rush.

    I didn’t remember the skull hole, ChrisP, but the whole thing and the timing was weird.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  133. “Killing Ron Brown: A Clinton Crime Family Story”

    (From 2016)

  134. Morning Jimbro, thanks for the stickers, that was a nice surprise.

    (Imgur video with sound)

  135. Dynamite explodes rather profoundly

  136. You’re welcome

    Like I mentioned, one look at them and I knew where they had to go!

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