weird puss won’t let me use VPN

It’s gotten to a point where everyone and everything wants a piece of your shit….

No privacy without extraordinary measures.

Maybe the Great Reset will be the petard the ruling scum will be hoisted on.

PD (process development) in pharma mfg is a tough egg.

Their best bet may be to partner with or sell the process to a larger mfg.

Lots of companies working on competing products – When they see pFeezer making insane bank on a product that doesn’t work it makes a lot of boards say “hummmm let’s get some a dat”.

I don’t know what’s going on here, but it’s got a monkey in a diaper and a party going on – so there’s that. Count me in. There are cameo’s by Roamy, Cyn, Wiser, and I think Pupster peed in the corner at one point about midway thru it…. of course your mom is in it numerous times.

Here’s the video from last week that I thought was pretty interesting and evidently forgot to link – or screwed up the link :

All right – carry on.

I’m still in NYC area and it’s not getting any better, but the weather has been amazing.

Whenever i get back home I think i’ll do a bit o bow hunting. There be deerz and bearz running around.



  1. Here’s the video from last week that I thought was pretty interesting and evidently forgot to link – or screwed up the link :

    Hey Jam2 thanks for the post, but there is nothing there after the colon which is more than I can say about your mom.

  2. Comment by PepeLp on October 20, 2021 9:53 pm
    Disturbing. The sad reality is that if Trump were in the Oval Office we’d have interviews with all of these mothers and gauzy filtered photos of the deceased babies. As it is now they’ll be swept under the rug.

    Solution? More vaccines!

  3. Don’s eyebrows resembled pubes.
    Perhaps the most disturbing derp of them all


    (Imgur video)

  5. If any of y’all use as a URL shortener, can you tell me if the site works for you? I get a fail to connect, that’s why I’ve been using TinyURL for the last few days.

  6. worked for me yesterday. Haven’t linked anything today though.

  7. What flipping mother-to-be would take an experimental drug??

    FFS most pregnant women don’t touch alcohol, seafood, over the counter meds, coffee, cigarettes the list is endless but they take an effing vaccine???

    That’s mental. Irrational fear perpetrated by the media has ruined them and their babies.


  8. I was watching a documentary a few nights ago about a crazy person who killed a whole bunch of people.

    I guess the defense used multiple personality disorder as a defense when it was all the rage in pop culture.

    The only thing I really remember is that the prosecutor – the prosecutor mind you – looked at the camera and said that evil didn’t exist.

    Uh, what?

    It was followed up by some quack stating that evil is a religious concept, not a scientific one. She then went on to explain that the murderer was actually one of this guy’s personalities, not him. He should be in a psyche ward, not prison.

    How do people get like this?

  9. It’s a regression to pre-Roman paganism. They scoff at philosophy, deny free will (science! says it’s a myth) and just treat “evil” like the person doing it is just a robot with bad programming. It’s the endgame of the Blank Slate understanding of human nature. He could have been other than this, he was just a victim of circumstance, you see. He’s the real victim, being punished for the actions of those around him.

  10. wakey wakey

  11. It really starts with the denial of free will, I think. It eliminates responsibility. For some reason it never eliminates credit, though.

    It’s sort of the opposite of my existential quandary. I know that the only acts I do that are purely mine are the sins. My will is free and God won’t force me to obey Him. Conversely, I myself can do no good thing without that God has inspired it, and I — at best — cooperated with that inspiration, or at least didn’t seek to thwart it. The other side will readily claim that they deserve recognition for any perceived good act on their part, but that any failing is beyond their control.

  12. Sam Harris wrote a book denying the existence of free will. Mostly backed up with FMRI which shows that thoughts exist before we are aware of them.

  13. I really don’t know enough about it to understand and I’m generally not interested in that sort of navel gazing.\=]p0

  14. For the most part I think God can kiss my grits. And if he had a sense of humor, which in the first part of his bestseller he certainly doesn’t, he’d understand how silly that is.

  15. The research Harris based that on has turned out to be pretty sketchy after the fact (shocker) and it’s, well, dumb. It presupposes the non-existence of free will and then uses the timed firing of sequences of nerves to “prove” that actions precede decisions.

    The only proof is that actions precede verbalizing of the acts. We think in movement before forming words to explain what’s happening. Harris had an agenda and cherry-picked.

  16. With or without God, denying free will (and thus evil) is pathological. It reduces man to beast, which is the intention. If men are mere beasts, then some of us are meant to be ruled, and others to rule. The life or death of any one of the ruled is inconsequential to those who would rule.

  17. We think in movement before forming words to explain what’s happening.

    Which is why I have a never-ending argument at my gym about back squats. The BEST way to insure you go low enough, is with a mirror. Period. They always argue that a coach can TELL you when you’ve broken parallel. But the mind is quicker than that. It’s already decided when it’s about done, a few steps ahead. A VISUAL clue is the tightest response you can get for your brain.

    I’ve not won this debate at the gym, but I think I’m 100% right.

  18. I like that idea. Seems useful.

    Remember, I’m planning on raising MJr to someday take over the country. I’m still in the early stages – getting him to wipe his own butt and whatnot – but his day will come.

    You can’t have a divine ruler with a dirty butt. It saps credibility.

  19. That’s why they offed Julius Caesar. Living “god” who was half deaf and needed someone to wipe his ass.

    He’d be better than Biden, but the Romans had a deeper bench.

  20. Ed Feser has a pretty thorough drubbing of Harris on the topic. You wouldn’t care, MJ, but MJr should read it on his way to the Golden Throne.

  21. Let’s Go, Brandon!

  22. I really like listening to Sam Harris but I gave up on it when he went totally deranged about Trump. His podcasts on ideology and terrorism are particularly good. Then Trump came (gross).

    He presents himself as completely rational but would spend 20 mins talking about pee tapes and secret videos of Trump using racial slurs.

    He would mock people for being sort of unenlightened and then talk about obvious conspiracy theories as if they were 100% real.

    It’s too bad, but TDS got him.

  23. I’m going to need a bit of help behind the scenes, leon. I’m going to put myself in charge of wiping out enemies and I’ll need a really efficient way to do it.

    I’ve read Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich and Gulag Archipelago and while these are great ‘how to’ books they lack a certain flair that I’m going for.

    What are your thoughts on extermination as entertainment?

  24. No one is completely rational. You’d expect Harris to know that.

    Extermination as entertainment is late-stage empire stuff. Bread and circuses. It comes right before the fall. Don’t start there. Plus, it’s massively inefficient.

    You want efficient elimination? Use bounties or prostitutes with poison.

  25. Based on Big Pharma’s track record with the truth, greed, lies, and an all-out disregard for human life, why would I agree to give my baby any vaccinations?

    We know the covid “vaccine” is bullshit and had to have an emergency authorization to get through and not have liability. We know just one of the big companies has made 93 billion dollars.

    Why, other than maybe smallpox and Diptheria, and polio should we give our children a shit load of vaccines from companies that have paid billions in wrongful death and adverse reaction cases?

    And how are we sure that these vaccines are not the culprit with autism? When I read about “regression” it freaks me out. Baby is normal, gets their 10-12 month shots and then have mental “regression.”


  26. I’ve read compelling arguments that the only “vaccine” that ever really worked was cow pox. Not sure how true it is, but it’s not the crazy notion it’s painted as. And the schedule they have kids on now is fucking crazy.

  27. I just want someone to take the actual virus and give it to me in an injection at this point. Call it a vaccine. IDGAF.

    Dennis Prager purposefully exposed himself to covid and caught it last week. He thought natural immunity better than FrankenFauCHI jabs. He’s recovering and doing his radio show from home. He’d been taking HCQ/zinc for a year…then got monoclonal antibodies, some IVM, once he came down with it.

    Twitcunt has been losing it’s mind over it. How dare he not die! How dare he spread “disinformation” against the superior clotshits!

  28. No one is completely rational. You’d expect Harris to know that.
    Extermination as entertainment is late-stage empire stuff. Bread and circuses. It comes right before the fall. Don’t start there. Plus, it’s massively inefficient.
    You want efficient elimination? Use bounties or prostitutes with poison.
    I really don’t think it’ll work. Think bigger. We need to get rid of like 20% of the population.

  29. Oh, okay, I sort of thought you had an enemies list, not enemy categories.

    Much simpler, just use some bullshit propaganda to unperson them and make it clear that crimes against them aren’t actually crimes. Nature will take its course after that. Once they are down to 5-6% of the population, you can just put them in work camps and tell them they can earn freedom by making Christmas lights or golf balls or whatever.

  30. Mr. B visited his mom yesterday. He went a few hours later than he normally goes and wasn’t disappointed in the level of crazy ratcheting up as the day wears on.
    She started in on how “they” tried to kill them (residents) all, in the cafeteria that morning. So Mr. B redirects her to safer ground by telling her about the large bag of peppers his friend brought him and how he was looking forward to putting it in some stew I made the night before.

    MIL – Beasn can make stuffed peppers with those. She can make good stuffed peppers and goulash.

    Mr. B – Yes she can.

    MIL – Are you still with her?

    Mr. B – Yes.

    MIL – Are you with her all the time? *while giving him the shifty eyes*

    Mr. B – Yes.

    MIL – I thought you were going to get rid of her.

    Mr. B – *redirects*

    MIL – *starts talking about being offered a dog. She’s thinking about taking it but really doesn’t have the time to take care of one.* …while enjoying the grapes I sent, huddled under the blanket I made her.

  31. It’s weird how some elements of the crazy remain consistent with her. If she would just forget who I am, I can go up there to give her some company or set her hair. Until then, she just stews in the voices. Mr B sees her once, sometimes twice/week. His brother, probably twice/month…probably.

  32. We need to get rid of like 20% of the population.

    Isn’t that what abortion has been doing?

  33. Re: Pepe’s link and term babies coming down with pulmonary haemmorhage.

    Is that a legit doc reporting that? Asking because that will be the first question out of someone’s mouth when/if I show that.

  34. Mature people learn from mistakes and make corrections. They look at facts without prejudice. They make observations. They apply reason. They are willing to change with new research and information.

    Shouldn’t we all be questioning all vaccines at this point?

  35. When you hire filth like this what else can you expect?

    Fuck you Netflix. You brought this upon yourself.

  36. Shouldn’t we all be questioning all vaccines at this point?

    This could be misinformation. Click here to learn how COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective!.

  37. I went to pick up my new glasses this morning and boy was I disappointed. The Optometrist I like prefers to work in an office about 20 minutes further away from the one I usually go to. Had my visit with him a couple of weeks ago and ordered new glasses at the same time. I asked for “the same thing as last time” but I don’t think the guy knew wtf I meant then. He understands now. So he’s working on it and I’ll need to make another schlep down to Palmyra next week.

  38. I still need to go cancel my back-ordered glasses from July. Should be in that neighborhood this afternoon when I go for my new job drug testing.

  39. frakkin jquery controls on a user control? god damn things, can’t get it to work

  40. No idea how legit he is, Beasn. I didn’t spend time doing an investigation.

  41. he does make fun of brandon, so he’ll be dismissed as a kook post-haste.

  42. Mr. B is watching Squid Games.
    Holy shit this is some intense shit.


    firebombing lawyers plead guilty.

    Over/Under on Jail time starts at (time served) with no fine.

  44. Home of BiW suspends physician’s assistant for prescribing IVM

  45. *Pokes blog*

    Come one, it’s a slow day at the office. Make with the funny.

  46. Who thinks Brian maybe died of Covid?

  47. Isn’t it cute how the CDC says you can mix and match vaccines which doesn’t make any sense to me but has anything made sense over the past 18 months or so?

  48. Who is Brian?

  49. Laundrie.

  50. And when you think you can’t hate John McCain any harder. SMH

    In other news our cat bit my father last night. Again. Got him good too. We’ll probably have to get rid of her. Good Lord but the last few years have really sucked.

  51. never just sat and listened to Vivaldi, four seasons


    that’s some fine violin in there.

  52. Brian died of covid, and 2 bullets.

  53. poor MeAgain/Megaton McCain will have to be upset about this now

  54. Makes you want to play the air violin Jay.

  55. yeah, can’t really train cats. That sucks.

  56. Took my pee test for the new job. The clinic was a mask-free zone aside from one lady waiting behind me who realized she was the only one and took it off.

  57. Jam, is that vaccine non mRNA? Do you know how if differs from Johnson and Johnson?

  58. Gotta love the English language, ‘specially the American version.
    I’ve been confused about today’s post title all day. Does the author intend “puss” as “in the excretion of a festering wound”, or the genitalia of females, and by females I mean legit females, not Gwen from Crocodile Dundee.

  59. purulence/vagine

  60. English is a pidgin. Many loan words from 2-3 sources. The Latin came in late, mostly by way of French. There are famous stories of Parliament ministers railing against all the French they were hearing spoken in the pinnacle of English lawmaking.

  61. German. German influences on American English. Historical immigration patterns. New Mexican Spanish is stilted. Stopped in the 1600s. Spanglish. Not real Spanish.

  62. F U MANFRED 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  63. English is Germanic Fresian at its core. The later Latin gave us “smart” ways to say things that we used to have perfectly good “dumb” ways of saying, so now we have a weird double-vocab with things like “understand” meaning virtually the same thing as “comprehend” but the former is English and the latter is Latin.

  64. Fugue

  65. Fudge.

  66. Fucko

  67. Fock

  68. Your wife says it the best.

  69. Once upon a time, I would have been at the MoMe in Texas tomorrow.

    Yeah, life kinda stomped all over that one, didn’t it.

  70. Me in a few years. NSFW

  71. Bro Tim, I hear ya. I would love to go to one of these things. Alas I have both feet nailed to the floor and both hands nailed to the wall by inescapable responsibilities.

  72. Dogs escaped Randall’s property.

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