Lying Dog-faced Pony Soldier

Things that Drumph Never Said

“You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. And I’m not joking”

“I mean, you’ve got the first sort of mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean,”

“Clap for that, you stupid bastards,” – speech to the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing stationed in Abu Dhabi.

Stated people were able to quarantine during the coronavirus crisis because “some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf,”

“I tell you if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,”

“What am I doing here?”

“Poor kids” just as bright as “white kids” 

“We’ve got to recognize that the kid wearing a hoodie may very well be the next poet laureate and not a gangbanger,”


Resident Biden:

Here’s the deal. We all know that when you get on the train CHOO CHOO! the first quarter will buy you a pint of ice cold milk for the record player. The good kind from Delaware, as pops you used to say, ‘Joey, you gotta believe when aliens come there’ll be fried rice on those train tracks.’ Not that bad milk that black people make, excuse me, I mean the bad kind that black people make. I shouldn’t say that. Gonna get me in trouble with Peppermint Patty. Word as a Biden. I mean it! I really do!

*creepy whisper

Folks, you may have noticed that I’m starting to look like a fine mortadella. Covered in liverwurst, excuse me, covered in liver spots and sliding off into dementia’s sweet, sweet embrace.


Come on up here Jill! I mean Judy! Show ’em what Minnesota can do with a bag of hot boiled peanuts!

*creepy whisper again

My brain is Swiss cheese. The kind with the marshmallows on top and the cute little girl on the package. You know the kind. The thing.

MJ: Ok, great introduction you old demented racist pedophile. Hostages, it is time. We need to start a deadpool for Resident Sinfflychild. I’ll put together a spreadsheet of your predictions and update the blerg periodically; especially when death comes a callin’. Is that a bad case of the sniffles or is there a preschool class around Resident Badfinger? Did he just fall…up? Twice? Did Resident Bad-dude Corn Pop just wonder aloud if he smells oranges?

When things like this happen we’ll update the H2 Biden Deadpool. There will be prizes. There will be recognition. There will be dying gratitude.

List your predictions in the comments. New comers welcome. Gross.


  1. Foist and moist

  2. Devlin always was a stoic mfer

  3. *hands satchmo a towelette*

  4. I wonder if Biden is the first pedodent.

    I bet he is and in a few years he’ll try to claim he’s the first LGBTQIAP president.

  5. We should start taking bets on how much longer her lasts.

  6. His complexion is starting to look splotchy. I don’t know what that is, but it can’t be good.

  7. wakey wakey

  8. He looks really old mostly because he is and he’s had a ton of facial surgery.

    His skin is stretched tight and paper thin. You couple that with 4K and no make up and he looks like death warmed over.

    He looks totally different in prepared settings because he’s slathered in Oprah goo and Oprah lighting.

  9. Also because they replaced him with a lookalike during the “campaign” and the dementia is just an act so they can replace him whenever it’s convenient.

  10. Also John Durham isn’t real.

  11. This post has been updated like a motherfucker.


  12. And yes, John Durham isn’t real.

  13. I’m surprised he’s lasted this long. I figured they’d want him gone as soon as possible. He’d step down, and then quietly die a year to eighteen months later.

  14. Also because they replaced him with a lookalike during the “campaign” and the dementia is just an act so they can replace him whenever it’s convenient.

    Ah, the Woodrow Wilson plan for success. Worked out so well last time.

  15. John Durham just asked who is John Durham?

  16. Maybe thebreal John Durham are the friends we made along the way.

  17. I think that the dementia isn’t an act, it’s why they have the look alike. Whenever he has a bad day, they can roll out the double.

  18. Ames schools just reimposed a mask mandate, in opposition to Iowa law, because some judge read a CNN story.

  19. wonder how they got him to shut up, or was it a scam all along? just like Barr.

  20. It’s scams all the way down.

  21. The “good” people are all desperate to preserve the institutions, no matter how corrupt and rotten they’ve become.

  22. My deadpool prediction for Biden is December 2023.

  23. I didn’t think he’d make it this far, so who knows. For all we know it’s animatronic Weekend At Bernie’s in the WH right now. If so, they haven’t done a great job at making it lifelike, but Dems don’t care. You can prop a scarecrow up behind the dais with a tape recorder shoved up it’s ass and they’d swoon, call it the most statesmanlike thing they’ve ever seen.

  24. Is the taliban putting out vids of what they’re doing to the Americans they’ve no doubt found yet? I wonder how long that can be squashed by American Pravda.

  25. I had heard there was some Islamic remembrance on 9-18, so that’s when I’d expect it. That or they are already getting ransoms and part of the fee is buying their silence.

  26. I remember this kind of talk with Obama. I cringe seeing it now. It feels like an expectation fate will somehow take care of problems for us. It’s foolish and unbecoming.

  27. Reiki is bullshit. There, I said it.

  28. I never found Norm Macdonald that funny. There, I said it.

    He didn’t annoy me like Kaufman, but both were always said to be comedic geniuses. Just never appealed to me.

  29. I found him somewhat funny, but very hit or miss.

  30. This chick keeps emailing me asking to cum on her tits. This is the text, but I can’t read it:

    n噐曹 毊б渋i譩� )批+櫑-妷罊隺⌒)⑺l�)^�f珎)鍄鸝黑&j�”灨爢之秹毲澏�|覝[i� 畫筞rJZu丕僲)莭)莔)莭)批’穄┠wソ隻q贯迻鳝壠��&ケ╈标鈣�%⒖<蜃倍萙v�5��i荶q�/B�&璀撰譁l�0邰穅潑�9���nH璶娸z黑v+渇�6璀撰b何i徘У贲喎���mο�n+e她耼�+晁r曕-{�]y�+j亘瀦'z�l�)^�噩瞡Z�懞+u贳③h沍q矇bt0��0�oj笟炠璁f夗�,捱歲~夗}�"&ェ-櫔鄪y^~蒴��毊М(!穧)苀珎)恝漷��毊媘臾�铻宗q��∩0zYl�7�硎%��M4�+Z鑢�+aj乏j��n\嚔跪�*宄麒炞铻宗q��∩0zYl�7�硎%��QE�(hbu�?~夗n峨'碟'钓渪�h櫓鞁7�槭%��沂Z炈r曕-{�]y�+j亘瀦'y8^�*灞碴^ e蕥鏼≮"睬豝櫓灢茽y┹j�-燯�+�)j撷{[欹╈�)^�妆底湤董妷纰w煝{_i莯2嘵畐(枈��QE�["袜9�婫⒐騤wQy.嬣珃;��仕k毩瑳铻哽ォ�~夗n峨国'钓渪�。��ǘ�湶,���(枈厉藓�P��z房~夗n峨奾,!囤l�鲡禱口IVZm 2莺悭鴘�"v谸鏜az(!��:蘸郗�'度硏��+�}粲M�铻哌国'钓渪�+墿l�7�槭%4}��馐Z炈r曕-{�]y�+j亘瀦'y�'度硏��+�M4覯?~夗Z濟'度硏�?o麒炦撷{n~夗}��� 鈐Th簑^t牧l�7�槭%��斛'钓渪�+墿l�7�泠�~夗'辐u邶n7湹��Lc��A�H諙e�擿丅!5�ヅD2��昇aP�!�Cy攚飏攚飏zW(欕h��劄撰Ω瑇鵱瞘觎�*^茥珘檐y�.琁韟簁娗彇�&zf蕻{贲澺瑉冠欒��乆�厴㈥鎧f蕻萣プ鳙宾觌z谦将b�澸逓芝鲍)y葰杇觎r�)辥贇帄趭篽hq玝�澴眗[瑠鳚娗(簕l"v漹+bêY[y﹀z�,氮韞妜)�)沓*.q╇y诪欪+�窞E轫jP谑茻店颌鏈�+诘歙汉蘖谤^j菤朲0蹐h夯�⒒2沧梈惦�y�+y�-婗瓓x����Β薩畨并赙{�kz{Z柸Ζ\牏�!囤輺�"�瓏*.甮赙篺蕲8Z濴ü�+r�(�)��{^畾獗鍨枈$~婐j穖x2㈥鐊�kz{Z曥iz笧澢Β帆{�玽)帼丨曪��������������/���������������鳓uy踙濎,曤mz睘旦輏���)]覅�����^�)灋詾偡爅亘� 灝'�剖蕈婍Rx瓂��菵蟴竄θ(妜0j{l"w辵贲栘Z镀膊橺澓�沧澓wΖZ2欓頄��沧痾川�(!礹b曠h聑迿ěy賈槽a娗hz�(歬貫糙%jwh+堕夥# 灝'�炈.}鳙h辩p�+^妛゜�(�薧�)蕺妤娷皧Ym叓e,唻瑠x�娛Z�+bz�'�婃⒎▇夒z�.�萣曏逓��(妜(澣瓑�(瀡瓓壱唺項+-奩aj鳛�'^澢潯�'底渋赚{�Z澵闉��潯髭奧潟�,i�.旦荪�)曡h呵皧鳜j裬j|鉁装:筤j{)Ⅶ*nnX溌�渾�(�勤奧漴�铻'%y譤.暙b 萣曏逓�婁v*農阻甮珔叓(| 輏秒△娸∷{^vj+z豘灇鑞W� 墻娝"(歨*'��珄瓎豣��囤�'^ �瓎嫮bs*薏閙y洲叓!j穕剁^炢)畫鈛�&∽稘z�,j[瓂鵝倗靣�(暙k娚0奩m墉姝z授q雋��(�)嗖娾炞牠玘倠蕻y灋踙~婇⒆Ф&w璀铅z{S呹k婗瓃菧秺迃鳒�)韟{bヂ+a"jVf�.�)嗦)ei��踩h喝��z��r贇�)鄇wb炞牠玝h⒎^介hリ鞏�"澥&zZ0z竄曵紨�+蕻拳墒%曡����阀収Z澱灊鐫��璶雃婙��z籬n谦界Az冠∈w痾冬懇��g珘苿娗��琙.澲瓓壥z罐�*&�+,妷諍塣澢瑉v董�妤妜�欔鈗��j��~撰濎,曤mz磾� � �9�!秈[≤渮{^洉�-蔠�v+)暚Бw��犌壺`3)跈��蔞���"曟�(瓼��鳔�7ΖW崏黔灧*.jwm叐浔�+畓薭��漽j �)鉃 瀪娳湋爪�翻呯诓赚旦輾�-y麾r'Х�瞺婒㈦h辩皡玬呺(~��琿猌nW▅8漥|▇豝�)灢夎杭�n拳{ +扂+蕥殱責矊�ü﹀z�,r�澓W歶楱��贽��瞛窔仺踚��躩W\湤o菔V鳔蹲ΖW窟I囩⒇畈賌秅��澻�朩鉂�(欕a妜�柷兪V���"曕h漽j0娯fz�玿x潁豐叐浔�+�('妜.ォ輗夃n暙b(�*.畐盀渒幒閖茰r嫥祳.朩鉂庄z辑�)嗍嫥y鏼��肢电[zZ0jwb*.濈漣譩�*'jX^枦az番jX�(夯.+碟+篺�洟踙

  31. Hotspur is asshoe.

  32. Same. Given the time he was on SNL, I always compared him to Kevin Nealon, who I liked better. Still sad to lose the guy, though, seemed like he was a good dude.

  33. Man. that’s a lot of characters just to state the obvious.

  34. mcDonald didn’t take no crap and didn’t back down. Dennis Miller too.

  35. Jeez, Hotspur, dating the Zodiac Killer promises to be LIT

  36. April really sticks out in my mind at the last month for Biden, but I’m going to go with May 2022 to be safe.

  37. Ok great. I’ll mark it down.

  38. Christmas 2021

  39. People keep posting “FIND GABBY” on facedouche.

    Dudes … she’s dead. Very likely on the bottom of some cliff. And the boyfriend who is a “person of interest” but not under arrest or anything because they have no proof of a crime ….

    Yea … about that…

  40. I think he’ll have a last spurt of public appearances, then they’ll start being further and further apart. Then we’ll go for a long time w/o seeing him.

    Then it will be announced. That can’t happen by Christmas.

  41. I say he makes it through alive. They will 25th him in January 2023

  42. yeah, gabby is bear food. Boyfriend came back 10 days early and clammed up.

  43. He’s delaying so he can be sure she’s “all gone”.

    He’d need protective custody if Gabby were my daughter.

  44. The 25th is a lot more difficult than people think. The Dr. Jill faction will fight it, and without GOP buy-in, the Dems can’t remove Joe from power.

  45. The other problem with waiting until 2023 is that the GOP is right now on track to make big gains, likely taking the House and Senate. This would make Kamala a lame duck and would prevent her from replacing Biden’s folks in the Executive branch.

  46. Whois gabby

  47. One of the odd things about scum like Biden is that they seem to live forever.

  48. Maybe he’ll have the decency to od.

  49. Or have a stroke while sucking on xi’s little jin ping.

  50. I’m sure they will put in 25th by reconciliation, and do it before the 23 class is sworn in.

  51. The big question I always wonder about with Biden’s inevitable passing is whether the powers that be will let him slip quietly away in the night or take him out in a “never let a crisis go to waste” fashion. From their perspective there are advantages to both approaches. Since there have been no consequences for their actions thus far I continue to worry the Sniffer In Chief may be taken out by whatever enemy, foreign or domestic, is next in line to be crucified.

  52. Can’t. The 25th states that if the President sends a letter to Congress that he’s fit, then Congress has 21 days to vote on it and needs 2/3s majorities in each house to remove him. You might get 2-3 Republicans, but there’s no way you’re going to get 12-13 without McConnell’s backing.

  53. He’ll go out a martyr –
    Jan 6 2025

  54. Bold call, monkey.

    I like your style.

  55. Bidet is way to o valuable in the office for mitchy the turtle to get rid of.
    Just heard a report yesterday that grandpa juveejuice was underwater in NY.

  56. For the deadpool I’ll pick a month before the midterms for the “We must vote like Joe wanted America to vote”. A message that will be repeated ad nauseum throughout his never ending funeral service which will have absentee voting booths just like he wanted.

    So, May of 2022.

  57. It really doesn’t matter from a leadership standpoint.
    The US is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of the ccp.

  58. The best thing that could happen to this republic right now is for the Democrats to roll troops into the streets with Chinese “observers” in tow.

  59. I’ll go with July, 2022

  60. I know politically/strategically there are dates that are better than others, I just think its going to get to the point where they can’t cover for him anymore. They will have no choice.

  61. I’ll go with February 2022. He’ll get to give a State of the Union address about how his administration has saved us from the horrors of the Trump admin, and then shortly afterwards he’ll announce his resignation due to health issues.

  62. No message from Sr. Mgmt regarding vax mandate today. Probably waiting for something from the state gov’t. Health plan changes this year – we’re going from an HMO to an EPO: Exclusive Provider Organization. I have no idea what that means.

    So are we picking dates for when The Fraudulency goes pining for the fjords or when it is forced to step down? If the latter I’m going with next spring – April. If the former I have a feeling Sniffy Fingers will dodder around for quite some time.

  63. When he steps down, in one way or another.

  64. FIB is getting dragged by the Olympics story and already planning a “rally” for Saturday.

    Could be really, really soon.

  65. I expect that Milley will get thrown under the bus soon. They hope that will calm things down through the new year.

  66. Brandy Cunningham, who spoke in-person, said she has an 8-year-old who is at higher risk from COVID-19 because of underlying health conditions.

    She asked the board to do all it could to keep every child safe, and urged the community to “stop politicizing this issue and start humanizing this issue.”

    Shane Hopkins, a physician at McFarland Clinic, went so far as to offer to start a legal challenge in order to help the district get a mandate.

    “We believe that it’s important for us, as a community, to demonstrate to our kids that science is important,” Hopkins said, “not only in the curriculum, but also in the administration of the district.”


  67. they couldn’t wait, after the law was stayed by a court.

    Still wanting the science that masks do any good.

  68. “We believe that it’s important for us, as a community, to demonstrate to our kids that science is important,” Hopkins said, “not only in the curriculum, but also in the administration of the district.”


  69. Ames is very very blue, in case you were wondering.

  70. That’s Dr. Hopkins to you, plebe!

  71. Read an article that said if you are a male 17 or under, you are 6 times more likely to die from the vax, than you are to be hospitalized from Covid.

  72. yeah, but wearing a mask doesn’t hurt anyone

  73. My longstanding theory is that our society went headlong into the shitter with the “Baby On Board” stickers of the late 70s/early 80s.

    Suddenly everyone was supposed to give a shit about your kid. We didn’t.

    Now we have these bitches standing up and saying, “my kid has a special condition, so you and your kid have to suffer because of it.”

    I guess the Karens just couldn’t be outdone by the “Caution Horses” signs, which were also a stupid fucking idea.

  74. If I gotta call you doctor, you gotta call me master.

    It’s only fair.

  75. The Nassar thing is just making my blood boil. I don’t even have the words. Total, corrupt, vicious failure.

  76. Your mom calls me “Master” when I have her dress up like Jeannie.

  77. President cognitive decline is reading the teleprompter right now.

  78. The Nassar thing is just making my blood boil. I don’t even have the words. Total, corrupt, vicious failure.

    Seems to to like some red state AG should go after the FBI agents involved. At some point they were simply conspiring to committ a crime.

  79. Pay your fair share!!!

  80. Why protect Nassar? Not like he was a big fish in a small pond. Just hang him out to dry? Made no sense to cover it up.

  81. Come on, man!

  82. Oh my god – this guy. I can even . He’s explaining tax procedures. Uh huh. Got it.

    He just wants to know everyone’s private banking info. What’s wrong with that?

  83. The FBI agent in charge was getting strung along by the Olympic committee. They knew about Nasser but wouldn’t do anything, and wanted it covered up.

  84. Everyone mad at Jim Breuer because he’s backing out of shows where the venue requires vaccination. In Iowa, the venue does what the artist wants. So Breuer can come here.

  85. Safety warning for Chevy Bolt owners: park 50 feet away from other cars, to keep them safe. Social distancing for electric vehicles!

  86. I see my alma mater is doing me proud (Hudson High School). Ace just put up a post, lol, of course this shit’s going national.

    My sister lives in Hudson, her daughters are onto college now. I never heard of any shenanigans from them.

    If I had to guess, I would say Hudson is ~75% republican. Doesn’t make any difference to the education cartel though.

  87. Holy shit, just saw that they fired a teacher for sex with a student in February. Yeah, that topic choice would definitely elicit a response.

  88. Mark me down for 03/10/2022 for Slow Joe to ‘join the choir invisible’.

  89. That’s my birfday, Phat.

    That would be an awesome present.

  90. Why protect Nassar?

    Connections to the pedophile/child trafficking people. **firmly adjusts tin foil hat**

  91. Why protect Nassar?

    I read somewhere that the agent in charge was trying to get assigned to an Olympic committee or some other such nonsense. The FBI needs to be destroyed.

  92. Oddly specific, phat. I’ll take it.

  93. My best friend got covid. He picked it up in the ER – had to bring his sister in. He wore an n-95 mask. And he’s vaccinated.

    Because we live firmly in the anecdotal world, masks and vaccine are shit.

  94. So the Atlantic did a piece about the misleading covid numbers. Many admitted to hospitals have mild cases.

    Another whistle-blower coming forward in MO with a story similar to Atlantic. OMG ICU is being overrun with covid patients….but that’s because they shut down 3 out of 4 floors in the ICU. The seriousness of current covid patients are being vastly over-inflated. The hospital that is mentioned was the one where I had my surgery. My surgeon said, at the time (last June), that MOBAP was running at 50%. It’s one of the larger hospitals in the greater St Louis region. Surgeons were rationed 2 days and fought over any openings that came up.

    So question is, why would they blatantly lie about their covid numbers. Especially when so many people’s very serious health conditions were being called “elective ” and were put on hold or canceled?

  95. Alabama has it’s highest hospitalization rate since April, and that was from Deace. Iowa is up too. I still don’t see deaths up. 78% of hospitalizations in Iowa are unvaccinated, and they claim that is not counting cases with covid, only counting cases because of covid. Not sure I believe them.

  96. Shutting down ICU floors does not increase covid cases nor will it bring in more federal $$. Shutting down “elective” surgeries makes you lose beaucoup $$.

  97. Smaller hospitals were running at 20 to 30%.

    None of it makes sense.

  98. So question is, why would they blatantly lie about their covid numbers. Especially when so many people’s very serious health conditions were being called “elective ” and were put on hold or canceled?
    The government is paying for covid related care, therefore you will get more covid cases. This is simple supply and demand.

    The insurance companies get to avoid the cost but still collect the premium.

    You may think the hospital doesn’t care. They get paid either from the insurance company or the government. But that’s not quite true. The government pays within 30 days whereas insurance companies take about 60-90, depending. That extra 1-2 months of free cash flow means EVERYTHING to a hospital.

    I don’t know this for sure, I haven’t unpacked the numbers, but everyone in the process is incentivized to make more covid.

  99. I keep seeing news reports on how the cases are UP UP UP, but hospitals are not being overrun. If they were, like during Spanush flu days, there would be tents in the street.

    The other large hospital network, here, is SSM. (Formerly Sisters of St Mary) laid off 2200 nurses/other staff during peak covid, last year. And not one local news station elaborated or questioned it. Hunh, if covid is overrunning hospitals, why you letting go so many staff?

  100. MJ, I get that and I see that these assholes are admitting mild cases but they are still not being overrun. So why lie?

  101. Seems like they are committing fraud.
    Is this happening in other countries?

  102. Only the ones that speak English as a primary language.

  103. Oh you mean just lie about the numbers and the severity and all that?

    Same reason NPR runs stories about a man checking with 43 hospitals to see if they have room in the cardiac ICU for him. All of them said no and he died.

    This is instantly falsifiable. I checked.

    But older, left leaning people especially seem to LOVE covid. I don’t really know why other than the control part of it. Power and what not. Feeling superior. Sympathy vampires abound. They love a good story about how they are smart and you are dumb.

    Oh, and they’re assholes.

  104. How does she know an unvaccinated person gave her covid. IF they could please and thank you answer that question.

  105. Sounds like a shitty hospital:

    Following his mother’s diagnosis, she was admitted to the hospital and was given antibiotics for her symptoms.

    She later returned a few days later and was hospitalized for a month with three weeks on a ventilator and developed sepsis

  106. Did they find the woman who was probably pushed off a cliff by her fiance who isn’t talking and only a “person of interest” yet?

  107. Why would you give someone antibiotics for a virus?


  108. I want a name for this type of behavior. Covid grief blame porn? Kinda long. Something to describe where people feel perfectly comfortable saying something really stupid but they are protected because they are grieving.

  109. THEY ARE GRIEVING MJ, how dare you question their narrative.

  110. Oh, and they’re assholes.

    But mostly they’re assholes.

  111. Emotional vampires.

    They love this shit.

  112. How is it that EVERYONE ignores the fallacy in this:

    You need to get vaccinated.


    To protect yourself.

    I don’t care if I get covid.

    Then you need to do it to protect others.

    If you’re already vaccinated you’re protected. If you’re not vaccinated you must not care.

    No, you could infect someone vaccinated.



    So the vaccine doesn’t work?

    Not 100%.

    Then why should I get it?

  113. Or this:

    You need to wear a mask.

    I’m vaccinated.

    You need one so you don’t infect someone else.

    I’m vaccinated.

    You could get covid anyway and infect someone else.

    So the vaccine doesn’t work.

    Not 100%.

    But masks work 100%?


    Then why should I wear a mask?

  114. Point I’ve seen made:

    Nikki Minaj’s cousin’s friend in Trinidad has no history of lying to me. Tell me again why he can’t be trusted but Anthony Fauci can.

  115. January 6, 2022. No way puddinghead is making a SOTU. Anniversary of the Insurrection.

  116. Because they’re older, they know what is up, they’ve had their eye on this game for most of their lives. The biggest bully around- the US government- is now the head of their gang. They’re really enjoying this and they have a lot of sadistic fun to look forward to.


  118. Pepe, I started ordering one of those before I even finished reading.

  119. >>>>The biggest bully around- the US government- is now the head of their gang….

    Yeah, reminds me of my government loving, democrat parents. Particularly my dad. “You will do it because I said you will do it”…and then smack you upside the head.
    They really look up to Uncle Sugar. Our worst fights were over politics. To say anything negative about the JEF sent them apoplectic.
    Maybe that’s why my anxiety is off the charts. It’s like I’m back in their house but this time I can’t escape.

    That honey badger is right for me.

  120. Beasn, my mom always makes everything about OrangeManBad or my dad. My Aunt Becky is erased by the family for fighting all the familia the last time my mom was in the ICU. (Before this time). She took on everyone. Her BDay was August 23 and there wasn’t a family text. My mom chose to go to a nursing home for rehab. No visitors. Vaxxed or unvaxxed. I had a dental appt for next Thursday. I can’t renew my NM ID online. I need to go in person. MVD gave me an appt at the same time as my dental hygienist appt. MVD won’t let me adjust my appt. Dentist did. This is crazy how much power the govt at all levels has assumed. El Grito y’all. Mexican Independence Day.

  121. I’m glad my family is wingers or quiet.

  122. My mom is a hard lib, but we simply don’t talk about politics anymore. My cousin Mandy is super crazy lib, but I don’t speak to any of that side of the family anymore. Dad doesn’t, either.

  123. My family are very conservative.

    GND is basically becoming Reagan mixed with a bit of Trump. It’s glorious.

  124. GND is basically becoming Reagan mixed with a bit of Trump. It’s glorious.

    A right-proper dicking will do that to a woman.

  125. It will. But it happened in GND’s case anyway.

  126. All I’m saying is that MJ should send the postman a bottle of tequila.

  127. The masks on kids pushed my wife somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan. I mention helicopter rides and she thinks that’s not enough pain or spectacle to really get things squared up.

  128. My mom is a hard lib. My sister’s dead so ….

    Most of my family is conservative, except my cousin’s husband. She secretly likes my shit on facebook. He unfriended me years ago.

  129. All along I have said they are trying to make it to 2 years because Kam can then run twice

  130. Of course, but the problem is a) Biden is falling apart faster than expected, and b) Harris is increasingly unlikely to win in 2024, and may very well face a primary challenger.

  131. and she’s as popular as a hair in a muffin.

  132. Regarding the AOC dress fiasco, how does it differ from FLOTUS Trump wearing the” I don’t care what you say” trench coat the media made a big stink about, other than she was FLOTUS under attack by the media, vs a former bar bimbo that now represents a small district of like minded bimbos?

  133. Newsom will primary whoever’s president in ’24. And he’ll probably succeed.

  134. Hey dickface!

    You take that back. Or I’ll send hotspur’s friends to your house so you can enjoy the taste of peen.

    They deliver weenus.

    It’s like doordash for surly economists but they deliver gentleman’s sausage to the face.

  135. is hotmail a thing still?

  136. I think Kamala wins in 2024 if Joe is out.

    People fucking hate her but they hated Hillary too.

    And they’ve got the cheat thing going so there’s that. But I really think Joe makes it to see all of his kids die and a second term.

  137. “” But it happened in GND’s case anyway.””

    that was actually kinda funny

  138. I’m not saying it wasn’t funny. I laughed.

    I actually enjoy a joke at my expense more than others.

  139. Buddy from work told me when he took his wife to the hospital for covid they didn’t want to know her vaccination status. She was vaccinated, but if they don’t ask she can be reported as un-vaxed. They always have to play games.

  140. We bought a used truck in May, 2020. First appointment we could get with the MVD to register it was August. Part of the paperwork wasn’t right, so we had to reschedule to October. Crazy.

  141. it really doesn’t matter much who the dems run.
    the country is fairly evenly split –
    it’s just a matter of who can retain control of a few districts across the country.
    The dems seem to have found the sweet spot on that.

  142. Or on a soda can, Scott.
    For some reason that reminded me about pubic hairs on a soda can. Maybe that was during the Elizibeth Ray fiasco.

  143. Here are the official Biden Deadpool dates:

    MJ 12/1/23
    Car in 5/1/22
    Hotspur 12/1/21
    Jam 1/6/25
    Jimbro 5/1/22
    Pepe 7/1/22
    Alex 2/1/22
    Phat 3/10/22
    Osoloco 1/6/22

    Car in and Jimbro are igloo buddies on this one.

  144. I love this

  145. Note: if you accurately predict the month, you win.

    If you predict the day, you is all Nostradamus and shit.

  146. I seem to remember Larry Flint capitalizing on a spread involving Liz Ray after that episode.

  147. Prizes:

    Month winner: a five pound sculpture of human fat

    Day winner: an autographed copy of 12 Rules by Jordan Peterson

  148. #1 Son got really sick with a stomach flu that’s been going around. Got super dehydrated and weak. Had to go to the hospital he was so bad. Since he didn’t have a fever, they didn’t even give him a covid test. I thought they would give everyone they could a covid test.

  149. I’ll go with may 4th. Just for the variety. My sister’s birthday

  150. sarah silverman is right… but we all know it’s been coming to a head for a long time

    when lefty’s like her see it, the end is nigh.

  151. Is that your final choice?

  152. I have the book already so I just want the fat

  153. I say Saturday. I want to be wrong and out of the running early.

  154. @ Pepe, my son had a similar event last week. What ever it was fucked him up. Severely dehydrated him. Interesting. My son is 22. They wanted to admit, I accepted a two bag push and came home, took him out for a good 5 days.

  155. He accepted.

  156. sobek – i sent you an electronic smoke signal

  157. Hotmail is still around.

  158. the nights are startign to get a bit brisk around here

  159. thanks leon

  160. what’s the verdict mj?

    smash – no smash

  161. Comment by leoncaruthers on September 16, 2021 8:00 pm
    Newsom will primary whoever’s president in ’24. And he’ll probably succeed.

    That’s why I wasn’t sure the recall wouldn’t succeed. In fact, I expected him to be recalled, because I figured that Kamala would want him gone. Unless she plans to try and offer him her VP spot. Which is different than her DP slot.

  162. I’d bang Sarah Silverman. At least, she used to be somewhat cute.

  163. I’ll go with 9/26/22. I just can’t see him making it into 23′. However he’s like a roach and will probably keep on ticking longer than we all think.

  164. Forget about the fat sculpture and the book.

    First prize is a Cadillac Eldorado.

    Second prize is a set of steak knives.

    Third prize is this

  165. My whole family, my wife’s whole family, very conservative ever since I was a baby crocodile. Mrs. S voted third party for president in 2016, and for Biden in 2020. She hates Trump that much. My sister has turned pretty liberal, but I don’t know how she votes. My brothers, who never talked politics growing up, have gotten a lot more conservative.

  166. 8/1/22

  167. I see hotmail addresses every now and then. My friend still has an aol address which I think he hangs onto for the retro chic

  168. 6/8/22

  169. My dad was full old school Democrat. Irish Catholic immigrant who got to vote for JFK after he became a citizen and belonged to Pipefitter’s Local 537. I know he’d be disgusted at what the Dems have become but I don’t think he would have voted for Trump. I don’t think he would have bought the Scranton Kid’s claim of being a devout Catholic either.

    Sister is a leftist loonie and brother is a staunch conservative. I love them both and do my best to avoid politics with both of them.

  170. I have hotmail because I don’t want to change it.

  171. Smash. Obviously.

    Second time with a 15 lb sledgehammer

  172. *note to self – remove jimes from the prize and gift committee *

  173. So, the Feds are limiting the amount of monoclonal antibodies to red states even though there is ample supply. This is infuriating. Killing people to punish their governor for defying the feds. They are evil.

  174. TeeRoy, exactly what happened with #1 son. 2 IVs, and sent home to sleep another couple of days.

  175. Mi familia is currently engaged in a Vaxxed v Unvaxxed Civil War. My comments about mRNA not being a Vax is ignored. I tried.

  176. how in the hell is the fed govt in charge of distributing anything?

  177. They’re pretty good at distributing small pox to people they don’t like…

  178. 10/25/22. Just in time for early voting.

  179. I used to think Silverman chick was pretty sexy. I like her completion and hair color and she has great tits.

    Then she opened her mouth and ruined it for me.

  180. Completion autocrack motherfucker.

  181. Complexion. Bitch.

  182. Why are Pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions that would save Iives? Why do Governors get to pick and choose who lives or dies? Why did Dan pretend to go to the bathroom and leaving me with the Wiserbud Gigantes and the WFT?

  183. Mine was 12/25/21 Christmas

  184. You’re piloting a four passenger plane with Sara Silverman, Jen Psaki, and AOC on board. You crash on an uncharted island. All three passengers are critically injured but you can only save one.

    Who. And why?

  185. Biden will not die in office. But neither will he be running again in ’24. He (or his puppetmasters) will declare victory and open the way for a successor. He will die quietly off-screen a year or two later.

    Dementia patients can linger for years in a sorry state, his lifespan isn’t the critical point. What is an issue is how long they can keep up the pretense, and that will reach a limit within the next couple of years.

  186. And…none of them. Because to hell with all of them.

  187. You have to save one. It’s in the rule book.

  188. I would save AOC. I think she would be the most fascinating to watch as she struggles to survive in a hostile environment.

  189. Silverman, she is smarter than the other two, has the only non-swamp job, and is also intentionally funny. At times.

  190. I’m not picking a date because I was terribly wrong with Hillary. I thought with her being tossed into a van, the troubles with stairs, the coughing up chunks, and in general, looking like a Taco Bell shit, that she’d be gone in two years or less.

    Whenever it is, they will hide Biden’s decline leading up to it. Keeping him safe from the Mu variant or something, then it’ll be peacefully in his sleep with no interference from Walter Reed or anyone actually competent.

  191. My family is weird. For the most part, they are conservative, but Dad believes in holding you down and giving you the shot. I chalk that up to his time in the Navy. Sister and some cousins are liberal, though sis still believes in the 2nd amendment. We don’t talk, period, much less about politics. Too many hurt feelings, too much drama, too much greed.

  192. You want to know where the ‘monoclonal Antibodies’ went?
    I will tell you:
    “Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc., Tarrytown, New York, was awarded a $2,940,000,000 modification (P00005) to contract W15QKN-21-C-0014 for 1,400,000 REGEN-COV antibody therapeutic doses. Work will be performed in Tarrytown, New York, with an estimated completion date of July 31, 2022. Fiscal 2021 research, development, test and evaluation, Army funds in the amount of $2,940,000,000 were obligated at the time of the award. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, is the contracting activity.”

  193. Damon especially required protein.

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