Gallimaufry Thursday

Fancy word for a hodgepodge that I’ve never heard before but describes this poat to a “T”. The Oprah made a brave and historic speech the other night at the Golden Globes. At least that’s what every liberal commentator in the MSM is claiming. It’s almost time for the liberal pollsters to tell us her overwhelming odds of victory.


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MMM 306: The first real Monday

Since last week’s Monday was basically a bye week for Monday enthusiasts, as was the week before that, I’m calling this the first real Monday of 2018.  You don’t read my defunct blog, and shouldn’t, but I posted some goals there for the year.

Today’s pilates workout:

Going to follow that up with my normal calisthenics at some point, maybe just treat this as a dynamic warmup.  I think this would be plenty if I didn’t also want big gunz.

Ikea shopper.


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ABT: Anti-Ballhaus Thread

Shockwaves went through the Hostage world when some skank stole the gilded crown from Sweet Vapid Ellie. Whatever, we’re tough and can move on. After all, it’s what we did twice during the Obama years for 8 long years.

Where’s Jewstin?


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BBF – 2017 Championship Edition

Happy New Year Boob Enthusiasts and also to the Boob Curious, welcome to Big Boob Friday, 2017 Championship Victory Lap!



Surging late over the weekend, your 2017 Big Boob Friday Champion is a current TV Personality and former Adult Model, born February 8th, 1978 in Frankfort, Oder, East Germany.  She measures 37-24-33, stands 4’11” and 123lbs.  Bitte hol mir ein Bier and say hello to Miss Bettie Ballhaus !

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Dead Mouse

This guy has a ton of mouse trap videos. A recent one hinted that YouTube was getting complaints about all the dead mice he was showing when the trap was effective. He was using wood shavings in the bucket in that video.

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The Martyrdom of St Bert & Ernie


Am I a terrible friend? Yes, of course.

But to make up for my obvious ingratitudeness and total dismissal of the time, energy, and thought put into my Secret Santa gift by my, er, my Secret Santa, I called the local TV station (44 NEWS) who arranged for a convent to bring by all of the homeless, orphaned children in the tri-state area for the big unveiling.

You can imagine their upturned, shining faces plastered with grins and looks of anticipation as I tore into the wrapping paper. The nuns were similarly enraptured and bowed in prayer, thanking god for the opportunity to witness this miracle. The air was vibrating with possibility–broadcast live into every living room within farming distance.

The paper gave way to a neon shoe box, and I paused to give a short speech:

Children of Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois; assorted nuns and local dignitaries: I stand here before you, humbled by the contents of this box. In it are the hopes, dreams and aspirations of a generation. This is the moment that history will remember as the turning point of time which gave way to those who are on the right side of history. This is the moment where the snows began to recede and we rose up to throw off the chains of the past stating, ‘this is the moment of history!’

I lifted the lid of the shoe box, and gently unfolded the tissue paper to reveal the contents of the box:

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Tuesday grab-bag

Feel free to add funny memes throughout the day.  Here’re mine:



Have a great Tuesday.