MMM 537

March is 2/3rds over. When does the lamb part start? Our snow is gone, but it got down to 25F last night.

Tan line.

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Rock Around the Croc: Three Chords and the Truth

Happy Sunday, you magnificent house parties featuring five kinds of nachos, it’s the weekend, and that means I’m going to write about some music stuff. This week I’m going to talk about the song-writing process a little bit. Hopefully it’s interesting – so much so that each of you quits your day job to start a career in the music industry. Ready? Cool.

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Taze Meme Bro

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Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born November 9th, 1990 in Portsmouth, England. She stands 5‘ 5″ and measures 30GG2741 and 150 lbs. Please hold a place in the buffet line for Miss Deadly Red AKA Nicky Robinson.

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Snow Job

March Madness at casa d’monquee.

Had a bit of a wet snow.

It turned a bit chilly so the snow didn’t melt immediately – so i decided to go for a drive and flick a pic____ or 2.

-Here ya go-

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Happy St Patrick’s Meme!

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MMM 536

It’s already March, but no worries, we’ve still got snow here. Or rather, we have snow again. I saw the sun last week for a few minutes, so that was nice.

I’m sure she’s really a geek and totally not just trying to gather simps.

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Rock Around the Croc: Moving Chords Over Static Pedal Points

Happy Sunday, you brand new packs of Lifesavers, it’s fancy-pants music Sunday. I’m your host Sobek, and today I’m going to focus on one specific music technique. Ready? Awesome!

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Saturday memes 03-11-23

Let’s see what we have for today.
This is me. “I paid good money for this house, there’d better not be any monsters in it.”

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