Sometimes you just gotta scream


  1. And that’s that!

  2. Rats! Sohos will never come back now!

  3. The fuck was that?????

  4. I never did understand her frog joke/

  5. Sohos is to frogs as Rosetta is to poodles.

  6. That cleared it right up.

  7. Cyn is to Pink Floyd as Oso is to Fleetwood Mac.

  8. Hehehehe…he…ehehe…Pink Floyd and Cyn…hahahahahaha.

  9. I know you people aren’t baseball freaks like I am, but the Reds let Choo go to Texas and resigned effing HOMER Bailey. Long season ahead and it hasn’t started. Votto Schmotto.

  10. The last scene in this is killer.

  11. Go Royals.

  12. The baseball kind, not the faggy inbred British kind.

  13. CB, FB friend just posted baby pics with their nephew in a Royals bib. I don’t think it is going to be your year. I was nice and didn’t bully the baby about their pre-natal team choice.

  14. I really H8 Costas. Dan has been working 12 hour shifts and fell asleep on the sofa with the Olympics on. I bogarted his drink.

  15. I think the Royals may surprise quite a few fans this year … in a good way.

  16. This made me grin like an idiot.

  17. GLAR.

  18. I saw 33 Screaming Frogs open for Toad The Wet Sprocket at the Music Machine in 1998.

  19. Long, trying day. Thanks everybody.

    Except Wiserbud.

  20. XB, you’re a good guy.

  21. Jimmy Johns brought sammiches by Sam’s to promo their new location. It was supposed to be naked. I just ate mine and I can’t feel my face. LOL Stupid mayo.

  22. Benadryl and bedtime.

  23. Waiting for frog derp.


  25. Hey, xbrad. Glad to hear some improvement for xmom. Still praying for her.

    I’m asking God to arrest any ailments looming in the immediate future for Hostages and their close relatives. We’re waaay too busy with this kind of stuff.

  26. Guess I’mma watch TV until I can sleep.

  27. Had you coiled around my derp.
    How could you ever know
    How I loved your diamond eyes?
    But that was long ago.

  28. Good morning slackers.

  29. Good morning.

  30. How is Thursday treating you?

    It’s Friday here. So far it sucks.

  31. Not bad at all so far.

    A furniture company sent me my order plus something that I didn’t order. I did a web chat with customer service, emailed them back and they still haven’t picked up the item. So now I’m contemplating just keeping it so I can get the very large box out of my kitchen.


  32. It’s a very large box and there is no possibility of me getting it to UPS on my own. Told them that and that they need to issue the order to have them pick it up. Crickets. How long do I wait?

    Sorry that you have to be up so early for the TFG Obamajob.

  33. G’morn.

  34. The wind is BLOWING right now! It’s gusting at about 26-27mph

  35. Good morning, Jazz. How is your sister doing?

  36. Hey, Lippy!

    Em’s out in Santa Fe at a residential treatment facility. It was the only place in the country that could take her on such short notice and accommodate her medical needs; she has some liver issues as a result of all the pharmaceuticals she ingested, and she suffered two strokes after her cardiac arrest. She needs some special attention and some physical therapy in addition to the psych treatment. She seems to enjoy the experience, though (as much as one can enjoy being in a psych facility).

  37. I wish her the best and, to look on the bright side, am very glad that she came through this. You and the people that helped her have done wonderful things.

  38. Not to be erm, well, anything, but the poop story is ‘seared, seared in my memory’! 🙂

  39. I wish her the best and, to look on the bright side, am very glad that she came through this. You and the people that helped her have done wonderful things.

    Thanks, Lippy. It’s been an ordeal for all, for sure.

  40. Good morning all!

    Quiet day today. Paula worked over night and she’s sleeping now, boys are at their grandmother’s and no cases in the OR.

    Plan: Coffee, internetz, maybe sort some mail later. Slacker.

  41. It’s in the 20s today, but we should hit 40 again. Wind is being a bitch, though.

    Morning! Time to make the donuts!

  42. Good morning! Up early studying for my first midterm exam on Monday.

    I love those screaming frogs.

    We have these little Green frogs in our pond that out of nowhere, will suddenly issue a sharp scream and jump into the water when I approach the pond some Summer mornings.

    Then I go inside and change my shirt and refill my coffee cup.

  43. wakey wakey.

    ANother snow day here today. Yesterday was one too. We’ve got bad ice apparently. Main roads are ok, but the dirt ones (which is where most people live) are un-drivable. I’m gonna watch and see if anyone goes into the lake by me from the dirt road (I actually do worry about that – what would I DO?)

  44. G’mernin Laura. Good luck on the test prep and taking.

    31 degrees here and big fat flakes of snow are falling. They promised us freezing rain eventually so I’m sure that’s coming.

  45. Yikes! Take care, Carin.

  46. Other than calling 911 and tossing them a rope or extending a pole there’s not much you can do. First rule of rescue: Don’t become a victim!

  47. Thanks Jimbro. They’ve promised us warmer temps twice now but mother nature had a difference of opinion. Our weather station says it got to 50 yesterday, but not in our cold little bowl it didn’t.

    Kind of okay with that…I shudder to think of all this snow melting at once. We lost half a foot already, looks to me.

  48. The worst part of my drive will be my driveway. If can get out of that, I will be ok. I can avoid the dirt roads since I live on a big/real one. But they didn’t want the kids/buses driving this morning.

  49. It was supposed to get into the forties here, and it never did. We’ve got high 30’s right now. I worry about a big melt too. Slow and steady wins the race.

  50. I raked my roof yesterday in anticipation of a melt and freezing rain. The front side of my roof collects snow and an addition (attached garage) creates an “L” where it’s really bad. I was able to make a big dent in it. There was an ice dam there about 10 years ago that leaked in the house so when my roof was redone I had the contractor remove the gutter. No more ice dams.

  51. Around here when a frog stops screaming it means a snake just had dinner.

  52. We will hit our high of 40F in about an hour. After that it’s all downhill until we get down to 1F next Thursday night.

  53. Morning, children. 18 degrees here.

  54. Guhmummin.

  55. Some visual art therapy to get us through winter:

  56. dude I just tripped ballz

  57. it means a snake just had dinner.

    or a really big spider

  58. But I want a Nelson, Jimbro!

  59. Boobs will be of the late morning variety.

  60. Boobs: The other visual art therapy.

    (I was gonna say the other white meat but didn’t want to join the war on women)

  61. One of nicest women on the waitstaff has fixed me up on a date with her mom. She says she will babysit my son for free.

    IN a moment of weakness, I agreed. SO I have a date for tomorrow night after work.

  62. Some eunuch at Politico is having a hissy fit after discovering that Ted Nugent screwed a lot of girls when he was a rock star in the 1970’s.

  63. So, no “your mom” jokes until Sunday?

  64. IN a moment of weakness, I agreed. SO I have a date for tomorrow night after work.

  65. Some eunuch at Politico is having a hissy fit after discovering that Ted Nugent screwed a lot of girls when he was a rock star in the 1970′s.

    I wonder if that same indignation applies to Bill Clinton.

    Yeah yeah, I know. I’ll wait until you’re all done ROTFLMAO.

  66. I was gonna go see who TJ was talking about, but then I read “Politico” and decided I had better things to do with my time.

  67. A date AND a babysitter. Not too shabby.


  68. What the hell? I’m looking for BBF and I get a screaming frog?

    I blame MJ. And Wiser.

    But mostly Wiser.

  69. Is this real Tushar?

  70. Some brilliant Girl Scout, understanding the age-old “munchies” issue, is reaping it in by selling cookies outside a pot dispensary

    Hope she charged the dumbasses double..

  71. Just wait until you get the screaming frog AFTER you get BBF.

    Then see what happens!

  72. So, mundane….odds on a mother/daughter threesome?

  73. I hope some pothead, understanding the age old “abortions” issue, steals all her cookies.

  74. Jimbro
    That looks like Indian bobbleheads

  75. Oh god, the Michelle thing on Fallon is … just unbelievable.

    The worst bit of propaganda. And the media slobbering over is shameful.

  76. heard as I was getting lunch ready for work, last night, on Fallon

    “Let’s talk about the Affordable Care Act”.


  77. I didn’t watch her straight interview, but the “hilarious” sketch they did.

  78. Yeah, “Ew” is both the title and description of that segment.

  79. Fallon’s shit
    They didnt like Leno’s mild jabs at Obama so dipshit got the job

  80. I think I’ve seen a total of about 3 minutes worth of Fallon on the Tonight Show.

    Over/under on how long before the ratings tank?

  81. I slipped and fell on the ice near my sump pump while wearing a backpack and holding my outgoing mail.

    Damp now.

  82. Fuck ice

  83. If you want to see RT Putin propaganda in full bore, watch this:

    There are ultra right wing groups on the protester side, such as Svoboda but nowhere near a majority

  84. Threesome chance = 0% She is less than half my age.
    The other cooks were already making MILF jokes and the busboys were smiling and giving me thumbs up.

    The funny thing is she catches me in the break room to ask all private like, and then goes out to announce my decision.

  85. Because I am a good husband, I’m planning to go home early and salt the every-loving shit out of the driveway so my wife doesn’t do the same thing.

  86. Bcoch…I think he will be gone in a year. There will be some complaint about “changing demographics”. Like Leno didn’t have that too

  87. MJ…where are the freaking boobs?

  88. Good luck, Mundy. I hope this works out in a way that you’ll later describe as miraculous.

  89. It would be funny if Conan got the gig again.

  90. I gave it a few minutes TJ. Had to click off.

  91. I’m gonna have to go out and check the driveway. It’s too long to salt, but I can get a drainage ditch going in a snowbank.


  92. I also have to clear a path for the sump water. Right now it’s pooling dangerously in the pipe mouth. If it freezes, the pipe will crack.

  93. Ok. Nix that. It supposed to be warm, but that ice is SOLID. Not mushy at all. fack.

    I couldn’t even walk on the driveway it’s so solid.

  94. New post.

  95. I hope you have a lovely time on your date tonight, Mundane – what a sweet and thoughtful thing for her daughter to do for both of you!


    Get these. They are awesome. Rubber bands that stretch over the bottom of your shoe. The steel coils make ice feel like dry pavement.

    Just make sure to take them off before you walk around inside on any kind of hard surface floor.

  97. mundane, if MILF doesn’t want give you a beej, daughter owes you one for taking her mom out.

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