Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born December 27th, 1995 in The United Kingdom. She stands 5‘ 11” and measures 342637 and 115 lbs. Please welcome Miss Emily Deyt-Aysage.

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Meme Country

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Sweet Meme Emotion

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Too Hot to Fish, Too Hot to Golf, Too Cold at Meme

Let’s get those kids trained for a trip to El Caliente, our favorite restaurant!

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Hello pet butlers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday

For the ‘ettes:


Funk salt.

I like it when the horns kick in.


Glavarin looks back on what could have been

Wiserbud scores, celebrates.

Mare finds box wine on sale.

Jewstin is not fooling anybody.

CARin decides to stop living a lie.

Sean gets a new writing gig.

MJ’s exit interview.

Your model for the day may be a repeat with a new fake name or just an amateur who stopped showing the goodies after a couple of photo and video sessions. She’s a college student from Georgia, and is only 5′ tall with size H slobber knockers. Please stop sending mixed-messages and welcome, Miss Amanda Love!

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