Pecho Grande Viernes

Hello malcontents, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.
This song was playing on Dewey Crow’s tow-truck radio on this season’s premier episode of Justified.
Your model for today was born in Caracas, Venezuela, now she lives in Miami, Florida. She stands 5’6″ tall, and measures 34C-28-38 and 110lbs. Please stop raking the roof long enough to welcome, Miss Diana Levy!



  1. Today in history some shit happened.

  2. She wears tiny scraps of cloth well. I wonder if she gets cold?

  3. She seems nice.

    Worky worky.

  4. Purring cat on lap. I could be stuck all day. He’s SITTING on my lap, no laying down, because he’s watching the computer. He’s not sure that there isn’t something he can chase on the screen.

  5. She looks a little Chinese.

  6. I’d better make this cup of coffee last.

  7. pg is going chinese

  8. Fake, but accurate.

  9. Just like the girl next door if you live next door to a strip joint

  10. 185000 mile service.
    Occupy waiting room.

  11. Dang, you’ve walked a long way, scott. Whatcha having done?

  12. It’s too early for BBF to die.

  13. New washer and dryer being delivered – Occupy living room.

  14. Drudge Headline:

    NFL officials will hold Brady’s balls before Super Bowl…

    Also during, maybe after.

  15. Mostly a routine, but expensive, oil change. 12 quarts of synthetic oil is kind of spendy.

  16. Ouch. 12 quarts. The Boxster holds ten, so I hear you.

  17. They gave me some stuff to neutralize the rust spots on my van. I am excited about that, it was starting to look like shit.

  18. One nice thing about white vehicles, it’s really easy to match the color. White Rustoleum will work just fine.

  19. My life got a lot better when I found this garage. Fair, honest, and good. It’s the first garage I’ve been to that doesn’t mark up parts.

    I am going to hire the owner to purchase all of my future vehicles at auction.

  20. I am trying to figure out ssh tunneling. When I get it sorted out I will name my test script Charlie.

  21. That girl is not 110#.

  22. She’s got almost no muscle, she could be.

  23. Plus helium implants.

  24. She seems nice tits.

  25. She’s 110 in 3 feet of water.

  26. She’s not 110. Not at that height.

  27. First pic looks almost like she has braces.

  28. And, to Leon “no muscles” means “couldn’t pass for a tranny.”

    She’s not THAT thin. She has curves. With is why she doesn’t way 110.

  29. weigh

  30. No whey.


  32. I’ve been as low as 127 at her height, so I guess it seems plausible to me.

  33. So, add in boobs and butt ..

  34. My daughter, are around 115, and they’re shorter and both in good shape. Neither has those boobs or that butt.

    Look, I’m just explaining to you guys that you’ve been LIED to.

  35. s

  36. Amanda is 115 pounds.

    That girl is more like 130.

  37. I had muscle at 127, so I subtracted that and added padding.

    She might have light bones. /shrug I just don’t think it’s impossible.

  38. I for one am willing to forgive her that little white lie.

  39. They gave me some stuff to neutralize the rust spots on my van. I am excited about that, it was starting to look like shit.

    Make sure that they touch up the “Free Candy” spray painted on the side.

  40. In a pinch, I’d be willing to give her a light boning.

  41. I agree with Leon. No muscle tone. Could have bird bones. 34C. Not impossible.

  42. Fine. Just fine.

    I’ll let her stick her ass in my face even thought she’s a dirty fucking liar.

  43. What kills me is Venezuela produces women like this, but with the commie fucking government there, they’ll soon have a shortage of breasty young women, just like the shortages of food and toilet paper.

  44. Meow.

  45. Venezuelans have been taking it to the streets. Lots of protests. Govt fighting back. Thanks to twitter they are able to get pictures and stories out. Reminds me of the people of Egypt taking on TFGs MB.

  46. Ugh. Snow is starting to accumulate. Even on the streets now.

  47. Make a Snowman.

  48. Wienerdogs don’t like snow. Already belly height on Gingy. MaryAnn is terrified of trash bags and snowmen.

  49. It doesn’t really matter what she weighs as long as she can get down on her elbows and knees and hold that position for about 10 seconds. If you know what I mean and I think you do.

  50. Snowbears

  51. How about snowmen made out of trash bags?

  52. They are scary. How about Snowballs and sandwich bags?

  53. Did you see the PB/Dach mix in the morning news dump, Oso? I’m still laughing.

  54. What if you and Dan built them a tiny sleigh and pulled them around the countryside serving them cider and pie? Maybe they would come around to the snowmen and trash bags.

  55. One of the cashiers at work has a Pit/Dach mix. That goofy dog in GA is getting lots of people wanting to adopt. Chumpo, my divas are already pretty spoiled. They would love a sleigh ride with cider and pie.

  56. Her outfit made out of electrical tape seems wildly impractical.

  57. I’d buy that for a dollar!

  58. Her outfit made out of electrical tape seems wildly impractical.

    It’s gonna sting like a bitch when she takes it off But just imagine the awesome tan lines…..

  59. I guess some victims are more important than others…

  60. I wonder if this Venezuelan has a Brazilian?

  61. Mom isn’t a victim. Unborn baby at Ft Hood isn’t a victim. 3 fucking guys on Flight 93…victims. Grrrr

  62. So, if the rich donors what Jeb Bush to be the nominee, who are these people and can we kill them?

  63. It because words have no meaning anymore. See: Jeff GOldstein.

  64. want

  65. I guess women who are beaten to death by their boyfriends aren’t victims either.

    What’s the difference?

  66. So far, it looks like I’m sitting out 2016. And probably every election for the next 20 years. By then I’ll be dead anyway.

  67. They can’t call her a victim, she’s partially responsible for the whole mess.

  68. She asked for it Scott.

  69. She got what she deserved.

  70. Well, an aborted baby isn’t a victim, so when the child kills the mother she isn’t one either. It’s a reciprocal relationship.

  71. Perhaps we should classify the mom’s death as a suicide?

  72. I am not saying that, but if she managed to survive the shooting she would have been arrested.

  73. It’s too damned early for despair and gloom. A year from now is the proper time for gloom and doom. I’m old enough to remember when Phill Graham had all the money and all the early backers and after the first couple of primaries he was rejected like bad medicine.

  74. They can’t call her a victim, she’s partially responsible for the whole mess.

    I don;t think she actively tried to turn her son into a mass murderer. I also have read reports where they tried for years to get help in dealing with him and were refused, because they or he didn’t meet some minimal standards. That’s why the big push to fix the problems in the mental health system.

    She may have made some stupid mistakes, but I find it hard to say that she actively contributed to her own murder.

  75. but if she managed to survive the shooting she would have been arrested.

    on what charge? What law did she break?

  76. I would say giving an insane lunatic access to weapons may have contributed to it.

    Like the lady that got shot and killed by her 3 year old at Walmart.

    Do you blame the kid?

  77. From the report:

    “The authors allude to missed opportunities to seek and sustain care for Lanza’s mental health and developmental problems. At the same time, they emphasize that Lanza alone was responsible for the horrifying massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    “There is no way to adequately explain why AL was obsessed with mass shootings and how or why he came to act on this obsession,” the authors write. “In the end, only he, and he alone, bears responsibility for this monstrous act.”

  78. ““While we describe the predisposing factors and compounding stresses in [Adam Lanza’s] life, we do not conclude that they add up to an inevitable arc leading to mass murder,” they write, explaining that even a thorough investigation such as theirs could not answer the ultimate question: Why would someone to commit such a brutal act?”

  79. She broke the law by allowing him access.

  80. She broke the law by allowing him access.

    Would that make her an accessory to her own murder then?

  81. If such a crime existed, sure.

  82. denying that the mother was a victim of her son makes about as much sense as suing the company that made the gun.

    Notice also that the report on the Sandy Hook killings is also being dedicated to other murder victims from around the state, that had absolutely nothing to do with Sandy Hook.

    Everyone’s a victim, except this one person, simply because of her status as Adam’s mother.

    This just sounds like another example of the superstitious “must not speak the name of the evil one” childishness that also had them tearing down the school and the Lanza home.

  83. “Dedicated to all victims of violence, except that one person, who is deemed unworthy.”

  84. This just sounds like another example of the superstitious “must not speak the name of the evil one” childishness that also had them tearing down the school and the Lanza home.


  85. It would have offended the other families.

  86. The whole thing is just silly. Vindictive.

    The mom made a bad decision based on her failure to envision what her son was capable of.

    If all parents were held to that standard, we’d all be screwed.

    Her son was seriously, SERIOUSLY messed. They said he was anorexic to the point of almost starvation and that he communicated with his mom via email and didn’t leave his room. He should have been in an institution …


    Those same moms who don’t want Mrs. Lanza’s name on any bereavement plaque probably are the same ones who would have argued, in another instance, that a kid shouldn’t be institutionalized.

  87. OT Our new women’s soccer coach is a woman, last name Dyche. Really. Really.

  88. The courts have ruled against the parents of the Columbine shooters. Over $150 million so far and still going.

    There are a lot of similarities.

  89. It would have offended the other families.

    Ah. There it is. They are the sainted one. The real victims. And only they are to be represented as such. Recognizing that his mother is also a victim in the horrific events of that day would tarnish the brilliant perfection of their victimhood.

    And we certainly can’t have that.

  90. I mean, these are the same people who tore down the entire school. sigh. I mean, I understand, but I don’t.

  91. Those same moms who don’t want Mrs. Lanza’s name on any bereavement plaque

    We’re not even talking about a plaque.

    This is the dedication to the final report on the events of that day.

    It’s being dedicated to all victims of violence around the state, except her because “evil.”

  92. Huh. Can we start suing the moms (and dads – Ha ha haaaa …) of gang bangers?

    I mean, the cumulative negative affect of THEIR bad parenting choices is certainly worse than all the gun-wielding teenage mass murderers put together.

  93. Yea, I know it was on a dedication. I was sorta referring to the symbolic significance of it all.

  94. Car in, Hahahaha no! You can pay for Job Corps and Midnight Basketball.

  95. Yea, I know it was on a dedication. I was sorta referring to the symbolic significance of it all.

    I can kind of understand if this were a plaque that was being dedicated at the new school and they wanted to keep her name off of it.

    She wasn’t killed there.

    But on the report? That’s just childish and, as you said above, vindictive.

  96. Someone mark this date on the calendar.

    Wiser and I are in agreement.

    I’m sure it’s happened once or twice before, but still …

  97. Car in, they moved bus stops because kids were afraid to stand near the house.

  98. Wiser and I are in agreement.


    Now, hows about a vodka martini?

  99. I’d love one, but I gotta go to work in a bit.

  100. Oye, mami! Que cuerpo tan delicioso!

  101. “Well, It’s like the Montegues and the Capuletts…”

    -Jerry Seinfeld

  102. I think there is something in the water in CT. Laura, Scott, and Wiser evidently don’t drink the shit.

  103. If parents are responsible for their kids behavior, then I’m kind of proud of them for spending all of junior year finger banging Sheryl Anderson.

  104. Your parents spent all of junior year finger banging Sheryl Anderson? Didn’t that get sort of frustrating for you?

  105. You know what I mean.

    Just wondering…are you going to be dead by 2016?

  106. I found where Jewstin’s been hiding…

  107. Three days ago, CT Senator Dick “Dick” Blumenthal (D) announced that he was NOT going to call for Congress to investigate DeflateGate because he didn’t want to distract the coach and players of the team that he is rooting for to win the Super Bowl from preparing for the game.


  108. I found where Jewstin’s been hiding…

    If I weren’t at work I’d be ROFL 🙂

  109. So, 2005 Toyota Tacoma or 2002 Ford F-150?

  110. Wiser, I sent that link on to Jonn L, who’s the best at busting Stolen Valor phonies. I told him that’s the school all those nuts go to.

  111. Well, gotta respect Romney for giving 2016 a pass. Good job, Mitt!

    Now go to work convincing Jeb and Huck to bow out.

  112. I like the Tacoma. I’m driving an ’07.

  113. I like the Tacoma, but it’s a lot more expensive than the F150. Basically, if I buy the F150 I can pay cash.

  114. Once upon a time, I ate your mom this morning.

  115. Tacoma.

    IIRC, the 2005 was a body style change, and a good one. You’ll not regret that decision–unless the vehicle happens to be a POS.

  116. HI, CYN!!

    How ya doing, kittycat?

  117. cash is good but it may not run as well in the long haul. I’d lean towards the Toyota, only because you may get twice as many miles out of the engine/trany. Both trucks are good in my opinion.

  118. daily driver=Tacoma hands down.
    Better “truck” goes to the full-size ford.

    Do you landscape, haul equipment, tow a giant boat, RV, Motorcross?

    I’ve had both several times over. I wouldn’t drive a full size daily unless it was a diesel.

  119. P.S. Both will out perform your sedan when Drunk jumping them down your relatives driveway embankment so you can’t loose:)

  120. Ha! Just gave a customer a price of “whatever you think is fair.”

    They offered 4X what I was going to ask for!

  121. What Chumpo said.

    The Ford is a better work truck, but you’d be lucky to get 175K miles out of it without major expense.

    The Toyota will last longer and have better resale. I was super happy with my Tundra.

  122. They offered 4X what I was going to ask for!

    How did you keep a straight face? I’d have probably broke their wrist shaking on the deal so fast.

  123. Scott, the other day when your brought up the “whatever you think is fair” approach I pledged to use it one day. I’m happy that it worked for you again!

  124. I only when I am really stumped, it has been an awesome tool.

  125. Only use it.

    Like when someone asks for me to do something a little above and beyond what I quoted them, stuff I would do for free or add $100 or less.

  126. Evening, burglars of turd.

  127. My dad, the last of small cadre of decent men (yes, I saw your comment, Chrispy) has a Toyota with 100K miles. Routine maintenance, no issues.

  128. Screw the UAW. Toyota.

  129. Anita had 200k+ on her Toyota before she over-heated it and warped the head.
    Damn good truck…

  130. I’m torn–on the one hand I really like today’s model. On the other hand, I’m fucking terrified of how brown she is.

  131. Don’t let it bother you Shawn. They’re all pink on the inside.

  132. Well, that killed it.

  133. or seriously injured it.

  134. I guess people don’t like it when you misspell my name, YOU DIRTY MOTHERFUCKER!!!

  135. Bad peeple.

  136. Shaun?

  137. Seaon. The “o” is silent.

  138. So, it’s Chump?

  139. Syawn.

  140. M R C U M B U C H E T

    It’s pronounced Schumpo.

    It’s Greek Canadian for Yogurt Holder.

  141. Sczechuan

  142. H O T S P O R K

    It’s pronounced Whafflebach

    It’s Djibooti for Bowlegged Juggler

  143. M R C U M D U M P S T E R
    (fixt for you)

  144. I’ma fuckin’ kill all you buttlickers. This is not news to b-rad.

  145. You’re sweet.

  146. I’m going to have Vietnamese fud this night. I might try the Caht Pot.
    Or the Dahwg Three Ways.

  147. buttlickers diqshuanary & lickthorus:
    Sean, Shane, Shaun, Shawn, Scene, Seen, Sian, Bald headed chick that sings, John, Shone, Chone, Xi’an (Shon), Hey You, derpinator,…

  148. Um, okay?

  149. Dang, I step out to get a frozen pizza and you guys fuck it all up.

  150. Who goes out for frozen pizza?

  151. You can get frozen pizza delivered in CT?

  152. We get hot pizza delivered.

  153. I had to get cigarettes and swing by the pharmacy anyway. So, picked up a pizza so I wouldn’t have to cook tonight. Which, I get home and mom’s like, slice up some tomato and onion and cheese on that thing.

    Which, hello, I only bought a pizza so I wouldn’t have to cook. For fuck’s sake, it would have been easier to just make the spaghetti I was planning.

  154. Dominoes should sell cigarettes and booze.

  155. Domiknows. Domino’s.

  156. DiGiorino’s hardest hit.

  157. Everybody should just deliver everything. Via pneumatic tubes. For fuck’s sake, this is the future.

  158. It’s not the future. I still don’t have a flying car.

  159. You should have one. Delivered via pneumatic tube.

  160. CO Alex had a flying car. At least for a little while.

  161. He tried to fly his upside down. That’s just crazy.

  162. He got a 8.5 from the French judge………….

  163. George Jetson could have flown it upside down.

  164. He had a flying car and worked at a place that made sprockets.

    Figure that out.

  165. Space sprockets, what’s hard to understand?

  166. Space sprockets delivered in pneumatic tubes.

  167. One of Mr. RFH’s bosses looked like George Jetson.

  168. Roamy, how long til the flying cars? Should I get out from under this Ford Flex now or…maybe in a couple model years?

  169. Jane, his wife, was kinda a SpaceMILF.

  170. Did anybody use hurtful words like “childish” and “ludicrous” in critiquing anybody else’s business plan for a pneumatic-tube-based delivery company today?

  171. Chumpo, the unions will never let it happen.

    Trivia of the day – if your car engine had the same horsepower to weight ratio as the Space Shuttle Main Engine, it would weigh a half a pound. (In France it would be a engine Royale)

  172. Interesting that hp/weight scales one way for rockets, and the other for internal combustion engines.

  173. Unions are why we can’t have nice things. I fucking knew it.

  174. One of the old Lotus Elans I had was 1500 pounds and 150hp. It was pretty quick for a funny little foreign car that got 40mpg at 100mph…

  175. Tonight was an interesting mixture of shitty tippers and awesome tippers.

    Kiss of death? When someone orders a wonderful piece of meat and asks it be “well done”.

    Right there? you’re getting 10%. You just are. I came up with that truism months ago, and tonight it proved itself in spades. Not just for me – but other servers.

    A dude ordered a Well done filet Mignon. I got 8 on $82. NOT EVEN 10%.


  176. Another server got boned (not in the good way) – three people, ribeyes and really nice pieces of meat – all well done.

    She got $4 on (roughly) $100.

  177. Anybody who orders a steak well done can’t have much happening upstairs. Their grasp of mathematics is faint at best.

  178. You should tell them you don’t offer steaks well done. Medium, at worst.

  179. My explanation is that they are simply not very sophisticated. For a variety of reasons – but chances are simply great they are not – for one of several reasons – going to tip very well.

  180. So I drove around Denver for two hours looking for the dealership, and when I arrived they told me that they couldn’t find the keys to the Ford.

    I’m gonna call them tomorrow morning, but right now I’m leaning towards the Toyota.

  181. No wonder Cyn debriefed:

  182. What is really painful when they order a filet.

    Look – you’re not really going to be able to tell what cut of meat it is. well done, it doesn’t matter WHAT I serve you.

  183. Umm…errrr…I like my steak well done. Prime rib, too. See also filet mignon. No pink, no blood, no moo.


  185. How does Dan take his red meat?

  186. Overcooked:

  187. I hear Oso also likes gluten.

  188. Thats a shame. You can eat cows that are still walking around in the pasture. just don’t bite into their brainstem because you don’t want Mad Cow.(well the cow is gonna be mad no matter where you start eating it but I’m talking about Bovine spongiform encephalopathy.)

    No worries though if you like to cook it Well or Rare as long as you slather it in catsup.

  189. As far as “rare beef goes” one of my friends ordered a steak “medium rare”, when it was was presented, he responded;
    “I’ve seen cows hurt worse than this get well.”
    So it goes…

  190. Dan gets medium. He knows that I get sick when I see blood on a plate.

  191. Just know that it’s not blood. It’s water.

  192. I love gluten!!!! Bread is my favorite. Boudin sourdough to be exact. And Kings Hawaiian.

  193. It looks like blood. Had a waiter with extremely hairy hands. He put the bread basket on the table. I couldn’t eat. I have issues.

  194. Medium rare. I realize this is a personal choice. That one is mine.

  195. Chumpos pushing all my buttons tonight

  196. Jeez. I had an Aunt like that. She would say, “I’m a complicated individual.”
    She was cool. Lived in The Peeples Reepublic of S.F. Took care of the gorillas at the S.F. Zoo.


  198. I’m not complicated. I just have lots of food rules.

  199. I like Pick-a-Peppa on steak. Or I eat it nekkid. Not a fan of most steak sauces.

  200. Oh yeah. I forgot that you mentioned that most delicious sauce. I need to re-supply the pick a peppa. It’s a great ingredient in a certain red tomato juice based cocktail that I an extremely fond of.

    Thanx for reminding me.

  201. Medium rare is perfect. And horseradish. Horseradish is important. Dry, not that weird mayonnaise stuff.

  202. Steak. Pat of butter. Some blue cheese. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  203. Yes to the butter and bleu cheese. Si, grated horseradish.

  204. Mmmm…spicy bloody mary. Breafas of champions.

  205. We were sposed to be discussing dairy cattle. Not beef cattle

  206. Used to have to get up at 5 to feed and milk the dairy cattle. Repeat in the afternoon. Mi familia didn’t have cool 20th century milking machines. I H8 milk. I H8 cream. I love butter.

  207. Reason I can still eat beef and pig…pit cooking. I couldn’t eat lamb, mutton, or cabrito if you paid me. I don’t eat organ meat, lengua, tripa, etc. I can barely eat chicken.

  208. You don’t want anything to do with those milking machines…

  209. Oh, sure, I’m going to watch a 9:45 long video.

  210. Fowl is foul. Chickens eat, crap.

    – Mel Brooks, the Two Thousand Year Old Man

  211. XB, you don’t have to watch the full video for the punchline.

  212. Chickens are gross. My Mom raised chickens 1st time my Dad was in VN. I H8D those chickens. H8D the ducks and geese too. Used to H8 plucking them too. Not a fan of poultry. I agree, Fowl is foul.

  213. Sure, you don’t have to watch the whole thing, but then you’d miss the musical.

  214. Butchering chickens is pretty horrible. But they’re very tasty.

    You just have to forget the scent of scalded feathers when you eat the things.

  215. I want to think that meat comes from a bunker at a grocery store.

  216. I pass out if I prep chicken. I need it boneless and skinless from the freezer at the store.

  217. how long do you have to scald them before you can pluck ’em?

  218. that musical is classic.

  219. It was worth the 9:45

  220. Mr Chumpo, I don’t remember. We weren’t allowed to kill or scald, only pluck.

  221. I’ve been sick for 14 days. Dan, 12. Dan has missed 3 days of work. I missed one 1/2 day. Man Cold is totes more drama than regular cold.

  222. The Squirrel knows how to scald a chicken.

    (a sentence never before written)

  223. I missed 3 days of AA meetings on this cold. It sucks. But I’m back at work tonight.

  224. is it raining there.

    I hab a cold too. And I went to The Magic Measles Kingdom three weeks ago. Hope I don’t get the spots.

  225. I pretty much slather myself in hand sanitizer all day. Don’t want to kill off poor XMom.

  226. I’ll tell you what, X. Bactine is a very powerful anti everything. and its cheep as hell and it doesn’t smell. It’s active (besides lidocane) is benzalkonium chloride which is a great all around cleaner.

    I don’t know much about the Purel type sanos. I think they are alcohol based.

  227. I’m pretty OK with alcohol based pretty much anything.

  228. Tuche’

  229. One fine derp in my odd past
    I picked me up a transmission
    I turned the fission ignition
    Went looking for the broadcaster
    And when I first touched some ground
    They simply told me to leave
    Was kind of hard to believe
    ‘Cause there was not one around

  230. I’m certainly not going to tuche Mr. Chumpo without a shitload of hand sanitizer handy.

  231. Our endless winter continues. Snow is still falling here and will continue till the afternoon. Storm # 3 in this clusterfuck is Monday. A foot is predicted. The kids will be going to school until the end of June.

  232. My dad didn’t eat chicken until we were in high school. At that point he had been in the US about 20 years and had recovered from his childhood memories of his mother butchering chickens in the backyard.

  233. He never ate spaghetti: “That’s not food”.

  234. We have negative numbers in our forecast.

  235. I just checked. Sunday-Monday nights are going to be in the negative numbers. Fuuuuu.

  236. It’s a very balmy 16 here. This week … it’s gonna get cold.

    The heat went out in my (it’s not mine, I haven’t had a car in three months) car. Driving sux.

  237. Freakin’ power keeps flickering off and on. I have to reboot the computer every time it happens. 3 times in the last day. I’m grateful the power comes back on though…

  238. Car in, does the fan blow air when you have the heat on?

  239. I had a Jeep Wrangler when I was a resident and one year the heat valve that opens to shunt heat from the radiator to the heater failed. Since I lived so close to the hospital it took me a month to figure it out. I just figured my Jeep didn’t warm up on the 5 minute trip back and forth to work which was partially true. It took a 4 hour ride to and from Burlington, Vermont to finally nail the diagnosis.

  240. I was driving it the other day, smelled something funny, then suddenly smoke came out of the vents. It doesn’t do that now, but when I turn it on now, the car eventually smells funky/not right. So I don’t run it.

  241. I have lost heat in two cars, both times due to mice.
    Apparently, the blower motor area is perfect for nesting mice.

  242. Did it smell sweet?

  243. If it did it’s the heater core.

  244. No, like burning.

  245. Like a well done filet

  246. Check the blower. I remember that it was a pain to get to on my car, but it doesn’t need to be.

    One nest was made of seat foam and fuzz, the other was made out of shredded air filter.


  248. Scott should have a radio show on PBS.

  249. Moarnin.

  250. “This Old Mouse Infested Car”

  251. This week on Antiques Roadshow, the Holocaust car.

  252. Mrs. Buffalone’s old van pulled in a plastic shopping bag through the recirculated air intake and burned up the blower motor.

  253. I had a frog get into my old Honda once.

    It was cut in half. And smelly.


  255. What is Wiser talking about today?

  256. Two pounds of sliced chuck roast seasoning in the freezer. Tomorrow we jerk(y) it.

  257. How will you dry it?

  258. Lyrics and visuals may not be safe for your mom.

  259. This place is deader than Janet Reno’s mangina.

  260. Man Cold is totes more drama than regular cold.

    No shit. We came down with an extremely mild cold about a week ago. I sneezed a lot one day, had some head pressure, but nothing came of it, and I went about my business. Husband gets it, he’s drinking Dayquil and took a day off work. Druggie.

  261. Oh…he’s still taking it a week later.

  262. Regarding big boob chick that weighs over 125#… daughter is 5’7″, has curves but no boobs, disappears when she stands sideways, and hasn’t been able to work out like she used to. She weighs 125#.

  263. Can’t hear the intro blizzard thing. It needs volume.

  264. Slept in till 9:30. Woot.

  265. Gah, power is out here. Puts the whole knifemaking deal on hold.

  266. It’s almost time for the dink of the week!

  267. Home Depot is over $100 a share.
    I’ll be selling it Monday AM.

  268. Scott, I am remodeling a bathroom. Two more bathrooms and the entry area are next.
    Not to mention all the renovations I keep doing in Florida.
    Home Depot stock can only go up from here.

  269. Flaming Moe

    2 oz blueberry liqueur
    .5 oz creme de cassis
    .5 oz whiskey
    .5 oz vodka
    1 oz simple syrup

    Strain into glass
    Add 7 up
    151 or everclear

    Light on fire

  270. Get your Flaming Moe right here

  271. My outdoor gas burner arrived. It is very nice, brings water to boil about 3x faster than the electric stove.

    Wind chill of about 5, and I am standing in a snowbank boiling water.
    I don’t know what the neighbors think.

  272. If the coyotes give you the stink eye get the rifle

  273. I don’t know what the neighbors think.

  274. That about sums up my day.

  275. I just had to abort a grocery store run.
    Pure chaos.
    Snow + Superbowl = OMG!!11!!11

  276. Whole Foods has a little bar that serves wine and beer. Last weekend I got a beer and chatted with a bunch of really nice people.

    Turned out one of them works with GND. Small world.


  278. Does the grocery store’s father know?

  279. GNU poat.

    Not to be confused with GND poat.

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