Dickbutt Fever!!11!!!!11!!

As you are aware, Dickbutt fever is sweeping Michigan and will soon envelop the rest of the country. As we close the year on another football season, both pro and semi-pro, the Dickheads, as they are affectionately known, have started local chapters as far south as Tampa/St Pete, Fl. They are rabid, they are wild, and they can’t get enough Dickbutt!!!!!!

This picture was taken at Raymond James stadium just last week by the H2’s own resident photographer and founding member of Dickhead Nation—Mr Chumpo!

I support Souther Canada Upper United States Community College! FUCK ‘EM DICKBUTTS!!!!!!!!!

dickbut U


  1. I stand corrected. The guy sitting down in the photo does not have Dickbutt fever.

  2. Why isn’t Dickbutt on our homepage? He feels like part of the family now.

    Just like your mom.

  3. shopped

  4. Gators look a lot like Jayhawks. Same difference, I suppose.

  5. Take it up with the photographer!

  6. I see nothing has changed around this dump. MJ stop sending me dick pics and for craps sake penicillin isn’t just a river in denial.


  7. Oh, and I gave this POS post a thumbs down for old times sake.


    MJ sucks.

  8. They can’t be worse than Michigan’s actual teams.

  9. Apostate!

  10. Who’s the new horse?

  11. Same as the old horse.

  12. MJ is just reviving his old sockpuppet.

  13. It takes dickbutt fever to bring out mare.

    You’re welcome.

  14. Carin’s WSJ article is behind a paywall, but just highlight the title, right click, search on google, and click the link to WSJ on the search page, and you’ll get the full article.

  15. Brad is an internet ninja.

  16. Mare should come around and tell MJ that he sucks more often.

  17. It’s above freezing, and the ice/snow is going to start in about 50 minutes. Time to go clean the coop.

  18. It’s above freezing here, too. But not by much. 60F.

  19. Mare!


  20. Miss “K” in the picture up above looks like she’s ready for a whole face full of dickbutt.

    I approve.

  21. Mare isn’t real. I don’t believe she exists.

    *Lapsed Mareist*

  22. We killed men in red coats for much, much less.

    This times 100000000000

  23. It’s a good article.

  24. I see Mare’s cat didn’t kill her yet.

  25. Oh, MJ wanted to talk about his spinning class yesterday …

    spinning is for fags.

  26. Is there anything else we need to discuss? I think my response was all-encompassing.

  27. What’s the article Car in? Just the title will work since I’m a WSJ *sniff*, subscriber.

  28. 1% foot and tonsil removers

  29. FU Zumbatits.

  30. I think Mare knows all about Dickbutt fever. After all she did live in Michigan for a time.

  31. “The emergence of a two-tiered U.S. economy, with wealthy households advancing while middle- and lower-income Americans struggle, is reshaping markets for everything from housing to clothing to groceries to beer.

    “It’s a tale of two economies,” said Glenn Kelman, chief executive of Redfin, a real-estate brokerage in Seattle that operates in 25 states. “There is a high-end market that is absolutely booming. And then there’s everyone in the middle class. They don’t have much hope of wage growth.”

    The recession blew holes in the balance sheets of all U.S. households and ended a decadeslong loosening of credit for middle-class borrowers. Now, credit is tight, and incomes have been flat or falling for all but the top 10th of U.S. income earners between 2010 and 2013, according to the Federal Reserve.”

  32. That’s a loving FU, by the way.

  33. “Since 2009, average per household spending among the top 5% of U.S. income earners—adjusting for inflation—climbed 12% through 2012, the most recent data available. Over the same period, spending by all others fell 1% per household, according to Mr. Cynamon, a visiting scholar at the bank’s Center for Household Financial Stability, and Steven Fazzari of Washington University in St. Louis, who published their research findings last year.

    The spending rebound following the recession “appears to be largely driven by the consumption at the top,” Mr. Cynamon said. He and Mr. Fazzari found the wealthiest 5% of U.S. households accounted for around 30% of consumer spending in 2012, up from 23% in 1992.

    Indeed, such midtier retailers as J.C. Penney , Sears and Target have slumped. “The consumer has not bounced back with the confidence we were all looking for,” Macy’s chief executive Terry Lundgren told investors last fall.”

  34. “In luxury retail, meanwhile: “Our customers are confident, feel good about the economy in general and their personal balance sheets specifically,” said Karen Katz, chief executive of Neiman Marcus Group Ltd., last month. Reported 2014 revenues of $4.8 billion for the company are up from $3.6 billion in 2009.

    Revenue for such luxury hotel chains as St. Regis and Ritz-Carlton rose 35% last year compared with 2008, according to market research firm STR Inc. Revenues at midscale chains such as Best Western and Ramada were down 1%.

    On grocery aisles, the recession and its aftermath boosted sales of economy brands. At the high end, Whole Foods Market Inc. reported record sales per gross square foot last year.

  35. Mj – when I went to those spin classes last spring, one of the trainer-dudes was an “Ironman”. He told the story about how at home he was complaining about the weight of a tool (chainsaw) and his wife laughed at him and said “Aren’t you an “ironman?””

    He may have been fit, but he wasn’t big. Not like someone who did crossfit Zumba.

  36. My youngest is downstairs doing the Murphy. 1 mile run. 100 pullups. 200 pushups. 300 squats. Another mile.

    He’s going to be Zumba star.

  37. I’ll read it later, I have to do some work now for which I’ll be overcompensated.

    For the children.

  38. My youngest is downstairs doing the Murphy. 1 mile run. 100 pullups. 200 pushups. 300 squats. Another mile.

    Do all of his joints pop yet? They will.

  39. Haha, just came across the best quote:

    Stats are like bikinis: what they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.

  40. Doing the Murphy sounds dirty.

  41. You know what else pops, leon?


    (you thought I was gonna say Your Mom, didn’t you?)

  42. None of his joints pop.

    But you’re right. I’m going to stop him right now and tell him to go watch some tv or play a video game.

  43. Joint Pop Murphies

  44. I love that, Car in. Named after the Lt., too.

  45. Have him put a chicken in a pitcher!

  46. The Murphy is awesome, and yep, named after the hero. Crossfit has a bunch of “hero” workouts, but that one is actually the workout Murphy did.

    The chickens can get into the pitchers all by themselves.

  47. I love it, but I can’t do it.


  48. None of his joints pop.
    But you’re right. I’m going to stop him right now and tell him to go watch some tv or play a video game.
    Hahahahahahahahhaha. I’m stealing that.

  49. I’ve got a shoulder that pops- I think it’s from carrying trays, because it’s THAT shoulder.

    My knees used to, but they haven’t ever since I switched shoes.

    Pain accompanies neither, so it’s not an issue anyway.


  50. No homework until you have finished watching TV!

  51. J’ames, yes you could.

    You do it to whatever level you can. I can’t do regular pullups, so I do jumping ones for the 100. Near the end, I barely get my forhead to the bar, let alone my chin, but as long as it’s STILL hard to to whatever I’m doing, it’d going come good.

    The squats are easy for me, and I sorta count them as a rest period.

    THe push-ups – I usually only make to around 110 or 120 before I can’t go on and have to switch to my knees. I also do “hand-release” ones, which are easier, imho.

    Doing straight push ups (not hand release) the most I can ever do in one workout, which breaks, is about 120, so adding in the pullups, etc.

  52. I did the Murphy once, with your mom.

  53. I just think that number of pushups/pullups/squats is silly. Add weight, do fewer reps, save time and stress on connective tissue.

  54. That’s not a workout, it’s a beat-down. It’s the sort of thing you do for mental toughness, not physical training.

  55. I’m not sure I could do 100 pull ups or 200 push ups.

    Maybe over the course of a day but not in an hour.

  56. Somehow I’ve gotten all my kids (except for the oldest) into really being workout fans. Erin is bugging me to find a half-marathon she can run with me (she won’t be 16 before the free press half and that’s the age restriction). Even Hannah is lifting weights now. the other day, she brought a friend over and they were both down there.

    The oldest is getting there, but he’s not there yet. baby steps.

  57. It’s actually not that much of a beatdown.

    You can break it up however you want. I do 5, 10, 15. 5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 squats.

    It’s very doable. You just gotta pace yourself. And turn on some hard metal.

  58. What does she have to do, bring her birth certificate? So stupid.

  59. I have found that as long as I wait a minute or two between sets, I can almost always do 5 pullups. The first few sets could be much longer, but if I deliberately kept them to 5 I could probably do 100 pullups in about 25 minutes. If I were supersetting sets of 10 pushups I’d probably get up to 40 minutes to do all of it. Adding the squats would bring it up to maybe 50 minutes.

    And running a mile isn’t happening. I could walk 10 with a 40# pack, running 1 isn’t happening.

  60. Carin, you have not blogged since April. Quit talking about all of this exercise bullcrap.

  61. I’m waiting until it’s been one year. Then I’ll begin again.

  62. WHen I’d do P90x, there was a pushup day. It didn’t take me too long to get 100 in. I’d do 2 or three sets of 20, then add sets of 10 until i couldn’t do any more.

  63. The Murph takes me 55 min.

  64. I’m waiting until it’s been one year. Then I’ll begin again.

    Sounds like something that crazy Mare would do.

  65. Heavy snowfall. Happening now.

  66. Jimmy Olsen’s been cast as some black dude for the new Supergirl TV show. Freckled ginger denied a job once again for the sake of affirmative action.

    Bcock should sue.

  67. What a fucking missed opportunity. They should have cast Denzel Washington as Perry White, but changed his name to Perry Black.

  68. Still waiting for it to be okay to use a white actor for a black character.

  69. Maybe they could have Michael J. Fox play Little Black Sambo.

  70. *casts Brandon Routh as John Henry*

  71. Still waiting for it to be okay to use a white actor for a black character.


  72. Wonder’s remarks from the event can be heard in the video below around the 1:20 mark. There, Wonder, 64, says: “We live in a time where I believe we have a president that truly wanted to see the world come together, to see this nation come together, but yet too much, too many people are judging their dislike of him based on the color of his skin. And I know there are some who say, ‘No that’s not true,’ but I’m telling you what I see.”

    No you don’t you racist shitstain. You’re fucking blind.


    PS: I never liked your music.

  73. Maybe after he’s dead, they can get Jim Carey to play his life and times.

  74. I H8 Watermelons no matter what race they claim. Red diaper babies. Bernie Sanders, TFG, Fauxcahontas, AlGore.

  75. whats a watermelon again?

  76. I’m not that big a fan of actual watermelons.

    The fruit.

  77. Chris Christie’s PAC is LeadershipMattersforAmerica.Org

    or LMFAO

    For realz

  78. Green on the outside, red on the inside. Earthfirsters with their underlying commie agenda.


  80. Krispy Kreme obviously needed someone fluent on Oso-speak.

  81. Fab Five Freddie told me everybody’s fly. . .

  82. Oh yeah. Sorry I’m a Gentle Woodsman.

    Anyway, I saw The Interview last night. Cheese. And. Rice.

    1) Don’t waste your time like I did. The lamest script ever written. I have worked on films with sub $100,000 budgets that wailed over this PoS. I mean straight to video nightmares not fit for foreign market garbage is more watchable and has a more engaging plot than this “film”

    2) The official flimflam MUST have been a marketing ploy. Sony knew they had a flop and were trying a latter day “Blair Witch” maneuver. Plus you don’t hear anything about the affair now. Smells Fishy. Like your mom’s bathrobe.

    3) Never really thought much of Rogan. Not bad in a supporting role ala 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad (which he wrote, I believe) but he’s Superlame as the lead and untruly not believable.

    Stick to the bit parts and bong loads sir.

  83. http://goo.gl/SFCOeY

  84. That’s funny.

  85. Reminds me of Pepe’s link from yesterday AM. Mom sending her 5th grader to school with PB&J. Knew he had a peanut allergy. Had never made the connection between peanuts and peanut butter. Remember, there is usually a lawsuit behind warning labels.

  86. In the good ole days that mother would have never made the connection between going into the bear’s cave to get out of the rain and never coming out again (except as bear scat).
    Ah, the good ole days.

  87. I actually like watermelon. The fruit.

  88. Watermelon is awesome, and tastes like summer.

  89. How’s things on the Group W bench, H2?

  90. *points at Mare’s musings.



  91. Plug a melon


  92. If you eat the seeds a watermelon will grow in your belly.

  93. What’s the deal with gas prices today. We’d been paying around $1.80, $1.90 for a few weeks and now it’s shot up to $2.15. $44.45 a barrell. WTF?

    Barrell price goes lower, and gas shoots up 30 cents in a day?

  94. I just paid $2.29 in the ghetto. There aren’t real gas stations or really much of anything. Just people wandering around. Took me 15 mins to find a Shell.

  95. Should be looking for gas stations, not a beach.


  96. You should look for one of these stations

  97. Gas will be free there, if you drive a jalopy.

  98. What is the story with In before the scorpion! at AOS?

  99. gas price os up because refineries are a choke point. crude inventories are up so gasoline inventories are down. It’s just another instance of collusion and fuchery.


  100. I must have missed that one, J’ames. I think it started last week.

  101. Been around longer than that, i think.

  102. Ghettos are so awesome.

  103. Cough drop addiction. I just noticed it last week in the Dump.

  104. Barrios have better food.

  105. They usually have good Jamaican beef patties.

  106. “beef”

  107. (per twitter)
    Evidently DiT is on a Machiatto bender at Denver Int. Airport.

    Give ’em Hell Dave!

  108. hola

  109. hola.

  110. Corola.

  111. Ebola.

  112. This could be a Beach Boys song.

  113. Richola!!!

  114. Jamaican beef patties…

  115. Patty McFatty

  116. Evening, Doctor Fish.

  117. I need to make a vodka run. Wish me luck.

  118. Doctor Fish?

    I am fond of fish.

  119. Reminds me of your mom.

  120. When I met your mom she shook hands and said “Hi. Pat McCan.”

  121. So I did.

  122. At first she looked startled.

  123. I saw this on VHS. Poor lighting and awful camera work. A lot of hair.

  124. Hair pie.

  125. Hair piece

  126. OFB

  127. Blame it on Bush.

  128. >>>I need to make a vodka run.

    Making martinis?

  129. Hair butt.

  130. no, putting the kids to bed

  131. no, putting the kids to bed

  132. She’s going to come back and show us her Tito’s.

  133. Is the “o” silent?

  134. Once again, for people who missed it yesterday, the “o” is silent.

  135. Laughing at XBs pic is reason Kabillion and 3 why I’m on the Hell Express. Thanks, XB.

  136. Fuck you, Jimbro.

    // “o” not silent in this case.

  137. Did anybody find out that anybody else was behind the drive-by that broke up the ceasefire between 18th Street and the Vatos Locos today?

  138. Sean, pretty sure it was the Surenos 13.

  139. Jesus Christ.

    Liberal response to someone wanting Hillary instead of Warren:

    “I too am a Warren fan, but she’s just a first-term Senator & needs broader & deeper experience before taking on the presidency.”

    Do these people ever think about what they are about to say?

  140. It’s all good XB, here have some Skittles


  141. HS, no. FYNQ

  142. Skittles are really, not very good.

    Had to be said.

  143. Especially the ones that come out of unicorn butts.

  144. The kids get them for Halloween and they always end up getting thrown out around Christmas along with the candy canes no one eats.

  145. Dude. Make hot chocolate. Peppermint schnapps or vodka. Whipped cream. Crushed candy canes on top with a candy cane swizzle.

  146. Skittles and Froot Loop Vodka.

  147. Taste the Abode Lute rainbow.

  148. I am not looking that up.

  149. That’s best.


  150. CYN!!!!!

  151. Holycrap, way better than Hover Zoom: Imagus.
    Load this into Chrome RIGHT NOW.


  152. Abode Lute Rainbow is ghey.

  153. I’m good for about one candy cane a year. Sometimes I skip a year.

  154. One should dabble in teh ghey now and again.
    At least that’s what MJ told me.

  155. http://goo.gl/M6u1Pq

  156. What I mean to say is, Skittles are really, really shitty candy. It’s as if they were invented by someone who hates the ever loving crap out of children and humanity in general, but mostly hates children.

    I’d rather play a round of golf than eat Skittles. And you all know how I feel about golf.

  157. MOOOOOMMM! MCPO is trying to convince us that God poops again!!1!

  158. Skittles are pure fruit flavored sugar. Mmmm…sugar. Now get me some Runts.

  159. Never eaten a “Skittle”™, never plan to.


    HA HA.


  160. How do you recognize a KKK member in Arkansas? Their D-rat voting record?

  161. Oso,
    I think the hood is the ‘tell’…

  162. What I mean to say is, Skittles are really, really shitty candy. It’s as if they were invented by someone who hates the ever loving crap out of children and humanity in general, but mostly hates children.

    Every person who had to eat an MRE that came with Charms in the 80s/90s asked me to tell you just how wrong you are, Dave in Texas.

  163. Now I want a Blow Pop.

  164. Pop would probably like that.

  165. She said no Nazi’s or KKK, just wondering how she knew…(Still feel bad that I got a lil bit rayciss on Car in’s FB page about Muzzie refugees. Ace pretty much posted my feelings today.)

  166. http://www.hiyoooo.com/

  167. Mmmm…Charms and Blow Pops.

  168. Who wants to rub my feet?

  169. *smashs through the sliding glass window in a hasty retreat*

  170. Mare came back. Wonder when we’ll see PJM again.

  171. http://tinyurl.com/kkkmom

  172. Evening Hostages

  173. Bcoch,
    You keep foolin’ around with AtC, your wife is gonna ‘nutt you.
    Watch out, bro…

  174. Hahahahaha. I’m sure I have no idea what you mean, Chrispy

  175. Blow Pop



  177. http://www.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=nQB4nAjZIdE

  178. Just got home after after a nice 3 day trip.

    San Jose Costa Rica and New Orleans were the layovers.

    The hotel in San Jose, the Real Intercontinental was AWESOME. One of the top 5 hotels we stay at.

    Bar we found in New Orleans was fun. I try to stay off Bourbon Street these days, so we found a place on Chartres St, the Jimani. Nice quasi sports bar. Very small, good food cheap beer.


    Will keep going there. $10 for a bucket of 5 Rolling Rocks.

    All in,

  179. Duke Edward replied promptly.

  180. Storm Part Deux: 10-16 inches more of snow on the way.

  181. Mew pert.

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