Let It Snow!

In order to stay on topic like we usually do, I decided to poat about something a lot of us have in common today:


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!



Aww, so cute!


Now back to reality.


And back to the H2 now!



Have a good day, H2!


  1. Throw your snowballs over there —–>

  2. Did anyone make it to work today?

  3. Paula made it to work. She really believes she’s going to make it home after her shift ends at 7.

  4. http://www.technologyreview.com/news/534016/starbucks-bets-the-store-on-mobile/

    Pull quote:

    “Of the $1.6 billion spent via smartphone in U.S. stores in 2013, the company claims, a full 90 percent went to Starbucks, and most payments experts don’t doubt it.”

    That’s a lot of coffee and sugar.

  5. I’m at work. I’ve been up since 5am.

    God I miss working from home.

  6. That’s what your mom calls it, ‘working from home’.

  7. Don’t sweat it, Chumpo. It’s mostly cats and your old high school girlfriend who’s now fat.

    I’m not fat, but none of my ex boyfriends are on facebook.

    The cat part is true, though.

  8. They mostly call those “in-calls”, Scott.

  9. I’m not fat, but none of my ex boyfriends are on Facebook.

    They don’t have FB in the pen?

  10. My high school girlfriend isn’t fat, but she is my ecotarded ex-wife.

    She’s on facechimp, I’m not.

  11. Morning


  12. 1 degree here and my furnace went out last night.

    Everything is awesome.

  13. Oh, it’s up to TWO degrees here.

    Unfortunately, my house has gone down another degree. 52.

    54 when I woke up.

  14. Wimp.

  15. It’s only 12 here.

    Dead furnace? Can you burn the furniture for heat?

  16. We need to get this fucker up to 100 comments to I don’t feel terrible for pushing it down like Bill did to that fat girl’s head.

  17. Yeah, like you’d feel bad pushing an award winning poat down.

  18. Fromless.

    Frozen homeless. Let’s discuss the mean, yet funny implications of that word.

  19. Human popsicles

  20. Holy shit, Carin. Hope your pipes don’t freeze. Do you have any other heaters?

  21. At least it isn’t snowing here, ought to be able to get help.

  22. If you can find some fromless they burn quite nicely.

  23. I FIXTED it.

    It was the thermostat.

    I am awesome.

  24. 50 degrees inside the house is frickin’ misery. Egads.

  25. yayyyy

  26. Turned it up? Genius!

  27. No, the thermostat had a short.


  28. *pinches Jay*

    I know that hurt because he has less insulation now.

  29. I think I found Jay’s lost insulation. Gotta drop some pounds before bikini season.

  30. Make it to work? Whazzat?

    It’s gonna be 75 here today.

    Kids are still here. Scheduled to return to their homes tomorrow — Boston and Boulder. Will be interesting to see if the Boston flights get cancelled.

    THANK YOU EVERYONE for the beautiful flowers for Michael’s funeral. I cried when I saw them — and Dave got a hug.

    Love you morons.

  31. Hey, lady! *hugs*

  32. Hey Laura. Special hugs for the sweet card you and the Mister sent. Kids both read it too. I wonder if they will ever understand just how much their dad influenced the blogosphere with all y’all!

    Love you.

  33. I could use more coffee. Where is Car in?

  34. *pours MJ fresh cup from the newly acquired French Press from Starbucks*

  35. You tell them, Cathy. Micheal was hilarious and smart. I was reading an old threat yesterday, and he was commenting. It was like he was still here. Kinda cool, actually.

  36. Wow. Thanks Cathy!*

    *Note how Cathy is super nice but also manages to turn a shitty comment back on itself. This is high level womanhood, right here.

    *looks down, contemplates being a nice guy from now on

    *decides that nice guys finish second to xbrad, remains a dick

  37. I made fried meatballs with liver yesterday that came out pretty good.

    If anyone’s interested, I could maybe remember the recipe.

  38. Only 62 more comments to go.

  39. 61!

  40. Stomp it, MJ, it’s almost 11am.

  41. Awwww. You guys are so frickin cute!

  42. I’m not going to contribute to this comment count racket.

  43. Stop eye-raping me!

  44. dangit.

  45. Driveway is done! Well, until the plows come back.
    We lost the snowdrift lottery – 3 feet tall and right down the middle of the driveway.

  46. That’s a lot of snow.

  47. There’s so much wind here I’ve got drifts up to the doorknobs on the house and bare dirt in the middle of my driveway.

  48. It’s 14º here.

  49. I’m going to steal MJ’s word, only add an e so it gets pronounced phonetically correct – fromeless people.

  50. Hell it’s 60 in Amarillo

    Last week they had 11 inches of snow in a day

  51. Amarillo is one of the most snowy places in the U. S. right now. Go figger.

  52. *sent photo of the H2 pretty flowers to Cyn*

  53. I contemplated the e. It seemed bourgeois.

  54. It is like, halfway to fuckin Canada or something

  55. http://tinyurl.com/jimbrlo11

  56. http://tinyurl.com/nnnnq97

  57. New postface.

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