Watermelon Douche Chills

Gather round my friends and lend an ear, there’s a tale needs to be told. This is the abridged version. For the complete story you’ll need to pony up 50 cent to my publisher.


You see, there was once a man, so big he shook the ground with each mighty step. For a snack he’d eat an entire ox and pick the gristle from his big-as-a-surfboard teeth with the ox horns.

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Super Thursday

Never had a chance to see Bob Mould play live in my youth. Maybe I’ll get lucky and he’ll do a reunion tour for geezers.

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Secret Santa Gift Opening Poatsie!

Time to open our gifts yay!!human-santapede

Email your pic to TheH2SecretSanta%gmail.combover and I’ll add it to the post. Love n Hugs, Your Secret Santa Helper Elf, MJ Cyn.

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